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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
 Solid Signal  CES 2010: Interview With Gary Shapiro - President of CEA
CES 2010 Interview With Gary Shapiro - President of CEA
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Kortney: Hi Solid Signal viewers it is the last day of the international CES show I am here with Gary Shapiro, the President of the consumer electronics association. We are very lucky to have him joining us today. First of all what is your overall impression of the show what we are looking forward to and have all of your expectations been met?

Gary Shapiro: They have been exceeded you know its been tough a couple of years for economy and even our industry and this show has surpassed my every expectation, its been defined by one thing and that’s innovation I have seen innovation at this show than I have in 40 shows actually as since 1981 and that’s we have a record number of new exhibitors [Inaudible] [00:00:56] 30 record number of new tech zones but the announcement that came out from so many different companies from Ford to Intel to [Inaudible] [00:01:04] to small companies that had nowhere just starting up this entrepreneur and that’s very exciting and [Inaudible] [00:01:10] because of the recession it forced companies to innovate.

Kortney: Right.

Gary Shapiro: And that’s what good at in this country.

Kortney: Right, right. Now the big thing this year everybody is talking about everybody wants to see it’s the 3D TV but there is also some skeptics people are saying I don’t know if the consumer wants to have that in the home all the time is it going to replace 2D, what do you think?

Gary Shapiro: Well 3D TV is definitely better…

Kortney: Yeah.

Gary Shapiro: And it’s the 3D expression theater has proved to be much more popular than anyone imagine especially with Avatar.

Kortney: Right.

Gary Shapiro: And people want to, will be people want it for sports, for movies and also for video games and those people really want it but it definitely will not be for everyone but it will be very exciting.

Kortney: Absolutely. Now you said that the consumer electronics industry has the power to influence economy in the positive direction, has this show been representative of that change?

Gary Shapiro: Absolutely you know we have a tough economy as Americans and we are facing, our future is a little bit uncertain not only economically but the long term with this enormous step that we have with two wars and everything else like that. Now what we are good at in this country is doing something better [Inaudible] [00:02:14] status code that’s why our forefathers came to this country because they thought they can have a better life and that’s how we have to innovate and we have to hold our government accountable make sure they don’t do anything stupid frankly and this big deficit and fighting free trade and doing some of the things the direction they are heading is really going to be harmful to our children and our grand children and we owe them more.

Kortney: Something you are also passion about is innovation movement; just explain that campaign to us.

Gary Shapiro: The innovation movement is actually wrapped around this whole concept that we need to innovate as a country we need to do good things. So the innovation movement is actually a movement Americans would [Inaudible] [00:02:47] that future´s innovation there is always a better way I mean we want to make sure our government doesn’t mess it up. We are not asking for a set from the government. We don’t want money but we want them to do a right thing in terms of lowering the federal [Inaudible] [00:02:57] floating free trade, not having mandatory product change and things like that so

Kortney: Right, right. Now is there one product that has exceeded your expectations, something you might be taking home today?

Gary Shapiro: Well [Inaudible] [00:03:13] 3D television but there is so many things I want here from the networks to another ebook reader you know that [Inaudible] [00:03:20] screens a big screen is really going to be significant, there is great things coming in, I am so excited about what Ford is doing for example they really are technology coming up and I know how in [Inaudible] [00:03:30] I feel will do very well will be very helpful for society.

Kortney: All right. So Gary Shapiro thank you so much.

Gary Shapiro: Thank you very much.

Kortney: For talking with us yeah all the way from Michigan he is a Michigan native as well. I am Kortney with Solid Signal TV we are wrapping up CES, it´s been great interview with Gary Shapiro we will see you back in Michigan.

Executive Producer – Jerry Chapman
Executive Director – Matt Faul
Producer – Jeff Blakely
Production Technician – Mike Childers
Video Journalist – Kortney Glassford



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