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Sunday, October 25, 2020
 Solid Signal  Solid Signal TV - CES 2010 Daily Update - Thursday
Solid Signal TV - CES 2010 Daily Update - Thursday
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Kortney: Hey this is Kortney with Solid Signal TV this is the daily video update. Today was the first day of the 2010 CES pretty magnanimous to be honest we covered child tracking devices, mounting, gaming everything.


Kortney: Hey I am Kortney with Solid Signal TV I am standing here at the Viper booth with Mike and he is going to tell us about this really new interesting ad from Viper it´s called Smart Start, tell us a bit about it Mike.

Mike: All right it’s the Viper Smart Start, we just launched it in the fourth quarter of the last year for the iPhone and the exciting new thing we are bringing at CES we have introduced it on the Blackberry too. So it’s a remote starter for the, that works off your iPhone so we have been, at Viper we have been in the remote start and car security business for you know 25 plus years and its always been like you know the products has always been about a key fob on your key chain and the great new thing about the Viper Smart Start is it replaces your key chain, key fob with the smart phone that everybody is already carrying in their pocket.


Kortney: Its Kortney I am with Solid Signal TV still day one in the north hall we are found a side line booth and they are introducing a new product called the Cinq I am here with Ben and he is going to talk about it, it´s an exciting new product.

Ben: Well thanks Kortney and Signal for coming by so our first product from side line is called Cinq it is a 10.1 inch LCD monitor so if you use two screens on your desk now, it’s a mobile solution for laptop to networks, its 1024x600 resolution and the great part about it is we have clipped any study of laptop and it runs power and video of the 1USB port. So if you are multitasking at your desk you are on the road great solution for that.


Kortney: Hi Solid Signal TV viewers, I am Kortney and I am here with David and Brian we are with Case-Mate booth got a new product and we want to talk about it I want you to start about it by talking about it right now.

Interviewee: Great hi this is inductive charging, it’s a wireless charging for your device and the great thing is you just, you need a quick power source place it on the mat and it will charge your phone. We put a lot of emphasis into the design of this case so not only is it phone fitting and provides protection, but when you are not using on your device you are happy to have it on there and you know people will see it. So the technology that we want to move into is having it incorporate into your desktop your kitchen counter top. So I have an example right here so when you go home you go to your office you just place your device down and get a quick charge. I have an iPhone and it eats through batteries or something like this its very near and dear to my heart [Inaudible] [00:07:21] a lot you want to have that charging capability and right now we offer a gun metal grabber or moving it into different colors we just offer for iPhone now we are getting to Blackberry very soon and it retails for $90 US with the base and the case and you also with wireless iacharging.

Kortney: Brian did you design this or you are the advisor behind this or, where does this come about?

Brian: I wish I was, we had some terrific idea guys come up with this design long work with Fulton technologies that are eCoupled technologies built into this, this product is also part of the wireless consortium which includes many other major players in the wireless industry so this will help us move forward with integrate it into the desktops and things like that so.

Kortney: The way of the future powering on your desktop all right guys, tell me where is it available you told me retail for one...

Brian: $90 US.

Kortney: $90 all right, and where do we find it?

Brian: It will be on our website in four to six weeks.

Kortney: Enjoy CES we go to Vegas I like your sweaters Solid Signal TV, I am Kortney.

Executive Producer – Jerry Chapman
Executive Director – Matt Faul
Producer – Jeff Blakely
Production Technician – Mike Childers
Video Journalist – Kortney Glassford



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