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Winegard MS-2002
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Winegard Metrostar VHF/UHF Amped Omnidirectional HDTV Antenna(MS2002)

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Model: MS-2002  |  SKU: 1579830649
4 Stars Average Rating
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The MS2002 is an excellent all-purpose, set it and forget it antenna for those within 30 miles of broadcast towers.It picks up VHF and UHF signals for use anywhere, in homes, condos, townhomes or apartments.
●  Omnidirectional for install-&-forget convenience
●  Please Note: The MS-2002 DOES NOT come with a weather boot as indicated in the instruction manual.
●  No rotator system needed
●  Built-in preamplifier to boost signal strength; up to six times the received signal on VHF
●  Easy to install with hand tools on any antenna mast or light-duty antenna mount
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Replaces MS-1000

  • Omnidirectional for install-&-forget convenience
  • Please Note: The MS-2002 DOES NOT come with a weather boot as indicated in the instruction manual.
  • No rotator system needed
  • Built-in preamplifier to boost signal strength; up to six times the received signal on VHF
  • Easy to install with hand tools on any antenna mast or light-duty antenna mount
  • Mast NOT included
  • Does not include cables
  • Aesthetically pleasing small compact design - Dimensions: Diameter 21-1/2" Height 2-3/16"


For Channels 2-69.  MS-2002 MetroStar, for homes, apartments, mobile homes, condos, townhouses, offices; excellent VHF/UHF reception. 

Omnidirectional for install-&-forget convenience; no rotator system needed, built-in preamplifier to boost signal strength—up to six times the received signal on VHF, nine times on UHF. Easy to install with hand tools on any antenna mast or light-duty antenna mount. Includes antenna, power supply, and mounting bracket. Good companion for digital satellite systems.

Bandpass.............................................VHF-54 to 88, 170 to 216 MHz
................................................................................UHF-470 to 810 MHz
FM Trap (fixed)................................Attenuates 88 to 108 MHZ, -15dB
Amplifier Gain.................................VHF-15.5 dB avg. UHF 19.5dB avg.
Impedence.............................................................75 ohm unbalanced
Response........................................................................  .25 per 6 MHz
VSWR............................................................................. 1.8:1 maximum
Power Required..........................................117 VAC, 60 Hz, 4.3 watts
Weatherproof Housing........Engineered thermoplastic, 21-1/2" wide
Mounting Type................................................Round mast up to 2" OD
360-Degree Reception
Programmable RF Remote
Range in Miles
UV Resistant
RV or Boat
Power Required
117 VAC 60 Hz, 4 watts
120 VAC/  12 VDC
120 VAC/    12 VDC
117 VAC, 60 Hz, 4.3 watts
117 VAC
12VDC at 85 ma 
120VAC or 12VDC
Cable Included
FM Trap
Mounting Bracket
Amplified Gain Averages
Up to 20db
VHF 15.5dB   UHF 19.5dB
VHF 15.5dB UHF 19.5dB
VHF 10dB  UHF 7dB
VHF 15.5dB  UHF 19.5dB
Up to 20db


The MS2002 is an excellent all-purpose, set it and forget it antenna for those within 30 miles of broadcast towers. It picks up VHF and UHF signals for use anywhere, in homes, condos, townhomes or apartments.


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Product Review Summary
Product Reviews for Winegard Metrostar VHF/UHF Amped Omnidirectional HDTV Antenna(MS2002)

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Average Rating (34 Reviews):  4 Stars Average Rating
Five Stars:
20 (59%)
Four Stars:
5 (15%)
Three Stars:
4 (12%)
Two Stars:
2 (6%)
One Star:
3 (9%)

Latest Positive Rating:
Worked great for me.

Latest Negative Rating:
Doesn't work for me

All Customer Reviews

perfect ant.even indoors
- preston n.y., preston n.y. - 1/5/2011
  i tested it inside and it worked perfect so i left it inside now i have a u.f.o. on my intertainment center

Get off the fence line buy this today
- DFW area GO Gre, DFW area GO Gre - 3/3/2011
  Great for indoor use.20-50 mile use in attic no problem pulls in channels i dont use GOOD BYE Uverse YIPEE

Poor high VHF reception
- Indianapolis, dianapolis I - 10/28/2011
  Mounted on mast on roof. Easy to install. Picks up UHF signals good. Picks up high VHF signals sometimes but most of the time very sporadic. High VHF towers only 15 miles away.

Good for indoors!
- CHERRY HILL, RRY HILL NE - 1/31/2012
  After buying 5 antennas from Solid Singnal this one was the right onemost of the antennas I were uhf not knowing that WPVI6 and whyy 12 broadcasted in VHF!in Phila. New Jersey BUY THIS ANTENNA!!! GOOD FOR INDOORS AAA!

So far so good.
- Milton, FL - 3/12/2012
  Ok so we finally got fed up with the ridiculous price of cable tv. I had researched all types of antennas on the internet. I finally found one that I thought that my HOA wouldnt mind. Finally received the item and hooked it up. The houses in my neighborhood sit in a bowl-like depression. The nearest ABC CBSNBC FOX towers are over 30-40 miles away. I put it on a j type satellite mount and got

great value & great performance
- Oakland, mi. - 11/21/2012
  Lightweight and easy to install. Great value cost less than one month of cable. Pulls in stations that I didnt know existed.

Worth every nickle paid
- Fort Myers Fl, Fort Myers Fl - 3/28/2013
  Used my old satellite post to mount worked great.took 30 min. to install because I used a existing satellite cable that hooked into antenna perfect.Used a 8-way splitter for the other six TVs.Got 15 channels which is very good were we live 45 miles from towers and all channels are crystal clear like satellite or cable. VERY HAPPY

great reception!!
- birmingham, ingham al - 3/28/2013
  Very clear HD reception.Better thanthe dish.

Good product.
- West Palm Beach, West Palm Beach - 3/28/2013
  I love your antenna. However the attachment threads in the bottom are not built correctly. Nothing threads into them including you provided piece. I ended up gluing mine up.

Winegard Antenna
- Hendersonville, Hendersonville - 3/28/2013
  We picked up an extra 12 channels when we installed the Winegard antenna.I wish we had done this sooner!

Value Look and Reliability = great buy!
- Kalamazoo, azoo MI - 3/28/2013
  This is everything promised and more. It was recommended I get the largest antenna available to get the local stations where I live. I got this one for the look and it picks up all my local stations. I do occassionally lose signal for a moment but part of the compromise for the look.I will also utilize a different station for the same network (e.g. channel 22 instead of 3 for CBS) to help

Not a great of a product[...]
- St. Paul, ul MN - 3/28/2013
  I was looking to replace separate VHF and HDTV-UHF antennas with a single unit.I am in an excellant reception area less than 5 miles from the transmitters however the signal received with the MetroStar was of less strength and quality than my existing configuration.

Good antenna
- Willowbrook, lowbrook IL - 3/28/2013
  Chicago suburban area use. I am picking up about 32 channels and many of these are HD. I cancelled my Comcast Cable because they were charging me $22 for basicaly the same channels I am getting off of my antenna. I was able to install it easily in my attic to a crossbeam with the bracket included in the package. Getting great reception.

Works very well.
- Missoula, la MT - 3/28/2013
  Put it up outside on a 12 pole.Receives all local digital plus one analog channel very well.Signal is strong enough to split at least 3 times.Occasional minor loss of signal but I think it is due to mounting height rather than an antenna problem.Would definately buy another.Transmitter distance is in the 10 - 15 mile range.

Gets one channel at Newport OR
- Nye Beach Orego, Nye Beach Orego - 3/28/2013
  Gets one channel at Newport OR which is one more than i got before so i guess its better than nothing..

Great Antenna
- Denver, CO - 3/28/2013
  I was tired of paying what cable tv wanted and decided to go to an antenna. [...] I now can get HD free which is great. The picture I receive is better than when I had cable even the person that I had install it for me was impressed with the picture quality.Great product. Now several people that live close to me are thinking about getting the same antenna.

Good Product at a Good Price
- Richmond, nd VA - 3/28/2013
  Good product easy to install.

Good Antenna worth buying
- Massachusetts, Massachusetts - 3/28/2013
  No hassle setup no aiming or adjusting

Works just fine
- Texas, Texas - 3/28/2013
  the unit did the job as described

Very satisfied with this product.
- Temple, TX - 3/28/2013
  Purchased this item for my use.Installed in attic.Within a 58 mile radius can receive 30 stations.20 very clear and 10 so-so.Highly recommend this product.

Not as good as I thought
- Denver, CO - 3/28/2013
  I was advised by a professional the Winegard MS2002 would bring in all local channels in the Denver Co area.Unfortunately I DO NOT get the local NBC affiliate!It works OK but Im a little dissapointed.

Buyer Beware
- Spirit Lake, ID - 4/20/2013
  This is NOT a 360% antenna it will pick up some of your channels but only when you turn it and pin-point it right at your TV towers. I got my best reception when the disk was upside down on my patio table which I can't leave there obviously. If they would let me refund it I would do it in a heart beet. P.S. The Site & Service I would say is still a 4 to 5 star service just not the antenna.

Wanted It To Work So Bad
- Byram, MS - 5/10/2013
  Didn't work, $30 antenna worked much better for short range (15-30 miles). I liked the design and look of this antenna and the fact that it easily attaches to a mast. When I got it in I first set it up in the attic the same way I had my other flat panel. I only got about 6-9 channels where I usually get about 15. I thought maybe it's because I didn't use a mast so I made one out of an old fiberglass shovel handle that had broken (also attic install). I was really hoping it would work now as it was so clever of me if I do say so myself. That was actually even worse so I decided to try it outside on my former dish mast. It fit on that perfectly and now I'm really excited because not only have I stuck it dish by cancelling them, but now I'm using their old but very nice equipment. Well that was exactly the same as the attic. As you can tell I'm very disappointed and I would love to send it back, but the shipping is too high. The customer service is very good though and I would recommend using solid signal, just not this antenna (at least for short range, it may work better for longer distances).

Easy setup, great results!
- Albany, NY - 5/24/2013
  I've had my MS2002 up for about a month now, and all I can say is that I'm sorry I waited so long. A previous owner had left a Dish Networks dish and mast connected to the garage roof. I disconnected and removed the dish, connected and mounted the MS2002 and BINGO--great, clear reception. No aiming, no signal strength meters, no fooling. Shipping was faster than I expected, too. All in all, this was a great experience--thank you, Solid Signal!

Great antenna for multiple TV sets.
- Norfolk, VA - 7/28/2013
  If you have multiple TV's and Multiple stations all around you it would be impossible to turn a directional antenna so everyone can watch TV at the same time. I did have to turn the antenna just a little bit when I first put it up to get all the channels to come in clear. I am installing a Channel Master CM3418 8-Port Distribution Amplifier this week since the splitters are degrading the signal to where I have pixelation on some of the channels. TV clearer than cable and FREE.

this is what you need for nashville tn.
- hermitage, TN - 8/7/2013
  I'm in 37076 area with this antenna mounted upside down in my attic about 30 feet from the ground near the vent slats. I get every channel the fcc says I should. Use
and some fence post to mount the antenna easily in an inverted installation. I'm super happy with the products and solidsignal customer support and recommendations.

A lot of my stations are ~46 miles out [one at 55 miles] but at different angles so my directional antenna had issues. I bought the MS-2002 and it captured all of the signals and a few more with my hanging attic installation. A dern good product...already recommended it to others. The plastic bolt will scare you - a VERY tight fit. After a few HAND tightening to be sure I would not cross thread it, I soaked bolt and antenna threads in silicon lube and it screwed in just fine using a 1-1/4 socket.
- Berthoud, CO - 1/11/2014
  The plastic bolt scared me - I was visualizing a broken bolt BUT with silicon lube all was good. Only other challenge is tightening the coax nut into the antenna, the counter sunk design requires a long, thin needle nose pliers and patience getting it started when working in the dark by head lamp. Again, was impressed by range of reception from an attic. Now I am wondering if I should buy another, manufacture a custom sheet metal attachment for my motor home TV antenna [which is a Winegard batwing].

Good reception for 12 Chanels
- South Point, OH - 5/27/2014
  Installed outside on roof of Mother's house in Huntington WV. To replace old weather damaged RS antenna. Receive 12 local stations.
Ch 3-2 MyZ
Ch 11-1 WVAH-FOX
Ch 11-2
Ch 13-1 WOWK-CBS
Ch 13-2 Radar Weather
Ch 14-1 Shopping
Ch 30-1
Ch 33-1 PBS
Ch 33-2
Ch 61-1 WTSF

Unable to get Chanel 29 (Ion) Poka WV Old RS antenna did receive all Ch 29-1-2-3-3-5-6.

I have the Channel Master 8-bay Bow Tie antenna (CM 2448)replaced by (CM 2448HD) and get 20 local channels.

No Thanks
- jacksonville, FL - 6/30/2014
  I had no luck with this antenna. My cheap ($20) unamplified v-shape is a much better antenna.

A good buy !!
- Bridgewater, MI - 7/15/2014
  We got 9 channels with our rabbit ears. Now we get 42. Easy set up and instalation. A good buy !!

Super easy to install. Well made. Picks up over 80 free HDTV signals.
- Deltona, FL - 9/8/2014
  Hard to beat for the price. Nice appearance. Light and a breeze to install. Will definetly stand up to frequent high wind events in this area.

Excellent omni-directional reception
- Fort Lauderdale, FL - 9/18/2014
  Tried one of those directional antennas that have a built in rotor. What a joke. This is a great antenna. It pulls in over 65 channels in my area without messing with it! Very clear reception.

Doesn't work for me
- jacksonville, FL - 9/30/2014
  I find this omnidirectional antenna not very workable in my situation. I replaced a directional antenna without amp with this omnidirectional with amp and was very dissatisfied with the results.

Worked great for me.
- Sagauro, AZ - 10/9/2014
  I have had very good reception at my remote location between Tucson and Phoenix. I receive both cities for an unbelievable number of channels. I had a directional but got tired of wind gusts breaking elements. I have had this new antenna for 6 months and have had great results with no problems.

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