Antop UFO Omnidirectional Amplified Out/Indoor HDTV Antenna (AT-414B)

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  • P\N: AT-414B
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13 reviews

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Supporting Multiple TVs


I purchased an out/indoor omni-directional antenna from Solid Signal back in 2011 (Winegard Metrostar). Put it in my attic and get 40+ channels. The main reason I'm posting this review is because the last review asked if this 414B antenna can support multiple TVs. I'm sure it can since my antenna currently supports 3 TVs. Just need a single signal amplifier, a splitter (2, 3, or 4 way depending on your needs), and cables to reach all the TVs. I had to feed cables from the attic down through walls and add 'outlet' boxes in each room. You can get the cable 'plate' for the outlet box(s) at places like Home Depot. I'm considering a new antenna like this 414B in the near future to see if my reception range can be increased since my current antenna has spent 10 years in that freezing or mega-hot attic. Still works great, but maybe new technology will extend the range.

Space junk


Did not work ..glitzy and visually appealing but in my opinion not worth the money. I have 20 dollar antennas that are much better in receiving channel reception than this offer

From 5-7 OTA channels to 40!


VERY pleased with my first purchase from Solid Signal and this omni-directional antenna. Instead of 5-7 OTA channels, now get 40 and the Antop unit not even yet installed in our attic but on a 6' ladder in our garage! . I found the Omni directional antenna from a 2 yr or so customer near us who gets 47 channels.

Did not work for me


I bought this antenna a while back for our bedroom and my son installed it. We live in a open area by a lake and thought this would pick up channels around 55 to 60 miles. It is mounted 40 feet high and it will only receive channels 33 miles away. They come in great. That's it. I tried lower and higher with the antenna pole and it did not make a difference. I even tried turning it in different directions but it did not matter. I don't know how these folks receive channels 60 miles away. I receive 5 channels that are 33 miles away but the ones that are 40 or 45 will not even try to come in. I have a Solid Signal Xtreme Signal VHF/UHF Outdoor TV Antenna (HDB8X) with a older style Channel Master High Gain TV Antenna Preamplifier in my living room and pick up 32 channels from 65 miles away. This was a big let down with this Antop antenna.

Best antenna I have bought as of yet


I have stations to the North of me and stations to the South. I tried a directional that would rotate but that was aggravating rotating the antenna all the time. I tried several other kinds But this one has been the best and it is 360 reception. Just had to get it up in the air just a little for best results Jury is still out on how well it holds up.

Easy install, got channels from up to 50 miles


I purchased this to install on a one-story house in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was a very easy install, as it is a small antenna and it is omnidirectional so I didn't have to point it. (This was really helpful, as it is on my parents' house and I'm not there to adjust it if needed.) We went from a couple of channels on a good day to about 30 -- Detroit about 30 miles away and Toledo around 50 miles away. The included amplifier made the difference. Ann Arbor is a pretty flat area, but for basics, this was great. I also can't speak highly enough about Solid Signal customer service. Chris was really helpful as I debated between the 8-bay bow-tie and this one. I'm glad I went with this -- easier, and gives us what we need.

Great reception


Put one of these up at my man cave and picking up 64 channels. Just mounted on the side of the roof peek. Highly recommend this antenna!

Excellent choice for dropping cable or the dish


I have had this antenna on my roof for 2 years, and I must say it works better than any antenna I have ever tried. I currently get 58 channels from three different directions. I have the antenna mounted about 8 ft above the high point of my roof, but well below the surrounding treetops. The closest of the three broadcast towers is 35 miles away, the furthest is about 60 miles. My picture is wayyyy better than I ever got with cable, and I no longer have a $200/ month bill! Just the one-time purchase price, and nothing since.

Works better than I thought.


After yet another DIRECTV price increase I decided it was time to cut the cord. I did a great amount of research online regarding which antenna to purchase. After an online chat with Agent Ashley here at Solid Signal I decided to purchase this product. In my research I found the number of channels I would receive was anywhere from 45 to 8. I installed this unit on my rooftop attached to a three foot pole and am able to pick up 16 channels. I receive all the major networks and many others. Also, the picture quality is excellent. I would definitely recommend this product and the customer service here at Solid Signal is topnotch.

I live in a very rural area with poor TV reception. With this antenna I now have 41 channels. I'm very happy with this product and I will purchase one for my mother also.


I am really surprised and satisfied with the product. The amplifier made all the difference.