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Wi-Ex zBoost SOHO YX545 PCS/CEL Dual Band Wireless Extender (YX545-PCS/CEL)
Wi-Ex zBoost SOHO YX545 PCS/CEL Dual Band Wireless Extender (YX545-PCS/CEL)
Wi-Ex zBoost SOHO YX545 PCS/CEL Dual Band Wireless Extender (YX545-PCS/CEL)

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Wi-Ex zBoost SOHO YX545 PCS/CEL Dual Band Wireless Extender (YX545-PCS/CEL)

Brand: zBoost           P\N: YX545           UPC: 186639000663

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Availability: Discontinued

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Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of zBoost products.
Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of zBoost products.
This item has been discontinued - The replacement for it is the ZB545


  • To ensure optimal antenna placement use a zBoost RF Dual Band Signal Meter (YX699)

  • Improves cell phone coverage in your home or office by amplifying and repeating the signal

  • Improves cellular reception for Quad-Band phones such as the new iPhone 4, 3Gs iPhone, Blackberrys and all Smartphones.

  • Allows you to use your cell phone as your only phone - cancel your landline service!

  • An Upgrade Antenna Increases Indoor Range, Quality and Overall Signal Strength - Upgrade Antenna Available YX039

  • 60 dB Gain

  • More Bars: Up to 20 percent increase in signal strength over the zBoost YX510

  • Smaller Footprint: New “low-profile” receiving antenna with a 3-5 dbi gain over the previous receiving antenna as well as a smaller base unit

  • Optimizing Software: Improved software allows the unit to recalculate and optimize itself every 24 hours

  • Easier Interface: Only one light to indicate that it is working properly

  • The coverage your zBoost provides is largely determined by the quality of signal received by the Signal Antenna

  • To maximize signal coverage, place the Signal Antenna up high or outside and at least 2 feet away from any metal

  • A 15 foot separation between the Base Unit and the Signal Antenna is required – generally, increasing the distance will enhance the performance

  • Click the specifications tab to watch a video about this wireless extender.

  • 4G Data Booster Add-On For Verizon & T-Mobile Available Here

  • 4G Data Booster Add-On For AT&T Available Here

  • One of the few cell phone boosters that covers BOTH the 800 and 1900 Mhz frequencies simultaneously

  • Product has a one year warranty for parts and labor from the manufacturer

  • Improved battery life of your cell phone

  • The YX545 DOES NOT benefit iDENTM (trademark Motorola), NextelTM (trademark Nextel Communications Corp)

  • Up to 3,000 square feet of coverage, or up to 10,000 ft with optional upgrade

  • Not sure what frequency your cell phone operates in? Cell phone service providers operate on different frequency ranges depending on your location. For more information, weve created a "How To" for determining your cellular frequency range, more>>

  • 50ft of RG-59 Mini connection cable is provided to connect the antenna to the base unit. Should you need a longer (replacement, not addition to) cable, we have them available in various lengths (60ft, 70ft, 80ft, 90ft, and 100ft lengths)


Designed for consumers, the improved zBoost SOHO YX545 cell phone signal booster extends a Cell Zone for multiple users and ALL devices operating on 800 and 1900 MHz frequency bands except those using Nextel/iDEN,4G or 2100MHz. The new zBoost SOHO improves coverage by 20% over the zBoost YX510 and boosts signal up to 3000 square feet, making it perfect for your home or office. The package includes everything you need: zBoost amplifier base unit, base unit antenna, power supply, coaxial cable (RG59-mini), signal antenna and mounting hardware. The wide radio wave beam width directional antenna receives signals from multiple cell towers.

Improvements include:
* More Bars: Up to 20 percent increase in signal strength over the zBoost YX510
* Smaller Footprint: New “low-profile” receiving antenna with a 3-5 dbi gain over the previous receiving antenna as well as a smaller base unit
* Optimizing Software: Improved software allows the unit to recalculate and optimize itself every 24 hours
* Easier Interface: Only one light to indicate that it is working properly

Additional Benefits include:
* Increases indoor signal coverage-up to 3000 sq ft
* Supports multiple users simultaneously
* Compatible with all U.S. carriers and mobile devices using 800 & 1900 MHz (except Nextel/iDEN or 4G, 2100MHz phones)
* Increases voice and data transmission
* Decreases dropped or missed calls
* Easy to set up – comes complete with everything you need
* No cradle or connections to your phone
* Extends phone battery life (uses less power when signal is stronger)

PCS band
Frequency Uplink: 1850 to 1910 MHz Downlink: 1930 to 1990 MHz
System Gain: 60dB
PCS band supported: A, D, B, E, F, C

Cellular band
Frequency Uplink: 824 to 849 MHz Downlink: 869 to 894 MHz
System Gain: 60dB
Cellular band supported: A, B, A’, B’

Power Consumption – Power Supply Current: 3W standby; 7W max signal - 2.0A Max
Wall Supply Input: Voltage 100-240VAC 50-60 Hz ; 5.0VDC
System Certifications: FCC Parts 15 & 24 (PCS) and Parts 15 & 22 (CEL), Industry Canada
Base Unit Size and Weight: 5” x 7” x 1.25” – 9 oz.
Operating Conditions: Indoor Use Only (40O- 105O F)
Coverage (open areas): Up to 3000 sq ft
Designed for consumers, the zBoost dual band cell phone signal booster extends a zBoost Cell Zone for single or multiple users in homes or offices simultaneously. ZBoost Dual Band is compatible with all phones operating on PCS(1900Mhz) and CEL (800 MHz) except Nextel. Package includes everything you need -- amplifier base unit, power supply, base unit antenna, low-loss SATV coaxial cable (RG59 Mini), signal antenna and mounting hardware. The omni-directional antennas are easy to orient and receive from multiple cell towers.

Not sure what frequency your cell phone operates in? Cell phone service providers operate on different frequency ranges depending on your location. For more information, we  have created a "How To" for determining your cellular frequency range, more >>


Good Reception: Outside of a window
Locate a window where you get signal.

  1. Mount the Signal Antenna outside of the window
  2. Place the Base Unit across the room (15 feet away) where you want to create a Cell Zone™.
  3. Attach the coax cable to the Signal Antenna.
  4. Run the coax cable from the Signal Antenna through the window to the Base Unit using a window entry kit (optional).
  5. Attach the Antenna to the Base Unit and position it so that it is at a 90 degree angle to the Base Unit.
  6. Set the Base Unit on a furniture piece.
  7. Attach the Power Supply to the Base Unit and plug the power supply into an outlet. See the Troubleshooting section if a Red light lights up.


Best Reception: Attic or Roof Installation
The following instructions are recommended for the best reception.
Once you have confirmed that you have a cell phone signal either outside your home or inside your attic, you are ready to install the Signal Antenna using the supplied mounting brackets, Signal Antenna, and coaxial cable.

  • Identify the best location around your home with the strongest signal (best signal is typically found on the roof) for attachment of the antenna mounting bracket. For good the signal reception, install the Signal Antenna at the highest possible point in your area. Avoid placing the antenna within 3 feet (1 meter) of metal objects (pipes, metal siding, A/C unit, etc.)
  • Attach the mounting bracket so that when the Signal Antenna is attached, it will be positioned vertically.
  • Mount the Signal Antenna to the mounting bracket, making sure that the antenna is positioned vertically
  • Unroll the RG59 Mini coaxial cable supplied with your zBoost Series kit removing any loops or kinks and attach to the base of the Signal Antenna.
  • Run the coax cable from the Signal Antenna through the window to the Base Unit using a window entry kit (optional).
  • Attach the Antenna to the Base Unit and position it so that it is at a 90 degree angle to the Base Unit.
  • Set the Base Unit on a furniture piece.
  • Attach the Power Supply to the Base Unit and plug the power supply into an outlet. If a Red light lights up, try further separating the antennas and then see the Troubleshooting section of the manual.
Coverage Area
ApplicationSupports Voice on 3G/4G Phones4G LTE DataOutdoor Signal: Strong (3+ bars)Outdoor Signal: Weak (1-2 bars)Outdoor Signal: None If there is no outside signal, zBoost will not work for youMSRP
   CEL/800MHz & PCS/1900MHz
(AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.)

zBoost SOHO Signal Boosters for the Home

WorkspaceDesk to 1 room    $299
ZB545 SOHOup to 2,500 sq. ft.Home    $299
ZB545M SOHO Maxup to 3,500 sq. ft.Home    $399
ZB545X SOHO Xtremeup to 5,500 sq. ft.Large home    $499
ZB645SL-CMup to 7,500 sq. ft.Large home   $549
ZB645SLup to 10,000 sq. ft.Large home   $549

zBoost REACH Signal Boosters for Signal Challenged Environments

YX560Pup to 3,500 sq. ft.Low outdoor signal environments   $449
YX560SLup to 6,500 sq. ft.Low outdoor signal environments   $499
YX560Yup to 6,500 sq. ft.Low outdoor signal environments800MHz only   $499
ZB560P REACHup to 3,500 sq. ft.Low outdoor signal environments   $399
ZB560SL Xtreme REACHup to 7,500 sq. ftLow outdoor signal environments   $599


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Product Reviews for Wi-Ex zBoost SOHO YX545 PCS/CEL Dual Band Wireless Extender (YX545-PCS/CEL)

Product reviews help other customers decide which product to purchase, where the best deals are, and your get a sense of what to expect with the product. Write a Review!

Average Review (47 reviews):4 Star Reviews!

Five Stars:
 25 (53%)
Four Stars:
 19 (40%)
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Two Stars:
 2 (4%)
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 1 (2%)
Recent Review:
Spidey - New Hope, AL - 11/7/2013
Perfect product for anyone with good service outside your home but not inside

Customer Reviews:
Perfect product for anyone with good service outside your home but not inside
- New Hope, AL -
This product has answered our prayers. Our problem is a very common one; good wireless signal outside but little or NO wireless service inside. We could, on occasion, make and receive calls, or send and receive texts, but using the internet was a nightmare unless you went outside. After installing this product, we now have a full signal on our iphone 4 and Galaxy 4S. We are very pleased with this product, as well as the customer service we received in regards to recommending a product within our price range that met our needs.
Great product and works as advertised.
- Elba, -
Purchased this product for use in our office.Our building is located in a low lying area with not the best signal reception inside due to the terrain as well as a block structure with a metal roof compounding indoor reception issues.This system works GREAT!We went from virtually no signal indoors to at least 4 of 5 bars on all our phones with no dropped calls.The only user caution I have i
does what it claims
- long island n.y, long island n.y -
as stated this does more than expected. was unable to use my business cell any place in my home. after mounting and plug in (aprox.20 min.)i recieve three or more bars anywhere in thehouse.
- Conway, AR -
after installation I plugged the unit in for the first time ever I can use my cell phone inside the house. I also now have reliable 3G internet service
WOW! It went from 0 to a Full 5 Bars!
- Bensonhurst, sonhurst Br -
First of all even if you live in a rented space/apartment where you dont have access to the roof/attic if you can get ANY signal outside or right by a window you should still get this unit. With the optional window entry kit (see product specifications) you wont need to drill holes in the wall. Also even though they say to avoid placing the [signal] antenna within 3 feet (1 meter) of metal
Great Product and sanity saver
- Filer, aho -
Seems to be working very well so far.We live in the rural area where phone service in the house was poor at times.Had dropped calls consistantly even poor or no connection.Only one dropped call in the last 3 weeks.Works great
A wonderful revelation
- Eagle Harbor, gle Harbor M -
Our rural home was a 90% dead zone for our cell phone now the signal is 100% accessable throughout the house.
Cant believe how well it works!
- near Pioneertow, near Pioneertow -
After horror stories from other rural neighbors using previous generation boosters we had instant gratification. Using the included antenna on a 4 foot plastic pipe on top of a 12 foot steel mast above the roof peak to comply with the instruction about no metal within 3 feet of antenna we ran the cable down with no kinks or coils as prescribed put the box inside our cabin and plugged it in. Imm
top of the line.works great
set it up went from 0-bars to 4-bars this is GREAT.
Remote Cell Coverage Godsend
- Ward, -
Most people will not read the instructions or not understand the subtle meanings of them like an electrical engineer.Dont put the antenna on a metal pole.Dont put the antenna within 15 feet of the repeater.Dont coil the coax cable.Dont put the repeater on a metal surface.
IT WORKS ! ! !
- Three Lakes, ee Lakes WI -
My location is extremely remote & NOBODY gets reliable service on my road. I got 1 bar out of 6 on the best of days.I felt I would need the greatest gain possible to have reliable cell service so also ordered a YX055-CEL directional antenna with my YX545PCSCEL. I mounted the antenna on my TV antenna tower at about 30 ft. After following the directions on aiming the antenna I now have total cell
Great value
- Florence, ce KY -
This is well worth the money when you dont have much cell service (1 bar). Only suggestion for installing is to get the outside antenna as hight as possible and order the right length of cable.
Works as advertised
- Eastern North C, Eastern North C -
I use the YX545 at campsites when I travel in my RV.Many times RV campsites are off the beaten path and cellular signals are marginal.With the YX545 our cell signals jumped from a barely noticeable signal to a solid signal.It works so well we totally forget its in use.And a special note for RVers... I also use a device called a Wonder Pole [@] to support the WiEx zBoost antenna well abo
This thing really works!!
- Attalla, Alabam -
Guys I only have 2 bar outside my home. I mounted this thing to a post under my medal roof and still have 3 to 5 bars though out my home with 5 bars in the same room with the base unit.I am impressed!!!
Love this product
- Hamilton, on MI -
We live out in the country in MI and had no cell phone service we did not want to have a land line or ISP since our phones provide that.We installed this unit and have great service now.The antenna got hit by lightening and wiped out the transformer so make sure you have a good surge protector that protects against lightening!Great unit!
I finally have fast internet access.
- Ann Arbor, rbor MI -
I have had to put up with slow internet access due to my home location until I purchased the SOHO wireless extender. My internet signal went from 2 to 5 bars. Im going to purchase another for the motorhome so I have the same access when I travel.
It really works!
- Saint Paul, t Paul VA -
I would recommend this to anyone who lives in rural areas.We can now make cell phone calls from anywhere in our home!
- Mcewen Tennesse, Mcewen Tennesse -
I have a weekend home with a 50.00 monthly landline fee.A friend introduced me to this product.I went from an occasional one bar to four bars and NEVER a dropped call. Have said goodbye to landline....I did add the outside directional antenna and attribute my good signal reception in part to this.
Terrific Performance
- Farmersville, rmersville T -
I live in a rural area over a mile from the nearest PCS Cell tower.Also my house is made of stucco with two internal layers of expanded steel mesh making it impossible to use a cell phone inside the house unless directly in front of a window.Also my local landline charges had just jumped to over $89 a month!Frustrated I purchased the WiEx zBoost SOHO YX545PCSCEL as a test I mounted the
better than expected
- northern wi, northern wi -
At first I put this in my attic and it didnt work that well. I called and got a rma number to return it and the tech suggested I try the antenna outside. I did an it worked great. five bars upstairs four bars on the main floor and even three bars in the basement! before I had maybe one bar sometimes.
IT WORKS ! ! ! # 2.
- Appleton, on Wisco -
My first YX 545 worked so well I puchased another. The second YX 545 I use at my primary residence in a cell signal rich area. At this location my phone is working off its own network.(U.S. Cellular) I generally receive 80% to 90% signal outside of my house vs inside which can vary from 30% to dropped calls. To ensure cell communication prior to installing the YX 545 I had to sit at a window sea
great product
- Madrid NE, Madrid NE -
This thing works awesome.I put mine in our shop which is 4800 sq feet and I have perfect serviceeverywhere. We went from dropping calls to 5 bars.
works fantastic
- mississippi, mississippi -
Installed to specifications and my I Phone 4 went from maybe 1 bar to a full 4 with 3g connection
Works Great
- Denver, Denver -
Easy install and setup.I already had coax to the roof of my building so I didnt have to run it.I also had a TV antenna mast on the roof to mount the zboost antenna.I only needed a pliers to loosen/tighten coax connections.Otherwise no tools.After power on unit set itself up in about 30 seconds.I now get 4-5 bars in my office about 6 feet from the device.I used to get 0 or 1 bar.
full service at home after installation
- brewton alabama, brewton alabama -
the best money that i have ever spent and it is well worth it !!!!!!!!!
The YX545 Really Works!
- New Haven, CT -
AT&T says that I live in a "Good" (as opposed to "Best") voice coverage area. In my finished attic office, my phone's signal meter rairly dropped below -100 dbm and I got lots of dropped calls. First floor coverage is better, with the meter showing between -90 and -95 dbm. Solid Signal suggested the YX545. Outside antenna installation is not feasible. The best inside location seemed to be above a window on the north side of the house at the peak of the attic roof. To get the 15' of vertical separation, the base unit was installed on the first floor, with the cable snaked unobtrusively to the antenna. Now the meter reads no worse than -90dbm (in the attic, with a reading of -75 th -80 dbm on the first floor and an as-tounding -51dmb 2-3 feet from the base unit. No more dropped calls anywhere in the house. Yes, for me, this unit really works! Thank you Solid Signal.
In Love
- Culpeper, er VA -
I use this product for our two story home.Its located above the ceiling in our downstairs closet in the middle of the downstairs floor-plan.Where i had NO service I solidly get 2 bars with more - depending on how close I am to the base.A spotty signal has been improved to always achieve at least 1 bar upstairs - every call is reliable.I called a local company to install and they wanted
YX545 helps!
- Baraboo, WI -
The YX545 definitely provides signal boost for a fringe area. The amount of boost is dependent upon walls and electrical between you and the booster. It seems to make the difference between having decent signal or very slim within a traditional house.
Works as advertised
- Upper Peninsula, Upper Peninsula -
Had very spotty service inside house and outside. Installed with antenna outside on peak of roof and now have 2 bars inside house. Very easy to use and set up.
Works great
- Marilla, New Yo -
Had my doubts originally but needed to try something.Mounted the antenna inside my 2 1/2 story chimney chaseway set the transmitter behind the 1st floor living room chair and get anywhere from 2 to 4 bars throughout entire house (including basement).Prior to antenna would be lucky if 1 bar was showing.Have not lost a call since the antenna was installed.Love it!
Great for all but not Samsung
- Denver, CO -
Works great (went from 1-bar to full bars) with my Motorola on T-Mobile and great with various phones (friends visiting) on Sprint Verizon and AT&T.My wifes Samsung Memoir is the only exception it drops to 0 or 1 bar when she enters the house its a great camera but its never been much of a phone ... looks like we go phone shopping.
It Works!!!!!!
- Caswell County, Caswell County -
Was turning off house phone and needed to boost my cell signal. I first tried the verizon wireless network range extender. The extender was constantly losing connection with my phone and only boosted the cell signal not the 3g so I decided after reading many reviews on several websites to give this a try. Mounted the antenna on a 1 pvc pipe about 5ft above roof line. I grounded the wire outside
Works great with the right network.
- BoltWV, BoltWV -
First off I have no service without the booster. With the booster I have full service. I have noticed that phones using the GSM network in the area will still drop calls with the booster but phones on the CDMA network work great. I hope this review helps you in making your decision.
improved cell phone reception
- 17370, 17370 -
we use the product for home use. It has improved the signal inside the house to a level that we can use.
Works very well. Would buy again.
- Rockport, rt TX -
Easy to mount unit on wall. Easy to mount antenna if you already have a pole outside and a window to run wire through. Plan to call AT&T to disconnect land line soon.
Antenna Placement is Critical
- Milwaukee, ukee WI -
You need to make sure the external antenna is placed outside or just inside a window to get the best signal possible.I am trying to use it in a concrete block building and it proves only marginally better signal.
Works as advertised
- Hingham ma, Hingham ma -
Dont place the repeater too close to the outside antenna. Does a great job boosing indoor cell bars.
I was very skeptical to be honest
- Iuka, -
My husband & I have 2 different brands of phone & his got a strong signal immediately.(Nokia). Mine is still tempermental (Samsung). I have to be closer.Over all we are very pleased with your product & I have allready recomended it to friends.[...]Thanks again for making a quality product that anyone can use. cz
Does what it claims to do
- Loudon, TN -
I live out in rural mountainous area in TN where cell and TV ant service is challenging. I am in agreement that to upgrade the coax would benefit the signal.Alsothe unit is designed to be ableto mount to a wall or ceiling to improve the signal.
Works better than I expected
- Yazoo City MS, Yazoo City MS -
We were surprised this device really worked. We are 3 miles from a tower out in the hills. I have both a HTC Hero with Cellular South and a Blackberry with AT&T with different providers. Before the installation my Hero worked if you happened to get in the right location. The Blackberry didnt work at all. After installation the Hero works much better and the Blackberry will send and receive messa
Met my needs
- Hickory, NC -
I have an iPhone 4 my wife a Droid Incrediable. Usually got 1~2 bars with terrible clarity in my basement. She lost calls constintally. Installed this and placed the antenna outside where it gets 3~4 (4 mostly) bars. Inside now I get 4~5 bars and call clarity is very clear.If this came with 75 of cable I would have given this 5 stars.
- Oregon, Oregon -
Had 1 to 2 bars at home with slow 3G and lots of dropped calls.I get 4 to 5 bars close to the unit and fast 3G now.I also put an antenna at our mountain cabin where I had 1 bar that would drift in and out.Works great - again close to the unit.Weve found about 10 ft to be the best signal although I get some boost at the other end of the house 40 ft away.Havent dropped a call in either
System great but needs directional anta
- Plymouth, th MI -
This system comes with a omni directional antenna but it really needs a directional antenna outside to work well.The system reduces its boost depending on how much feedback occurs to the inside antenna.Even with the antennas 60 feet apart I did not get good performance until I put a directional antenna outside.Now I get the added gain of thedirectional antenna and more system gain becau
It makes a diffrance
- Lancaster Count, Lancaster Count -
We are using the signal booster YX545 in our business.We have an office in an old barn and the cell service isnt very good in here.So we decided to try a signal booster.At first the booster made a huge diffrance then it seemed to slack off and the light on the base unit turned red.So I put the antanna up higher so it was for sure high enough above the metal of the cupola.That didnt seem
- callaway va, callaway va -
Hooked up unit with the rg-59mini didnt boost at all checked several locations ran unit with rg-6 unit worked I am able to talk at my house you do have to be near unit 15 ft is longest distance but we went from 105db to about 85dband before could not use our cellphones at all!
On The Fence`
- Southern Indian, Southern Indian -
I bought the YX545 to improve our in house voice and data connectivity for both AT&T (voice) and Sprint (data). We are only a few miles from the local towers but we are in a valley and do not have direct line of site. Phone and data service is usable in the house with certain better and worse areas. We recently had a metal roof installed and good zones got smaller which leads me to the YX545.I h
To Have or Not to Have a YX545
- Lakewood, od CO -
A review of the Wi-Ex zBoost SOHO YX545 dual band amplifier.Purchased for my residence where I have poor cellular reception on the Verizon network and very poor reception on my Sprint 3G Broadband modem.After a comprehensive site survey and signal strength assessment I chose to do myinstallation with the YX039 Yagi bi-directional antennas mounted on a 20 grounded fiberglass mast on the upper

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