DIRECTV GigE DECA ATT Approved Network Adapter (DCAGE11)

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DIRECTV GigE DECA ATT Approved Network Adapter (DCAGE11)

Key Features and Benefits

Experience the power of high-speed connectivity with the DIRECTV GigE DECA Network Adapter. This ATT approved device is designed to connect commercial DIRECTV installations, providing seamless communication on gigabit Ethernet networks. Unlike its predecessors, the GigE DECA ensures the fastest possible speed, enhancing your network performance.

  • Compatible with DIRECTV MoCA 1.0 and 2.0 networks
  • Enables Ethernet connectivity in rooms with only coaxial cable
  • Requires the EPS10 adapter (sold separately) and any network cable

Technical Specifications

The DIRECTV GigE DECA Network Adapter is a lightweight device, weighing just 3 pounds. It's designed for optimal performance, ensuring your network runs smoothly and efficiently. Please note that the EPS10 adapter and a network cable are required for operation, and are sold separately.

Experience High-Speed Connectivity

With the DIRECTV GigE DECA Network Adapter, you can bring Ethernet to rooms that only have coaxial cable. This device is compatible with DIRECTV MoCA 1.0 and 2.0 networks, providing you with the flexibility to enhance your network as per your needs.

Easy Installation

Setting up the DIRECTV GigE DECA Network Adapter is a breeze. Simply connect it to your commercial DIRECTV installation, and you're ready to experience high-speed connectivity. Remember to purchase the EPS10 adapter and a network cable separately for a successful setup.

Experience the difference that high-speed connectivity can make in your commercial DIRECTV installation. The DIRECTV GigE DECA Network Adapter is designed to provide you with the fastest possible speed on gigabit Ethernet networks, ensuring your network performs at its best. Don't let slow speeds hold you back - upgrade your network with the DIRECTV GigE DECA Network Adapter today.

Don't wait, enhance your network performance with the DIRECTV GigE DECA Network Adapter now!

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Damn good value for high speed MOCA, 10/10


I had the previous gen DECA links as cheap dark coax links, they work amazing for $20 a pair. These work dumb simple: a-b, light blue means full gigabit. Support POE AF which is a huge help for deployment in many places as maybe an outlet isn't near enough and reduces the cables and routing required. So far haven't ran into any issues with VLANs. Also have a pair of these bridging my fiber ONT from ground floor up through attic and into my office where the other side plugs into my WAN port on the router, zero issues.

Shows promise


So far my experience hasn't been exactly what I had hoped but with a little re-cabling I think these things are going to work out great. I did some testing with two DECA adapters and a short piece of RG6 coax and was able to achieve 960Mbps+ on a SpeakEasy speed test. Note the network light was blue when the speeds were blazing fast. I then hooked up the DECA gear to the DirectTV cabling already running throughout my house and was only able to achieve speed tests just under 160Mbps. Note the network light was yellow this time. I really have no ideal what the different color lights mean. I think if I run a new 150ft RG6 cable dedicated to these devices I will be very happy with the results.

Great upgrade from the CCK if you need additional bandwidth.


I'm a long time DirecTV customer. I currently have an HR24, HR54, 2x C61K, and a C41. I've been piggybacking ethernet for PCs, Smart TVs, Game consoles, etc on the MOCA network provided by the CCK's (DECABB1MRO) for several years. I was able to transmit about 85Mbps over my home network when the traffic was traversing the CCK supplied MOCA network. I decided to try an upgrade to the DCAGE11's so I bought a pair to create a higher speed leg on the MOCA network. I now get around 400Mbps over the exact same path. I can say that the HR54 seems fine and passes a network test without issue while I can still get the higher speeds on my clients. So when the description says its compatible with DirecTV MOCA 1.0 networks they mean it will run at its higher speed while supporting those clients. I was afraid the network would downgrade to the lowest version of the protocol but that has not been the case. There is also one other useful feature that is not called out. The article mentions that you must have the power adapter to use these units. When mine arrived I noticed the ethernet port was label as supporting IEEE 802.3af (PoE). Since my ethernet switches (Ubiquiti US-8-60W) can support 802.3af I gave it a try and the unit powered right up. When I'm running a speed test the switch reports about 6W of power draw so the budget for PoE should be easy to meet. If you don't know what PoE is and/or if your switches support it, maybe stick with the power adapter. It's cheaper than a switch upgrade.