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Titan 2 High-Gain UHF VHF TV Antenna Preamplifier (CM-7777)
Titan 2 High-Gain UHF VHF TV Antenna Preamplifier (CM-7777)
Titan 2 High-Gain UHF VHF TV Antenna Preamplifier (CM-7777)
Titan 2 High-Gain UHF VHF TV Antenna Preamplifier (CM-7777)
Titan 2 High-Gain UHF VHF TV Antenna Preamplifier (CM-7777)
Titan 2 High-Gain UHF VHF TV Antenna Preamplifier (CM-7777)
Titan 2 High-Gain UHF VHF TV Antenna Preamplifier (CM-7777)
Titan 2 High-Gain UHF VHF TV Antenna Preamplifier (CM-7777)
Titan 2 High-Gain UHF VHF TV Antenna Preamplifier (CM-7777)
Titan 2 High-Gain UHF VHF TV Antenna Preamplifier (CM-7777)

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Titan 2 High-Gain UHF VHF TV Antenna Preamplifier (CM-7777)

Brand: Channel Master           P\N: CM7777           UPC: 020572077774

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Availability: Discontinued

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Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Channel Master products.
Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Channel Master products.
Amplify UHF and VHF signals received by your outdoor TV antenna with the Titan 2 preamplifier. This high-gain, low-noise preamplifier solves common signal issues for strong, clear reception. This preamp and power supply connect to your antenna using RG6 coax cable. Makes up for signal loss due to long cable lengths and splitters. The Titan series mast-mounted amplifiers by Channel Master represent the ultimate in pre-amplifier performance.

Key Features:
  • 30dB gain makes this one of the strongest preamplifiers you can buy
  • Power supply safely remains indoors, away from the elements, and sends voltage up the coax cable to power the outdoor amp near the antenna
  • Improved circuitry for lightning and surge protection
  • Optimum filtering for rejection of out-of-band signals
  • Switchable FM trap blocks potential radio interference


  • Power supply and pre-amp are connected to the antenna using RG6 coax cable. An RG6 cable is run from antenna to pre-amp, from pre-amp to power supply, then from power supply to television. Power supply does not have to be outdoors

  • Cool running, redesigned 117 VAC power supply, Model 0747 is included with each model. Output voltage is +15VDC. UL and cUL listed, Power supply also available as a separate model

  • Power supply goes in the building and sends voltage up the antenna cable (see diagram in Specifications tab)

  • Surface-mounted components for automated production and consistent high performance

  • Preamplifier and its power supply can withstand up to 140° F temperatures

  • You can use the 1296F as a variable attenuator to control the Db Gain

  • Improved circuitry for full lightning and surge protection

  • Optimum filtering for rejection of out-of-band signals

  • Makes up for signal loss from long cables and splitters

  • Learn How to install a pre-amp by clicking here

  • Compare with other pre-amps by clicking here

  • Gain: 30 dB, 54 to 1002 MHz

  • Includes a switchable FM trap

  • Manufacture's may vary depending on availability


 A Pre-Amplifier (pre-amp) is a mast or antenna mounted amplifier used primarily to eliminate "snow" on the TV screen. Snow is actually electrical noise that is generated by the TV receiver and other electrical devices. The objective of any antenna installation is to deliver enough signal to the TV set to override the noise (snow). A "weak" signal is one that is not strong enough to override the level of the noise in the set. Another obstacle is the signal loss incurred while travelling through the transmission line connecting the antenna to the TV set. An antenna that has acceptable gain at the antenna tapoffs but encounters excessive loss due to long cable runs will also deliver a "snowy" picture to the TV set due to not enough signal makes it to the set to override the noise level. A pre-amp would be used to compensate for the losses in the transmission line as well as the noise level of the set.


MATV Mast Mounted Preamplifiers

The Titan range of mast mounted amplifiers has been completely reengineered and updated. These amplifiers represent the ultimate in preamplifier performance. They are designed for use as an ultra low noise, ultra high gain preamplifier for deepest fringe applications and MATV headend applications.

Their very high signal handling also makes them suitable for use as a mast mounted, ultra low noise distribution amplifier for use in small MATV systems. All models feature 75 ohm, input and output connections in line with modern headend engineering practice.

• Number of Inputs:  1 (VHF UHF
• Input and Output Impedance:  75 Ohms
• Input and Output Connectors:  F Type Connectors
• Gain 30db

The power supply that comes with this amp goes inside the building, so you do not have to run a separate cable for power.  The unit inside the building injects voltage up the coax cable, so there is no need to put a power supply outside.  Be sure not to place any devices in-line between the pre-amp and power supply, or the voltage will be blocked and the unit will not function correctly.


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Product Reviews for Titan 2 High-Gain UHF VHF TV Antenna Preamplifier (CM-7777)

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Recent Review:
Colonel 2 - Hermann, MO - 3/30/2018
All products purchased from Solid Signal are still performing up to specs after 6 years. No problems what so ever.

Customer Reviews:
All products purchased from Solid Signal are still performing up to specs after 6 years. No problems what so ever.
- Hermann, MO -
Why are people still putting their antenna in the attic where you lose 40-50 of the signal? The metallic insulation is no friend to RF signals. Winegard and Channel Master are the top brands to consider. On the RG6 cabling use compression connectivity and always including a grounding block when running cable outdoors. Avoid overhanging foliage that can damage an antenna in wind and snow/ice. After 50 miles use a preamp. Follow installation instructions with each purchase.
Still the best, bar none.
- Hartshorne, OK -
The most powerful on the market.
And then it appeared.......
- Genoa City, WI -
A high quaility picture, not just one or two, it came with friends and all clear as crystal they were. After reading the trials and tribulations, from others, of finding the best possible ota antenna setup I settled on the CM3020 antenna mounting to chimney originally but later deciding against this type mount, after it broke during installation, and ultimately mounting it in the attic where I knew I'd lose some range however I had plenty enough antenna to work with so worth a shot. After antenna install I ended up with a considerable cable run of 100 + feet to tv. After a quick scan for channels I was only able to receive a few channels at moderate clarity. I feared it was due mostly to structural interference or maybe the lengthy run or both. After reading many reviews on the CM7777 I purchased it to see if it cured the issue, BINGO! Took all of 45minutes to hook up and I was receiving over 30 channels in very high quality. I am located 50+ miles away from the towers so was super Happy with these results! I would recommend this setup to anyone living in a fringe area and needing to pickup weaker signals and/or have long cable runs. I have cutoff my cable provider and now enjoy Free TV! Thank you Solid Signal for the excellent customer service and fast shipping you guys rock! A quick note on the CM3020, it's very large in size, not the easiest thing to maneuver in the attic but gets out there so if you can fit it and don't have the option of outdoor mounting then this will fit the bill. I suspended this antenna from the rafters with string pointing towards my closest towers and I get all the channels I watch with many extra I didn't expect. Nice work Channel Master! Hope this review helps you make the best choice and frees you from the clutches of a The Cable Guy.
Welcome to A CM7777AMP
Well done channel master
Well fit for a XG91 WITH the CM7777AMP I GET STATION 80MILES OUT day or night time well done solidsignal THANKS KEN
11 Channels perfectly clear. BYE BYE satellite !! Dish Network !!!
- Silver Cliff, WI -
Excellent pre amp and anntena !!
made a noticeable difference
- Marysville, CA -
had a cheap RCA preamp on our antennas but when I had to relocate the antennas to the other side of the house to avoid a neighbors tree the signal got weak enough that it was borderline quite often. There is a good 75 feet of cable now between the antenna and the TV. Swapped out the amps and on the HD Homerun signal strength went from low 50s to solid 70.
Before when the antenna would move at all the signal would fail. Now turning it a bit from side to side doesn';t affect the signal at the TV.
Better performance than older tech.
- Port Charlotte, FL -
My CM0747 gave up the ghost after 7 1/2 years. The replacement, CM7777 is better performing, bringing in twice the number of distant programming.

One small detail, the signal does *not* come from the power supply; there is a signal/power splitter installed between the amp and PS. This is elegant since the AC outlet may be distant from the signal run.
HDTV reception excellent
- Old Town, ownFla. -
The product results was better than expected (for my area).I live 45 miles from Gainsvile Fla.130 from Tallahassee90 from Jaxsonville140 from Tampa and 60 from Ocalla. I have a very used antenna on a 40 ft tilt tower.I used as few couplings as possible on a 110 ft cable.Antenna rotor lets me swing to any of the locations and receive a very good HDTV signal
Enables UHF antenna for VHF-hi
- Chicago suburbs, Chicago suburbs -
My VHF locals are 29-miles away so it does not overload for me (as some say theyve experienced with a nearby VHF local or FM tower).Use it with a UHF bowtie (Antennas Direct DB4) antenna and it pulls in the VHF-hi stations reliably as well as the primary UHF stations.Without this preamp the VHF stations were dicey at best for me and pixilated during tree movement during storms.I prefe
good product
- Topsham, ME -
I live in a marginal receiving area and the mast should be higher. I credit the preamp and good antenna for good reception. Everything seems sturdy and the outdoor unit appears durable and weatherproof.
Very Good Pre-Amp
- White Plains, ite Plains N -
I am all DTV off air. Very good antenna preamp. Works exactly as described the picture does come in clearer as well as more channels are now viewable. With Digital TV some stations I now get video only since sound is broadcast separately I know the amp provides gain for the audio too but my tuner does not pick up all the new stations I now get with the amp installed with sound. So total I get
Very satisfied
- damascus oregon, damascus oregon -
Very easy to install.
CM7777 Works Perfectly
- Milford, CT -
Our home in CT is 62 miles from the transmitter in NYC and channels 2 CBS and 4 NBC were impossible to get.The 7777 is now mounted on our antenna approx. 25 off the ground and pushes through 50 of cable to a 3-way splitter.The TVs are then approx. 15 20 and 40 away and we enjoy a full range of channels on all of them including 2 & 4. Completely worthwhile investment.
Excellent product
- Worcester, ster MA -
The TV/Ant terminals are labeled on the underside of the power supply. Once mounted the label cannot be seen. It would be better to label at the terminals. I marked them myself with a Sharpie pen.
Not as good as Winegard AP-8700
- Columbus, OH -
After reading all the rave reviews here and all over the web I decided to give it a try

My Winegard AP-8700 has been working fine but I'm always looking for an extra db or two improvement if possible

I found that signal levels on the TV were no stronger with the CM-7777 than with the AP-8700

In fact the Winegard seems to have slightly better sensitivity since it was able to pull in one extreme fringe tv station that the CM-7777 couldn't

I switched them out several times each time checking all the signal levels and picture quality just to be positive that test conditions were identical

The old Winegard out performed the Channel Master every time

I like the fact that the CM-7777 is mounted in a metal housing and since the AP-8700 is no longer available I will keep the CM-7777 as a back up should the Winegard ever quit
Thought it was DOA.... but no
- Duluth, GA -
I live in a near fringe area and when I first connected this to the antenna I have in the attic I lost all signal... thought it was dead. Saw a review that said it could be shutting down because of to much signal, sure enough. I turned my antenna 180 (pointing away from the main broadcast towers). Now I'm pixel/freeze free on all the stations I wanted, but I did have to add in a dipole antenna to pickup one station that is off to the side. Only 4 stars because they should have something in the documents to let you know a strong raw signal can cause it to shutdown.
I would buy CM7777 Titan2 again.
- Ohio, Ohio -
Help me get Tv station that we needed
Works well
- Lake TomahawkW, Lake TomahawkW -
Very easy to hook up
very satisfied
- rochester ny, rochester ny -
[...] the product works great
Excellent performance
- Louisville, sville KY -
The new version of th CM7777 is an awesome pre-amp. It is supurb for those who live near TV stations and those who are in fringe to deep fringe areas and hard core DTV DXers. It use the latest pHEMT device technology which gives abalance of low noise excellent distortion and high-gain. I further improved my pre-amp in the fringe - deep fringe perfomance by replacing the SMD ICs with ones that
Weak cable terminals
- Rice Lake, Lake Wisc -
The directions for the setting of the switches are poorly written. The coax connectors are easily twisted off the circuit board if a wrench is used for tightening.
DTV without paying a cable company!
- Santa Rosa, a Rosa CA -
I recofigured my outdoor antenna mast when the digital changeover took place.I installed a dedicated VHF ch 7-14 and a UHF long boom yagi. The CM-7777 VHF and UHF input pre-amp is installed at the mast very close to both antennas. My cable feed is at least 60 ft directly to the TV with an additional distributing amplifier in between. I live in central Sonoma County CA on a hill top 540 ft above se
System Overload Causes Failure to Functi
- Eastern Shore o, Eastern Shore o -
The CM-7777 failed to work completely because as Channel Master technical staff indicated the antennalocation is too close to the TV stations.Most stations are in the 30-49 mile range there are otheres further away and one is at about 20 miles. These conditions caused the amplifier to completely shut down.If that is the case an appropriate warning should be posted to save some users

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