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DIRECTV AM21N Off-Air Dual Tuner (AM21)

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Model: AM21  |  SKU: 8546300063
4 Stars Average Rating
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DIRECTV offers local channels in HD in most markets, but doesnt offer all the subchannels.Get more from your TV viewing by connecting an antenna to the AM21 adapter. More >
●  Dual ATSC tuners
●  Simple USB connection
●  Small and lightweight design
●  We Do Not Ship to Canada
●  Works with the H25. (Will need to reset H25 after adding)
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  • Dual ATSC tuners
  • Simple USB connection
  • Small and lightweight design
  • We Do Not Ship to Canada
  • Works with the H25. (Will need to reset H25 after adding)
  • New black matte finish
  • For C31, C41, H21, H23, H24, H25, HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24, HR34, HR44, and THR22 (TiVo).
  • The AM21 will scan for off-air channels with the DIRECTV THR22 receiver. Other receivers will use a table generated for your area by DIRECTV


The DIRECTV Off-Air Tuner is the perfect solution for adding outstanding DVR functionality to terrestrial broadcast transmissions. Designed to work seamlessly with the DIRECTV Plus HD DVR, this specialized tuner will integrate ATSC broadcast high-definition channels directly into the DIRECTV on-screen Advanced Program Guide.

The DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR delivers you the ultimate in 100% digital-quality picture and sound.
Add DIRECTV® HD Access and DVR Service and you get the best choice and widest selection of high
definition programming and the convenience of digital video recording in one unit. Images are
sharper. Colors are brighter. Sound is crisper. And they can be recorded. The easy-to-use search
function enables you to locate exactly what you want to watch or record. Take a look at all the
features and benefits and get ready to enjoy maximum entertainment.


• The easiest way to watch HD channels that are broadcast locally

• Seamlessly intergrates off-air HD channels into the DIRECTV on-screen guide

• No configuration necessary

• One-time setup is Automatic

• Designed to rest perfectly on top of the DIRECTV Plus HD DVR

Model   AM21
Name  DIRECTV Off-Air Tuner
Width   15.125 "
Height   1.18"
Depth  12.25"
ATSC    2
F-Connector Input
Box Contents
Cables USB and attached power cable
Users Guide


DIRECTV offers local channels in HD in most markets, but doesnt offer all the subchannels. Get more from your TV viewing by connecting an antenna to the AM21 adapter. Compatible with all current DIRECTV receivers and DVRs including C31, C41, H21, H23, H24, H25, HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24, HR34, HR44, and THR22 (TiVo).


Product Review Summary
Product Reviews for DIRECTV AM21N Off-Air Dual Tuner (AM21)

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Average Rating (21 Reviews):  4 Stars Average Rating
Five Stars:
12 (57%)
Four Stars:
7 (33%)
Three Stars:
1 (5%)
Two Stars:
0 (0%)
One Star:
1 (5%)

Latest Positive Rating:

Latest Negative Rating:
Won't receive all subchannels that are available

All Customer Reviews

Great w/ HR-21 but problematic w/ H21
- Charlottesville, Charlottesville - 11/5/2010
  Really solves a problem since DirecTV doesnt carry my local channels on satellite. Was prepared to drop service before discovering this tuner. Works great on my HR21 DVR. Tested on my H21 receiver before buying a second and couldnt get sound to work even though its supposed to be compatible. Too bad since direct broadcast is essential during a real storm -- satellite signals always went out qu

am 21 work greay
- dothan al, dothan al - 10/5/2011
  i hope directv come with a am that work with a hr25.

Cant get any better...
- DC, DC - 2/23/2012
  Great sales and customer service quick shipment and the tuner does the trick in the DC Metro area.Tuner took less than 5 minutes to set up. Thanks!

Great But Some Limitations
- Anderson, on In - 3/19/2012
  Interfaces great with guide. Does not lose localsignals like Directv doed on HD. There is no wayto enter a local channel. If directv does not carrythe channel in your local market your are out of luck. Directv is not very selective when useinga zip code. There will be stations you will haveto edit out some over 100 miles away.

Great Add-on
- San Antonio, Antonio TX - 4/25/2012
  Easy to install right out of the box.I got the AM21 for those times when the satellite goes out during a storm.Thats not often actually kind of rare but the cost of the AM21 was so low it was worth having the OTA back-up.With tornadoes our biggest weather threat switching over to the antenna during thunderstorms is a nice option.

Nice directv add on
- KS, KS - 3/28/2013
  This is a great way to add all the extra channels that are now available over the air that are not and probably will never be available on Directv.Even gives you the guide as well.

works as advertised
- Delanson, on NY - 3/28/2013
  used to receive off air localsa nice back up if satellite signal is lost

AM21 is great if you like offair!
- Michigan, Michigan - 3/28/2013
  The AM21 is a good item to have if you already have a nice off air antenna and want to make use of it.When its pouring rain and your directv dies at least you can still use your directv HD DVR to watch off air.I always make sure my tv shows record off the offair signal for this very reason.You need this for all HD DVR receivers other than the hr20-700.This thing plugs in kind of interestin

Works pretty well
- Fresno, CA - 3/28/2013
  Works well but I dont understand why it cant just scan the air waves without having to enter my zip code.

love this product!!!
- Chatsworth, sworth GA - 3/28/2013
  easy to set up...if you have an over the air antenna do not hesitate to buy this product...allows you to add local digital stations not currently broadcast by Directv to your system seamlessly...would highly recommend as I currently have two in use...

Great Add On
- Rual Alabama, Rual Alabama - 3/28/2013
  I use it to record Off Air programs with my DTV HR23.The guide makes it easy.

AM-21 reciever
- Los Lunas, unas New - 3/28/2013
  The recievers worked well when hooked upto a H21 but when hooked up to a H23 the you could not turn the power off theAM21.Direct TV woulld not give me anyhelp with the problemso I cancelled service with Direct TV and got a heavypenalty for early cancelation.

Good product but not without problems
- Los Gatos, atos CA - 3/28/2013
  I have two of these and they both provide excellent off the air picture quality.However both exhibit the same problem with garbled audio once in a while.One unit is connected to an AMP via optical and the other to a TV via RCA. The solution is to change channel for a second and go back.DTV is clueless about the problem but claims to be working on it. At this point it is only a minor annoya

off air receiver
- gladstone mo, gladstone mo - 3/28/2013
  receiver is okbut is subject to electrical damage thru storms

Problem solved!
- Weston, WI - 10/4/2013
  We had no - and I mean NO - TV reception at Devil's Lake Campground last weekend, so I missed Svengoolie - and it was The Leech Woman! That was the last straw...I resolved that we MUST be able to record shows at home when we're camping in areas that have lousy TV reception, and this little AM21 box solved the problem! The installation was a little perplexing at first(I'm not all that tech-savvy) but after I called Solid Signal tech support and found my ID10T error (they were lovely and patient about it, too) it works perfectly...exactly as advertised! All the network 1-2-3 stations show up on my DirecTV guide, I can pause and rewind off-air shows, record my favorite shows from the retro-TV channels...and I don't ever have to miss Svengoolie again! This is an excellent problem-solving product!

Won't receive all subchannels that are available
- Hutchinson, MN - 1/9/2014
  Connected the AM 21 to my brother's HDDVR--the AM 21 would not receive all of the subchannels available--even though all of the TV tuners in the house did. (I've installed antennas for 35 years, and know the signals are good) DirecTV support was horrible--continued to blame the signal--they knew very little about the product, and weren't interested in resolving the problem with the AM21--stating they don't deal with off-air product (even though they market and sell the AM21 off-air tuner!)

Very Good Product
- Arlington, MN - 1/12/2014
  The AM21 works very well and integrates nicely with the DVR. What most people don't realize is that it is possible to pick up almost all the channels available in your area, even if they aren't in Directv's database of channels. By using secondary zip codes you can gain channels not in the database. In MN I can get all but 1 channel using secondary zip codes.

Doesn't scan for available channels. May not get all that are available.
- near lansing, MI - 7/28/2014
  I had to trick the box by entering different zip codes to get the channels I wanted. One channel drops off every day at 5:30pm and 11:30pm. Have to go to another channel and then back to get it back. It doesn't get all the sub channels.

Great product, Free TV is fantastic and it fully integrates into my existing DirecTv programming guide.
- Birmingham, AL - 9/11/2014
  The product was easy to install and integrates with my Directv DVR HR43-700. I wanted a product that would not require me to switch the input mode on my tv and integrate fully with my system and this was it. I forgot how nice it was to have all the local public broadcasting channels. It's also nice to have the local channels when a I get rain fade on my satellite system. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to complement thier existing service.

Works with Genie and Clients
- Birmingham, AL - 10/29/2014
  I ordered this under the impression that it would only work with my Genie hr44, however after hooking it up to the Genie, I can also view off air channels on the clients that are on my other tv's.

- Ridgeway, IA - 12/4/2014

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