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Televes DAT790 LR Mix UHF VHF Long Range Antenna (149881)
Televes DAT790 LR Mix UHF VHF Long Range Antenna (149881)
Televes DAT790 LR Mix UHF VHF Long Range Antenna (149881)
Televes DAT790 LR Mix UHF VHF Long Range Antenna (149881)
Televes DAT790 LR Mix UHF VHF Long Range Antenna (149881)
Televes DAT790 LR Mix UHF VHF Long Range Antenna (149881)
Televes DAT790 LR Mix UHF VHF Long Range Antenna (149881)
Televes DAT790 LR Mix UHF VHF Long Range Antenna (149881)

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Televes DAT790 LR Mix UHF VHF Long Range Antenna (149881)

Brand: Televes           P\N: 149881           UPC: 700112817939

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Availability: Discontinued

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Televes Get rid of cable TV and still receive your favorite network shows. This antenna allows you to cut the cord and get the most popular TV shows for free. The top 10 most watched shows are available on OTA TV. HDTV channels are free and easy to get with an HDTV antenna.

Get the best signal from distant UHF and VHF stations with this antenna, with advanced features and solid, European-made construction. The Boss-Tech amplifier actively controls the amount of gain to give you the best result without overdriving. Step up to the best!


  • Receives UHF and VHF signals

  • Optimized for UHF Reception

  • Up to 32 dB of gain

  • Actively rejects LTE signals that can cause interference

  • European made, top quality antenna

  • up to 75 mile reception for UHF and 60 miles for VHF

  • Solidly built aluminum construction for decades of reliable use

  • Includes Boss-Tech auto-gain-control amplifier

  • Works well in areas with strong cell service

  • Dimensions: 83 x 29 x 34 in (2105 x 735 x 860 mm)

  • Weight: 10 lb (4.6 kg)

  • 90 Day Limited Warranty


Mounting Options for Televes Antennas

Televes antennas will mount on any vertical mast or post with an outer diameter of 1.25" - 1.75". Here are some suggested mounting options.

J-MountJ-Mounts are recommended for installation on eaves or fascia boards. When mounting using a J-mount, make sure there is 3' open space behind the mount for the antenna. We recommend this universal J-Mount.
Tripod and MastTripod mounts are recommended for temporary installations and should be secured with bolts or sandbags. We recommend this 5-foot mast and tripod mount kit.
Non-Penetrating MountNon-penetrating mounts are designed for installations on level, flat surfaces and are secured by cinder blocks. We recommend this non-penetrating mount and mast kit (cinder blocks not included.)
CommDeck mounts are designed for permanent roof installation and install without drilling holes in the roof. It is best installed when re-roofing. We recommend this CommDeck mount.
Chimney mounts attach to your chimney without damaging the bricks and can be used for permanent installation. We recommend this chimney mount. (Mast not included: we recommend this mast)


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Product Reviews for Televes DAT790 LR Mix UHF VHF Long Range Antenna (149881)

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Average Review (11 reviews):5 Star Reviews!

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Recent Review:
Finally! - Holley, NY - 4/5/2017
Televes is the only way to go, no one else meets current needs, don't waste your time & money on others. HI-VHF & UHF reception only: rejects interference from Amateur radio, FM radio, 4G LTE & up. And auto-gain for signal stability. No one else offers this in a single solution.

Customer Reviews:
Televes is the only way to go, no one else meets current needs, don't waste your time & money on others. HI-VHF & UHF reception only: rejects interference from Amateur radio, FM radio, 4G LTE & up. And auto-gain for signal stability. No one else offers this in a single solution.
- Holley, NY -
Even though I'm less than 30 miles from TV transmission towers, I'm in a very difficult reception location. In a valley, surrounded by trees. 2 towns & 1 major city, a ham radio tower & a cell phone tower all in the way. I've tried countless other outdoor antennas & amplifiers but still suffered from signal dropout & pixelation. Antenna is mast-mounted 10' above roofline. Now with the Televes DAT790 LR Mix UHF/VHF Antenna I have perfect reception, even in high winds. I couldn't believe it at first, but several weeks later it's still performing perfectly. And the build quality is amazing, it held up in a recent 80mph windstorm which took down hundreds of trees & telephone poles in the area. THIS IS THE ONE!
Awesome Antenna!
- Wilcox, PA -
This antenna is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!! I still didn't get the antenna up to the roof but I put it on a 10' price of rigid aluminium conduit and temporarily mounted it on my back deck. Not only did I get WTAJ that is needed in football season I also got WATM which has ABC and Fox both now I get 15 channels consisting of ABC CBS PBS NBC and Fox. I don't know when I get it to the roof and add a rotor if I could get more or not. This is really good considering my tvfool report, and antenna web says I would only get WPSU I am 35-87.5 miles from the towers depending on stations.
tried 3 others this one is best by far
- newton, IL -
simply the best so far not trying any more
Don't try the rest before you use this Televes DAT 790. You will waste your money if this is not your first choice!
- Newberg, OR -
I live down in a bowl with large hills between me and the transmitters. I had installed analog antenna for a living years ago, only to find that Digital is completely different!I bought 5 different antennas from the wire mesh (HD) to the largest made for homes. I tried all different amps and even variable pots to dial a signal in. But always managed to get a station and lose it. Now I have the best signals I can get with more stations than before from an antenna less than half the size!! Assembly instructions could be a little better for us older guys?
But once you have this one up and running, you will sell any old stuff for scrap. I am glad that Solid signal sent me the e-mail about it!
Commercial Quality at Consumer Price
- Hampton, TN -
I am a former CATV headend tech and had recently moved and wanted to revise my off-air antenna setup. After purchasing this antenna I found it to be quality built and well engineered. You could tell immediately that this a professionally engineered, quality product while assembling. As a first test I placed the antenna on a 10 ft. pole and connected it and ran a channel scan. It received all of my market Tri-Cities TN/VA channels with no problem and to my surprise also Knoxville market channels from 100 miles out, however not totally consistent. Three days after installing I connected a second bedroom TV and scanned in a Tropo channel from Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio approx. 240 and 264 miles. Two weeks later I received Memphis TN 430 miles and Columbus OH 260 miles. Without a real antenna I would never have collected enough signal to get this tropo! The BOSS amplifier seems to work great for the fringe as well as my local (13 miles) transmitters. Just purchased my second antenna so that I can vertically stack to improve my 100 mile channels from Knoxville. Highly recommend this antenna!
Did beat antennas direct clear stream 4
- Arecibo, PR -
Was mounted in a real deep fringe area, basically in a hole. Did pick up chanels that I had no idea I can recive. Super happy and no pixilation.
The best overall antenna, tested in Hilly mountains
- Nogales, AZ -
I have used in the past Antennas such as XG91 and AD 91XG, loaded with a pre-amp CM5777, boy I was wrong and I want to use a VHF-Hi and UHF antenna.

After seeing this antenna, I've could notice the construction solid and yet light antenna since it's made in Aluminum. For me I could reach signals from 77 miles from my location and I don't regret getting this antenna. I went from 8 channels to 18 and I'm sorrounded by mountains so you can definitively get a try and you wont regret it.
Expectations Exceeded
- North Myrtle Beach, SC -
I guess you'd call me an Antenna enthusiast. I have owned everything from Channel Master to Winegard antennas. Most recently I have been using the Xtreme Signal HDB91X and had pretty good results. However, I am always looking for the next best thing. Always trying to get more channels, even if I will likely never watch them So I have been looking into these Televes antennas and when then went on sale, I pulled the trigger and got one, and boy am I glad I did. This antenna kicks serious butt! I am pulling in channels from over 90 miles away (results may vary) and signal strength on the channels closer is much better. The construction and the materials used to create this antenna are the very best I have Ever seen. This is on another level. Seriously, Quality!! What also makes this cool and a bit awesome is that it includes the pre-amp/amp system. No box to mount on the mast, no extra jumper. I guess it's the complete package, if you don't want/need a rotor. I was expecting a small improvement and got Way more. Extremely Satisfied, until they come out with a new model that is better than this! LOL
Great reception, exceptional build quality.
- DeSoto, TX -
I was tired of trying antennas so I went for what I was reading was the best. No kidding, I am receiving all my channels and not a single glitch on the TV. The antenna is big, but totally worth it if that's not a problem in your situation (wasn't for us). It was surprisingly easy to setup too, despite what I had read. Highly recommended
Real-World Tested ! The Televes Dat 790 (LR)UFH/VHF is a solid performer with consistent results day after day ! This is the antenna to install at your site...furthermore I've tested this antenna against many antennas including our own designs and all I can say is this one beats them all and this the real deal.
- Lafayette, IN -
Most effective for digital channels in the frequencies of 220 Mhz. thru signals in the 659 Mhz.range. ( Approximate range for the testing of this antenna was 65 miles beyond from the Transmitters located in Indianapolis,Ind. area) Testing was done over a period of 16-days: The Channels in the specified range listed in this review performed well in and above the 50 average signal level received for our area day after day consistently and over diverse weather conditions--In conclusion I'm very pleased with the Televes Antenna and would highly recommend this product.
This thing is the bomb
- Fremont, CA -
Built to last a lifetime and awesome signal quality. Best antenna I've used, period.

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