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Saturday, March 28, 2015
 Solid Signal  SWM - Single Wire Multiswitch

What Qualifies as a SWM System?

A SWM (Single Wire Multiswitch) System consists of either a satellite dish with SWM Technology built in, or a multiswitch with SWM Technology.

SWM Dishes are identified by having a single output, and are the only dish to require a power supply. Examples of SWM Dish are the SL3-SWM and SL5-SWM

A SWM Switch takes all four outputs from a satellite dish, and produces a single output, which can be divided up with splitters. The benefit of this system is only having to run one line to a DVR, which normally requires two lines. It also allows for a distribution with splitters, similar to how cable TV is setup.

Another benefit of SWM comes with the addition of a DECA Adapter, that feeds internet into one of the outputs from a SWM Systems. This enables every receiver to have a network connection through a single coax.

With the combination of a SWM technology and DECA, you get a DIRECTV Connected Home which features MRV or Multi-Room Viewing. This enables a house with a HD-DVR to be controlled by other HD Receivers in the building.



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