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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
 Solid Signal  Dish Networks Western Arc Customers Get New Satellite Dish

DISH Network´s Western Arc Customers Get New Satellite Dish

The Dish 1000.2 Satellite dish that´s been used to pick up 110° 119° and 129° is getting an upgrade. It´s successor is the Dish 1000.4 Western Arc, not to be confused with the Dish 1000.4 Eastern Arc which gets satellites 61.5°, 72.7° and 77°

The 1000.4 assembly includes enhanced peaking controls for the azimuth and elevation settings that make it a lot easier to align. One of the main reasons for the change, besides easier installation, is to make this dish more universal for installers.

Before the Dish1000.2, and 1000.4 Eastern Arc, had different assemblies, and the LNBS did not interchange, now both Western Arc and Eastern Arc LNBF´s work on the same assembly.

The Dish1000.4 Eastern Arc that has already been in use for the last three years, but it only works with MPEG4 compatible receivers like the ViP Series. Luckily the Dish1000.4 Western Arch does not have the same limitations.

Both LNB´s feature an LNB IN on the fourth port to allow easy integration of a single LNB satellite dish. This saves you from buying the 100 dollar multiswitch (DPP44).

And of course with Dish Pro Plus Technology, comes the ability to split one line to both tuners on DISH Network DVRS, and dual output.


For installation instructions for the Dish 1000.4 Western Arc and Dish1000.4 Eastern Arc, you can find the manual here

You can find DISH Network´s 1000.4 Western Arc Satellite Dish Here.

Recommended Satellite Meters for Dish 1000.4 Installation

Good: Acutrac22 PRO - An affordable meter that allows you to peak signal strength, but relies on your pointing the dish in the correct direction first.
Better: ACUTRAC III Satellite Meter - This meter will show you satellite signal strength and will let you know if you are on the right satellite
Best: Birdog USB Plus - This satellite meter will tell you if you are on the correct satellite, and identify that satellite to confirm it.

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