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Antennas Direct DB4 UHF HDTV Antenna (DB4)
Antennas Direct DB4 UHF HDTV Antenna (DB4)

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Antennas Direct DB4 UHF HDTV Antenna (DB4)

Brand: Antennas Direct           P\N: DB4           UPC: 853748001040

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Availability: Discontinued

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Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Antennas Direct products.
Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Antennas Direct products.
Replaced With Xtreme Signal Antenna HDB4X
With an approximate 13.7 dB gain, it is one of the strongest multi-directional antennas available and performs consistently across the entire UHF spectrum.


  • Strong performance across UHF spectrum (Channels 14-69)

  • This is a Large Multi-directional antenna and yields a beam width of about 90 degrees.

  • If you are looking for an antenna that is practically guaranteed to perform, the DB4 is one of your safest choices. It will pull in all UHF frequencies

  • Includes hardware for mounting to a mast; antenna has a 75 ohm coax connection

  • New Model DB4E

  • Versatile high gain 2-bay bowtie antenna

  • Efficient design allows tremendous gain in a compact size, all-weather Balun included

  • 13.7 dB gain

  • Versatile HD antenna, succeeds in difficult areas where other antennas fail

  • Great when 15 to 55 miles from transmitters

  • Designed to resist extreme wind loading

  • Dimensions 29" H x 19" W x 4" Deep, Weight: 4.5 pounds, Lifetime Warranty


   The DB4 comes with:
  • 1 set of reflectors
  • 1 set of 4 elements with transformer and weather boot.
  • 2 sets of 4" bolts with aluminum sleeves
  • 1 Mast clamp
   1. Attach the reflectors to the elements using the supplied bolts. Slide the spacers over the bolts so the front and back halves are separated by 3".
 2. Assembled DB4: Shown with the optional J Mount. Sold Separately. Make sure elements (bowties) are facing transmitting towers.

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Product Reviews for Antennas Direct DB4 UHF HDTV Antenna (DB4)

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Recent Review:
Bones - Webster, New Yo - 3/28/2013
Very good product for the price

Customer Reviews:
Very good product for the price
- Webster, New Yo -
Very easy to install outdoor or indoor. Smalland has good range for local HDTV stations.
excellent in every way
- pomfret, t ct -
excellent reception
Works as Described
- Ortonville, nville MI -
Long term reliability is the big concern since it is mounted high atop the mast. So far all is well. But I really need to get it above the tree line however that would mean an elevation of nearly 100. Not going to happen!
works better than I thought
- Tiburon, CA -
use on my sail boat in the marina
This one works just great for me.
- Greensboro, nsboro NC -
I opened the box and performed minor assembly. I set it up temporarily on a 10 ft. piece of pipe I had laying around attached to a 4X4 post used for a plant hanger in my back yard. I hooked it into what used to be the cable port on the back of my house. Once I scanned channels I had 27. Some were repetitive (public) but the picture is outstanding. I intend to mount on my roof using the previous
Great antenna!
- Appleton, on WI -
I put this on a rental house I own. Ive split the signal 5 ways using an amplifier but the signal is strong in each location! Im only 30 miles from the main towers but there are large trees in the path of the antenna and the reception is still great! Weve had some tremendous wind storms and although its roof mounted it survived without needing adjustments! For do-it-yourself people - it cou
Killer gain !
- Eastern US, Eastern US -
The gain off this is far better than I expected. I plan to place 3 of these at 120 degrees so they can see all around. Very nice for the funds.Dont bother with building one...this is it...and it simply works.Thanks and top work...regards Mike
Excellent for Attics & Apartments
- Chicago suburbs, Chicago suburbs -
Mounted this DB4 antenna on a 5ft mast atop a 3ft Skywalker (SKY6009) Tripod. Sits 7ft above the floor does not interfere with 8ft cieling of my Apartment in the Chicago area.With the Channel Master CM7777 preamp gets VHF-hi and UHF out to 45-miles reliably.A great performing antenna very well built.With only a 10-inch turning radius can be spun by hand in the tripod so no rotor is need
- Coventry, ry RI -
This antenna is a tremendous value.Pulls in 33 stations from Providence Boston Worcester and New London.Stood up to 80+ MPH winds from Hurricane Irene without a problem while mounted 12 above the peak of my roof.I heartily recommend it to my friends & family.
GOOD Antenna
- FlorenceItaly, FlorenceItaly -
i got a lot of stations then I realized I needed a woman!
My TV is back!
- Girard pa, Girard pa -
brings in all my old stations lost in the digital transition
Bye-bye Cable bills!
- Coventry, ry Rhode -
This is a great-looking un-obtrusive easy-to-assemble TV antenna that will set you free from those monthly cable/satelite bills.All you need is a screwdriver a wrench and a thumb-your-nose at The Man attitude and youre on your way.Go for it!
This is the 2nd unit I purchased.
- Webster, N.Y. -
The best thing about this antenna is the easy installation.
Best little 4 bay antenna on market
- CommerceTexas, CommerceTexas -
Antenna receives stations 85 miles away but is only rated 55 miles
Super little antenna.
- Bell, ida -
Great performancein a small package that out performs most beams I have replaced. The wide beam width is great no rotor needed in most of my installations.
very good antenna
- elma, y. 140 -
great companyto purchase from
perfect antenna
- pittsburgh penn, pittsburgh penn -
Fantastic Received stations 115 miles away !
We Have TV Again
- Belfair, Wa. -
We have a boat and before the antenna we got 3 unknown channels and Fox Network.After installing we now have NBC CBS and ABC.There are also many other channels but we wanted the Major Network Channels.It was easy to install and worked as soon as we turned on the TV.I would recommend anyone who does not get TV reception to give this a try.We were more than pleased with the results.
Great antenna for fringe areas
- Oregon, Oregon -
Almost purchased a DB8 because I was afraid the DB4 might not have enough horsepower to pick up the weak signals in my area.Decided to chance the DB4 and havent been disappointed.With the Winegard 8700 I picked up all of the available UHF channels in my area plus a couple of higher VHF channels.Couldnt be happier.Love the compact size over the DB8.
Great buy
- CommerceTexas, CommerceTexas -
Great antenna use this antenna to watch stations in DallasTx. from Commerce TX. 78 miles away. Have up 30 feet with Channel Master preamp. Works better that previous Yagi style antenna takes up less room on my radio tower.
Served my purposes.
- Laredo, Texas -
Quick setup and I installed the attenna in minutes but I had the poles and cables from a previous setup.Otherwise you will need the poles and cable to run it up to your desirable height.Great reception for the local channels which are all within 25 miles of my location.
Replace a 15 foot antenna!
- Baltimore, more Mary -
I replaced a 15 foot antenna with this little antenna.My guess is the new digital stations come in easier.Also all of my Channel are in the UHF band.Easy to install and point!
One of the best buys Ive ever made.
- Olathe, Kansas -
Great signal. Crystal clear signals and FOOTBALL is fantastic with this antenna.Better than basic cable signal true HD.
final something that works
- Neenah Wi., Neenah Wi. -
I tryed several antennas from Best Buy.None of them could pull in the VHS station from Green Bay.A friend suggested the Db4 by Antennas Direct It took just a couple of minutes to locate the signal for the VHS station.
Great Antenna- works good in attic
- Midlothian, othian Tex -
easy to use just plug it in Worked good in the living room beside the TV. Worked as well in theattic and gets all channels even the difficult ones.
I will buy this product again
- Carolina, na Puert -
Living in Puerto Rico most TV signals are not too great however with the multi-reception db4 the reception is fantastic.
It works
- long island, g island ny -
Why an antenna these days? Local channels show in HD. Better than my cable connection for these channels. Im steering towards internet tv with netflix for livingroom and bedroom. I got rid of cable and used the wiring throughout the house from cable for the antenna. Its good alone enough for the kitchen or kids room.
need more technical info
- overseas, overseas -
i am a technically oriented person and i would like to know specific details like dimensions of the elements so that i may know if i can fit it on an attic window so that i wont have to climb up the roof to mount it. would be very helpful if dimensions of the antenna can be shown.
not quite what I expected
- louisiana, louisiana -
will probably work well if you are close to broadcasting ststion--not suitable for rural use--I am only able to pick up two stations the neartest broadcast towers are approx. 40-50 miles
- chester, ca -
it was purchased for a friend. i dont know how he likes it but as i havent heard from him i am sure its fineHOWEVER - I get too many emails from you guys ...I am unsubscribing
Its not a multi-directional antenna.
- Hayward, CA -
Im living in Hayward CA not too far from all of broadcast stations where the most in San Francisco. I have HD indoor antenna square 8x 8 white plastic flat (you can get it at any local retailer stores) I can watch more than 60 digital chanels with this antenna some of chanels you need to get up to change direction of antenna to get better reception. A thought why I dont get a multi-dir

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