Antennas Direct Yagi Long Range UHF HDTV Antenna 70 Miles (91XG)

  • Brand: Antennas Direct
  • P\N: 91XG
  • UPC: 853748001910
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43 reviews

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Have unit works very good. I am 110 Miles for origin and 60+ miles for repeater. Mountain in all directing.


Have unit works very good. I am 110 Miles for origin and 60+ miles for repeater. Mountain in all directing. They only problem I have is wind. This unit needs a Good solid mounting. The unit install easily and quickly.

I highly recommend this amazing antenna!


I've had 5 so called long range antennas but this one is the best by far. It gets one station I never got before and another that I always had to use a second antenna to pull in.The transmitters are 75-90 miles away and I'm in a low area.The antenna is very direction sensitive so you may want a rotor. It is light and easy to assemble, no tools required. I bought "out of box" model and all parts were there and it works as new, ordered it on a Monday and it was on my porch Tuesday afternoon. I'm very happy with this antenna and Solid Signal!

Pulls in distant stations as advertised.


Works good pulls in distant stations that use to only come in at night. You probably will need a rotator with this antenna. Instructions were not very clear.

What? Im pulling in VHF with this too!


The instructions were a little difficult to follow. I wasnt able to tell which direction to turn the fins without looking it up online.Antenna is nice and small - Almost invisible up on the roof.Pulls in signals from 50 miles away on a good day. Signals 30 miles away pull in from the sides so no rotor is needed.My VHF channel pulls in from the back - Im not sure how but it is!

Works well


I previously got most local stations fairly well most of the time with rabbit ears on my third floor with a distribution amplifier. Now with the 91XG I get perfect reception on all local stations and some stations from other cities. We have two fairly strong upper-VHF channels (actual channel not virtual) which come in perfectly even though the 91XG is a UHF-only antenna.I purchased an ROTR-10

Works Great: Got Rid of Reflections


Replaced lower gain and less directive model which had poor reception on the strongest stations (probably a multi-path reflection).This model increased all stations and got rid of the problems on the strongest ones.All are near perfect now.It even picked up a couple further out but not reliably they change with weather.

great antenna


Pulling in stations almost 100 miles away!It seems to be very directionalIf towers are more than 15 degrees apart youll most likely need a rotater.Its been through several wind and snow storms and has held up just fine.Great antenna.

Awesome antenna


I saw this antenna in Australia as Jaycar LT3182 my brother use it and he recommended for high endhigh gain. I was shocked when my 16oz beer can weight more than this antenna make the trip to the roof safer and fast. I did a lot of reseach in the forums and almost went to theW 7968 but I glad I chose the 91gx because she is great. I got a TVfool report of my area and testspots with clear

Excellent long range antenna


I replaced a U-75R which had served me well.I was looking for some more deep fringe power.This unit was worth every penny.Its HUGE so a bit cumbersome for me to get on the roof (I climb through a 2nd story window and walk onto my roof). Where my old antenna had 50-100% signal strength with a 7777 preamp Im now nailing 100% on every channel in that same setup. Im betting on zero dropouts

Great Deal!


In an atept to watch TV without a cable bill I bought this antenna and I am happy I get 12 channels no bill. :-)