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Televes DATBOSS Mix LR UHF VHF Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna (149883)
Televes DATBOSS Mix LR UHF VHF Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna (149883)
Televes DATBOSS Mix LR UHF VHF Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna (149883)
Televes DATBOSS Mix LR UHF VHF Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna (149883)
Televes DATBOSS Mix LR UHF VHF Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna (149883)
Televes DATBOSS Mix LR UHF VHF Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna (149883)
Televes DATBOSS Mix LR UHF VHF Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna (149883)
Televes DATBOSS Mix LR UHF VHF Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna (149883)
Televes DATBOSS Mix LR UHF VHF Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna (149883)
Televes DATBOSS Mix LR UHF VHF Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna (149883)

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Televes DATBOSS Mix LR UHF VHF Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna (149883)

Brand: Televes           P\N: 149883           UPC: 8424450185445

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Televes Specially designed for quality reception of mixed High-VHF/UHF under extremely difficult reception conditions thanks to its design; optimizes the rejection of interference for a stronger cleaner HD signal.

The smart amp adjusts levels on signals that are too strong or too weak for maximum reception and minimal signal noise. Our experience with this antenna is best summed up by Televes' motto, "If the DAT BOSS can't receive it, nothing can".

Key Feautres

  • Design for extreme reception conditions with combined UHF and VHF reception up 75 miles
  • More stable signal reception - it supports signal fluxuations or fading with no effect on reception
  • Built-in BOSSTech amplifier increase boosts VHF gain by 36.5dBi and UHF aby 46dBi
  • Amplifier can be disabled to work in passive mode by not hooking up power supply
  • Filters out LTE signals that can disrupt HDTV broadcasts


  • HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE -  allows you to receive high-quality TV in a variety of situations, from areas where signals  are very weak to installations where they are very strong

  • OVER-THE-AIR COVERAGE ENHANCEMENT - up to 27% higher than legacy models  MORE STABLE RECEPTION:  it supports signal variations or fading with no effect on the TV installation

  • VERY HIGH GAIN - TForce increases the gain of the antenna in 13dB, in UHF and VHF HIGH

  • LTE FILTERING - Televes DAT BOSS antennas are designed to reject LTE signals from US carriers

  • TWO MODES: Intelligent low power consumption mode or passive mode (lack of power supply)

  • EXCELLENT BUILD QUALITY - Fully automated manufacturing in Europe under the most stringent quality controls, with stainless aluminum build

  • OPTIMAL C/N - thanks to a noise figure of only 1.2dB


  • Gain: 36.5dBi for VHF in intelligent mode, and 46dBi in UHF (8.5 and 18 dBi in passive mode)

  • Filters out LTE 790 and 700 signals

  • Reception range: up to 75 miles

  • Noise figure of only 1.2dB

  • Works in both passive and amplified mode

  • Dimensions: 83 x 29 x 34 inches

Mounting Options for Televes Antennas

Televes antennas will mount on any vertical mast or post with an outer diameter of 1.25" - 1.75". Here are some suggested mounting options.


Tripod and MastTripod mounts are recommended for temporary installations and should be secured with bolts or sandbags. We recommend this 5-foot mast and tripod mount kit.
Non-Penetrating MountNon-penetrating mounts are designed for installations on level, flat surfaces and are secured by cinder blocks. We recommend this non-penetrating mount and mast kit (cinder blocks not included.)

Chimney mounts attach to your chimney without damaging the bricks and can be used for permanent installation. We recommend this chimney mount. (Mast not included: we recommend this mast)


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Product Reviews for Televes DATBOSS Mix LR UHF VHF Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna (149883)

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Recent Review:
King Richard - Hillsborough, NC - 6/29/2020
Best non-gigantic outdoor VHF/UHF antenna I've come across!

Customer Reviews:
Best non-gigantic outdoor VHF/UHF antenna I've come across!
- Hillsborough, NC -
We live in a challenging location, with all stations rated 1Edge or 2Edge (most 2Edge), and nearly all of them 40+ miles away. We also have to shoot through quite a few tall trees when aiming at most of the stations. My goal all along has been to get decent OTA TV reception without having to erect a tower, and without getting a gigantic antenna, if I could possibly avoid it. (Preferred antenna location for us is on top of the house about 25 feet high, and mast attached to the house via a gable mount.)

We started out years ago in this location with an old Radio Shack antenna that was iffy for analog, but became totally useless with the transition to digital. (We'd had that RS antenna from when we'd lived in a location closer to the local stations.) Then we tried a moderate-sized Winegard antenna (can't recall the model number, but it was similar to the HD7694P). We got lots of multipath signal breakup with that one. Given the multipath, I then aimed for something with a narrow beamwidth. Since all but one of our desired stations were UHF, with just one station near the upper end of the VHF region (RF channel 11), we went with an Antennas Direct 91xg antenna. It generally performed reasonably well for years, with issues largely just on our Raleigh RF 11 station during windy or rainy days.

But recently, with the FCC repack, our Raleigh CBS affiliate got assigned to VHF (channel 8) and our channel 11 ABC affiliate is now about to be reassigned to RF channel 9 -- making the 91xg useless for both of those.

I'd been eyeing the strange-looking Televes antennas for a while, so I figured I'd give it a shot after reading the really good reviews. I must say I haven't been disappointed! The Televes DATBOSS Mix LR UHF VHF performs exceedingly well across the spectrum. It even seems to pull in UHF stations better than the 91xg, and we've seen virtually no breakup in any signals so far. The very occasional image artifacts we have seen have lasted for only a split second each, cover only small areas of the image, and occur only with significant wind or rain. The breakups are so minor, if fact, they're barely worth mentioning, all things considered. We are also able to pick up more channels reliably than any other antenna we've had, including the 91xg.

We are using the antenna with the supplied Televes preamp, BTW, which works well. I also like the fact that the pre-amp has two outputs -- perfect for feeding our two TVs. That has allowed us to do away with the old Radio Shack pre-amp and splitter that we had been using for signal distribution (in addition to a Winegard antenna-mounted preamp).

I'll also note that we have the Televes antenna on a rotator, just as we had for the 91xg -- essential for us, since we have stations in multiple directions and didn't want multiple antennas. The narrow beamwidth of this Televes model -- apparently even narrower than the 91xg in UHF -- makes fairly precise aiming towards the desired transmitter essential, especially on windy or rainy days.

As others have noted, the build quality of this antenna is excellent. Although I'd never had any problems with the 91xg, the Televes is much beefier -- in fact, it's built like a tank, compared with all other outdoor antennas I've seen!

Even though Solid Signal's own hands on review calls this antenna big, I don't really think so -- certainly it's not big compared with other fringe antennas with similar longer-range performance. In fact, even though it's a little heavier than the 91xg, largely due to its triple director array. it's roughly the same length as the 91xg. And to put it into perspective, I was able to easily hold the bulk of the antenna attached to the above-rotator mast section using just one hand (minus the lightweight rear-mounted reflectors) when mounting it. The fully-assembled Televes is actually tiny compared with other UHF/VHF antennas with similar range and narrow beamwidth characteristics.

So far, it appears that the dollars we've spent on this Televes antenna represent, by far, the best money we've ever spent for OTA TV reception.
The Best Signal and Highest Quality
- Sebastian, FL -
I've been using a Televes 2 input combiner/preamp/LTE filter for 3-4 years and it has performed way beyond expectations. It's been combining and pre-amplifying 2 91XG's at 180 degrees apart, one group 65 miles, the other 50 miles. The OATV repack has left some of the 65 mile group on the fringe so I wanted a solution.

The Televes DATBOSS LR mixed UHF/VHF (149883) pulls in the stations across the spectrum and especially in the low UHF range, the one that were the problem, by a huge margin. The design and build is superb.

Assembly took some time and I only finger tightened the bolts until the whole antennas was assembled. I did leave all of the reflectors and the active element off until it was mounted on the mast but they are very easily installed after.

Another thing that really amazes me is the quality of the plastic that Televes used in the combiner/preamp/LTE filter housing. After 3-4 years in the hot Florida sun it looks brand new. No fading, crazing, brittleness. I could put it in a box and sell it as brand new.

So now, in Sebastian FL, I have the Televes DATBOSS LR UHF/VHF pointed at Orlando and an 91XG pointed at Palm beach. Both combined, pre-amplified and LTE filtered through the Televes 2 input combiner/preamp/LTE filter and it's working great.

Thank you Televes and Solid Signal.
works great
- jackson, TN -
I have used UD8200 the HD stacker, the 150 mile cheap ones,the discontinued 9032 very long UHF antennae this one outperforms them all. It gets better reception on a ten foot pole testing than the 9032 or the 8200 at 30 feet. It is however a real pain to assemble. On the one I received the holes for mounting bracket and one of the booms also did not line up well and I am an experienced assembler and have installed over a dozen antennae for friends and family in last 4 years and installed a 30 foot long 12 element laser 10/1 meter antenna weighing about 50 lbs and 65 foot tower back in the 1970 s .

I have not used the 91XG which I believe may give this antennae a rival and am considering trying it at a remote relatives location or even stacking them if needed. I can test it at my location first to get better comparison to the Televes.

A plus for the Televes as long as it is functional is the built in amplifier to be used with one less connector and seems to be working at least as good as others I have used like the channel master LNA 200
Once put together this is a very solid antenna.
Watch the Assembly Video it will make things a lot easier.

- Searcy, AR -
We installed the antenna on a pole and I pointed it in the general direction of the towers which are 68 miles. I got 22 channels all crystal clear. I highly recommend this antenna to anyone living in the hills. I live in a Valley with high hills all around
Excellent Long Range Antenna
- Elgin, IA -
For an antenna of it's size, the reception is the best I've seen. I live about 50 miles from the nearest tower and also in a valley, so reception here is tough. I needed to receive both VHF and UHF, and this one fit the bill. For all but one of the broadcasters in my area, this antenna brings them in with a 5 out of 5 signal strength, on both upper VHF and UHF. For the other, it is more of a 3 out of 5 (48 UHF, longer distance, weaker transmission signal), but still perfectly watchable. That channel on my previous old very large antenna was only sometimes watchable, about a 1 or 2 out of 5. I have only had it a month as of this review, but it seems to perform well in different weather conditions. The only things I can say against it at this point are that it is directional (of course), but despite that it still has a decent spread. Also, it has a built in amplifier, which is great for my needs, but it doesn't offer any manual adjustment to how much it amplifies. It appears to be automatic. While it works fine, I would have liked to be able to tune it in myself. Assembly is a bit involved, but not hard if you follow the detailed directions carefully. If you are in a long range situation like me, I think you will be pleased with this antenna.

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