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Saturday, October 24, 2020
 Solid Signal  Solid Signal TV Videos - Electronic Technology Information
Solid Signal: On the Road with the EyeTV Mobile from Elgato
It´s a well known fact, you can´t get live TV in a moving car, right? Or can you? We test the Elgato EyeTV Mobile product for iOS devices that promises live TV even in a moving vehicle. Full Review
Solid Signal Exclusive: Hands on with the PLUGCAM
Who knew a security system could be so easy to use! The PlugCAM is so easy to set up we almost didn´t do a video for it! Use it to watch your home right from your smartphone, and did we mention it´s easy to set up?
DIRECTV Genie and Genie Recommends - Solid Signal Exclusive Hands On
Take a look at DIRECTV´s Genie DVR, formerly known as the HR34, in an exclusive video that highlights "Genie Recommends," a new feature that records programs you might like but takes no hard drive space away from the user.
DIRECTV C31 "Genie" RVU Client: Solid Signal Exclusive Hands-On Review
This is the first video showing the DIRECTV C31, the new RVU client that connects to the HR34 and gives you DVR function in a box that´s 5.5" wide and totally silent. Check it out!
Is It a DECA? Solid Signal Coax Networking for DIRECTV
Solid Signal takes a lighthearted look at some of the confusion surrounding the word "DECA" and explains why some equipment really shouldn´t be called a DECA.
Hands on with the YXC-10K Cell Booster from Wi-Ex
Offices up to 10,000 square feet need great cell service too! Learn all about the Wi-Ex zBoost YXC-10K cell booster. It´s an easy install and a valuable, almost invisible addition to your office. Visit for information including installation tips and advice on attenuators.
Commercial Wall or TV mount for DIRECTV H25
Bars, restaurants, even hotels... this one´s for you. If you want to mount DIRECTV´s tiniest receiver to the back of a TV, to a wall or just about anywhere, has developed this new product just for you! Commercial-grade construction, tons of installation options and easy installation make this the mount for you.
On-Site Review: K4D app for iPad
If you operate a bar, restaurant, or anywhere else that you need to control multiple DIRECTV receivers, you need this app. Our wandering blogger stops in to Tustin, California to see this app in action.
Hands On with the CellPhone Mate CM-2000
Take a look at the latest and greatest in cell phone amplifier technology for your vehicle with´s hands on review. This thing is so easy to install... and it just works!
Hands On with the SilverCloud GPS Tracker
Sure... you can use technology like this for tracking your delivery trucks, but I use mine to track my nemesis! The Silvercloud GPS tracker makes GPS tracking easy!
Dish Tailgater - Solid Signal Review WITH EXCLUSIVE LOOK INSIDE
Take your HD programming with you with TAILGATER from Dish. This self-contained, self-aiming dish does all the work for you. Watch the setup video, then stay tuned because we´re going to crack it open to see what it´s made of!
NextGen Remote Extender (LRRX) offers this exclusive look at the NextGen Remote Control Extender. Use the remote you already have, but keep your equipment hidden away. Walls and doors pose no threat to the NextGen Remote Extender. Save money, save time learning a new remote and get the performance you really want.
Hands on with the Birdog USB Plus
Our reviewer takes a look at an economical satellite meter, designed for professional use.
DIRECTV Everywhere Mini Review
The team at Solid Signal got an early look at the next version of the DIRECTV App for iPad featuring DIRECTV Everywhere. Finally, stream DIRECTV programming outside the house!
Hopper and Joey Exclusive Unboxing Exclusive! This is the first look at the Hopper and Joey from Dish Network. Hopper is a super DVR that does all the work. Joey acts like a DVR but actually gets picture and sound from Hopper.
DIRECTV "Genie" HR34 with HD User Interface
The HR34 finally gets the HD menus that other DIRECTV receivers have had for some time. Take a fresh look at the HR34 with this Solid Signal review video.
How Wireless Charging Works
In this episode Solid Signal TV takes a detailed look at wireless charging / inductive charging. This episode also contains interviews from CES with Powermat, Fulton and Casemate. See whats new in wireless charging. View Transcript
3D TV Video 1 of 3
In this three part series, Solid Signal TV takes detailed look at 3DTV´s from the CES 2010 line up, Sony, LG, Toshiba and more. Plus we look at the latest 3d glasses from Reald and Xpand, Bluray 3d, and 3d gaming. View Transcript
3D TV Video 2 of 3
In this three part series, Solid Signal TV takes a detailed look at 3D TV. View Transcript
3D TV Video 3 of 3
In this three part series, Solid Signal TV takes a detailed look at 3D TV. View Transcript
Retro-Bit: SEGA Genesis Firecore System
The fire still burns! The Firecore classic console for the Sega Genesis not only plays most of your old Genesis cartridges, but is also jam packed with 20 licensed Sega games. Revisit your classic Sega games with Sega Genesis Portable Handheld.
CES 2010: Fils flexible speaker film
Solid Signal TV stopped off at the Fils booth at CES to witness the Fils clear, flexible, speaker. This speaker film can be used in clothing, as a shower curtain, anything! Fils is a South Korean company and is looking to get their name out there, check it out! View Transcript
Powermat - Lose The Cords - Guided Tour
This is a Powermat guided tour to help you better understand how Powermat wireless charging works.
CES 2010: Powermat 1X & Powermat Powerpack - True wireless charging
Solid Signal TV visits the Powermat booth at CES 2010 to take a look at a few new products. First the the Powermat 1X portable wireless charger. Second is the Powermat Powerpack, which replaces your existing battery with a Powermat compatible wireless charging battery. View Transcript
CES 2010: Terk Antenna Vase
Solid Signal TV takes a look at the Terk Antenna Vase at CES 2010. The Terk Antenna Vase is an HD antenna disguised as a vase,It can even hold water! Stay tuned for more CES coverage! View Transcript
CES 2010: NextGen Genuis Remote Extender
Solid Signal TV takes a look at the NextGen Genius remote extender at CES 2010 in Las Vegas. View Transcript
CES 2010: RCA Airnergy - WiFi Energy Harvester
Solid Signal TV takes a look at RCA´s exciting new WiFi Energy Harvister, capiable of charging your cell phone using WiFi signals! Stay tuned for more CES coverage. View Transcript
CES 2010: Dish Network - TV Anywhere Adaptor
Solid Signal TV takes a look at the Dish Network TV Anywhere Adapter for the HD Duo DVR VIP 722k. The TV Anywhere Adapter enables Sling Box capabilities to your existing HD Duo DVR. View Transcript
CES 2010: Interview With Gary Shapiro - President of CEA
Solid Signal TV interviews Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association at CES 2010. View Transcript
Solid Signal TV - CES 2010 Daily Update - Friday
CES 2010 Daily Update from Solid Signal TV. We take a look at The Coby Snap HD Camera. View Transcript
Solid Signal TV - CES 2010 Daily Update - Thursday
CES 2010 Daily Update from Solid Signal TV. We take a look at The Viper Smart Start, Sideline Cinq, and The Case-Mate Wireless Charger. View Transcript
Solid Signal TV - CES 2010 Daily Update - Wednesday
CES 2010 Daily Update from Solid Signal TV. See a preview of the 2010 CES Innovation Awards. Stay tuned! View Transcript
Solid Signal TV - CES 2010 Daily Update - Tuesday
Solid Signal TV Daily CES 2010 Update - Tuesday: Travel To Vegas.
Direct TV SWM 8 Multi-Switch
Eight channel Single Wire Multi-switch (SWM). Allows any transponder from any satellite input to be independently selected and distributed via one of eight designated SWM output frequency channels. View Transcript
Winegard FreeVision HD Antenna
Solid Signal TV Introduces the Winegard FreeVision HD Antenna. The Winegard FreeVision™ is a revolutionary outdoor, indoor TV antenna that receives both UHF and High-Band VHF. View Transcript
Wi Ex zBoost Cell Phone Signal Extender
Solid Signal TV Episode 01 Introduces the WiEx 510 cellular range extender. Works with iPhone and other 3G phones. View Transcript

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