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Televes DigiNova Boss UHF VHF Amplified HDTV Antenna LTE Filter (144180)
Televes DigiNova Boss UHF VHF Amplified HDTV Antenna LTE Filter (144180)
Televes DigiNova Boss UHF VHF Amplified HDTV Antenna LTE Filter (144180)
Televes DigiNova Boss UHF VHF Amplified HDTV Antenna LTE Filter (144180)
Televes DigiNova Boss UHF VHF Amplified HDTV Antenna LTE Filter (144180)
Televes DigiNova Boss UHF VHF Amplified HDTV Antenna LTE Filter (144180)
Televes DigiNova Boss UHF VHF Amplified HDTV Antenna LTE Filter (144180)
Televes DigiNova Boss UHF VHF Amplified HDTV Antenna LTE Filter (144180)
Televes DigiNova Boss UHF VHF Amplified HDTV Antenna LTE Filter (144180)
Televes DigiNova Boss UHF VHF Amplified HDTV Antenna LTE Filter (144180)

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Televes DigiNova Boss UHF VHF Amplified HDTV Antenna LTE Filter (144180)

Brand: Televes           P\N: 144180           UPC: 700112817793

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Availability: Discontinued

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Televes The DigiNova BOSS combines modern technology and customer needs to create a crowd-pleasing TV antenna. Televes was able to fit the strengths of a 60-mile antenna design into a design that's smaller than a satellite dish.

It has features you won't find on other antennas - like the blocking harmful cellular signals and adjusting amplification on each channel for the best reception. Add in the fact that it's very easy to install and the small form-factor that meets homeowners association requirements and you can see why its one of Europes's most popular TV antenna.

Key Features:

  • Smart Amplification - The built-in smart ensures the best signal for each channel by automatically regulating gain.
  • Smart Filter - Unlike most antennas, the DIGINOVA blocks LTE signals that cause intereference on HDTV frequences
  • Smart Design - Inside the wearther proof "Radome" house is a seven-element UHF antenna and VHF/FM dipole for big antenna reception in a small form factor.
  • Easy to install - The antenna installs in minutes, and even comes with the wrench to complete the job
  • Built to receive signals up to 60 miles away, with amplification to provide signal to multiple TV's without significant loss of signal
  • Meets Home Owners Association requirements

What's Included:

  • Dignova TV Antenna
  • Power injector/splitter
  • U-Bolt
  • Nuts
  • Wrench (to tighten nuts on mast U-bolt)
  • Instructions


  • POWERFUL UHF/VHF ANTENNA - The DigiNova antenna can pick up OTA HDTV signals of programs within a 50-60 mile radius, and is still 80% smaller than competing antennas. Compare that with the fact that it has an intelligent amplifier and weather-proof, UV-resistant radome and you'll have years of excellent reception.

  • BOSS TECHNOLOGY - Gone are the days of manually adjusting gain settings and fumbling around with antenna wires. The UHF amplifier automatically adjusts output and amplification level for optimal gain. Simply plug it in, and the DigiNova does the rest. Passive mode allows you to keep using the antenna even without an external power source.

  • LTE FILTER - Both old and new antennas experience cellular signal interference. With more and more cellphone towers present today, more 4G and LTE signals are floating around, threatening to reduce HDTV signal quality. In some cases these cellphone signals can be harmful as they overload your antenna! The built-in filter automatically rejects 4G and LTE signals for the best home viewing experience possible.

  • EASY TO INSTALL - Best used with the Solid Signal Heavy Duty Grade 1.25 Inch TV Antenna Mast. You can mount the DigiNova antenna either in a horizontal (recommended) or vertical position. Comes with a U-bolt, clamp, and bolts for hassle-free installation.

  • EUROPEAN DESIGN - Manufactured in Spain, the DigiNova is made from heavy duty plastic that is hard-wearing and weather proof. Its slim design makes it easy to handle and install, not to mention it has a great sleek look as well! This TV antenna has UV resistant properties to make it last longer when mounted outside your home. Ideal for balconies and roofs. With a footprint that is smaller than a majority of traditional outdoor TV antennas, the Televes DigiNova is unobtrusive and HOA friendly.


Technical SpecificationsTechnical Specifications

  • Superior build quality
  • Can be used with or without power supply and amplifier

  • Built-in splitter feeds two TVs
  • Dimensions: 15in X 14in X 6in
  • 30 degree beam width   
  • 90 Day Limited Warranty
  • Easy install - Includes wrench
  • LTE Filter
  • Elements: 7 UHF and 1 VHF/FM dipole
  • Miles: Estimated 60 miles
  • Receives: VHF UHF FM and HD Radio
  • Mounts to masts from 1.25" - 1.75" outer diamter
  • Home Owners Associate approved
  • Weather and UV resistant radome shell
  • Works with and without an amplifier






Operating band


High VHF CH7 - CH13

UHF CH14 - CH51


High VHF CH7 - CH13

UHF CH14 - CH51





4 ... 7


10 max.

19 ... 22 max.

Noise figure (typ.)

Output level






dBmV (DIN45004B)


Self regulated

Power supply



12 - 24

Max. current



32@12Vdc - 37@24Vdc

Beam width


30 degrees





3 x 12.5 x 13.6

Wind load


15.6 (@ 80 Miles/h) / (@ 130 Km/h)

21.5 (@ 93 Miles/h) / (@ 150 Km/h)

Mounting Options for Televes Antennas

Televes antennas will mount on any vertical mast or post with an outer diameter of 1.25" - 1.75". Here are some suggested mounting options.

J-MountJ-Mounts are recommended for installation on eaves or fascia boards. When mounting using a J-mount, make sure there is 3' open space behind the mount for the antenna. We recommend this universal J-Mount.
Tripod and MastTripod mounts are recommended for temporary installations and should be secured with bolts or sandbags. We recommend this 5-foot mast and tripod mount kit.
Non-Penetrating MountNon-penetrating mounts are designed for installations on level, flat surfaces and are secured by cinder blocks. We recommend this non-penetrating mount and mast kit (cinder blocks not included.)
CommDeck mounts are designed for permanent roof installation and install without drilling holes in the roof. It is best installed when re-roofing. We recommend this CommDeck mount.
Chimney mounts attach to your chimney without damaging the bricks and can be used for permanent installation. We recommend this chimney mount. (Mast not included: we recommend this mast)


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Product Reviews for Televes DigiNova Boss UHF VHF Amplified HDTV Antenna LTE Filter (144180)

Product reviews help other customers decide which product to purchase, where the best deals are, and your get a sense of what to expect with the product. Write a Review!

Average Review (29 reviews):5 Star Reviews!

Five Stars:
 24 (83%)
Four Stars:
 3 (10%)
Three Stars:
 0 (0%)
Two Stars:
 2 (7%)
One Star:
 0 (0%)
Recent Review:
Roberto J. Galvez - Miami, FL - 6/13/2019
This antenna rules! It is powerful! I will buy again.

Customer Reviews:
This antenna rules! It is powerful! I will buy again.
- Miami, FL -
I installed this antenna in San Jose, Costa Rica for a bank (two-story building) that need it for eight (yes, eight!) new televisions. It delivered! I got signal strength and quality level (MER) readings above required. There was no need for a distribution amplifier. The antenna handled the load all by itself!
Easy install, great reception!
- Scottsdale, AZ -
I was doubtful that this relatively small antenna would do the job. I was wrong.

I am located about 22 miles from all of the areas TV antenna towers (all of them clustered on a local small mountain). The potential problem for me, is that due to HOA rules, my antenna could not be located about the roof line. Worse yet, is that the easy solution meant re-using the DirectTV dish mast. That meant no line-of-sight, and that I'd be shooting through six or more layers of concrete tile (the DirectTV location was about the worst possible considering my roofing system).

I wanted an aesthetically pleasing antenna, as opposed to a normal outdoor antenna. When I found the Televes, I was doubtful, as it is very, very small. But, the LTE signal blocking feature was desired, and the Televes look was my first choice, so despite the potential for a return, I thought I'd give it a try.

Complete success! According to the various reception maps, I have a maximum of 108 over-the-air channels available. My TV auto-programmed 99 of them! As I haven't even completely aligned the antenna yet. I know I've about 10 degrees off, which I'll correct soon.

Very, very pleased. The Televes looks good, will satisfy my HOA rules, and has great performance.

I am very, very pleased.
Works great in Elk Grove (Suburb of Sacramento)
- Elk Grove, California, AL -
I purchased this antenna and then had DISH install it for $100 (they even supplied an under eave mount.). I have a new two story house that came prewired with three coax pre plumbed to three different areas of the house (main downstairs tv area, loft, and master bedroom.). The amplifier fit perfectly in the TV housing box outside my house by the electrical panel. One of the three coaxs needs to be used for internet, but the other two are used to get the highest quality reception possible. If you have any doubts and are on the greater Sacramento area, rest assured this unit is straight up legit. No regrets. A local 5he tv installer tried to say this thing would stink, likely to sell his over priced ugly unit. I'm very glad I stuck to my game plan and had this installed. As a bonus, it is visually appealing and not noticeable.
this is the only antenna that will work in canton oh I have tried a lot different ones and found this one was only one to work
- 2118 39th st nw, OH -
one can install this in an hour
Clear picture, strong signal
- Norman, OK -
Almost all local channels can be received with this antenna the picture is clear and I cannot be happier.
- Moorhead, MN -
Hardware includes a wrench! Easy to understand mount and interface, virtually self-leveling. When pointed SE in the Fargo, ND area, it picks up every local OTA channel in perfect clarity.
Better than all the others that are small in size. Will be ordering a second one.
- Port Charlotte, FL -
Pick up all channels from Tampa about 75 miles and Fort Myers. 58 Channels total.
Wow. Blew me away !!!!
- los angeles, CA -
Installing was a breeze however could not connect the amplifier since I didn't have a small coax cable but, turned my curved 55 TV and the picture and digital clear HD reception hit my eyes at the speed of light. Very highly recommend this antenna.
Plugged it in and immediately received 11 channels in HD, clearer than my previous Time-Warner cable...and now free!
Already shut off Time-Warner.

- Carlsbad, CA -
I installed this antenna strung coax from the antenna to my incoming cable box disconnected the cable company connected the antenna turned on all the TV's in my house and all worked immediately (ran the scan for channels on each TV first.)
Great product!
Within 20 minutes I was enjoying 31 channels with all clear pictures
- Brighton, MI -
I will be recommending this on to my friends
Mounted on roof and all hooked up in 15 minutes. Easy peasy!
- Kokomo, MS -
After installed in 15 minutes...called and said goodbye to directv. I was skeptical since the tv towers were so far away, all channels are clear and will say it is the best one for me. LOVE IT!!!
We are in an area where service from internet is broken.
This antenna helps us view TV.

- Burns, WY -
Good product worth the money.
Arrived and performed as promised.
- Ocean Beach, NY -
Compact and weather resistant this is an excellent choice for broadcast reception in a harsh enviornment.
Great HDTV reception in a small package
- Ann Arbor, MI -
I bought this antenna to pick up the Detroit HDTV stations that normally require quite a large antenna to receive from where I live. With this relatively small antenna positioned indoors looking through a closed window, I was surprised to get such good signals, and this was possible even without using the included amplifier. Also, the white plastic housing makes it less obvious that an antenna is in the room.
Great antenna with a small profile.
- Sunset Beach, NC -
I was able to mount the Televes model #144180 in my attic and receive all of my local channels. It made cutting the cable cord easy and now I'm saving over $900 per year!! I got such good reception in the attic I didn't even bother to try it outside because I would have needed to get approval from my POA. If you have HOA or POA requirements to meet this antenna will meet your needs. Also the space in my attic is very tight and this antenna fit perfectly.
Really well built antenna that simply works. Small size and easy to blend into a home and is less obtrusive than traditional outdoor antennas. The built in pre-amp is a real plus.

I'm not sure how the LTE blocking works or if it is even necessary, it may be just marketing, but I have excellent signals from this antenna.

In Lansing MI I pulled in 100 signal strength on all the major locals. A few further out smaller stations pulled in better than expected.

- Lansing, MI -
Really well built antenna that simply works. Small size and easy to blend into a home and is less obtrusive than traditional outdoor antennas. The built in pre-amp is a real plus.

I'm not sure how the LTE blocking works or if it is even necessary, it may be just marketing, but I have excellent signals from this antenna.

In Lansing MI I pulled in 100 signal strength on all the major locals. A few further out smaller stations pulled in better than expected. I did not receive neighboring markets, nor did I expect to with this antenna. Neighboring markets would be about a 50 mile stretch which is probably a little much for an antenna this size.

The mounting hardware was high quality and very stable, and the aux output is convenient to save a splitter if you are only hooking to a couple sets. In my case I ran one output to an AM21 for DirecTV, and the other output is split to TV's that have OTA only.

I would recommend the Televes DigiNova Boss to anyone that is looking for a nice looking solution and is within a reasonable distance of the stations they wish to receive.
Excellant reception
- Opelika, AL -
I used this antenna to replace my wineguard antenna on my camper. I did a little customizing of the original antenna post to fit different style antenna. Im getting 20 plus channels in an area 40 mile from nearest town that broadcast. Love it , great price and service as well
small, light, easy to install, good looking
- folsom, LA -
I am very impressed on the performance of this tiny antenna, I have been installing antennas for over 30 years.It just might be the best performing antenna that I have installed. My coverage area has some locations where attic installations are required, for many years I have had to fight to get large antennas to fit and be aimed to capture the signal, this wonderful antenna solves the problem, the city from which I receive my broadcast signals is around 55 miles away, this antenna gave me 100 of the channels with 0 pixels, I will continue to use this antenna for all my future installs.
Works Great
- Orlando, FL -
I wanted to try it indoors before climbing on the roof. I have it installed on top of a bookcase and connected directly to TV and to DirecTV. Receiving 67 local stations without amplification!
Good performance from a small, well built antenna
- Indianapolis, IN -
I purchased this antenna when my wife commented that she couldn't get one of the stations she wanted on the TV in her sewing room. We had another small indoor amplified antenna that had frequent drop-outs and sometimes wouldn't pick up stations. We live in a suburban area about 25 to 35 miles from most of the transmitters we would like to receive.

The DigiNova Boss antenna came a couple of days quicker than originally estimated. It was well packaged and undamaged even after the delivery guy just dropped it on the front walk. Setting up the antenna and amplifier was very intuitive and after a little bit of adjusting the position we got all the stations that we wanted and a few bonus channels. We just set it on a high shelf it seems to work well. We have had it for about a month now and had no problems. Other than being a little pricey, I think this is a well built, well engineered antenna.
This antenna brings in sigals better than all
antennas I have tried so i'm very satasfied

- Ypsilanti, MI -
I would recommend this antenna it is easy to install and has a wide beam with
replaced winegard 8200, more consistent signal and better all around reception than the huge winegard. not perfect all the time but best antenna I have ever used, and I have tried numerous antennas.very pleased with this little thing
- colfax, IL -
would highly recommend
Don't miss this one. Best TV antenna I ever purchased, hands down ! So simple to install and unobtrusive to the eye.
- Clark, NJ -
This is the 3rd. antenna and or amplifier I have tried for my NY-NJ metropolitan area reception needs. It consistently pulls in EVERY digital channel available with no wavering of the signal strength. There are several TV transmitter towers in my area and this little gem has a WIDE range to hone in on each one ! You will not be disappointed...
Superb construction and great performance
- Fremont, CA -
Looks great and I get all my channels from about 50 miles out. The build quality really stands out, this thing is built like a tank, and it has a pretty neat mounting bracket on the back, installation done in 10 min. Definitely recommended.
a little dissapointed
- central, TX -
I think for its size and its agc ,this is a very good antenna,but when I tested it to a cheap amazon antenna @ less than half the price, I was a little disappointed in the VHF region of the televes diginova, in fact the cheap antenna outperformed it by about 30 percent. I'm not going to give names or put any brand down, and no i'm not an expert antenna man,I'm just saying for the money, this diginova should do a little better,no, a lot better. This is just my opinion and i'm no expert.
Easy to install - Good unit
- Atwater, MN -
After trying a few different multi directional units, I thought I would give this a try. overall a very good quality unit, easy to install. Although it is not multi direction it does a good job at receiving signals. it is also nice that the unit works with or without the pre-amp. As with any antenna, make sure you have channels to get before you decide. I use (TV FOOL) to check for receptions and strength required.
good antenna
- chatham, IL -
gets all the channel in my area and easy to put up.
Seattle market still tough. Too many hills, trees and weather factors.
- Kapowsin, WA -
I am 35-45 miles out from the signal source in the Seattle market and this product did not work for my setting. I wish it had. I have the National Geo map and TV Fool and have tried several antenna products that should go 60 miles, but so far signal is challenging for ABC, NBC and CBS. It is odd that I get VHF-PBS well even on labeled UHF only antennas(as their tower is within a couple of miles of the Big-3. Save your money on this one Seattle area :-(
We live in an area where nearly everyone requires cable to get any TV service. We were hoping this antenna would prevent us from having to do that. We are getting 3 channels with the device, but no local channels, so haven't decided if that will be adequate.
- Prescott Valley, AZ -
see above

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