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Monday, September 21, 2020
 Solid Signal  Winegard FreeVision HD Antenna
Winegard FreeVision HD Antenna
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Kortney: Welcome to Solid Signal TV, I am Kortney, and stand here with Mike, our product specialist he is going to go through and explain Winegard Free vision antenna and so we can understand it a bit more.

Mike: Yeah this is basically an indoor/outdoor antenna. So you can either set this on top of your entertainment center or just somewhere in the house where you can get good signals, sure beats of [Inaudible] [00:00:42] this is kind of like souped up [Inaudible] [00:00:43] or you are in an area say like 30 miles away if its not too good inside you can actually put it outside, its pretty versatile on the back you can actually mounting harness you can put up on a [Inaudible] [00:00:56] put up on your roof and you will probably get a lot better signal.

Kortney: Okay now you had said you can mount it either inside or outside, which is better?

Mike: Outside is always better you want unobstructed view to your antenna towers you get the best signal.

Kortney: Okay and for consumers who already have cable or satellite TV what is the benefit of also having an antenna?

Mike: Well you wouldn’t think there would be any benefit at all since you are getting most of your broadcast done you know from provider, but the local channels are now broadcast in HD are free for anyone with a [Inaudible] [00:01:28] if you have a cable or satellite you might [Inaudible] [00:01:32] five or ten bucks a month and that’s not cool because this antenna is pretty inexpensive and it’s a actually lot higher quality, so it could actually save you, people [Inaudible] [00:01:39] up on the antenna you can just tell your satellite provider don’t want locals any more you will be getting lot better signals.

Kortney: Okay and so once I have this product, where do I know, how do I know where to put it, how do I know where to face it in the sky and all those general questions?

Mike: Well you want to put it up as high as you can basically if I put up top of the roof it will be ideal and it is, its actually considered a multi directional antenna its [Inaudible] [00:02:09] which picks up around 45 degrees wide, so out of 360 degrees you want you point it basically right at the group of towers you are probably wondering where you would find out where to point it, you can get that data from websites like, that’s a CES website and you punch your zip code and get a nice color coded listing of all your stations and compass orientations on where the point is.

Kortney: Okay what kind of channels could I imagine picking up?

Mike: Well nothing premium, but you just get the basics ABC, NBC, and CBS FOX, PBS and some independent ones but you actually get a lot more channels now you know back in the day, ABC was just ABC just channel seven for us in metro Detroit now you get 7.2, 7.3 you get a retro channel in there weather channel. So for anyone who doesn’t subscribe a cable or satellite you can pick up some [Inaudible] [00:03:09] TV.

Kortney: Okay now Mike you said this antenna is rated for seven through 13, now in my area I have channel two, will that not be picked up?

Mike: It really depends since a digital transition channel two does not necessarily translate the VHF frequency too, for instance in metro area, we are channel two is, it just shows up as 2.1 its merely a label, but it actually comes across a frequency of seven so it really depends this antenna will probably cover 80% United States who operate on channels seven through 69.

Kortney: Okay, and now once I have the antenna set up and I have it connected to my television, how do I go about the process of getting those channels?

Mark: We can find out actually because this antenna hooked up for the TV let´s find out how many stations we can pull in here in the studio.

Kortney: Right now?

Mike: Right now, all right, now this whole [Inaudible] [00:04:10] in the air point it that way.

Kortney: Okay why am I pointing it this way?

Mike: That’s because where we are located we are trying to get the metro Detroit stations and they are coming out of Sophia which is directly in this way.

Kortney: Okay.

Mike: So you still you can´t.

Kortney: All right.

Mike: And I am going to do it a channel scan and see [Inaudible] [00:04:29] stations we can really pull in.


Mike: Okay looks like you are pulling about 17 different digital stations which is great its one of concrete studio it´s not always that easy plus you hold the [Inaudible] [00:04:58].

Kortney: That’s true. I think we have learned a lot about this product I am going to continue to hold the antenna and I just want to thank you for taking your time to explain it.

Mike: You are welcome.

Kortney: And if you have any questions you can e-mail them to or you can call our support at the number at the bottom of your screen.

Executive Producer – Jerry Chapman
Executive Director – Matt Faul
Producer – Jeff Blakely
Production Technician – Mike Childers
Video Journalist – Kortney Glassford



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