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Xtreme Signal 8-Bay Bowtie Outdoor HDTV Antenna 65 Mile VHF/UHF (HDB8X)
Xtreme Signal 8-Bay Bowtie Outdoor HDTV Antenna 65 Mile VHF/UHF (HDB8X)
Xtreme Signal 8-Bay Bowtie Outdoor HDTV Antenna 65 Mile VHF/UHF (HDB8X)
Xtreme Signal 8-Bay Bowtie Outdoor HDTV Antenna 65 Mile VHF/UHF (HDB8X)

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Xtreme Signal 8-Bay Bowtie Outdoor HDTV Antenna 65 Mile VHF/UHF (HDB8X)

Brand: Xtreme Signal           P\N: HDB8X          

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Xtreme Signal The HDB8X is one of the strongest low-profile HDTV antennas on the market. The 8-bowtie design is what allows us to acheive the power of some 10ft antenna in a small form factor. It also let's you aim at two TV markets at once (if needed). If you want long-range reception and don't want the bother of an HOA complaint, this may be the option for you.

Key features

  • Receives signal from stations up to 65 miles away in a single direction
  • 17.5dB of gain for ultra-high reception in a compact TV antenna
  • Directional design offers reception within a 60° beamwidth
  • Built for high-VHF and UHF reception where 90% of channels broadcast
  • 6-month limited warranty

What's Included

  • HDB8X TV anenna
  • Mounting clamp for attaching antenna to a mast
  • Weather boot to protect the 75OHM
  • Instructions

Cable is NOT included – We recommend RG6 cable, sold here by the foot.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this pick up my VHF 2-6 channels?
A: 90% of TV channels are not in this frequency range, even if they are known to you as Channel 2. Since there is only a small hand-ful that do, we recommend you check this small list. If it is truly 2-6 VHF then you may want to try the HD8200XL

Q: What size pole does this go on and what are my mounting options?
A: Almost all outdoor TV antennas mount to a 1.25" O.D. mast, this model works on 1.25"-2". The recommended mounting types that hold that pole are Tripods, Wall Mounts, and chimney mounts.

Q: What do I use to combine this with my other TV antenna?
A:For combining antennas, which can be tricky, we recommend the Winegard CC7870 TV Antenna Combiner


  • Have stations in multiple directions? This antenna allows for your to point each side in a different direction at the cost of some signal strength

  • High-gain blade style elements pull in maximum signal, and hold up better in weather than traditional bow-tie elements for long lasting reception

  • Front to back ratio greater than 22dB - to isolate digital channels and reject interference from multi-path, competing signals, and signal reflections

  • Receives UHF digital broadcasts at 65+ miles and 25 Miles High Band VHF

  • Highly compact design for the mileage at 47" wide, 32" in height and 3.5" in length

  • Engineered for enhanced durability, often outlasting long traditional antenna designs

  • Click here for detailed setup instructions

  • Maximum gain: 17.5db When both sides of antenna are parallel

  • Great for neighborhoods with HOA (Home Owner Associations) because of it's smaller size

  • Built-in transformer for direct 75 ohm (coax) connection. This improves on the exposed pig tail 300-to-75OHM transformer on most antennas

  • The X shaped elements on the antenna is 17" long by 5.5" wide long on the antenna


Technical Specs

  • Each side can be aimed differently

  • Connection: Coax (75OHM)

  • Front to back ratio greater than 22dB

  • Fits masts from 1.25"-2" O.D.

  • Receives UHF digital broadcasts at 65+ miles and 25 Miles High Band VHF

  • Dimensions: W=47" x L=3.5" x H=32"

  • Engineered for Enhanced Durability

  • Maximum gain: 17.5db When both sides of antenna are parallel


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Product Reviews for Xtreme Signal 8-Bay Bowtie Outdoor HDTV Antenna 65 Mile VHF/UHF (HDB8X)

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Recent Review:
@TM - ACWORTH, GA - 4/11/2020
Excellent! Works Very Well!

Customer Reviews:
Excellent! Works Very Well!
I had bought this on sale for $60.00!
This antenna was combined with the A.D DB8e that was given to me! Connected with the Winegard CC-7870. I wanted as much surface space as possible for improved reception! Stations on an average in my area are about 40 miles away! Antennas were mounted in the attic as close to building material as possible. I started out at 56 channels! Added this antenna pointing it in 2 different directions according to tvfool and received 68! Re-position the antenna (HDB8X) in the same direction as the A.D DB8e and jumped to 77 Channels. I can't explain it but I am receiving some channels better not pointing directly towards them! Is this antenna just as capable with picking up signals from the rear?
- Weather is presently sunny to cloudy!
- 90 of my channels are 9-10 bars out of 10!
- Haven't seen a pixelation on any channels in 3 days!
Except for a channel that is 67.2 miles away that has 3 out of 10 bars consistently.
- I was worried about multi path interference but never encountered any at all!
Did initially get some pixelation when the HDB8X was pointed in different directions.
- Antennas are only a foot apart!
- Overall: I was only concerned about stabilizing my daily channels I wanted to watch like CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC. CW etc. Picking up more junk channels dosen't help the cause!
- OH yeah, on the cc7870 out, I do have a CM LTE filter followed by a CM3410 I am using as a preamp!
- A little more investment than expected, but in the long run beats Crappy comcast tv services!
- Comcast was $37/mnth = $444/yr with eqp. Basic SD I am now saving. I am very, very happy with the addition of this antenna.
Great Antenna really gets all the stations in nicely.
- Roseville, CA -
This is a really good quality 8 bay antenna. The tech support at solid signal is very good. I was having trouble setting it up and they advised me the antenna receives better the more open wide it is. I pointed it in two direction where two sets of towers were located not too far apart and that worked great. Also the front of the antenna seems to be the back of it.The part with the boxes and metal fingers is what you point at the towers not the flat clean side.
Nice performance, easy installation and compact design.
- Lake County, IN -
I've had this antenna for about a month now and I am very satisfied with it. My old HDU-55 had several broken elements and even when it was new I had difficulty getting all of the Chicago area stations (broadcast towers are generally between 31-39 miles away)when it was aimed in one position. Because it is winter, I have temporarily mounted the new HD88X to a 12' mast attached to a stand-off mounted to a fence post. Even with this temporary setup (which is at least 10 feet lower than the old antenna was), I am now getting more stations than my old HDU-55 when it was mounted to the chimney on the roof. I even get the CBS-affiliate station in Chicago (channel 2)without any problems (getting this signal OTA is a common issue in this area). The 60 degree beamwidth of the HD88X helps me get all of the Chicago-area stations without having to compromise when aiming or electing to use a rotor. My guess would be that even if I was another 5-10 miles from the broadcast towers, I would probably still have the same results. Construction is decent and assembly was easy. Installation took only about 15-20 minutes including removing from the shipping box to mounting it to the mast and stand-off. Getting the HD88X on sale was just icing on the cake!
This product was. Easy to assemble. Only took. Around. 5 to 10 minutes. Product is well-built.
- tacoma, WA -
After assembly. 2. The pole. I had Only To go in the house and hit. The scan button on my TV. And in the matter of. A few minutes. I had over 20 Channels. Which easily became around 40 plus channels. Because. Channel 4. Receive. Three other channels. Under. Same for every other channel as 4 /4.1/4.2./ 4.3.. ch5 5.1/ 5.2 5.3. and so on... And with further adjustment I am sure I can get more channels. I have not been able to pick up Channel 11 yet need to spend a little time with it. over all a great deal for the money cant tell you how much this is giving me huge points with the family... ther very happy witch makes dad a happy camper.!!!thank you solid signal for your fast and easy help...
- Yankee Hill, CA -
A few years ago when we got high speed wireless internet in our rural, mountain community. In a money-saving mode we cut the cord with Dish Network. We had a large yagi style antenna so I decided to hook it up to see what channels we got. To my surprise a few came in. But some of the longer elements of the antenna had been damaged in snow storms so I had replaced it with a Lava, amplified antenna with built-in rotor. It was on sale and I had intended it as a test to see what we could pull in. I never counted the channels but we did get about 25 keepers or so I think, including all the major networks. I never liked the Lava's rotor control since it had no indication as to the direction it was pointed nor the direction of rotation. Plainly speaking, if you need to rotate an antenna regularly for minor tuning or for very different directions, I do not recommend the lava-style antennas. I ended up buying a refurbished, all-metal rotor which worked well.

That Lava antenna lasted about five years and we started having reception problems. As it turned out it was the coax cable that it came with that had failed. The entire length of the cable, all the way up the 40-foot tower had began to crumble and crack and the foil had failed in a couple of places. It had no braiding to speak of. I decided to do it right this time.

I pulled the old antenna down and the mast from the top of the tower. I spray painted the tower as it was showing rust in spots. Aerosol Rust-o-leum Professional is an awesome product and I highly recommend it. I am glad I did it as the final outcome of this system was worth the time and effort.

I contacted Solid Signal by phone and the assistance I got was not at all helpful in helping me decide. I also sent an E-Mail which was never answered. So I did my own research here and purchased the Solid Signal Xtreme Signal HDB8X High Definition Blade 8 Bay Xtreme Antenna and the Televes 2-Input Mast-Mounted TV Antenna Amplifier Combiner. I also purchased a 50 foot and 10 foot Solid Signal RG6 cables along with TII lightening surge protector.

I had considered the Channel Master 4228HD antenna but I chose the HDB8X for a number of reasons including its narrower design and separated section for what appeared to make for a stiffer design, less likely to be affected by high winds or the weight of possible icing or snow.

The antenna was easy to assemble and the Solid Signal coax cables are of very high quality. The Televes coax stripper that comes with the amplifier made preparing the coax ends that plug into the preamplifier simple, accurate, and fast. Since the rotor turns a full 360 degrees and puts the stress on the length of cable from the antenna to the amplifier I bought the separate 10 foot length for that lead. The 50 foot portion goes from the preamplifier on the mast to the lightening arrestor on the side of the house near ground-level. The Televes amplifier was chosen for its filtering as well as its adjustable gain and the way it controls maximum gain to eliminate over-amplification. That is handy because our transmitters from which we receive are from about 25 to just over 120 miles away. Additionally, the length of coax from the antenna to the TV is about 110 feet of coax cable.

The antenna was simple to assemble. I had watched the video linked here and did not have to use the instructions to assemble it. Even the wing-nuts are of very good quality. They are not the usual stamped sheet metal with threads cut. These have captured nuts with deep threads and a wide spread of the wings which made it easy to tighten them securely. The clamping ends of the horizontal bars that hold the two elements together and clamp to the mast are thick and well designed.

Installing the antenna and preamp on our +/-40 foot tower was fun. I like climbing and have training from when I was a firefighter. I have mountaineering-quality webbing and know how to tie my own safety harness. If you do not have these skills, hire a professional if a tower installation is necessary. Gravity can be a cruel mistress! With a rope and my wife's assistance we hauled the antenna and rotor to the top of the tower.

When I first got the system working I was concerned that there were four channels I previously had been able to receive which I was not getting now. While I questioned my sanity, my wife did some online research and found that the station's antenna had been severely damaged a few days before in an ice storm! Phewww!

We had checked the signal strength of the Lava before installation, and after installation we compared it to the signal we now receive and the difference is remarkable! With the Televes amplifier's gain turned to maximum, we re-scanned for channels from the two directions from which we normally receive and after eliminating about fifteen or twenty channels we did not care to watch (Chinese, Korean, religious programming, shopping channels, etc.), we now have 39 channels, some from the San Francisco Bay area which is about 125 miles away. Many of these channels are duplicates, but it gives us the opportunity to have alternate choices in case of interference or dropping signals (or ice storms!).

I suppose that this number of channels is not terribly impressive but we are in a lightly forested area in the mountains and have hills around us. According to the mapping for our location at none of the stations that we are receiving are considered to be in line-of-sight. Using the signal strength readings in the TV's menu system, our maximum signal strength with the Lava was in the high 40's. With the HDB8X and the Televes Amplifier, many stations are now reading in the low 60's. The signal to noise ratio for many stations is now around 170 to nearly 200db with 0 errors!

We are not getting any of the real channels such as 2, 5, 7, and 9, etc. After eliminating unwanted channels, for virtual channels we are getting a total of 19 VHF digital stations like 2.1, from 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 9.x, and 12.x, 13.x. We are also receiving 20 UHF stations including seven in the 60's (64.x, 65.x, and 66.x) which were never picked up by the Lava.

I am sure that having my antenna about 60 feet above ground level helps a lot, but that was approximately the same height at which the Lava was located. I am very pleased with my choice of equipment. Even with the supplies and additional parts I bought (three cans of spray paint, ground clamps, mast pole, ground rod, tie wraps, etc.), after investing just under $300 total I feel my money was well spent.
Awesome product!
- Reliance, TN -
I have a cabin located in the mountains of SE Tennessee and did not want to pay the extreme cost of Satellite for just weekend use so I installed a RCA ANT751 outdoor antenna. With the aid of a Winegard LNA200 signal amplifier I have been receiving 28 channels when according to Antennaweb, should only get approximately 12 which was a pleasant surprise. We do get some channels dropping off on occasions, but with the mountainous terrain coupled with weather I had a feeling that could possibly happen. Last year I decided to cut the cable at my home north of Cincinnati, Ohio and installed the HDB8X in my attic with 4 bays directed at Cincinnati and the other 4 bays directed at Dayton, OH. Much to my surprise, we were receiving 64 channels total from both cities including several channels from Kentucky. This antenna was providing a strong signal to two televisions in our house and without a signal amplifier which is astonishing in my opinion. Recently I decided to see if I would gain better reception by installing a HDB8X at the cabin in Tennessee and to hopefully reduce the dropped signals that we have experienced with the RCA antenna. When installing the HDB8X, I decided to direct 4 of the bays toward Chattanooga as I did with the RCA antenna and the other 4 bays toward Knoxville, 130 degrees in a NE direction to that of Chattanooga to see if I could receive channels from that city as well. Once I installed and still using the pre amplifier, I did a channel search and gained another 8 channels from the Chattanooga direction that I previously did not have, additionally I am now receiving another 12 from the Knoxville area for a total of 48 channels! Some of the channels were weaker and dropping out so I experimented by pointing all 8 bays at Chattanooga, the DB gain of doing this eliminated the weaker channels from that city from dropping out. I then did the same by repositioning the 8 bays toward Knoxville and the weaker channels that were dropping out from there were now coming in crystal clear. Knowing the capability of this antenna and after reading the benefits of stacking antennas to gain signal strength when pointed in different directions, I purchased another and will do so following the instruction on this sight to optimize signal strength and maximize the overall number of channels I can receive from both cities. This antenna is well worth the money spent, it arrives promptly and it good shape, easy to assemble/ install and most of all, does one heck of a job!
Excellent Quality, works great
- Kirkland, WA -
Excellent quality, took about half hour to install, get over 40 OTA stations, strongly recommend if station antennas in your area are not all in the same general place
Great antenna - it works
- Novi, MI -
I replaced another antenna I tried first from amazon because it was cheaper and offered a rotating feature. The first antenna would produce a blocky signal if it was windy, rainy, or even really cloudy. My new 8bay antenna from solid signal works great perfect signal in rainy weather even in my house which is surrounded by trees on all sides.
Tried the 4 bay first it was great, but not enough. The 8 bay HDB8X is much better, but tall trees are still a problem.
- Gambrills, MD -
I had used an old Radio Shack VHF/UHF yagi/log periodic 5 element for 20+ yrs. It's big and clunky and not terribly suitable for today's all-digital world. I am a radio amateur, so I understand the importance of good antenna design. My Solid Signal 4 bay was compact and worked well, but too directional for my location where I have 2 groups of stations separated by 100 degrees azimuth. The small / non-existent side lobes couldn't help and the high f/b ratio was not helping the stations that were 180 degrees from my primaries. Most stations are 35 mi distant and the huge stand of 70' trees all around does not help!

The 8 bay, with an ability to mount the two 4 bay halves at different angles makes all the difference! The pixelizing is now greatly diminished and I can separately rotate the 2 bays for optimum. I'm guessing that the larger capture area is providing a bit of space diversity as well, but that may be minimal. Mounting is on my 2nd story deck railing, about 20ft above ground, looking at a woods full of trees.

I am still tinkering with azimuths and I'm sure things will only get better. In summary, this is an excellent antenna at a fair price and I would strongly recommend it to anyone! Good job, guys.
Good in the woods
- Lake Tomahawk, WI -
I'm 21 miles from the Rhinelander Tower and I get full reception with only a few weather dropouts.
On clear days with good reception parameters I can get stations from Wausau Wisconsin which are 68 miles away. These stations will dropout with weather events.
The shape and size of this type antenna is much easier to handle than any Yagi shaped antenna. It has less wind resistance, less bird perching, less snow and ice deflection and bending.
working great with the juice pre amp
- bellingham, MA -
i live 35 miles South West of boston.
i said SE in a earlier review
zip 02019 might help anyone near me looking to cut the cord
picked up thru trees
- bellingham, MA -
i live 35 miles southeast of boston ma.i have 6 tvs run thru a full pass splitter.
i had a lava 8008hd which didnt pick up the stations that great.
i installed this antenna and it was a little . When I added the JUICE amp it picked up a lot more channels
This is what you need to get for over the air HD tv.
- Bartlett, IL -
I waited several months, before i did any reviews. This antenna has worked flawlessly since I purchased it. Picking up channels that other antennas wouldn't, including channel 2 from Chicago. Works well with the Winegard 39 J mount.
Better than cable, its free.
- Norton, OH -
My son and I both tried indoor antennas and were disappointed in the number stations and quality of the pictures received. After checking dozens of antennas I decided on yours. I bought this antenna for my son for Christmas and was so impress I bought another for myself and couldn't be more please in the quantity of channels (52) received and the quality of the pictures. They just as good a cable.
Delivered when expected.
Package received in perfect condition. Top quality components used in product.
Excellent channel reception.

- Winder, GA -
Simple installation since all assembly is done with wing nuts.
I Was receiving 20 channels with old antenna but went to getting 73 with the HDB8X in an attic installation, 50+ miles from Atlanta,GA towers. Would like more detailed instructions but managed to complete installation after some close examination of the antenna installation graphics. Would definitely recommend this antenna
has the right name extreme
- mission, TX -
Antenna is all it was advertised to be. Easy to assemble and light weight....easy to handle. Put it in my attic, used existing cables and WALLA! over 30 clear channels. Some are over 50 miles away. I'll recommend it to anyone and everyone who's fed up with DTV.
Works better than Specs predicted!
- Chesterfield, MI -
Just got this and installed in the attic of a townhouse condominium. I had done a similar install years ago with a large antenna in a house (local channels with Direct TV)...results were fair to poor. With this new HDB8X and a CM3414 splitter/amp the local channels ROCK! (all 39 of them including Canada) in 1080i HD. I'm adding streaming TV from the internet for networks and movies and still saving $130/month. Comcast will have to be content with just being my ISP.
Works better than any other antenna under severe multipath
- North Little Rock, AR -
First, my location. In the city. Most stations are 25 miles due west on a mountain including one on VHF, and the PBS (also VHF)and CW are on a tall tower South of the city about 25 miles. Problem, to get PBS and CW, multipath off skyscrapers downtown cause mega drop-outs from most stations to the west.

With this antenna, coupled to a Channel Master 7777 amplifier (amplification for long cable run and splitters), I was able to aim the west array so as to null out the multipath 90 of the time, and point the south array for minimum reception from west. Connected both up, and I get all stations from both directions, with only very rare dropouts on a Tivo Premier tuner. The other tuners, which are all better, have no drop outs at all except in heavy wind/rain. I doubted the receive from two directions with one antenna claim, but it really does work. It even picks up the low power stations, which should require a large directional UHF antenna. For the price, and ability to hook them to DVRs without worrying about turning a rotor between shows, its a great workaround antenna.

Great antenna but probably needs dual pre-amps
- Winston-Salem, NC -
I mounted each Half of this antenna separately in my attic to get better signal and each half worked great but when I combined the signals I lost all the advantages. Installed a Winegard LNA 200 at each antenna and now it's GREAT! Yes the power will transfer across the antenna's (Relocated) splitter/combiner and I used a higher amperage (2 amp)usb transformer to power them. Also used identical lengths of coax from the antenna to the combiner. The peak of my roof aligns with some stations over 60 miles away and after mounting the antenna facing that direction as high up as I could go (20 feet) I receive them day/night clear/raining 80-90. Be sure to try the antenna in many orientations - one of mine is mounted at about a 45 degree angle for the best signal. Formerly getting 7 channels, I'm getting 27 channels now.
had an old radio shack, antenna that was SUPER directional thought I would try this one to utilize the ability to AIM it in two different directions,
- Batavia, OH -
O.K., here it is,,,,I can't be more impressed with this antenna!!.I had been using an old radio shack antenna, that was too directional,to say the least.............. I put this up, roughly using the compass app. on my phone,pointed one panel to Cincinnati, and the other to Kentucky.and this thing is amazing !!!!ran a channel check on the big t v ,downstairs, and it went from 21channels to 61,the other two sets were 60 and 59 the latter being the farthest away from the antenna.I have channels now that I didn't even know existed !!!!!, So,in short, if you need to buy an antenna buy this one !!!!!!
Works well to get signals from two directions
- Clemmons, NC -
Most of local stations have their antennas clustered in a relatively high area of the piedmont closer to one of the larger cities about 35 miles away. A couple of stations have their antennas on a small mountain about 24 miles away. The two directions are about 100 degrees apart. I put my antenna in the attic and pointed the two sections in the appropriate directions. I'm getting a signal strength of 85 - 98 on all channels according to my TV's setup menu. Couldn't be happier with the performance plus it was a great deal! Said bye-bye to my former cable TV provider!
Nice setup, thanks Solid Signal!
- Wading River, NY -
Got the HDB8X, a Winegard LNA-200 preamp, DS-3000 J mount and some coax cable. Antenna was a snap to assemble, no tools! My only complaint was that the screws holding the bowties on were too short, so when bumped a couple fell off - easy to fix. Mounted in my attic. Tough area, most stations are 35-65 miles away. My old Terk TV55 was showing its age, and only reliably got 10 channels, sometimes less. The new setup (panels parallel) gets 21 transmitters, the farthest being 63 miles away. Very pleased so far.
I now get all Spokane, WA Channels including 4
- Spokane, WA -
I tried every indoor antenna I could find but could not get channel 4 (ABC). Turns out it is on Mt Spokane. The opposite direction of the rest. I put this antenna up on the roof where my old satellite dish mount is. Now I get all the local stations. I run it through my Tivo Romio which pulls up the local tv guide as well as allowing me to DVR shows. I don't miss satellite at all.
I have not put it up yet but I did put it together. It is very well made. Assembly was a snap I like the hardware o-ring retainers.I will do a detailed review when the weather and I get better.
- Odenville, AL -
more to come
- hopkinsville, KY -
I have 2 of these put up in different directions with a preamp booster ,works great get around 25 different channels. Have put up the same setup for a friend and they get more channels than I do. Would recommend this product
Great Antenna
- El Reno, OK -
I am very pleased with this antenna. The picture and sound are great from 35 miles away although it is only mounted about 15 feet above ground. Shipping and service was great.
Works better than I expected !
- Angola, NY -
Most days In getting Toronto which is 60 + miles away.Got a rotator,Can get Erie Pa. I got a Preamp coming to see what else I can receive. Seems to very well made.
Solid Signal Xtreme Signal HDB8X 8 Bay VHF/UHF HDTV Antenna (HDB8X)
- Salisbury, NC -
This is the best Antenna ever I get all nice strong signal.
I replaced my XG91 antenna with the HDB8X antenna because the XG91 often dropped some station signals in less than desirable weather conditions. The station transmitters are over 50 miles away from our home.
So far, even under windy conditions, the HDB8X performed very well. No stations experienced cliffing or dropped signals. On a recent scan, I even brought in 20 more stations with the HDB8X. I gave it a 5 star rating so far. I hope it will work well even in rainy conditions.

- Corona del Mar, CA -
I';m very impressed with the quality of the HDB8X. The materials used are superior to my previous XG91 antenna and I expect to get many years of use from this antenna.
Love it. So glad I took a chance on this Antenna.
- East Rochester, OH -
We have had Dish for 15+ years. After finally taking a chance in buying a OTA antenna, I cannot believe the channels we are pulling in, 65 as of todays scan. Some well over 65 miles away.And we are very rural country side with Alot of Maple, pines and tall oak trees. The picture quality is amazing compared to Satellite. HD like we never saw it before! We will be cutting the cord and using the money to pay other more important things, which we should have done many years ago.
- East Rochester, OH -
We are extremely amazed with the channels we are recieving. We are still in the process of finding the exact location we will be making the antennas permanent home. Certain places we have pulled in 65 channels from as far as 65-70 miles away. I may purchase a 2nd one to place near my sons room as right now we have almost a 100 ft length coax run. And if we run his tv off this run then we will be well over 100ft. I could have never thought we could pull this many ota channels in. Look at the $$ these satellite (which we will be telling to take a hike) companies are making off people!! Tired wasting that money, which could be paying off more important things.
Nice Setup and Worth The Price. Reception Is Awesome. Buying The King Controls SureLock SL1000 Digital TV Signal Finder (SL-1000) Is A Must To Have To Fine tune The Antenna In Sync. I Got My 4 Lights As I Moved The Antenna Around Then Locked It Down. On Setup See The Video On The Product Page Below:
- O';Fallon, MO -
** Caution ** On Tighting The Cable Cords Only Hand Tighten Only or They Could Break Off The Connection To The Circuit Board Inside The Black Transformer Box. It Happen To Me - My Fault LOL. I Will Need To Buy Another
Fantastic:::: Strong signal from 45+ miles in two opposite directions. Love it! John
- syracuse, IN -
I had to point the panels in opposite directions to pick up Fort Wayne In. & South Bend In. each about 45 mi. away. I simply flipped the 2nd panel around during assembly and only had to adjust the panel slightly to get the desired 302 degrees & 126 degrees for the two Cities. I get 29 solid channels. I did loose some strength when I tied a 2nd tv in with a splitter and 45'; of cable. I think that I will purchase a 2nd antenna to avoid any signal issues. Happy FREE tv to all!!!!!! John
Very fair price, it does what it is made to do. I now get about 12 more stations than I use to.
- Apopka, FL -
See above
One heck of an antenna...
- saginaw, MI -
We have this antenna mounted 30ft up in the air, with a channel master rotator all broadcast stations come in crystal clear on the tv set.
Replaced DB2 antenna in my attic with this one, improved UHF reception. Can pull in stations in slightly different directions at same time without having to compromise direction!
- Edison, NJ -
Had a DB2 UHF with VHF 7-13 Yagi antenna in my attic fed thru a Winegard UHF/VHF preamp using VHF/to 40UHF combiner to feed both to preamp. Problem was for FOX channel 5 NYC optimum direction seemed about 30 to 40 degrees north from ENE than other NYC stations and I had to compromise with NBC 4 at times going out in bad weather. So I replaced the DB2 with this antenna and easily hung the 2 lightweight frames from my attic eaves using plastic ties (didn';t use braces) and after an hour playing around had one pointing more toward north than other about 30 degree difference and now I get 5 bars plus on both FOX and weakest NYC station. Worth the $40 special proce I got it for actually only $10 more than the little DB2 I bought 6 years ago! I also have a UHF and VHF separate system mounted just 4 feet off ground in my backyard (found roof didn';t add that much signal) and it works better than my attic system in bad weather! I have all Samsung TV';s that have that better chip that helps with digital TV reception, as I first started with converter boxes 6 years ago and went to HDTV sets.
As advertised. Great results.
- Westfield, IN -
Great packaging, quick delivery, easy assembly, great stability, feels strong and durable, fantastic reception - receive every possible channel available in my area (about 37). {I never spent a penny on paid TV!}
I have ordered two of these TV antennas in the past 2 months for little old ladies who cannot afford cable anymore, this ant. worked perfectly, clear picture
as if it was on cable, both scanned over 32 digital channels. all major channels, ABC,CGS, NBC and PBS, clear as any you would want. Glad you asked me to write a review, Thanks, Charles W. Glass, SGM, USA, RET.

- Seymour, TN -
Well designed TV antenna
Excellent Reception
- Cicero, NY -
Recently purchased this antenna after numurous tries of receiving digital signals. Used in Northern NY rural area with heavy tree growth and hills. Immediately upon instalation was able to pick up 2 stations from Upstate NY along with 4 Canadian stations. Recommendthis antenna to anyone that has same problems.
This antenna pick up channels that i could not get before.
- grovetown, GA -
I would reconmend this antenna to any one haveing touble picking up tv signals
Works well good value for the price
- elizabeth , IN -
This unit works good I got it because I have several transmitters that are 85 degrees apart I also on advice from there tech dept got the inline booster It works ok but I will try a amplifier to pull in a station 50 miles away I have the antenna on a 30 foot tower and I am located at 900 feet above sea level The aiming is very pinpoint so there is not a lot of room for error so do use a compass and set it to the degrees recommended on antenna web I get about 33 channels and we just had a ice storm coating it with 1/2 inch or ice and has not affected its performance or seemed to have damaged it . The only thing the instructions were missing a page just looking how it was made I had no trouble assembling it .
Works Great in Attic at 20 mile reception
- Elizabethtown, PA -
Assembly was easy (I did watch the video), although I was very deliberate and tried to install one panel and one bracket (two screw-ups) up side down. I said some bad words and then easily recovered. Assembled in the living room and tested TV reception (it was pretty good. Received most stations, 6 out of 7, but one of those was pretty weak). I managed to move it to the attic without dis-assembly. It was close, but it folded enough to get it through a small attic access. Although I bought a mast and one bracket, I didn';t use them. I mounted it on an old lamp pole. I pointed both panels to the weakest station with no success (worse than the living room). Apparently I got my directions wrong or something else backwards. So, I trained one panel to the original location and the other to the stronger stations in two cities. That worked great (I really don';t know why). I get 7 stations on 15 channels, all within 20 miles. No amp, two old cables with one union (good cable one customer, one manufactured, both old dirty and rusty). I was planning on getting new cable and an amp, if necessary; but I don';t think I will be able to make any more improvements for the local stations. The next stations further out don';t provide anything else, and I would probably need an outside mast at least on the roof. Summary: Assembly pretty easy, no cut or missing fingers. Mounting pretty easy, no broken bones or necks. Training was easy, perfect on second try (because of the multiple separately trainable panels). Reception is great, I get all of the local stations (3 at 10 miles, 4 at 20 miles) with no amp from the attic with no repositioning/training. Swearing (bad words/thoughts) was minimal (not always the case for me). Price: fantastic (Solid Signal sales and discount is the only reason I bought the antennae). Solid Signal order status updates and online account order status needs some work. Everything indicated that the antennae was shipped while it was actually on back order. It took a month to arrive, and I called twice for order updates, and finally I got lucky because I would';ve cancelled the order on the third call and robbed myself of this great antennae at a fantastic price. Comcast, cable, satellite, phone companies, etc. can take a hike.

Worked for me. Picks up all but a couple of week channels
- St Peters, MO -
I am taking down outside antennas and moving everything to my attic to avoid lightning. This antenna has proven to be a great ATTIC antenna. Though I have to use a booster because of the signal loss due to roofing and trusses, I am picking up everything except two very weak stations that I NEVER watched anyway. I recommend this antenna.
Great for clear channel reception
- Rutland, MA -
The signal quality it much better than I expected. Living in a heavily wooded are at the bottom of a hill, I can still pickup 40+ channels from MA, and RI. My only complaint is that the assembly instructions shipped with the unit are abysmal. I highly encourage anyone who purchases this product to watch the setup video associated with this unit. It';s also worth mentioning that the product was shipped and delivered much faster than anticipated! (Also worth mentioning that I purchased this on 11/22 for $60 when there was no advertized sale, so I don';t know why this is being advertized as the reduced, limited-time offer sale price?!)
Fantastic! I';ve picked up views from the fly by sat. of Saturn';s rings. Man it';s the greatest in detail.
- Montreal, ON -
It is really far out! Great images. Only better if I were standing there myself.
Great engineering!
I live 65 miles from towers in Atlanta Ga
Antenna works very well....have trees all the way around Antenna

- Braselton, GA -
Antenna was easy to install ! have it on a 36 foot push up tower....and I also have an amp...rec 15 chs ...I live where there are hills and lots of tree....Antenna was on sale at good price and was shipped very fast....Good job Solid Signal....would recm to anyone
Fantastic Antenna!!! A+++++++
- Brooks, KY -
After trying an expensive indoor antenna and only getting 2 channels, I realized I needed to up the game.I live in a mobile home and didn';t want an old style 15'; long antenna.After researching I decided on the HDB8X which is both UHF and VHF and is about the size of my flat screen TV and also looks sharp!.I mounted it along with an Antennacraft 10G202 pre-amp (also sold by Solid Signal).It is feeding 3 TVs and I am picking up 39 channels, all major networks, 3 PBS, ION, Qubo,a couple of Retro channels with old movies and tv series plus several locals with religious,auction, and weather broadcast.Of course several channels are repeat from other than Louisville.I am aimed just a few degrees under due north(yes I did use a compass) and have both sides of antenna facing exactly parallel with each other and am picking up 2 channels over 30 miles away that are due south! I used Channel Master CM9023 4 inch wall mounts (two in a box) to hold my mast.A good tip is to use chain link fence top rail for mast.It is 1&1/4 in diameter and 10';6" long.6" slides inside end of other pipe.I drilled 2 holes opposite and seperate and put quarter inch bolts through them,drove a ground rod(from lowes), attached a ground lug to it(again by drilling a hole and using a quarter inch bolt and nut), screwed a coax cable ground bar to the mast which i had shoved into the ground, Thereby grounding coax,antenna, and mast.I make no claims that this is to code:) The good news is i used a 6'; step ladder,never got on the roof, assembled everything on the ground before standing antenna up, and get this: THE TOP OF THE ANTENNA IS ONLY 16 FEET OFF THE GROUND! If you are looking for an antenna that will get the job done give this one a try! By the way,My local cable company just raised my cost until tv was costing $80 a month. I very happily returned their equipment to them and am already deciding how i will apply that 80 or should i say $960 a year!
Excellent signal reception for a very reasonable price
- San Jose, CA -
I am in South San Jose, a location that is unfortunately about 45 miles away from major broadcast antennas. I tested a ClearStream 4 first and got spotty results. Major stations like FOX, NBC, CBS, and ABC would not come in. This was with a clear channel 7778 preamp.

Returned the Clearstream 4 and replaced with the Solid Signal and I get ALL major stations now and a significant amount of others as well.

I have an HOA so I was forced to use this antenna as an attic mount with the channel master preamp.

I can only imagine how much better this would work if I wasn';t restricted by a tile roof.

Very very happy with the purchase.
Works well.
- Wilbraham, MA -
I ordered this item open box for 50$ and everything came looking new. I mounted on my roof with a VHF antenna run through an RCA amp. I pointed all the bays in parallel at my most difficult channel which was 60 miles away 1 edge. The other antenna farms were up to 90 degrees away from this compass setting and between 2-35 miles away. They all come in solid. Can';t ask for more for 50$..
Love it.
- Sheboygan, WI -
I liked this antenna so much I purchased a second one. After installing my first antenna I decided I needed a second one. We live exactly halfway between Green Bay and Milwaukee so all channels are around 50+ miles away. This requires a more powerful antenna. My first setup was to aim half the antenna North and the other half South. I worked ok but some of the channels especially South to Milwaukee were a challenge. My first test was to reconfigure it so both sides of the antenna aimed South. The signal improved significantly. That';s when I ordered a second one, to aim North. It worked great. My signal strength in both directions improved. Many of the channels are now at 87 to 93 signal strength.

My next change is going to come when my new amp arrives. The one I';m using is over 15 years old so I thought I';d update it to something with circuitry for the digital age.

My configuration is both antennas on the same mast only inches apart from each other. One aimed 192 degrees south the other aimed 248 degrees north. Used equal length cables from each antenna to the combiner, then to the amp. There';s about 68 feet of quad shield running from the amp on the roof to the power supply in the basement. It';s then split with a four way distribution amp (also have a new model of this on order) to four TVs. The cable run to each TV averages 30 feet. We get 43 channels crystal clear. No more cable TV.
After doing a lot of research and keeping my budget in mind, I went with this antenna even though it only had a few reviews. I have to say that after installing this antenna the reception is fantastic. I highly recommend this product. The only suggestions would be to replace the cables on the antenna with RG6 cables.
- Roseville, CA -
Great product.
Awesome HD antenna
- Boston, MA -
This antenna has a wide reception angle. I have mine mounted on my chimney. I get all of the local stations except 1 (which is directly behind the antenna). I also get both Providence RI and Manchester NH. It is spread about 210 degrees (with 180 is full parallel - flat) pointed WSW from downtown Boston. I';m very pleased for the price.
High Quality Antenna
- Moreno Valley, CA -

The HDB8X compares very favorably with other UHF antennas. I started with a Channel Master CM-4228 (not the new “HD”) and compared it to a new Antennas Direct 91XG. The 91XG showed fractions of a dB better signal quality than the older CM-4228. When I received the HDB8X I compared it to the same CM-4228 and like the 91XG, it showed fractions of a dB better signal quality. My testing showed that for UHF performance the 3 different antennas were very nearly equal. Neither the 91XG nor the 8DB8X appeared to provide any high VHF response at my location, while the CM-4228 did show a modest high VHF response. As previously recommended, I substituted two length matched 36” pieces of RG-6 between each of the HDB-8X’s BALUN';s and the combiner. Worst case loss for 34” of 3C-2V coax @ 700 MHz = ~.268 dB and should be insignificant compared to RG-6 @ .217 dB. Needless to say, this test didn’t yield any measurable difference. Advertised gains for the HDB8X antenna appear overstated although its actual UHF performance matches more conventionally rated current antenna designs & brands.


My HDB8X 8-Bay Bow Tie Antenna arrived double boxed in a heavy duty brown corrugated cardboard outer box and a thinner white corrugated cardboard inner box. The two 4-Bay panels were stored back-to-back in the white box with the cross beams loosely assembled and tie wrapped to them. There was also an assembly & installation manual and one rubber boot in a plastic bag.

If you know how the antenna goes together assembly is straight forward, tool-less and easy. As with a lot of assembly manuals, however, the three listed steps (A, B & C) were not intuitively obvious. Fortunately, the manual listed a link to an assembly video: that can also be found on YouTube @ (Thank you Mike!). I would strongly suggest that anybody assembling this antenna for the first time watch the video. FYI, to make mine look like the one in the manual & video I had to unscrew the combiner, rotate it 180 deg. and reattach it. Also, to have all the wing nuts on the back side of the antenna I had to reverse a number of the lower brace bolts. Fortunately, both sides of the metal mounting brackets (square tube clamps) have square cutouts to keep the plated carriage bolts from turning.

I am impressed with the way this antenna is designed. First off, the 16 individual 8” elements appear to be stamped or “die-cut” from 1.66 mm (~0.065”) sheet aluminum. The phasing harnesses inter-connecting the 16 elements appear to be formed from a relatively heavy 3.88 mm (~.153”) aluminum wire. Each element is held in place and in contact with its phasing harness by a Phillips head screw into the plastic stand-off. This means that after a few years’ service when oxidation forms, unlike my Channel Master CM-4228 that has the wire elements riveted to plastic brackets, I should be able to remove the screws and clean all the contact areas. The element to harness contact area is a generous 11.12 mm (0.437”) wide. Each panels BALUN is also bolted to the harness making all pressure contact areas accessible for cleaning. The 32 round reflector tubes are 8.18 mm (0.322”) thick by ~19½“ long. They are capped at the outer ends by a curved plastic extrusion that may mask progressively longer (~1”) rods at the center of each 2-Bay panel. The square supporting frame tubes measure 18.38 mm (0.723”). There is a lot of hardware provided to build this antenna that appears to result in a relatively robust design.

When fully assembled, the overall antenna is 32 1/2” tall X 47 7/8” wide X ~5 1/4” deep.

Multi-directional use:

It is very nice to be able to watch channels from different markets without having to wait on a rotor to turn your antenna. This can be especially important for households with multiple TV’s.

I had to shorten two of the long mast attachment bolts to allow my movable panel to rotate ~123 deg. from the fixed panel. Apparently, the supplied combiner doesn’t provide enough panel-to-panel isolation allowing some of the received signal on one panel to be reradiated off the other panel. This combined with changing from an 8-Bay to a 4-Bay caused loss of almost all channels at my deep fringe location. The isolation issue was solved with the addition of amplifiers between each panel and the supplied combiner. Fortunately, the combiner passes power through each port to support this. In urban environments (where combiner re-radiation loss would be tolerable) and a 4-Bay in each direction would be more than sufficient, the HDB8X offers considerable advantage over most other fixed panel 8-Bays. It wasn’t exactly straight forward, but with a little effort I’m able to surf between LA & San Diego “deep fringe” channels without using a rotor.
great value for an 8 bay antenna
- holland patent, NY -
great value. I had a channel master 4221 hd and a distro amp. I changed to the HDB8X , i also added a pre amp and i got a good improvement! thanks
The finest engineered antenna seen in the last 35 years with one minor exception. The RG type cable hooking to the signal combiner should be replaced with a solid copper core RG6 cable. Used double stacked antennas with separate preamps (Channel Master), equal lengths RG6 to power packs in attic, Equal length RG6 short lines to combining spliter, and a single down lead down to TV set. System outperforms former same type of unit with two db8x antennas. Daytime reception can still be an issue.
- Port Angeles, WA -
See above.
Nice 8 bay compact UHF antenna with good gain , but fair quality
- Spartanburg, SC -
Bought this antenna to pick up local and some distant UHF OTA tv channels. It says picks up VHF high band, and it does - but gain is minimal. Works on VHF if stations are high power or close, but distant stations not likely to work. UHF reception is very good on lower end of UHF band, and decent to top of the band. Has fairly wide signal reception angle, so even with both sections parallel (for max gain), it'll pick up stations across a wide angle. For max reception directions, adjust the pivot brackets so the two bays are angled apart (but 3 dB less gain). Only complaint is quality was hit and miss. My unit had bent reflectors (showing impact damage), bent directors (easily bent back), and broken cable clamp. The antenna box showed no external damage, so the antenna must've been damaged prior to packaging. Typical offshore quality these days, so nothing unusual. It works well, installs easily - though the mounting brackets are a pain to install. Given the lightweight construction, I doubt this antenna will last many hard winters here, but very few antennas are built to last these days. For wideband UHF reception, this antenna works well - especially in a limited space (where a yagi is too large). Price is good, so it's a good buy.. if it lasts.
Pleased with quality, easy assembly and easy to install
- Aiken, SC -
I had been using a 35 mile range VHF/UHF Yagi for local channels but something changed and I could no longer pull in both VHF stations with a compromise orientation of the antenna. Perhaps because of a nearby line of site Oak Tree that has grown and filled in quite a bit.
I tried one of those $75 so called 150 mile range antennas with it's own amplifier and it was Chinese Junk with poor reception in my case.
I saw the HDB8X and thought it was worth a try at the sale price of $49.
The local channels I want are UHF in the same direction, one VHF in that direction and one VHF about 40 degrees more to the east and I didn't want a rotor.
After quite a few attempts at antenna orientation and changing one panels orientation, I found that all stations came in ONLY with both panels on the same plane, the mast not at it's full extension of 7 feet on a 10 foot high building and the amplifier I had been using was a MUST.
The VHF station 28 miles away and about 40 degrees to the east of the other stations comes in BUT the signal strength is so low that it probably won't be stable in all weather conditions.
I feel that if this antenna wasn't mounted on an out building in the back yard behind an Oak Tree and the signal wasn't going through 100 feet of coax to the house (amplified in the out building) it's performance would be boosted.
Every installation is different and sometimes it's just a crap shot and you need to look at antennaweb to see where your stations are and how many are VHF because this antenna is really a UHF antenna.
After I read most of the reviews about this antenna and the DB8e (YouTube, forum, solid signal).I decided to give a try to HDB8X, for price point. Bought and installed in July 2016.
- jupiter, FL -
Installed in the back of my house with a 20 j-hook & a 5 ft mast. Also, used a LNA-200 pre-amp, a CDA-4 splitter. I got 69 channels, even 2 to 6, which is amazing. pick up some channels over 50 miles. Antenna is good, price is great. I definitely recommend it.
Works well, except for winds.
- Felton, DE -
Seems to work well, able to receive stations within the specified range. However, in winds the antenna wants to fold up no matter how hard I tighten the wing nuts. Had to fabricate a brace for the bottom so that it would remain flat or folded out position.
Well made, has the potential for great deep-fringe reception, but high wind resistance can pose problems.
- Holley, NY -
A very good antenna, sturdy, strong reception from stations over 80 miles away, but keep these things in mind to avoid a lot of frustration:
1. Due to shape, it's like a sail, there is a fair amount of wind resistance compared to yagi design. Mine was up 10' on a heavy-duty mast (not guyed) and 60 mph wind gusts bent the mast, never happened with the all-channel yagi monster it replaced.
2. Despite the claims, the bowtie design is intrinsically UHF, but this one will work decently for high VHF if the combiner is replaced with a VHF/UHF model (do a search on eBay), the one provided on the antenna is for UHF frequency band only.
3. Extremely sensitive to movement, signal strength fluctuates wildly if the antenna moves the slightest bit in the wind, probably due to its being highly directional, which results in deep-fringe range ability but it must be rock-stable.
Was initially disappointed but after adding an amplifier am very happy with results.
- Ortonville, MI -
Found unit easy to assemble and install. But was initially disappointed with the reception. We live at the bottom of a valley in the middle of the woods. After a signal amplifier was added the results improved dramatically. I am very satisfied with the results now.
Works food getting 100% signal on some stations.
- Wausau, WI -
A little disappointed, in delivery, the antenna had a couple of bent parts, but not sure if delivery company to blame.
Put antenna up getting great signal strength and quality, actually the TV show look better. Still unable to even get a ping on ion network signal only 13 miles away, but no trace, but hill and trees between us. All other channels seem strong with great quality,
Well built but not a miracle worker.
- Hudson, NH -
The order processing and shipping was excellent, shipped promptly and well packed. The antenna was ordered on a Sunday, shipped first thing Monday morning, and delivered to my Boston area door Wednesday.

I wanted to try a high gain antenna but did not want the large YAGI style. The HDB8X is easy to handle and relatively compact, easy for one person to assemble and mount. Its gain specification is impressive. The antenna looks well made. As nit picks, the panel cables are on the short side. An inch longer would reach the offset mounted splitter with less fuss. One or two of the plastic supports do not seat well.

I have had a Channel Master Stealthtenna with its optional amplifier for several years and added a LaTV recently (also amplified). One antenna is pointed North, the other South. They are both mounted on the roof (stacked) and have a 25 foot RG6 run connected directly to independent receivers. We live in an area with many towering Oak and Maple trees and cannot get an antenna above them. One TV channel (42) at about 35 miles has marginal signal with drop outs when the leaves come out. I wanted to try to improve channel 42’s reception.

I mounted HDB8X on a separate mast about 10 feet from the other antennas and a little higher. I ran a new high quality 25 foot coax cable from the antenna to the TV room. The LaTV antenna is pointed north toward the high vhf station. The HDB8X is configured with both panels pointed the same for highest gain and south toward the other 10 UHF stations (and directly at 42). I have one PVR-150 connected to one antenna and a second PVR-150 connected to the other and receive 11 sometimes12 channels with both antennas. This set up happens to make it easy to compare performance.

The reviews of the HDB8X here would lead one to believe a significant improvement in signal quality could be achieved. The short answer is the HDB8X itself does not perform as well as the LaTV. Adding the Wineguard LNA-200 amplifier to the HDB8X provided much better results, but still no joy. Channel 42 dropouts are far from eliminated. The PVRs show the following signal quality (higher is better, at least 50 is needed for solid reception). These are readings over a 30 minute period one day and seem to be consistent with little variation over time.

189 60 62 (High VHF channel 9)
497 52 77
503 70 67
509 70 82
551 100 100
563 55 100
569 10 72
593 62 63
599 92 90
623 35 no lock
641 41 47 (channel 42)
647 37 47

Since the LaTV antenna, except the low VHF, is pointed away from the stations, these UHF signals are from its back lobe. Although not rated for VHF, the HDB8X/LNA-200 combo did better than the LaTV picking out the high VHF channel (182 Mhz).

Did I mention antenna design and placement is a black art :) and your mileage will vary significantly. Seemingly insignificant nearby objects can have a surprising effect on one channel or another.

I have also tried the new generation HomeRun Dual receiver on these antennas, but observed no difference in the ability to capture TV stations, channel 42 in particular. For comparison, an indoors and carefully placed amplified Leaf antenna picks up two, sometimes three channels here (doesn’t come close to seeing channel 42). So the single most important method for improving reception is to get an amplified antenna outdoors and as high as you can.

We have the Stealthtenna is connected to a DIRECTV AM21 off air tuner in another room which makes signal comparisons less valid. The stealth/DIRECTV combo, however, picks up channel 42 better than the HDB8X/amplifier/PVR combo, but not without a few daylight hour dropouts. The 5 year old AM21 seems to be an excellent tuner.
Good, but some limitations.
- Indianapolis, IN -
This is a great little antenna for the price, but it is not quite as advertised and there is a limitation that may not affect everyone, but it is a problem in my situation.

The HDB8X is advertised as a UHF and high band VHF antenna. Of course you can tell by the photo that there are no high band elements, which is why is has a shorter range for those frequencies. But that';s not the problem. The signal combiner provided has a frequency range of 470-862MHz, which effectively kills off the two VHF high band stations in my area. One local station operates at 186-192MHz. After replacing the signal combiner with a broadband model, the antenna works fine. This antenna should not be advertised for use with VHF high band with the signal combiner provided, though.

The other issue I have is that I need one section pointed slightly Northeast while the other one needs to point slightly Southeast. While I love the fact that this antenna can be pointed in two directions, it cannot be folded enough to point both directions needed in my case. The good news is that its coverage angle is sufficient for it to work even though it can';t be set to the optimal position.

Don';t get me wrong… it';s a good antenna for its price range and I would recommend it without hesitation, but these limitations should be noted.
Nice looking antenna, and I like the swivel to aim the two stacks separately, but these dB Gain numbers depend on physics from an alternate universe.
- Santa Cruz, CA -
The maximum possible gain of 4 dipoles with a reflector is 11.2 dBi. Adding 4 more facing in the same direction makes it 14.2 dBi. If the two stacks of four are pointed in different directions, the gain will be less. How much less depends on how different their aiming is.
works great, except in winds
- Lebanon, IL -
I got mast up and antenna installed. have one set pointed to St Louis and other set pointed East, I am receiving almost 40 stations clearly, Last windstorm made the antenna U shaped.
Did not work for me.It did pick up stations I didn't have but had issues locking in on the ones I watch.Homemade still works better.Wind effects signal.return policy sucks.Shipping and restock fee would cost me half of what the antenna cost to send back.Buy from Amazon.Would work great locally as I am about 30 miles out.Very strict return policy.Take pics before you unpack and keep your box if you have to send it back to Solid Signal.I did like the antenna,Solidly disappointed in Solid Signal return pol
- Pipe Creek, TX -
Solid Signal return policy sucks, give some heads up on how you want this returned if it doesn't work. There are way too many other companies that have better customer service than Solid Signal. This is the only purchase I have made from you but it equals two, the first time and the last time.
Not for vhf
- Flemington, NJ -
Purchased this when I lived in jersey between new york and philly. Pointed the entire antenna at philly as I got new york through Dishnetwork. I soon found that I was able to receive all channels but one. The one channel was broadcasting a vhf frequency. Check your local broadcast frequencies before you choose the antenna. This antenna will NOT receive vhf frequencies. It is excellent for UHF reception.
NG, dnt waste ur money! BUYER BEWARE! Company dosnt pay return ship and 25 restock fee!!!!!!!! BUYER BEWARE!
- tampa, FL -
Set it up and got only a few stations . My other $25. power abntenna got 45 channels. This is a waste of money. I used a booster amp w it and still nothing good just maybe 6 stations out 0f 45 available here.
The worst thing is that to return it and get my money back was even worse! $28. for postal and 25 restocking fee . it wasn't worth the trouble. I just chucked it and took the loss as experience. Dnt do business w this company if u want a refund. U will be lucky to get back 10 of ur money ! BUYER BEWARE!

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