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Tuesday, May 26, 2015
 Solid Signal  Customer Testimonials
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At Solid Signal, we feel the customer service is our number one priority. Without our loyal customers, we wouldn't be in business. From the beginning, we have set the highest standards in customer service on all levels, from the customer who buys a single splitter to the customer who revamps his entire home entertainment system.
While we are constantly evaluating our customer service, we realize that there is always room for improvement. For this reason, we openly encourage our customers to help us improve by making suggestions in ways to better serve you. If you have a compliment, suggestion, or concern, please contact us and let us know. Thanks!
"I just want to say Thank You for that speedy shipment; it got here Friday, even though it was supposed to come 3 days later. Matthew was a great help. My antennas are already assembled and ready to take on a couple of trips."
C.D. - Broward County, FL
"thank you for great service your the best in quality and shipping. Those recievers if you order from directv, amazon or even ebay and all those others you do not know the quality of the product or even what product your getting i have been scammed from amazon and ebay you cant even purchase an old used reciever cause directv wont authorize it and a lot of times the sellers will send horrible dirty products that havent been used in years and may have a previous bill on the access cards and directv sends junk so called refurbished receivers what ever they have in stock so thank you for selling new good and quality directv recievers."
LS - Living the Dream
"Hello, I write this short note to tell you how PLEASED I am with my recent purchase from Solid Signal. The Customer Service, Shipping, and Antenna were all A+++. My order# was 739610, which was the AntennaCraft C290 Antenna. This antenna is working far better for me than the C490 that I had previously had installed. I am able to get strong relaible signals now on channels even in the Low Band Range that I believe arent really a part of the C290. It fits great on my pole mount and with the use of my installed rotor. I highly recommend this antenna to anyone in search of an antenna. I know since Digital TV came out we ditched our Dish Network and went solely back to antenna television like we had in the 1980s. Thank You again. "
RN - Kansas
"I purchased a DB8 TV antenna a few days ago. I placed it inside of our home and we get great reception from the Lexington TV channels 60-65 miles away. My signal strength is now between 84 and 98 and with my old home-made antenna I was getting between 54 and 87 so I am very pleased. I dont have anymore pixel problems and the signal comes in strong even during a strong rain storm. The TV picture is great. Thanks again for your help and quick shipment. I would recommend this antenna to anyone who needs help in obtaining a good signal from stations far away. Thanks again. "
LP - Kentucky
"My Winegard antenna survived Hurricane Sandy! Thanks for building a strong antenna! Here is my review from Amazon. Note the second update below. We live 60 miles east of NYC. Reception has been a problem using only an antenna. I just installed a Winegard HD7698P HDTV High Band VHF-UHF Antenna with a Channel Master CM-7778 Titan Medium-Gain Mast Mounted Preamplifier. Signal strength was 34 before installation of this Preamp and Antenna; it has now increased to 52. Stations that we receive come in sharper. However, I still cannot get CBS or NBC. Update: Recently we purchased a Panasonic TC-P42X5 plasma TV to replace an old analog set that we had been using with a digital converter box. Apparently the digital receiver in the new TV is much stronger than the digital converter box, because TV reception from our roof top Winegard HD7698P Antenna is much better now. Signal strength has increased from 52 to 85 (and above) which has pulled in more channels including CBS, Fox, and Channel 9. Second update: Winegard notes that there is Less Wind loading with this antenna. I can attest to that. I roof mounted this antenna a few months before Hurricane Sandy hit the South Shore of Long Island. As large oaks were falling around us, I was concerned that our antenna would not survive the winds. The next morning when I went outside to survey the damage around our home, I was pleasantly surprised to see the antenna still there. It had not shifted on the mast, and all antenna elements were intact."
S.W. - Long Island, NY
"I was not only impressed with the way my initial order was handled, but, when I had a problem with the order, the courteous and expedited manner in which resolution was achieved was great. I appreciated that and would not hesitate to shop here again. This was my first experience at this website and what a nice experience it was."
SG - Coeur dAlene, Idaho
"I saw your name on the contacts page of your website and wanted to let you know about the great customer service I just received from SolidSignal.

I received a followup call from a very nice lady who wanted to make sure I had been helped earlier this morning when I called (sorry I didnt get her name). I explained the nature of my question to her and she promptly switched me over to a technical person, Cliff, who was absolutely great. He answered everything completely and, without even trying, convinced me that SolidSignal is where Ill be doing business from now on.

Start to finish, that is the best customer service Ive encountered. Please thank those nice folks for me."
R.T. - Shell Beach, CA
"Just wanted to let you know that my yx510 is the best! Inside my metal airplane hanger I have 5 bars on my IPhone and can sit at the chart table and file a flight plan through ForeFlight on my phone. Thanks for a good item."
CS - Shady Shores, Tx
"Had a great experience buying & doing business with Solid Signal. Will repeat & recommend to others as an excellent company to buy from."
GMR - Warfield, VA
"I want you guys to know, this little antenna is just amazing! I cant even believe how good it is. I think its one of the best things Ive ever purchased from anyone! Even though the shipping was more than the actual antenna, Im very, very pleased so far. I just put it up when I received it today and when I scanned my DTV converter box it found 3 new channels, and the channels I was already getting that were pixilated are now perfectly clear!"
M.W. - Westminster, Co
"We are in rural New England where nearly everyone has satellite or cable because we are 30 to 40 miles from transmitters. We couldn’t get either satellite or cable and we couldn’t find an antenna installer. I am an amateur, had never installed a TV antenna before. I got a C4 antenna (digital only because analog TV will soon be extinct), ROTR100 rotator, Spartan 3 amplifier. The only wiring needed was coax cable; power for rotator and for amplifier travels through the coax. A lot less time and work, a lot less complicated. It works! How cool is that? Solid Signal customer support is excellent. "
P.M. - Harpswell, ME
"I just received my order yesterday. I had been a bit concerned, because I had never been a customer with Solid Signal before and I was not sure what to expect.The order process went smoothly, and I was even contacted, by email and by phone, to resolve an error on my end. With that issue resolved, the order was processed and delivered as promised. My order turned out to be painless, and my anxiety was not at all warranted.Thank you, Solid Signal.I will be back when I need electronic equipment from a web retailer."
B. M. - Arlington, Texas
"Solid Signal! Just wanted to let you know that the two converters we received were delivered in the original package but there was nothing wrong with them and the delivery was extremely fast. This is why I wrote to you first as I know you cant always believe everything you hear. I would definitely recommend your company. We didnt open them yet but I am sure they will be fine. Will let you know if there are any problems but dont expect any. Thats what I call good service. "
B. G. - Copake, NY
"I just wanted to let you know that the ClearStream4 Outdoor Digital HD TV Antenna C4 for distances up to 65 miles along with the Philco Digital Converter box was well worth the price - I live just south of the border from Wisconsin in Illinois and an avid Green Bay Packer fan. I have been paying for NFL Ticket for years and determined this year would be my last due to how expensive it is getting - I looked at all your references and determined to buy the C4 and Philco converter - I found that the antennas were about 59 miles from my home - I mounted the antenna on my front porch roof and receive all the Milwaukee Stations and could see the Packers in Crystal Clear Digital reception - I only placed the antenna about 12 feet off the ground and it has great reception and this is before I have added any preamp, which I also purchased. I used your ref on antennapoint.com and it gave me the compass coordinates which made pointing the antenna a cinch. Your site is great!"
D. K. - Woodstock, IL
"I would like everyone to know how great a company you have. Times are getting very rough and the money is tight. To save money, I have ordered the open box items twice and both arrived in excellent condition to use. I would recommend to others the open item boxes you offer are as good as the new products. The delivery is very fast and professional. This is a must have company to order items for your electronic needs. "
G. D. - Plymouth, IN
"I just purchased the Wi-Ex Z Boost YX500-Cel and I have to say I am extremely impressed with this product. Installation was quick and easy, and I had little to no signal with my Samsung Blackjack II here in Westminster, MA. for many years. It amazes me that AT&T has not suggested a product such as this to correct this problem. I have gone from zero bars to 4 bars. I am so impressed, and this has been the best purchase I have made in MONTHS. Well worth the investment, and someone really needs to share this information with AT&T. Thanks Solid Signal, you have made it worth keeping my Blackjack II. "
K. S. - Westminster, MA
"Thank-you for your excellent customer service , I called about a problem with my order (parts missing on my c4 antenna ) and I recieved a reply right away to my COMPLETE satisfaction ! The gentleman who handled my complaint was courteous and concerned about my problem, truly an asset to your company. "
D. J. - Cameron, WV
"Hi I just wanted to give you folks 2 THUMBS UP I purchased a Terrestrial Digital 91XG UHF Antenna (91XG) and rotor last week and got it up this past Saturday and im VERY Pleased i even doubted if i got the right antenna and one call to your company set me on the right track.......Thank you for a great product and i will be a customer again."
M. G. - Pittsburgh, PA
"Ive never written a comment to a web site before. But, your web site is such a straightforward breath of fresh air, and your prices so good that I just had to let you know. After extensive on-line research for OA antennae, preamps and rotators, your web site really stood out as easy-to-navigate and full of the right kind of information. I eagerly await my order from you. Keep up the good work! "
J. S. - in rural Nebraska
"I purchased your WI Ex Signal Booster YX 500. I was skeptical at 1st about buying something like this. All the cell phone companies said they doubted anything would work. I installed the signal booster and antenna and WOW did that ever make a difference. I now have 5 bars (full signal) in the room where it is installed, and I only drop 1 bar from one end of the house to the other. I live in a mobile home that has steel siding. And radio waves really dont go through steel. your WI ex 500 PCS signal booster has made it possible for me to use my phone anywhere in my house. I am a handicapped person who used to have to use my phone right by a window and then it didnt always work. Now I can use it anywhere in my house. This is a tremendous boost for me and for others. I have GPS on my phone and have had to use it a couple of times. with this signal booster, emergency personal will have an easier time with my calls...Thank you so much for marketing such a wonderful product. I am going to recommend this to all my friends."
R. M. - Onalaska, WI
"I just wanted to drop yall a line to let you know that I am more than happy with the performance of the Wi-Ex wireless extender that I received from you through Google shipping. The shipping was super fast and the installation was easy.I have Sprint PCS service, and would only get 1 or 2 bars when I was outside. Inside my house, I would get 1 bar or roaming. I installed the outside antenna on top of my TV mast about 25 up in the air. I hooked up the base unit and my bars went up to 5 while Im in the same room. Now I can walk everywhere in my house and still not drop below 2 bars, even from the other side of my house ... I dont normally write in when I buy something to comment about it unless there is a problem, but I had to write yall to say thanks for selling a product thats well worth the money I paid. Once again, thanks, and I will definitely recommend Solid Signals website to everyone that I know."
T. C. - Vidor, TX
"OK - you guys are scary! After looking everywhere and making lots of phone calls, I ordered a ChannelMaster antenna rotator YESTERDAY (November 1) from Solid Signal, hoping I could get it in a couple of weeks. It was at my house when I got home from work TODAY (November 2). In my 62 years, Ive never had a product delivered so quickly! Everything I ordered in one box, no need for any tracking numbers, and no daily checking emails for shipment notifications. This is customer service beyond all expectation. Thank you. You have a customer for life!"
B. V. W. - Wanatah, IN
"I just wanted to say that I found your website extremely informative and useful. After conducting my research, I chose the DB4 antenna for my HDTV set-up. The installation was very straightforward. As I started scanning for the HD channels, I was absolutely amazed that I was getting signal strengths of 90+. I am able to get a couple of stations at 100!!! This is an awesome antenna!! Again, thanks for the great website."
G. G. - Dallas, TX
"WOW! I cannot believe the service. You folks are great! Your website is bookmarked with a read only property setting. I am extremely satisfied with your products, prices and fantastically fast delivery. For what it is worth - your company rates equal to Costco - products, prices, service - in my opinion! Thank you ..."
J. W. H. - Union City, MI
"Wow! You folks are something else! Yesterday afternoon I ordered a ChannelMaster CM9521A to be shipped UPS Ground. Today, around noon (less than 24 hours later), I received the unit, opened the box and checked it out. It works as it should, was well-packed and sold at a price better than any other Ive found on the Internet! You know how to spoil a person. Thank you, thank you, thank you. "
K. W. - Etowah, NC
"Your site was recommended on the avsforum.com site. I bought a CM 4228 and CM 7777 via your web site on Monday morning, and the items were delivered by UPS on Wednesday afternoon! Please thank all those that were involved. I will recommend your site to my friends who are getting involved with OTA HDTV. Thanks!"
T. C. - Commack, NY
"Thanks so much for an easy order, delivery, and install with Custom Entertainment out of the Twin Cities. I LOVE my new DirecTV TiVo, and cant thank you enough! You will be HIGHLY recommended! Sincerely, N..."
N. W. - Lake Lillian, MN
"Hi, just a note to tell you I received my HD Tivo today and as always you are just the greatest. Of all the sites Ive dealt with on the web, you are by far the best of all. Thank you for always doing exactly what your site says you will. I hope things are going well for you. Please take care and thanks again. Sincerely, F... "
F. P. - Boca Raton, FL
"We recently purchased a Channel Master 7777 pre-amp from you and wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the results. I installed it today without any problems. So nice to be able to enjoy ALL the channels. Wish we had bought one years ago. Thanks for your fast service."
J. H. - Florissant, MO
"I just want to thank you for your outstanding service when I ordered an antenna rotator that proved defective upon installation. You promptly shipped a replacement unit that went astray in shipping, whereupon you sent another unit overnight. This unit works fine, and again, I commend you on your excellent service, and I will definitely order from you again. "
D. H. - Atlanta, GA
"To the folks at SolidSignal.com,

Thanks a million for your help!!!! :) I ordered the amplifier you recommended, and it works great. I can even switch from HDTV, back to regular analog antenna. The rest of my home is also connected, (one of my problems) because the amplifier has 4 outputs, and there is even one output left over. It is pleasing when things go right.....Thanks again. D. Carey - Happy in Hollister. "
D. C. - Hollister, CA
"All items that I have purchased have arrived. Satellite installation professionals installed the disk and switch you sold me today. The signal strength is pegged on all three satellite groups. Much improved gain. I thank you for the quality components you have sold me and will be sure and speak nothing but highly about your service and sales . . . Channel Master Oval dish is the dish to use when all others fail. Even the Satellite installation professional was impressed at the quality and strength or the signals coming off the dish and of course the switch worked perfectly with my mixture of TIVO and regular receivers. Keep up the good products and good service, again thanks."
R. G. - Portland, OR
"I have found my recently ordered Channel Master 7775 Titan 2 UHF preamp to be an excellent performer for HDTV in a difficult (beyond a hill) location outside Philadelphia. Your price was right, including prompt shipping, and I have just ordered a second unit to experiment with. Thanks for your fine site"
N. H. - Philadelphia, PA
"...thanks so much for excellent service, will definitely do business with you again..."
A. L. - New York, NY
"...The weather finally broke long enough for me to get the dish up . . . Im getting between a 96-100 on all three satellites. Its raining again today but no rain fade here!! Thank you very much for your assistance. You get a A+++ from me. Hope to do business again. "
J. H. - Cornelius, NC
"Thank you so much for getting my 5x8 multiswitch to me on Saturday, I was able to install it and have my setup complete in time for the Super Bowl party on Sunday. Needless to say, the party was hit - thanks again!"
J. K. - Seattle, WA
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