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Tuesday, October 20, 2020
 Solid Signal  How Wireless Charing Works Transcript
How Wireless Charging Works
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Mike: Hey this is Mike from Solid Signal TV and this episode we will be discussing wireless charging.


Mike: With the dependency on mobile devices a need has been created for an easier charging solution. The problem is that each device requires a specific charger and if you carry around a laptop cell phone and MP3 player, then you will need to have three separate charges with you. You will then have to find a wall [Inaudible] [00:00:43] to plug them all in and if you are in airport this could be a nightmare. Companies like Fulton Innovation and Powermat are creating charging solution to these problems with wireless charging. This is the same technology that’s been used in electric tooth brushes for years. How it works is inside the charging mat there is a coil of wire. When electrical current flows through the coil it creates a magnetic field. When the magnetic field reaches the second coil inside the mobile device, it turns back into electric current and charges the battery.

Powermat is bringing wireless charging to consumers by selling a charging mat and covers for your devices. If Powermat doesn’t make a cover for you device you can just use your adaptor. This fills the need of a universal charging solution but it doesn’t eliminate the need for adaptors and it still needs to be plugged into the wall. Like any great company Powermat is adaptive, they receive plenty of feedback on their charges and they have to come back to CES one year later to show up some new and improved products, we got a chance to talk to them at the 2010 CES to see that changes they made.

Kortney: Hi everyone, this is Kortney with Solid Signal TV we have been invited in the Powermat booth, I am standing here with Beth Meyer, she is the Vice president of global marketing for Powermat. She is going to tell us about two new really exciting power, Powermat products we all know about the most recent Powermat product that everybody is already in love with, this is actually little bit more exciting so please tell us a bit about it.

Beth Meyer: It is. So this is our new Powermat portable 1X, we also have a 2X, as you can see I have no wires I am charging my phone completely wireless and it folds up and so you can charge around the house. When its time to go somewhere you fold it, throw it in your bag and go you could be on airplane with no outlet just anywhere that you can´t find an outlet, so power whenever you need it.

Kortney: All right and now how long would it take to charge us within outlet?

Beth Meyer: It charges up in about an hour and you get two fold device charges, we also have a Powermat 2X that has two positions it gives you up to four fold device charges.

Kortney: Okay all right show us what´s this next product?

Beth Meyer: Sure. So today I will show you very familiar this is a receiver we have on the BlackBerry. Well now we have a new receiver where there is absolutely no change to the looking feel of the phone, the only change is the freedom of convenience we add because you can simply drop and charge. We have been able to do this, this is the Powermat power pack and we can replace the battery with the power pack so it´s an upgrade to wireless charging for virtually any phone. Here you can see the Motorola droid, this is the Blackberry we have support for all the top selling phones and if someone likes to care replacement battery you can drop it on the mat as well.

Kortney: Okay.

Beth Meyer: So if you are out in about and need a fresh battery, it´s that simple.

Kortney: Okay now when will these products be available, how much are they going to retail on board?

Beth Meyer: Powermat 1X will and the Powermat 2X portable will be out in the third quarter. This is 69 and 2X is 99, the power pack will be 3999 supporting all the major phones best sellers from all the brands and it will be available in June.

Kortney: Okay and we still here do that authentic Powermat you know its powering when you hear that [sound]

Beth Meyer: There we go.

Kortney: Thanks for spending time with us we are so excited about the products it’s the true wireless charger from the Powermat booth, I am Kortney with Sound Signal TV.

Mike: It looks like the new Powermat line up has answer with some complaints about it not being totally wireless and it has eliminated the need for over size covers. Another company that’s addressing the needs of wireless charging is Fulton Innovation. Their eCoupled technology is similar to the Powermat but instead of selling it to the consumer in a box they are working to create a standard for wireless charging that manufacturers can build into their products. As a member of the wireless power consortium, Fulton wants to create a standard that’s widely recognized as WiFi and Blue tooth. Fulton is partnering up with companies with Dell energizer and Herman Miller to help integrate wireless charging solutions in the new products. There are lot of devices that already are using eCoupled technology that you might not know about. Energizers use it to bring wireless charging to the remote. That seems like a great idea since batteries are the most expensive form of energy storage and video game controllers eat up double A batteries pretty quick. We caught up with Fulton at this consumer electronic show to see how they have integrated their eCoupled technology into laptops and furniture, let’s check it out.

Kortney: Hey everyone this Kortney with Sound Signal TV I am standing here with Fulton Innovation booth, he is going to talk to us about a wireless docking station which is also going to charge your Dell laptops so please explain the product.

Interviewee: Okay well we have been partnering with Dell, Dell had introduced their Latitude Z earlier this year Kortney, and they provided a wireless power solution in it. They also put ultra wide video streaming so we can not only power the laptop but it can be operate the screen and screen video to the screen as well. So they would, they were showcasing a couple of different technologies and by simply setting it on their docking bay we can now provide power to the laptop, so its charging it will provide additional power if the device is operating.

Kortney: Okay.

Interviewee: And then it will shut down once the battery is fully charged as long as device isn´t operating.

Kortney: Isn´t operating and how long in hour does it take to typically charge something like...

Interviewee: The same time as it would if it was plugged so the same efficiency or charging rate same as it was plugged into the wall.

Mike: I still haven´t seen a solid solution for the iPhone yet. Powermat was on the right track with their power pack batteries but you can´t open the iPhone without your buoying your warranty, so they are still using the cover. Phone is working with a company called Case Mate to create a wireless charger for the iPhone let´s see what their solution is.

Kortney: I am Kortney and I am here with David and Bryan we are at the Case Mate booth, got a new product and we want to talk about it, I want you to start up by talking about it right now.

Interviewee: Great hi this is inductive charging, it’s a wireless charging for your device and the great thing is you just, you get a quick power source place it on the mat and it will charge your phone. We put a lot of emphasis into the design of this case so not only is it phone fitting and provides protection, but when you are not using on your device you are happy to have it on there and you know people will see it. So the technology that we want to move into is having it incorporate into your desktop your kitchen counter top. So I have an example right here so when you go home you go to your office you just place your device down and get a quick charge. I have an iPhone and it eats through batteries or something like this its very near and dear to my heart [Inaudible] [00:07:21] a lot you want to have that charging capability and right now we offer a gun metal grabber or moving it into different colors we just offer for iPhone now we are getting to Blackberry very soon and it retails for $90 US get the base and the case and you also with one of the charging.

Kortney: Bryan did you design this or you are the advisor behind this or, where does this come about?

Bryan: I wish I was, we had some terrific idea guys come up with this design long work with Fulton technologies that are eCoupled technologies built into this, this product is also part of the wireless consortium which includes many other major players in the wireless industry so this will help us move forward with integrate it into the desktops and things like that so.

Kortney: The way of the future powering on your desktop all right guys, tell me where is it available you told me retail for one...

Bryan: $90 US.

Kortney: $90 all right, and where do we find it?

Bryan: It will be on our website in four to six weeks.

Four to six weeks enjoy see you guys we go to Vegas I like your sweaters, Solid Signal TV I am Kortney.

Mike: It looks like you are stuck using a cover if you want wireless charging on your iPhone for now but whenever company Apple sides with play in major role in which technology build in this race. There is a lot of benefits to while I was charging besides the convenience. Since there are no exposed contacts for power eliminates the risk of shock for [Inaudible] [00:08:42] charges another benefit is that once your device has been fully charged it stops drawing power. A standard wall charger will still use power when your phone is not connected so you can conserve energy in cash by using a wireless charger. You can find Powermat products in your local electronic store or online at The demand for wireless charging is high and with big companies looking to use these technologies you can expect to see a lot more innovations in wireless power. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest consumer electronics this is Mike with Sound Signal TV and thanks for watching.


Executive Producer – Jerry Chapman
Executive Director – Matt Faul
Producer – Jeff Blakely
Production Technician – Mike Childers
Video Journalist – Kortney Glassford



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