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Winegard FlatWave Air Outdoor Amplified HDTV Antenna (FL6550A)

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Model: FL6550A
5 Stars Average Rating
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NO monthly fee to watch top-rated shows Watch favorite shows from networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and FOX with the Flat Wave AIR antenna.The top-rated shows and sporting events like the Super Bowl and the Olympics are available in full high-definition for FREE. More >
●  Dual band High VHF/UHF
●  +60 mile range
●  Weight: 2.92 lbs
●  Dimensions: 14”x14”x 4”
●  1 year limited warranty
Our Price:  $82.99
MSRP: $129.99     You Saved $47.00
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  • Dual band High VHF/UHF
  • +60 mile range
  • Weight: 2.92 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14”x14”x 4”
  • Includes: Antenna, and Flex mounting system: pipe, foot & hardware for connecting to antenna and USB power inserter, 3’ USB cable, 110V wall adapter
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • TwinAmp Technology: delivers extraordinary performance and signal accuracy
  • TwinAmp Technology separately amplifies VHF and UHF signals. This reduces intermodulation, thereby maintaining the purest signal path possible. Bandpass filters remove unwanted RF interference for unsurpassed performance.
  • Included Mounting Post Outer Diameter approx. 1.25 inches


True HD, better than cable, satellite and streaming
Get the highest quality picture with no compression. HDTV broadcasts also offer room filling, ultra realistic 5.1 channel digital surround sound.

Revolutionary technology for optimal TV receptionThis ultra compact, sleek design features an integrated reflector and ultra low noise split-band preamplifier to provide stunning near Blu-ray™ quality HD programming, without monthly programming fees. Bandpass filters eliminate out of band interference. Clear Circuit Technology provides ultra low noise at 1 dB typical. Plus, TwinAmp Technology  separately amplifies VHF and UHF signals for superior signal selectivity. FlatWave Air is best suited for TV reception up to 60 miles and mounts outdoors or in the attic with the included flex mounting system. Minimal assembly required.

Connect up to 4 TVs!

TwinAmp Technology delivers extraordinary performance and signal accuracy TwinAmp Technology separately amplifies VHF and UHF signals. This reduces intermodulation, thereby maintaining the purest signal path possible. Bandpass filters remove unwanted RF interference for unsurpassed performance.

  •     HDTV reception up to 60 miles from a tower
  •     Revolutionary Clear Circuit Technology™ provides superior reception
  •     Ultra low noise split band amplifier (UHF/VHF)
  •     Easy to install
  •     Boasts a true dual-path design with separate amplification paths for VHF and UHF that increases signal handling capability and helps eliminate distortion.
  •     No adjustment needed once installed
  •     Powered by a USB connector attached directly to an HDTV
  •     Designed and assembled in the U.S.A.
  •     Connect up to 4 TVs (splitter sold separately)
  •     Integrated reflector for increased range


NO monthly fee to watch top-rated shows Watch favorite shows from networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and FOX with the Flat Wave AIR antenna. The top-rated shows and sporting events like the Super Bowl and the Olympics are available in full high-definition for FREE. Plus, with multicasting technology there is access to even more programming. The FlatWave AIR is a multidirectional antenna designed with ultra low noise split band amplifier that produces a higher quality TV image than most outdoor antennas. The sleek, compact antenna has an integrated amplifier for superior reception allowing little chance of dropouts or pixelation. It can be placed in an attic, a roof, a deck or the side of a home and is easy to install.


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Product Review Summary
Product Reviews for Winegard FlatWave Air Outdoor Amplified HDTV Antenna (FL6550A)

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Average Rating (26 Reviews):  5 Stars Average Rating
Five Stars:
22 (85%)
Four Stars:
2 (8%)
Three Stars:
2 (8%)
Two Stars:
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Latest Positive Rating:

Latest Negative Rating:
Small in size

All Customer Reviews

- Fort Gibson, OK - 9/16/2013
  Purchased this antenna for halfprice, one day sale for $65.00. I have a Winegard 8200 on my house, 14 ft boomlength and about 10 feet wide at the widest point. The flatwave is for my new shop and winegard convinced me to go with this. 14 inches by 14 inches and 4 inches thick!! I was reluctant to try this, but Windgard said this was the new technology. Very easy to install, hooked up the amp to my usb port on my new LG tv and ran a channel scan. What results, 44 channels and I live SE of Tulsa, OK about 40 to 50 miles from the towers. Could not be happier.

Good UHF Signal Reception
- Honea Path, SC - 10/18/2013
  I have a mix of UHF and VHF high stations within 35 to 55 mile range. All the UHF stations that I received with a large outside antenna were received with good signal levels. Although the antenna specs say it will receive VHF high stations, I haven't had any luck with both channel 7 and 13. These stations are located 45-55 miles away. This is a good antenna for those areas with UHF stations and may work with close VHF stations.

- raleigh, NC - 11/6/2013
  This antenna is quite pricey it's true value would be about $50.00 most of the pricing would be in marketing. I am sure it would be valuable to those in condo units There is no substitute for Rod type antennas which are slowly fading away There are many of this type of antenna available even the indoor type that stick to your window or the amplified piece of cardboard

The Flatwave Air FL6550A well worth it!!!
- Round Lake, IL - 11/10/2013
  The best purchase ive made yet...should of cut the cable cord a while back....49 channels in all its HD beautiful glory on 8 tvs!!! Very easy to setup with existing cable lines.

Great antenna.
- Morris, IL - 12/27/2013
  I am 50 miles from Chicago. The antenna is on top of a two story house. I can pick up all the major channels from Chicago. CBS (2-1) is sometimes intermittent. A perfect antenna that is not an eye sore.

Nice compact antenna and amplifier.
- Clinton, IA - 12/30/2013
  I bought this antenna for my mother-in-law to replace other antennas she had been struggling with. She is approx. 41 miles from the tower she gets stations from and had been getting a choppy signal on every indoor antenna she had tried. I tested the Winegard FL6550A in her living room before installing and noticed an immediate improvement. Since it is the middle of winter, I opted to install the antenna in a first floor attic. Despite there being 3-4" of snow and roof in the way, the antenna is receiving a good signal. I picked up twice as many channels as the other cheaper indoor antennas she had tried. I really like the fact that I could plug the antenna amplifier into the USB port on the new TV I also bought her. The Winegard FL6550A had everything I needed to install the antenna in the attic and is mounted on a stud with bracket and pole. I was also happy with the Solid Signal support that got back to me right away to confirm I chose the right antenna for my application.

Excellent antenna!!!
- Crown Point, IN - 1/28/2014
  I purchase this antenna from Solid Signal about 6 months ago. It works great. I have the antenna mounted indoors facing a window. If I face it North, I get all Chicago stations but CBS. If I face it east, I get the same stations along with several South Bend, IN channels. Which include Channel 22 (CBS)out of South Bend. I am 60+ miles from the transmitter and it pulls all stations in. Amazing.

Excellent Antenna!
- Marietta, GA - 2/3/2014
  Rock solid beautiful HD picture quality and absolutely worth the money. I have recommended this Antenna to all my cord cutting friends and family. This was my first purchase from Solid Signal and they have fast shipping!! Thank you Solid Signal!!

I purchased this antenna on sale 79.99 and i am so happy and it does the job.
- Lakeland, FL - 2/4/2014
  I purchased the flatwave air outdoor amp antenna and "WOW " this antenna does the job and then some. Thank you Solid Signal, you have great service and fast shipping. Steve

The HD picture quality with this antenna for the local channels is better than what we were getting with cable! This is a great looking unit and is barely noticeable on the outside of our home. There are no negatives with this antenna for us!
- Clifton Park, NY - 2/15/2014
  We were thinking about getting rid of cable due to the increasing bill. I started doing some research online and wound up on Solid Signal's website. I contacted them by phone and this antenna was recommended to us. We could not be happier with the performance and quality of this product!

Goodbye Cable TV. Hello 68 over the air channels!
- Long Island, NY - 2/19/2014
  I was little bit hesitant about purchasing the Winegard FL6550A because this antenna is somewhat new and didn't have much amazon reviews. Some reviews were actually negative but I thought the negative reviews were somewhat unfair as one reviewer didn't even mount it and another reviewer was 70 miles away from the station. I actually thought how could a little 14" x 14" antenna compete with a huge yagi antenna. Is Winegard sacrificing performance for nice modern style?! Well, I took a chance and picked the Winegard FL6550A over the Winegard HD7694P antenna and Antennas Direct C2-V-CJM ClearStream antenna after considering the flatwave antenna comes with mount, mast, +60 mile range and comes with an amplifier. I am so happy with the performance of this antenna and I am so glad that I got this antenna from amazon purchase (solid signal) as I cut the cable cord.

Setup? On top of 2 story Long Island, NY house, grounded to 8 foot buried ground rod (scrape some paint off the antenna mount), used grounding block and 123 feet of coaxial cables were used as I had to split to 3 televisions. I bought a lot of mediabridge coaxial cables on amazon. The main stations that I really wanted like cbs, nbc, fox, abc, MyTV and CW were 33 miles away at 275 degrees. I recommend to use to find out where the stations are and even use a compass on the roof to get the most accurate aiming of the antenna.

Performance? After scanning, I was able to get 68 channels. said I should receive up to 47 channels so I was really surprised to get 68 channels. You must use the amp that comes with the antenna! If you don't use the amp, you may only get like 70% of the channels. Lot of people assume that the amp just helps in splitting but this amp greatly helps in receiving more channels as well. While a lot of the channels are Spanish and some duplicates, there are still quite a few good HD channels to enjoy even outside the major networks. I'm discovering this recently. For example, WLNY (channel 55) plays CSI: Miami and Modern Family and ION (channel 31) plays Leverage and Law & Order: SVU and Criminal Intent. As for the picture quality? It really looks exactly like Cablevision Optimum. The picture quality is crystal clear HD and rarely ever freezes or pixelate. I had no idea that over the air reception quality could be as good as cable. I even have 3 televisions running on different channels and I don't see any loss of quality.

Style? This is the best looking antenna that I have ever seen. I am more concerned with performance over style but it really looks nice on the roof. The traditional yagi antenna looks pretty bad. This is only 14"x14" and has a nice modern style. I also think it is more durable than a traditional yagi antenna. Also, this flatwave antenna isn't completely flat where I would be concerned about heavy winds hitting it. It is slightly aerodynamic and roundish so heavy winds would be pushed to the sides.

I give this antenna a 10 out of 10. It is a great option to cut the cable cord. Now, I am using my Winegard Flatwave antenna, Roku with Netflix, Hulu Plus, 1 TB Western Digital Portable Hard Drive for my movie collection, PlayOn/PlayLater Lifetime, Plex (free) and bunch of other good channel apps and of course using DVD rentals from Redbox. Saving a ton of money since dropping cable TV! Cablevision Optimum still overcharges me for phone and internet so they can't be too upset. If I run into any problems, I will update this review but so far, so good.

Looks great and works great
- Morgan Hill, CA - 3/9/2014
  This antenna is excellent. It looks great and it's easy to install. I live in Morgan Hill, CA and I didn't know if it would work. I went to website to check out potential channels that I could received.

I tested the reception before I installed it. Indoor on the first floor, I got 0 channels. I opened the living door and I could get 3 channels. I installed the antenna outside about 17 ft high and I could see 20 channels. Key channels that I could receive in HD are CBS, NBC, ABC, KQED and Univision.

Highly recommend

Get it! It works!
- Northwoods, IL - 3/19/2014
  Easy installation. Mounted outside. I was skeptical about the performance. I use to get about 12 channels, now I get 54. Highly recommended.

Love this antenna!
- Valparaiso, IN - 3/27/2014
  Could not believe the reviews this was getting. We live 55 miles east of Chicago,and have mounted in our finished attic. It's pointed 314 degrees and it gets 52 channels including 5 from South Bend,In. That's the opposite direction. Channel 11 our PBS station, the one I was shooting for is kinda hit or miss. All in all a great buy.

Small in size
- Raleigh, NC - 4/2/2014
  I think this is OK for tight spaces. Consumers now don't want rod type antennas which are more reliable for distant signals I think it is far overpriced for what you are getting I wouldn't be surprised if it was made in China with a hefty marketing scheme. You could get better for $100.00 price range

Unbelievable Clarity!!
- Mt. Vernon, AL - 4/4/2014
  Most of the time when you buy something that is advertised to be great, it doesn't work as well as you'd hoped. This is NOT the case with this antenna! I live in the country approximately 30 miles north of Mobile, Alabama where clear reception is all but impossible unless you have cable or satellite. This antenna has resolved that problem, I just took it out of the box and connected it then pointed it out of my bedroom window. I received 27 channels in an area where 3 locals(VHF) and 1 UHF were previously available. I expect it to perform even better once it is mounted.

The color,contrast, and sharpness on my tv had to be adjusted because the reception caused the colors to be much warmer, brighter,and rich. Even the sound is better, it is truly unbelievable. I'm kicking myself for paying the satellite company around $70/month for the past three years. Get one of these, you will not regret it.

OTA Orlando burbs. Ecstatic with the Winegard Flatwave Air FL6650a !!!
- Altamonte Springs, FL - 8/18/2014
  I live apx 10 miles north of Orlando's city center. Decided to cut the cable and go OTA plus a Roku. The Big 3 Networks and others have towers near Bithlo. Apx 18 miles east of me. Considered several other small to medium directionals and knowing I would have to add an amplifier to power multiple TV's via splitters decided to go with the all-in one bundle of the FL6650a from Solid Signal. 3 days later it was on the roof!Antenna install is a snap, most everything you need is in the box. (Except lag bolts to mount J-Post onto roof).Just hook up your cable wire (I just used the existing cable TV wiring) and go! Initially my TV farthest from the antenna was not getting as many channels, particularly missing was NBC which is on VHF here. After some trial and error on where to locate the inline amplifier/power supply found that it worked best when installed at the farthest TV. I started out trying it at closest connection to antenna thinking it would PUSH the signal better. Turns out it worked best the opposite way, installed at farthest point. Get a total of 64 channels including NBC - Wesh 2.1 (and 2.3) which is often everyone's nemesis for OTA around here. Very happy with this antenna!!! For the campers in the crowd Winegard makes an RV version to replace your batwing antenna. The "Rayzar Air" Also very simple install and works great! I bought that from Solid Signal also.

I hooked it up in the attic and placed the amplifier close to the unit. I am now receiving the TV signals over 100' from the antenna with great reception. I haven't split the signal yet to my other TV's but hopefully the signal will be strong for each TV set. The TV stations I am accessing are 50-65 miles away from my house.
- Evans, CO - 8/22/2014
  The antenna definitely works better with the supplied amplifier.

great product, paid for one time no payment every month
- lancaster, PA - 8/26/2014
  i love this product i have two one for each set i get 13 chanels i live in a apartment we are sorounded by trees

Worth the money
- Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA - 9/3/2014
  Item was delivered FEX Ground safely. Simple to install. The Winegard outdoor flatwave antenna replaced the oem antenna on my travel trailer. I increased local channels from 1 to 16. Most of the towers are 40 miles to the North. No other changes made. The wife is happy.

Absolutely wonderful antenna. Easy installation via clear concise directions.
Superb results.

- marble falls, TX - 9/7/2014
  Previously purchased another antenna that gave very marginal performance. Called Solid Signal, talked to Tech Rep Clifford who listened while I talked , then I listened while he talked. He convincingly stated that the directional Winegard FL6550A would solve my problems. It did, results are absolutely impressive,reception is flawless at 43 miles from towers.
Also received a very prompt email response from a Solid Signal Tech Rep that was very profound and analytical, supportive of Clifford's thoughts. Very impressed with Solid Signal, they have customer satisfaction in mind.

Easy to install, performs phenomenally.
- Lester Prairie, MN - 10/1/2014
  Mounted this on my parents' townhouse, just down the street from my house. We are almost 50 miles from most Twin Cities towers. The FlatWave sits lower than my huge 14' Winegard HD 8200U, but it pulls more stations that look fantastic on their old 28" CRT TV.

Installation was a breeze. I removed the dish that was already on the roof, and bolted the base of the FlatWave mast to the old dish mast. Attached the coax cable, aimed the unit with a compass, and I was done.

GREAT!!! Antenna, highly recommend it.
- Cocoa, FL - 10/27/2014
  Purchased this for my home in Cocoa, FL. beginning of Oct. as tired of paying Brighthouse Basic cable at $30.00 a month. So this $70.00 antenna when hooked up inside my house pointed out my front window, as faces Orlando where most the stations are, I got 56 channels including ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. Picture is the best I have ever had, my family thought I had gotten a new 3D TV. So mounted it on front wall of home just outside from where I had temporarily positioned for test. I would highly recommend this antenna if you are within 50-60 miles from stations you are wanting. Rate this antenna BIG 10 !!!

Outstanding reception
- Claypool, IN - 11/1/2014
  ...This antenna replaced two directional antennas and provides signals which are nearly as good. Roughly, if you join South Bend, our house and Fort Wayne, you would have a right angle triangle with the distance to Ft. Wayne about 40 miles and to South Bend about 50 miles. Both markets have a number of UHF stations. Up until recently, in order to receive these, I had to use 2 antennas. The one set of stations are about 90 degrees from the other set which makes signals from one market weak on a directional antenna designed for the other market. One of the antennas needed replacement and strong winds had bent the pole that supported the antennas. I was skeptical that there was a single antenna that would pick up all the stations.
...Yet, when I connected the Winegard antenna, I was able to pick up 40 signals. You must use the included amplifier to get these results. I had to play a bit with the aiming of the antenna but if I located the antenna about 15 deg closer to the Ft. Wayne direction than to the South Bend direction, I received quite adequate reception of these 40 channels. Two low power, high number independent channels from So. Bend are not received but this is no consequence to me. As a trial, I directed the antenna alternately to So. Bend and Ft. Wayne. Then, all channels in the given market were received with very good signal strength. However, even the stronger channels from the other market then had weak signal strengths. (For information, 9 of the channels are independent channels with mainly religious programming.)
...The single, relatively small antenna should not cause problems with the wind and it certainly is much easier to install that 80" directional antennas. If all your stations come from one market, this antenna should be ideal.

Nice little antenna
- Northborough, MA - 11/5/2014
  I can certainly recommend this antenna. It works great. I replaced my Channel Master 3018 radial antenna because it was too directional for my 'wants'. The FlatWave Outdoor Amplified antenna reportedly has an 80+ degree beamwidth, which is great for me to get the Boston and Providence transmissions. I have it on a mast about 25 feet up. Nice little antenna. I'm very happy with it.

- Houston, TX - 11/23/2014
  I have been exclusively using the OTA TV signals for over 10 years.

I was a bit skeptical when I first looked at this antenna, I had tried a couple of different flat antennas before and neither was worth anything in my location.

I have been using an ancient, huge, old style antenna and it worked but not well and I had lots of clearance issues getting it up very high on my heavily wooded lot, plus, it was falling apart, I tried to patch it back together but finally gave up.

On a google search I came across this antenna so I looked into it. I read all the reviews I could find on this Winegard 6550A and almost all were positive, and of the few negative ones, I could tell that most of those were due to other issues, so I took the plunge and ordered. I'm glad I did, this is the best working DTV antenna I have ever used. I have it mounted to the side of my house using a 20 foot tall pole and after scanning it picked up 103 channels. And some of those are from stations well over 70 miles away and some not in the direction the antenna is even pointed! Now, I will say that those fringe area and off angle channels are fairly weak on signal strength, but I'm sure that if they were channels I wanted I could adjust the aim and pull them in better. But for the channels I was most interested in pulling in this thing works great, pulls a strong signal on all of them. I actually live a ways northeast of Houston and the TV towers are on the southwest side of town, about 56 miles from my house, so even though all the big buildings and trees are between my house and the towers I am still able to pull in a great signal. I am very happy with this antenna so far, hope it lasts me a long time!

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