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Thursday, September 24, 2020
 Solid Signal  Wi Ex zBoost Cell Phone Signal Extender
Wi Ex zBoost Cell Phone Signal Extender
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Kortney: Welcome to Solid Signal TV I am Kortney and I am standing here with Mike our product specialist and he is here today to answer to answer a few questions about the Wi Ex Signal Extender. Mike can you just explain a bit about the product?

Mike: Sure. This is a cell phone extender, so basically you put the antenna outside we get a great signal and we rebroadcast it inside the building where you don’t get a good signal, so it´s basically for people will have dead zones to drop in calls in their house and they can install one of these to improve the signal.

Kortney: Now I understand that this is among a series of extenders, how do I know which one is right for me?

Mike: Good question. There is three of them basically depends what your cell phone carrier is some around 100 megahertz some around 1900 megahertz and some around both. So this one for instance the YX510 is a dual band unit it works for any phone. So if you are not sure what frequency your carrier is on you can just get the 510 it does safe bet.

Kortney: Okay. Now once I decided and maybe 510 which seems to be the go through extender, where would I put this inside my home?

Mike: You want to locate it in a central location in the home basically we don’t get signals where you want to put this, in the outdoor antenna you want to put this, and the roof will the most ideal location where you get the best signal, or if you can make and receive the call in the attic, its fine to put it there but I always recommend putting it upfront.

Kortney: Now how difficult is it to really install all of this?

Mike: Its not difficult at all, especially if its in the attic you don’t really have to cut too many holes in the wall to run the cable but you just, you just set this down in the center of your house, perhaps in the kitchen when you screw on this, this is the indoor antenna and omni directional antenna which means that broadcast is signaled 360 degrees. If you put that in the central location, you got this outside, it´s the dipole antenna and then you use RG6 cable, have new spaces you run cable from the outdoor antenna to this inside unit.

Kortney: Now let’s say that I have hooked this up on my own and myself and few other people are using cell phones at once inside the house, with the newly found wonderful signal, because I have multiple speakers is that going to decrease the efficiency of the signal?

Mike: Ah no, not at all you can have anywhere from 10 people using their cell phone at the same time its not a problem for the tuner.

Kortney: And let´s say that for some reason this isn’t strong enough its either taller or its too far away and this doesn’t work, is there anything I can do?

Mike: Of course Wi Ex offers upgraded antennas, if the cell phone tower is really far away like you might get a new antenna. This one is omni directional as well picks up 360 degrees and its rated at 3 to 6 decibels which is basically a measurement of how strong it is, we have outdoor antennas that are directional you can point right up the tower and you get a lot better signal up to three or five times stronger, we also upgraded indoor antennas once not your ceiling, [Inaudible] [00:03:30] there is a lot of different stuff you can try.

Kortney: Okay and for the newer technology, like an iPhone is this going to compatible with that?

Mike: Yeah definitely. The iPhone for instance is a dual band phone uses Internet one frequency and voice on the other so as we said we have two other units that one is for 800 and one for 1900 you just this one because it has both. So the YX510 is one to get if you have an iPhone or any Internet enabled smart phone.

Kortney: All right well thanks Mike for spending time and explaining the product for us.

Mike: Yeah you are welcome if anyone else has any questions you can just send e-mail to or call the number at the bottom of the screen.


Executive Producer – Jerry Chapman
Executive Director – Matt Faul
Producer – Jeff Blakely
Production Technician – Mike Childers
Video Journalist – Kortney Glassford



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