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EXTREMEtenna 80 8-Bay HDTV Antenna (4228HD)
EXTREMEtenna 80 8-Bay HDTV Antenna (4228HD)
EXTREMEtenna 80 8-Bay HDTV Antenna (4228HD)
EXTREMEtenna 80 8-Bay HDTV Antenna (4228HD)
EXTREMEtenna 80 8-Bay HDTV Antenna (4228HD)

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EXTREMEtenna 80 8-Bay HDTV Antenna (4228HD)

Brand: Channel Master           P\N: 4228HD           UPC: 020572042284

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Availability: Discontinued

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Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Channel Master products.
Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Channel Master products.
The Channel Master 4228HD EXTREMEtenna is a classic 8-bay bowtie antenna for free HD reception. This style of TV antenna is known for its relatively small size, and high mileage. It can receive stations as far out as 60+ miles UHF, and 20+ miles VHF and we find it picks up signal best within a 60° directional cone (out of 360°).

Key Features:

  • Big reception in a relatively small package - Most 60+ mile antennas are typically 14ft long
  • UHF range at 60+ miles, and VHF at 20+ miles
  • Meets most HOA (Home Owner Association) guidelines at 44" x 33" size
  • Large reflector cuts down interference with a 18dB front-to-back ratio
  • Standard coax connection - 75 OHM F-Connector

What's in the Box:

  • 4228HD 8-Bay Bowtie Antenna
  • Hardware to mount to a 1.25-2" outer diameter mast
  • Assembly instructions
  • 300-75 OHM converter for standard coax hook-up


  • Manufacture's may vary depending on availability


Technical Specifications

  • Bandwidth - 174 to 216 and 470 to 700 MHz
  • VHF Gain: 5dB UHF Gain: 12dB
  • Front to Back Ratio: 18dB
  • Impedance: 75 Oh
  • Mounting Clamp: U bolt up to 2"
  • Turning Radius: 2 ft.   
  • Output Connector: F-type
  • Size (product): 5.5 x 41 x 33 in
  • Weight (product): 10 lb
  • Wind Resistance: (at 100 mph, no ice) - 72 lb


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Recent Review:
Tv man - cameron, WV - 3/6/2019

Customer Reviews:
- cameron, WV -
There are many immitations out there but nothing even comes close to the long range
performance of this 8 bay bowtie design.
Antenna works great. Great customer service from Solid Signal.
- Eden Prairie, MN -
Took window mounted antenna with when we moved further out of the city and this antenna no longer pulled local stations in. Did research and decided that because I had to get up into attic crawl space with all the insulation etc. to install antenna, I didn't want to buy less than best and have to do the installation again if I had to upgrade so just bought a really good antenna right from the start. This antenna works great! Crystal clear picture, even in bad weather and storms. All local channels come in well, even the ones that in my previous home much closer to the TV Stations came in intermittently in poor weather. Solid Signal was great to work with and they had product in stock which numerous other places did not. Antenna comes with mounting hardware. Rather then buying an antenna mast, I bought 1 1/4 PVC plumbing pipe, two 90 degree fittings and two U bolts. I cut the 5 ft long pipe into 3 pieces approximately 1', 1', and 3'. I inverted one of the fittings so that after assembly, the pipe came down 3', over 1', and down 1'. Didn't glue fittings, just put a screw thru them. 3' section attached to antenna with hardware provided and bottom one foot attached to a 2x4 in attic with u bolts I purchased. Just so pleased!
Great antenna for the price
- Beaumont, TX, AL -
Great for UHF...VHF, ehhh..I use a CM7777 amp with it at 20ft...get great reception from stations 50 miles away. Need to add a VHF antenna using a splitter for better VHF reception
Best antenna ever!!
- Whiting, NJ -
I've had this antenna for almost a year now and it's been absolutely great perfect reception no matter what the weather is doing outside. I'm roughly 50 miles from Philly and I'm able to pull in all channels from vhf-low to uhf with perfect signal. I would highly recommend this antenna to anyone looking to save money on there cable bill.
Amazing reception!
- New Bern, NC -
This antenna is much better than I expected. Half of my locals are 28 mi away and my first gen antenna could not receive all of them. I put an amplifier on this antenna and all of them come in fine. I have it aimed halfway between the transmitters, 50 degrees apart and everything is great. Highly recommend this antenna.
Although the construction quality isn't as good as years past, this antenna design is still the best available regardless of other's gain claims
The 8 bay Channel master is still the BEST performer on the channels that matter and when the FCC sells off the 600mhz portion, it will be the ONLY antenna that will be ready since this antenna is custom tuned for maximum gain below RF channel 40

- St Clairsville, OH -
In my area lower UHF channels are the weakest and hardest for anybody to get
The Winegard HD7696 and the HD-9032 failed to pick up RF channels 16,18 and 24 but the Channel master had no problem
I am 55 to 60 miles from the Pittsburgh channels and blocked by buildings and trees
I even get VHF channels 11 and 13 from 56 miles away so I no longer need a VHF antenna
I have a VHF/UHF Winegard preamp on it and it's the best antenna setup I've ever had
just gets the job done.
- morristown, TN -
I am 80 miles from some broadcasters most in the 60 mile range. This antenna picks up signals strong and steady from 80 miles. Tried several other antennas including Winegards but this one is superior. VHF 60 miles channel 11 but below channel 7 forget it.
great for long distance reception
- somerset, PA -
one nice thing about this antenna is that the rods are bendable so if you have it low enough to experiment with you can bend the rods in different directions to pick up stations in different directions
Up date for CM4228HD review.
- Maricopa, AZ -
To wording should read.

The broad flat vertical surface of the CM4228HD , Vee shaped reception elements and the reflector rods behind the , Vee shaped receptors , means that some Vee shaped reception and reflector elements will be in the path of the of the of the Tv signal if shifts a little on the way to the CM4228HD antenna.
An excellent antenna for long distance reception of UHF Tv channels.

And close to medium distance reception of VHF High Band Channels.

- Maricopa, AZ -

The current Tv channels that are transmitted and received in the , USA , Canada , Mexico , are.

The current UHF Tv channels are 14 thru 51.

The current VHF high band Tv channels are 7 thru 13.

The current VHF low band Tv channels 2 thru 6.

The CM4228HD antenna is designed for the best reception of Tv channels , UHF channels 14 thru 51 and VHF high band channels 7 thru 13.

And if the VHF low band channels are strong signal strength will also be received.

The CM4228HD antenna is excellent for reception of weak and long distance Tv reception because the antenna is a upright vertical antenna.

Weak and long distance Tv signals tend to shift up and down and side to side.

The broad flat vertical surface of the CM4228HD , shaped reception elements and the reflector rods elements behind the , shaped receptors , means that some reception and reflector elements will be in the path of the Tv signal if shifts a little on the way to the CM4228HD antenna.

And Yes the CM4228HD antenna is also a excellent antenna for reception of close to medium distance strong Tv signals.

As always , Tv antennas receive the best when no obstructions such as and not limited to , trees and tree leaves , building and roof and other obstructions are not in the path of the Tv signal as it travels from the transmitting antenna to the receiving antenna.

I often think of other practical and useful information to add. To clarify information , I will put the information in follow up posts.
Works as advertised
- Pewaukee, WI -
It brought in all 40 stations which were available in my area at a distance of 27 miles. It is installed on a rooftop mast but line of sight to the transmitter is obstructed by a large pine tree and oak tree. Stations were grouped 82 degrees and 78 degrees and I pointed the antenna to that direction. I am pleased it worked well without any booster amplifier for two plasma TVs.
VHF or UHF Antenna ?
- Avenue, Marylan -
Real Channel 7 & 9 from Washington DC 100% all the time. The UHF channels from DC in and out. Awesome antenna go Skins...
A Great Investment
- Waterford Mi., Waterford Mi. -
I have a 24 trailer at my hunting location at Lake Odessa Mi. Because of the heavy woods between me and Grand Rapids reception was marginal at best. This antenna is exceptional. We no longer will miss Sunday night football during bow hunting season. The Detroit Lions even look good in high definition. Seriously I now get 20 stations including all the networks. Thank you Solid Signal.
- Lehigh Valley, ehigh Valley -
This antenna outperforms the many other UHF antennas that Ive tested over the years and reliably receives stations that other so-called deep fringe antennas dont receive at all.I believe its the best antenna of its type for the price thats available today and that the only antennas that would outperform this design would be the very large UHF arrays that were used for TV back in the 1960s
A fine product[...]
- Sandy Lake, y Lake Pa. -
Was missing favorite NFL team as they are not offered on satellite in my area. A high quality VHF/UHF antenna with booster recieved no signal at all. The 4228HD with booster recieves 70 to 100% @ 75mi. I couldnt ask for better proformance[...]A great product [...]
Get the best
- Texarkana Texas, Texarkana Texas -
I`ve putup several of these for friends & family. this is the best antenna I`ve ever put up
Great Antenna
- Syuart florida, Syuart florida -
I have had this for about a year and a half and it gets incredible HD reception. I was concerned for the first few months at how much certain channels would freeze and pixelate. It turns out I had it aimed wrong. Now all channels come in perfect all the time. It was easy to install and very light. It also is not an eye sore as many of the large antennas are. My dad has the same antenna and I am bu
Digital Reception rual areas 60+ miles
- Rural Delta Mis, Rural Delta Mis -
For rural reception of digital TV at 75 miles away mounted at 40 feet above ground.For a more stable picture we had to mount 2 of these in a vertical stack using a +15db signal amplifier (pct-ma2-m).....

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