Antennas Direct Yagi Long Range UHF HDTV Antenna 70 Miles (91XG)

  • Brand: Antennas Direct
  • P\N: 91XG
  • UPC: 853748001910
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43 reviews

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Have unit works very good. I am 110 Miles for origin and 60+ miles for repeater. Mountain in all directing.


Have unit works very good. I am 110 Miles for origin and 60+ miles for repeater. Mountain in all directing.

They only problem I have is wind. This unit needs a Good solid mounting. The unit install easily and quickly.

Attic mounted antenna gets 21-33 channels on this antenna.


I pick up all of the local Youngstown stations, 4 PBS stations in Akron-Canton, 2 & 2.2 in Pittsburgh almost every day on this antenna. On a clear days, I can get the other two major channels in Pittsburgh. 11-1, 11-2, 11-3. On those days I will also receive 53-1, 53-2, 53-2. This antenna is most likely over achieving for being mounted in my attic and considering the terrain. I also have a booster on it as was suggested by an employee of this company. My coords have to be on the money to get Pittsburgh because of type of antenna it is.

I highly recommend this amazing antenna!


I've had 5 so called long range antennas but this one is the best by far. It gets one station I never got before and another that I always had to use a second antenna to pull in.The transmitters are 75-90 miles away and I'm in a low area.The antenna is very direction sensitive so you may want a rotor. It is light and easy to assemble, no tools required. I bought "out of box" model and all parts were there and it works as new, ordered it on a Monday and it was on my porch Tuesday afternoon. I'm very happy with this antenna and Solid Signal!

Pulls in distant stations as advertised.


Works good pulls in distant stations that use to only come in at night. You probably will need a rotator with this antenna. Instructions were not very clear.

I'm a believer - sold on this antenna!


Wow -- the 91xg has saved the day! Our main Raleigh stations are 40+ miles away, and we have to shoot an antenna straight through a dense area of tall trees at the rear of our property. (Have avoided a tower mounting -- keeping the antenna on the roof ~ 23 feet high.) Digital transition caused lots of signal problems, esp with wind moving tree leaves. A good deal of multipath. Since one station is on ch 11, we switched from a RadShack unit to an AntennaCraft HBU44 (didn't help much), then added a rotator (PBS station is in a different direction), a distribution amp and a Winegard LNA-200 preamp. These helped somewhat but didn't eliminate signal breakup from Raleigh on windy days. We avoided the 91xg for a long time because of the ch-11 station, but finally gave it a try. WOW -- I wish I hadn't waited so long! This antenna eliminated all of the UHF signal breakups, and we can even pick up ch 11 pretty well if we aim slightly off-axis to avoid the trees. The 91xg is a HUGE improvement! Can't say enough good things about it!

What? Im pulling in VHF with this too!


The instructions were a little difficult to follow. I wasnt able to tell which direction to turn the fins without looking it up online.Antenna is nice and small - Almost invisible up on the roof.Pulls in signals from 50 miles away on a good day. Signals 30 miles away pull in from the sides so no rotor is needed.My VHF channel pulls in from the back - Im not sure how but it is!

Works Great: Got Rid of Reflections


Replaced lower gain and less directive model which had poor reception on the strongest stations (probably a multi-path reflection).This model increased all stations and got rid of the problems on the strongest ones.All are near perfect now.It even picked up a couple further out but not reliably they change with weather.

Good antenna for deep fringe areas


I bought this 91XG antenna as a second one to connect in tandem with the first one.

Good reception in a bad location


The reception here is affected by; being on the backside of a hill with a major airport flight path crossing the path three nearby broadcast towers (not TV) on or beside the path large trees and a sun tracking solar array across the street.Also we still have VHF HDTV channels and the antennas needed to go in the attic.After reading up on antennas I went with the Winegard YA-1713 High Ban

Solid reasonably priced product.


I purchased this to replace an older Log-periodic (very large) antenna. This product has the ability to tilt, which I needed because our house is located in a hollow with tall trees (85' to 100'+). The reception is solid, but we still get some multi-path distortion, but better than previous antenna. This antenna is also smaller and lighter, so I was able to mount it about 5' higher than previous antenna.

Our local ABC is on VHF, and is relatively close - this antenna gets this channel from about 15 to 20 degrees off axis (in sidelobe) most of the time without needing to rotate the antenna, however I bought this to (hopefully) get our CBS channel which is 45-50 miles away, but the signal will go from perfect to none during the morning and some afternoons (probably tropospheric affects). This channel is also highly sensitive to multi-path (channel drops when cars travel up road or planes fly overhead). Not sure if an 8 or 16-bay antenna would help in this situation.

All-in-all, yes I do recommend this antenna, and seems to work better than previous set-up.