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Friday, September 18, 2020
 Solid Signal  HD-Blade and ClearTV Matchup

Review and Comparison of Clear TV and Solid Signal HD-Blade

A review and technical comparison

At Solid Signal we are interested in providing the best information and product to our customers! In this light we wanted to compare our very own HD-Blade antenna with the popular Clear TV. What follows is a review and comparison of these two Indoor HDTV antennas in order to help you make a more informed choice!

A fuller description and results of the tests we performed can be found at our blog here.

We are going to review these two antennas on several levels:
  • Performance
  • Price
  • Aesthetics
  • Product Options
  • User Reviews

TLDR; Don´t want to read the full review? Jump to the conclusion!

Performance Review

Solid Signal HD-Blade
Here´s what really matters, how does it perform? Well, we are glad to say that the HD-Blade performed extremely well in our tests. It drew in 70 Digital HDTV Channels. The HD-Blade has real silver elements embedded between two thin sheets of industrial grade plastic. The design of the elements mimic that of a long range outdoor antenna.

Clear TV
The Clear TV, under the same conditions in the same time period, with all other equipment being the same only picked up 38 Channels, just about half of what the HD-Blade took in. The graph above shows that the Clear TV simply doesn´t have the same horse-power as the HD-Blade.

Advantage: Solid Signal´s HD-Blade*

User Reviews

Solid Signal HD-Blade
So what do other people, not affiliated with either company, say about these products? At the time of this writing the HD-Blade has a 4-star review at At Solid Signal´s internal review system it has a full five star reviews!

Clear TV
The Clear TV gets lower results all around. Amazon currently has a 2.5 star review rating for it. And has a 2 star review on both Does The Product Work and HighYa.

Advantage: Solid Signal´s HD-Blade

Available Options

Here is a comparison chart between these two products when it comes to available options.

Warranty Amplifier Stand Color Options Signal Satisfaction Solid Signal Suport
HD-Blade 6 Months X X X X X
Clear TV 60 Days X

With the longer warranty, the Signal Satisfaction Guarantee, Solid Signal´s Tech Support, the optional stand and color options, the HD-Blade simply provides you with a better and more customized solution. See all the options here!

Advantage: Solid Signal´s HD-Blade

Price Review

Solid Signal HD-Blade
The first thing people look at when looking to purchase anything is the price. Solid Signal can ship you the HD-Blade for $19.99 and pay only $6.49 for shipping for a total of $26.48. We usually can get the HD-Blade in shipped in one business day, where the Clear TV has reports of constant shipping delays.

Clear TV
The listed price of one Clear TV is cheaper than the HD-Blade at $19.95. But the shipping is a $1.50 more for a total of $27.94.

Advantage: Solid Signal´s HD-Blade (but only by $1.46 after shipping)

Aesthetics Review

Solid Signal HD-Blade
Click for a close-up. The HD Blade is a larger of the two antennas and for some people that would be a show-stopper as it looks like a big, black, sheet. On the other hand, the antenna elements are within the blade itself, basically hiding them. Also, there is now a clear version for any color room.

Clear TV
The Clear TV is smaller, and the elements are visible on the outside. For some people this would be an immediate no-go, but for others it does look like a cool piece of technology. The ClearTV also has two hole for hooks (it comes with two small suction cups, but our tests show they do not work all that well). On the downside the Clear TV does attract fingerprints more easily than the HD-Blade.

Advantage: Draw (it is all preference anyways!)


The Solid Signal HD-Blade is the better option between these two antennas. It has more options, similar pricing, better user reviews, and performs much better. Not everything is as good "As Seen on TV" and we are certain that if you are looking for a way to get Free HDTV, then the HD-Blade is your best option!

Buy the HD-Blade Now to "Cut the Cord" and get Free Digital HDTV!

Solid Signal HD-BLADE Indoor Digital Flat Indoor TV Antenna

See Full Product Details

* Both solutions are just TV antennas and can only receive broadcast and local channels such as ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, CW, PBS, etc. Neither products are able to receive premium or cable channels such as Disney, ESPN, Food Network, etc. Performance also varies in different environments, locations, and situations.

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