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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
 Solid Signal  CES 2010: Powermat 1X and Powermat Powerpack - True wireless charging
CES 2010 Powermat 1X & Powermat Powerpack - True wireless charging
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Kortney: Hi everyone, this is Kortney, Solid Signal TV we have been invited in the Powermat booth, I am standing here with Beth Meyer, she is the Vice president of global marketing for Powermat. She is going to tell us about two new really exciting power, Powermat products we all know about the most recent Powermat product that everybody is already in love with, this is actually little bit more exciting so please tell us a bit about it.

Beth Meyer: It is. So this is our new Powermat portable 1X, we also have a 2X, as you can see I have no wires I am charging my phone completely wireless and it folds up and so you can charge around the house. When its time to go somewhere you fold it, throw it in your bag and go you could be on airplane with no outlet just anywhere that you can´t find an outlet, so power whenever you need it.

Kortney: All right and now how long would it take to charge us within outlet?

Beth Meyer: It charges up in about an hour and you get two fold device charges, we also have a Powermat 2X that has two positions it gives you up to four fold device charges.

Kortney: Okay all right show us what´s this next product?

Beth Meyer: Sure. So today I will show you very familiar this is a receiver we have on the BlackBerry. Well now we have a new receiver where there is absolutely no change to the looking feel of the phone, the only change is the freedom of convenience we add because you can simply drop and charge. We have been able to do this, this is the Powermat power pack and we can replace the battery with the power pack so it´s an upgrade to wireless charging for virtually any phone. Here you can see the Motorola droid, this is the Blackberry we have support for all the top selling phones and if someone likes to care replacement battery you can drop it on the mat as well.

Kortney: Okay.

Beth Meyer: So if you are out in about and need a fresh battery, it´s that simple.

Kortney: Okay now when will these products be available, how much are they going to retail on board?

Beth Meyer: Powermat 1X will and the Powermat 2X portable will be out in the third quarter. This is 69 and 2X is 99, the power pack will be 3999 supporting all the major phones best sellers from all the brands and it will be available in June.

Kortney: Okay and we still here do that authentic Powermat you know its powering when you hear that [sound]

Beth Meyer: There we go.

Kortney: Thanks for spending time with us we are so excited about the products it’s the true wireless charger from the Powermat I am Kortney with Sound Signal TV.


Executive Producer – Jerry Chapman
Executive Director – Matt Faul
Producer – Jeff Blakely
Production Technician – Mike Childers
Video Journalist – Kortney Glassford



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