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Winegard MS2000 Metrostar Omnidirectional Amplified HD TV Antenna (MS-2000)

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Model: MS-2000  |  SKU: 615798301705
5 Stars Average Rating
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Availability:  Discontinued (Not Available)
MS-2000 MetroStar, for homes, apartments, mobile homes, condos, townhouses, offices; excellent VHF/UHF reception.
●  Receives signals from all directions
●  MS-2000 comes with 50 FT of RG59 coax cable and a 6 FT cable
●  Perfect companion for DBS installations
●  Box size: 21¾ x 22¾ x 2¾
●  Home Owners Association (HOA) friendly


  • Receives signals from all directions
  • MS-2000 comes with 50 FT of RG59 coax cable and a 6 FT cable
  • Perfect companion for DBS installations
  • Box size: 21¾ x 22¾ x 2¾
  • Home Owners Association (HOA) friendly
  • Aesthetically pleasing small compact design - Dimensions: Diameter 21-1/2" Height 2-3/16"
  • Technician recommended replacement option would be the MS2002


Omnidirectional for install-&-forget convenience; no rotator system needed, built-in preamplifier to boost signal strength—up to six times the received signal on VHF, nine times on UHF. Easy to install with hand tools on any antenna mast or light-duty antenna mount. Includes antenna, power supply, 50 75 ohm coaxl cable, 6 TV set cable, hardware, mounting bracket. Good companion for digital satellite systems.

Bandpass.............................................VHF-54 to 88, 170 to 216 MHz
................................................................................UHF-470 to 810 MHz
FM Trap (fixed)................................Attenuates 88 to 108 MHZ, -15dB
Amplifier Gain.................................VHF-15.5 dB avg. UHF 19.5dB avg.
Impedence.............................................................75 ohm unbalanced
Response........................................................................  .25 per 6 MHz
VSWR............................................................................. 1.8:1 maximum
Power Required..........................................117 VAC, 60 Hz, 4.3 watts
Weatherproof Housing........Engineered thermoplastic, 21-1/2" wide
Mounting Type................................................Round mast up to 2" OD

Features CM3000 5MS921 HDMS9100 MS-2000 MS-2002 RS1500 RS2000 HDMS9100RV
360-Degree Reception x x x x x x x x
Programmable RF Remote     x         x
Range in Miles 30-40 20 40 10-35 10-35 10-35 10-35 40
UV Resistant x x x x x x x x
RV or Boat           x x x
Power Required 117 VAC 60 Hz, 4 watts 120 VAC/  12 VDC 120 VAC/    12 VDC 117 VAC, 60 Hz, 4.3 watts 117 VAC   12VDC at 85 ma  120VAC or 12VDC
HD x x x x x x x x
Cable Included       x   x    
FM Trap x x x x  x      
Mounting Bracket x x x x x x x x
Amplified Gain Averages 20db 20db Up to 20db VHF 15.5dB   UHF 19.5dB VHF 15.5dB UHF 19.5dB VHF 10dB  UHF 7dB VHF 15.5dB  UHF 19.5dB Up to 20db


MS-2000 MetroStar, for homes, apartments, mobile homes, condos, townhouses, offices; excellent VHF/UHF reception.


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Product Review Summary
Product Reviews for Winegard MS2000 Metrostar Omnidirectional Amplified HD TV Antenna (MS-2000)

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Average Rating (25 Reviews):  5 Stars Average Rating
Five Stars:
17 (68%)
Four Stars:
5 (20%)
Three Stars:
2 (8%)
Two Stars:
1 (4%)
One Star:
0 (0%)

Latest Positive Rating:
Great for Large metropolitan cities

Latest Negative Rating:
So So Product

All Customer Reviews

MS2000 know that it matters rotation of
- Milwaukee Wisco, Milwaukee Wisco - 11/23/2010
  This was easy to hook up and it includes an amplifier and cable. But I found out the hard way that it still really does matter the rotation of this antenna. I mounted it outside on my roof. Most of our channels have transmitter towers within 12 miles and only a few degrees apart. But at first several channels would not come in bounced around 50% signal. At the same time most of the other channels

easy set up
- Broken ArrowOK, Broken ArrowOK - 7/10/2011
  The set up was easy I get all local channels .Great picture and sound.

- NashvilleTn, NashvilleTn - 9/19/2011
  There is a 90 degree metal bracket supplied with this antenna that attaches the antenna to your supplied mast. You attach this bracket to the bottom center of this antenna. It comes with an all PLASTIC fine threaded plug that threads into a PLASTIC female threaded hole in the bottom center of this antenna.The metal bracket has a small female noch and the PLASTIC plug has a Small PLASTIC male noch

Works Good Easy to Install
- Morgan Hill, gan Hill CA - 11/15/2011
  Im in a valley and most transmitters are 40 to 60 miles away.Its hard to decipher if this is the wrong antenna for my situation or whether it is just the valley I live in.On a good day I get CBS/ABC/3-KQEDs/3-Channel 54s and a few Spanish and Asian channels...12 channels in all...but some seem to fade out at times.I chose this one based on reviews and distanceomni-directional and becaus

Outstanding Reception
- Peyton Colorado, Peyton Colorado - 3/25/2012
  I roof mounted on my old Direct PC dish J mount mast. Converted from attic arial after getting stone coated steel roofing installed which pretty much cut out any signals I received. I am located northeast of Colorado Spring Colorado. The closest transmitter is 31.2 miles.The transmitter furthest away that I get is 114.5 miles from our location. I am getting 46 channels several of which are dup

So So Product
- fl, fl - 3/28/2013
  Did not meet expectations can not bring in all stations available within 30 miles

Works Fine
- Ft Myers BchFl, Ft Myers BchFl - 3/28/2013
  I put it up on a pole reaching approx 6 foot above my roof. It pulls in all of the local channels perfectly. This is just what I needed here in Ft Myers Bch Fl. Saves me $60.00/moand I can watch all of my favorite programs. Very easy installation....anyone could do it. It even works fairly well lying on a table in my yard.

Strong Performer
- Palm Desert, m Desert CA - 3/28/2013
  This antenna receives the signals from the broadcast transmitter to provide On-Air monitoring and Digital IFB communications. Its simple and efficient design makes it ideal for use on our News Gathering Remote Trucks.The low profile design is an asset as it is mounted on the top of 50 ft. telescoping masts and is continually exposed to heat and high winds. I now have these antennas on all three

- IRWIN, . - 3/28/2013

Great product
- Lancaster, ster SC - 3/28/2013
  I cancelled Satellite TV and purchased this digital omni-directional antenna and the picture quality is the same. Thanks for offering this great product. Quality of product price of product [...] thanks again.

Works Well
- Overbrook, rook KS - 3/28/2013
  As others have said direction does make a difference.You need to rotate the antenna to where it picks up the most channels in your area.Other than that it works great.We have it in our atic and pick up stations in 3 different directions.

Could not be better!
- Gautier, MS - 3/28/2013
  I live in Gautier MS which is approximately 30 miles from stations to the west and 40 miles to stations to the east.Thus the need for omnidirectionality.This antenna allows me to receive stations from Pensacola Florida reliably along with every station in Mobile except fox and pbs which is not a problem because I receive those networks on the Mississippi affiliates.In short all broadcas

Best OmniDirectional Antenna
- Baltimore, Baltimore - 3/28/2013
  Easy to set up for a metro area.A rotor antenna mount will help you dial in the HD signals.

excellent antenna
- port aransas, rt aransas t - 3/28/2013
  I can pick up signal from towers located 70 miles from my apartment (antenna on first floor deck not on roof). Obstructions however can block signal as some channels from towers located about 30 miles away are blank. The omnidirectional system is great no correction needed.

Works and easy to install
- Lebanon, IN - 3/28/2013
  We dont have cable TV and our rabbit ear antenna just did not pull any channels in.We live approx 35 miles from the stations.When stations went digital we lost some channels we liked. This antenna over doubled the amount of stations we get and we get the stations we lost due to digital. I put it in our attic comes with 50 of cable easy install.I did move it after the initial install f

Works Great here!
- Punta Gorda, ta Gorda FL - 3/28/2013
  I used it with a tri-pod on top of my roof line.

Surprising Performance
- Granville, ille IL - 3/28/2013
  Network TV towers serving my home are located 45 miles south in Peoria or 60 miles west in Davenport. There are still a number of homes here with rotator powered antennas mounted atop 36 tripod type masts dating back to the analog era. My home does not have such a mast so thought Id take a chance on this antenna to see what digital channels it would pick up or at the very least improve FM re

Product exceeds expectations
- Reidsville, sville NC - 3/28/2013
  I decided to ditch my cable television service about a month ago and in preparation for the day I purchased the Winegard Metrostar antenna and a mounting pole which fit my long-unused mounting foot on which a DirecTV dish was mounted. When the antenna arrived just for kicks I hooked it up inside the house and was surprised to receive 25 channels. Once the antenna was permanently mounted the cha

- bridgeport ct, bridgeport ct - 3/28/2013
  got thia antenna to use with my portable tv. i work in a basement and in no way could receive signal to tv. then i come acrose this antena i hook it up in two min a lead 50ft cable through the window and bingo got 10 channel right away nice.

Great Product
- Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico - 3/28/2013
  I have this item set up in the mountains of Puerto Rico and now receive the entire islands TV offering.The setup was easy as it could be and the value is very good.Recommended.

excellant antenna and compact!
- OrlandCa, OrlandCa - 3/28/2013
  In rural areas using rabbit ears and have NO picture at allthis antenna pulls inperfect reception.Its compacteasy to installomni-directionalno rotor necessary.

Great Antenna
- Garden Grove, rden Grove C - 3/28/2013
  I live in Garden Grove Ca and installed this antenna on the eave of my second story Condo.Picture quality as good as cable or better.No sport channels but I get all the locals plus a few more interesting channels and a lot of religious and ethnic channels with unsurpassed picture quality.All of this with no interference except for a handful of ethnic channels on the 10s (10-1 10-2 etc) range

Great product excellent value
- Dudley, NC - 3/28/2013
  I can only say good things about this antenna simple hook up and works great already have recommended to others.

Best antenna I have ever owned!
- Columbia, ia SC - 3/28/2013
  This antenna replaced a massive TV antenna with rotor. The MS2000 is far better. Although all TV towers are within 21 miles of my home my house sits down at the bottom of a long hill and large oak trees surround the area. I get all local channels clearly except for 2 that occasionally go in and out.Im very pleased with this light weight antenna which I easily installed in my attic. [...]

Great for Large metropolitan cities
- Texarkana Texas, Texarkana Texas - 3/28/2013
  use only in large cities

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