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DISH Network ES162303
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DISH Network MT2 Over the Air Module (ES162303)

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Model: ES162303  |  SKU: 753960010601
4 Stars Average Rating
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In most markets, Dish Network only carries a fraction of the channels available over the air.Use this module to connect your antenna to a ViP222, VIP722K, ViP922 DVR and get more channels. More >
●  For use with the ViP 222k, 722k and 922 receivers
●  Over the air (OTA) programs are integrated into the program guide
●  Live OTA programming can be viewed from both TV1 and TV2 locations
●  Record two digital OTA broadcasts at once when using a DVR
●  Compatible with use on standard definition and high definition televisions
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  • For use with the ViP 222k, 722k and 922 receivers
  • Use MT2 to get local programming such as Fox, CBS, NBC, and more! Simply add an Off Air TV Antenna to your Dish Network Receiver!
  • DISH Network Sells us equipment at their own discretion whether it is a new or refurbished model. We have no control over this. Please assume you are getting a refurbished model, though many times the products are new.
  • Over the air (OTA) programs are integrated into the program guide
  • Live OTA programming can be viewed from both TV1 and TV2 locations
  • Record two digital OTA broadcasts at once when using a DVR
  • Compatible with use on standard definition and high definition televisions
  • Easy installation on the port located on the left side of the recievers back pannel.
  • OTA antenna required
  • Provides a channel 3-4 modulated output
  • Coax output


The MT2 Over-the-Air (OTA) Module allows you to add two digital over-the-air tuners to your ViP222k & ViP722k satellite receiver.  This provides the ability to integrate over-the-air channels into the on-screen Program Guide of compatbile receivers for seemless viewing by both TV1 and TV2 viewers.  When used with the ViP 722k DVR, you will be able to record over-the-air broadcast.  In addition, the MT2 OTA Module adds Channel 3-4 coax output, for connection to standard definition TVs.


In most markets, Dish Network only carries a fraction of the channels available over the air. Use this module to connect your antenna to a ViP222, VIP722K, ViP922 DVR and get more channels. Also includes an RF modulator for connecting the DVR to an older TV using channel 3 or 4.


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Product Reviews for DISH Network MT2 Over the Air Module (ES162303)

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Average Rating (31 Reviews):  4 Stars Average Rating
Five Stars:
18 (58%)
Four Stars:
7 (23%)
Three Stars:
5 (16%)
Two Stars:
1 (3%)
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Latest Positive Rating:
great product

Latest Negative Rating:
It works but....

All Customer Reviews

Works great
- Shawano WI, Shawano WI - 11/27/2010
  Worked like its designed. Couldnt get locals in HD at my house because of trees. Installed this and now using a roof top antenna I can have my Locals in HD on my program guide.

Now Every Channel Is In One Place
- Cochranton, ranton Pa. - 1/28/2011
  I recently upgraded to Dish HD with the VIP 222K Dual Tuner and liked that you could add an off air module to the receiver. I live in an area where I can get 3 TV markets but would have to switch to the HDTV tuner or converter box on my analog TV for off air stations from the two markets I could not get through Dish due to my DMA. Not anymore Now I get off air and satellite channels in one place

May cause signal loss message
- Madison. MS, Madison. MS - 4/9/2012
  I use this product to obtain over the air hdtv service in my home. It works fine and the ota channels are integrated by the pvr into the channel guide for user convenience. Recently I have been receiving a blue screen message 002 stating partial signal loss on my regular (not ota) channels. After three technician visits and replacing my VIP 722k one time I found on the web references that indicate

I would buy this product again and agai
- WaterlooIA, WaterlooIA - 3/28/2013
  Allows me to watch tv over air without another hdmi plug

Exactly what we expected
- Sparks, NV - 3/28/2013
  The install and setup was very easy.We love the ability to watch over the air digital signals on both TVs connected to the DVR.We now have the ability to record two Dish shows at the same time as recording two over the air shows.No more missing one show because we were out of tuners.

Just what I needed
- Anton, xas - 3/28/2013
  This is a great product that is easy to install. Wonderful because Dish does not have HD local channels and this gives the HD and ability to record 4 channels.Sets up quick and easy.[...]

Improve Dish 722K with OTA
- Gate City, City Virg - 3/28/2013
  If you live in an area the can easily receive your local channels over the air digital signal then the Dish M2 Over the Air Module is a must. I use this in a 722k receiver and can receive 15 local digital channels 4 of which are not carried by Dish. This adds the ability to record up to 4 channels at the same time if two of them are over the air. It gives you a lot of flexibility for recording

Record 2 over-the-air and 2 satellite
- Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City - 3/28/2013
  After upgrading to the HD package on Dish I opted for the dual receiver VIP 722k reducing my monthly bill and still giving me 2 independent DVR systems.What I became aware of was that the optional MT2 OTA (over-the-air) module would allow me to receive 2 OTA and 2 satellite programs all at the same time recording all of them.Of course you could only watch 2 programs but these could be pre

Great [...]
- Port Ludlow, t Ludlow Wa - 3/28/2013
  The unit [...] was very easy to install. However I had a professional installation of my receiver into a motorhome and the installer chose another way to integrate the over-the-air receiver so I did not need this unit. I was able to return it for refund [...]

DISH Network MT2 Over the Air Module
- Orland, ME - 3/28/2013
  great product easy to install and easy to use

a great tuner
- michigan, michigan - 3/28/2013
  easy to install and works great

It works but....
- Missouri, Missouri - 3/28/2013
  It works and is convenient but does not pull in as strong a signal as the tuner in the tv itself so some channels are not tunable.Also since installing it the 722k receiver has started to randomly but periodically reboot itself.I presume this is due to the extra heat created by the additional tuner.On-line discussion boards indicate this is a common problem.

Dish MT2 OTA Module ES162303
- LA - Lower Alab, LA - Lower Alab - 3/28/2013
  [...] plug and play product.Thanks Solid Signal!

Works great
- Springfield Mo, Springfield Mo - 3/28/2013
  Unplug receiver.Remove plate with 2 screws.Slide in module.Replace 2 screws.Plug back in.As easy as it gets.

works great!
- Dundee MI, Dundee MI - 3/28/2013
  used in satellite box to view local channels over the air.

Not enough bang. Falls short.
- Rockford, rd Il - 3/28/2013
  This is a good product however they did not go far enough into its design.It would have been very easy for them to have added the programming info into the on screen guide.This only tells you the channel.Not what the channel is broadcasting.That info is!! readily available to them.

Dish Network MT2 OAM (Over the Air Modul
- Moline, IL - 3/28/2013
  Easy to use.Turn off DVR.Unscrew metal plate from the back of the unit where this module will go in.Push it it screw it down.

Easy Installation and Set-up
- Newport Beach, ewport Beach - 3/28/2013
  I put up a HD antenna some time ago had the signal feed in the house but not in use.After getting the Dish figured Id add local HD channels not supplied via satellite.Works perfectly after simple quick set up.When the Dish signal occasionally goes down my OTA signal still comes through - a plus.I have a dual channel (2 TV) Dish DVR but the second channel is limited to standard definiti

It Has Its Limitations
- Culpeper, er VA - 3/28/2013
  The module is very easy to install and configure. It is a shame that Dish requires a separate unit unlike the Vip622 which had an OTA built in. I live in a fringe area. The outside antenna is pointed toward towers 42 miles away. I use a deep fringe directional antenna with preamp and amplified distribution system to power four TVs including the primary one attached to my Vip722 box. I have used

OTA Receive additional local stations
- Salem, - 3/28/2013
  Local channels off air remain in native video format unlike satellite. Receive additional local stations and local sub-channels not sent to satellite. Turns a ViP222K & ViP 722k in to dual plus one tuner. Any combination of 2 record and 1 live source simultaneously.

Nice Add-on
- Arnold, MD - 3/28/2013
  Using with Vip722K. I live between Baltimore and DC and get a lot of OTA signals. Only a fraction of the Baltimore stations are on DishTV so this adds a lot. Many but not all of the stations get integrated into the program guide others just labeled as Digtal TV.The sensitivity issues some are writing about are to be expected. This is a dual tuner so the signal is reduced by half for each th

Works Fine
- CrouseNC, CrouseNC - 3/28/2013
  The Over The Air Module works fine. However It does not pass the local antenna HDTV signals to TV2 in HD! Its just passed in SD. So if you want your local stations in HD on TV2 you have to run the TV antenna to a splitter and then to TV2.

Local channels extra recording!
- Statesville, tesville NC - 3/28/2013
  Allows you to have two OTA channels in addition to two satellite channels... This means you can record up to FOUR channels at a time!!! (two OTA two sat) This can be very handy these days when programs overlap by a minuter or two.

MT2 OTA Module Does Works!
- Ohio, Ohio - 3/28/2013
  The MT2 is easy to install.Power off the box remove the two screws from the back cover plate and insert the MT2 and reinstall the two screws.Programing is easy.One issue but not the fault of the MT2.Make sure you get a GOOD antenna.Indoor units work ok but give drop outs thru the day.Investing in a good outdoor antenna soon.

Great product at a great price.
- Grand Rapids, and Rapids M - 3/28/2013
  Installed in a Dish Network VIP722K receiver. Integrates well into the system. Programming is simple and intuitive. Seems able to decode the off air program guide of some stations while not others.Seems prone to interference more so than other stand alone off-air digital converters. Specifically I have a ham radio packet station when transmitting caused blocking on RF ch8 while other converters

Limited support for VIP922
- Gainesville, nesville Fl - 3/28/2013
  First Solid Signal is the best.Everything they sell is as advertised and at a great price.If you have a VIP922 the MT2 is not fully functional.It will not output a SD signal like advertised (the main reason I purchased it).It will allow you to tune and record OTA HD channels.It will not tune cable HD channels.

Very useful!
- Guaynabo, bo Puert - 3/28/2013
  Excellent way to combine antenna + DISH receiver as all the DISH recording / programming / remote TV features are extended to the OTA channels.Would like more tuner sensitivity as compared with a stand alone digital tuner I also use which brings in a few more stations.

Works Great!!
- Eastern Iowa, Eastern Iowa - 3/28/2013
  I ordered this from here because it was $20 cheaper than Dish Network would sell me one for. It was EASY to install and easy to setup. Im now recording 4 shows at one time with my Dish vip722k DVR.

Works Great
- St. Paul, ul MN - 3/28/2013
  Unfortunately Dish does not build this module into its equipment.Its an add on.However its worth every penny.Now I can record two local channels and two satelite all at the same time.Works great.

great product
- kingsleymi, kingsleymi - 3/28/2013
  works great

Works with caveats
- Stafford, VA - 6/3/2013
  The tuner unit causes the ubiquitous Error code 0000-00-0000, if you get this error, simply pull out the tuner. Problem will be solved. New "who knows" tuner will cure problem...or leave it out.

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