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iView TV Antenna HD Receiver and Converter Box - DVR Ready (3500STBII)
iView TV Antenna HD Receiver and Converter Box - DVR Ready (3500STBII)
iView TV Antenna HD Receiver and Converter Box - DVR Ready (3500STBII)
iView TV Antenna HD Receiver and Converter Box - DVR Ready (3500STBII)

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iView TV Antenna HD Receiver and Converter Box - DVR Ready (3500STBII)

Brand: iView           P\N: 3500STBII           UPC: 880010007707

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Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of iView products.
Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of iView products.
Why spend money on a new TV or a cable subscription? The iView 3500STB is the solution you’ve been looking for as a converter box for analog TVs or an HD receiver for newer TVs. It also becomes an HD DVR for TV antennas that records in HD when you add an external USB hard drive. Get your all-in-one multimedia experience from iView and Solid Signal!

Key features
  • Watch FREE local HDTV channels
  • Record & Schedule your favorite shows in HD when you add an external hardrive or USB stick
  • Compare with Antenna TV DVRs over $250
  • Plays video files from an external device (not included) through USB port
  • Parental control function
  • Small in size, big in function


  • Video Decoder: MPEG-2 MP at HL, MPEG-4 SP, ASP, H.264 HP at L4.1, DivX 3.11, 4.X, 6.X, FLV format and VC-1

  • EAS (Emergency Alert System) to alert emergency information from TV station

  • EPG (Electronic Program Guide) and program information

  • Digital Cable/QAM capability for unencrypted broadcasts

  • Video Resolution: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p

  • Auto tuning (finds all digital broadcasts)

  • Analog passthrough Channel 3/4

  • Full function remote control

  • Parental control function

  • Signal Quality Indicator

  • Built-in HDMI Output

  • Favorite Channel List

  • Closed Captioning


From Analog to Digital!

  • Why replace your analog TV?  IVIEW 3500STB will convert digital signals to your analog TV. Why pay exhorbitant cable subscription fees?  IVIEW 3500STB supports OTA (Over-the-Air) and QAM tuner built-in.  QAM stands for Quadrature Amplitude Modulation. IVIEW3500STB has the capability to pull certain unencrypted digital cable channels  (also known as ‘in-the-clear” channels), watch them on your Television without using any additional set-top box that you have to pay monthly subscription.  

Record all your favorite television shows!

  • No qualms on QAM… you can even record video through the use of a Hard Drive! Play all your music, video or even movies from your USB flash or HDD them in high definition from your big screen televisions.
  • On other countries where analog signals are still present,  this Box will allow you to still watch analog channels   through channels 3 or 4 because of its analog pass-through capabilities.

 High Definition!

  • Watch video on any resolution.. 1080p, 1080i, 72-p or even 576p.  Enjoy the luxury of high definition by connecting an HDMI Cable from the 3500STB HDMI output to your television. 

 And much, much, MORE!

  • 3500STB is a universal media player and automatically recognizes most of the popular video or audio file formats which eliminates the need to purchase any other video player.
  • All the above and other features such as Parental Control, EPG, Signal Quality Indicator, Closed Captioning all in a full function remote control. 

If you are looking for reliability, dependability and most importantly – affordability on a Multimedia device… your search is over! Purchase one of our STB-3500 Multimedia Converter Device from your local stores right now!  



  • Frontal Display
    • Power button allows you to manually turn on or off your IVIEW 3500STB at your convenience.
    • Using the channel up and downs buttons, you can change the channels to your favorite TV station. 
    • The LED display conveniently displays whether you are watching a channel, scanning for channels, or the menu is open.
    • Power light-  Red light indicates that the converter box is on Stand-By
    • Lock Light- Green light indicates converter box is on and that the converter box is locking in signals.
    • USB Port- Located for your convenience, the USB port allows you to insert an external hard drive up to 3 Terabytes of storage, to record your favorite programming or play your movies.
  • Back Display
  • ANT In/Out- Allows you to insert an antenna so the digital channels you receive are converted to your analog television.
  • HDMI- High Definition Media Interface delivers incredible high definition resolution.
  • Coaxial out- connect converter box to your Television using a coaxial cable.
  • Component Outputs- Connect your converter box to your television using component cables
  • Composite Outputs- Connect your converter box to your television using composite cables.  (Included)  


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Product Reviews for iView TV Antenna HD Receiver and Converter Box - DVR Ready (3500STBII)

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Recent Review:
Frank - Appleton, WI - 1/17/2016
very good product

Customer Reviews:
very good product
- Appleton, WI -
If you take the time to read the manual and play with the device, you can quickly learn to use it to record manually or by timer. Everything I needed to know was in the manual, and to overcome the problem of watching one program while recording another, I set up the antenna lead with a coax splitter, and separate inputs from the antenna to the TV and iView. Be sure to use a quality thumb drive. The iView is a real performer, and TV is convenient again! Stop missing your favorite programs and movies. The iView is really good, and for the price, exceptional.
Works very well with many features.
- Garland, TX -
Very good product. The instruction book needs to be in better English. I can't find how to set the time clock from it. Printed in China with English words that don't always tell what we need to know. Product itself is great.
I asked for more info, and got a quick and helpful reply. Product performs as advertised.
- Springfield, OH -
Would use this company again anytime.
This device is much more than a converter box.
- Meridian, ID -
This a very useful device. It can be used as a tuner for a big screen TV connected through a 1080p HDMI connection. My Toshiba 46 inch TV does not have an Electronic Program guide (EPG)so it is nice that this box gives me one. The recording capability is great for recording off the air DTV. The EPG can be used to select the program to be recorded. The format used for the recording is compatible with Windows 7 software and Windows Movie Maker version 2012 can be used to edit and save the file as an mp4 file. It can play mp4 videos from other sources so it works like a modernized VCR using Flash drives as the media with the additional capability to use the recording on a computer. Since I don';t have cable or satellite and all of my TV is received off the air this gives me a convenient way to record TV. My thanks goes to Solid Signal for bringing this device to my attention. Otherwise I would not know that such a device exists.
Works great. DVR is added bonus.
- Yuba city, CA -
Could not wait to comment. I have a nice Sony TV, which became useless as I did not want to pay an extra $15.00 to my cable company for another box. I hooked up to an old antenna and after a visit to TV fool, I found the right direction to point. I live in a fringe area about 60 miles from two markets (north valley and Sacramento, Ca). I am getting more channels than my radio shack digital to analog converter that cost $20.00 more! Some have mentioned the quality of this product, but so far I am pleased. I am having problems getting the "Learning keys" which I assume control the on off of the TV itself, but having an extra remote is not a big issue. I have played with the Record capabilities some. It';s big draw back is one cannot record a program, and watch something else on another channel. This is the first recording devise I have purchased since a VCR, so I am sure this is probably not an issue with a higher priced unit. For the money, I like it very much and if one is looking for a converter box with recording capabilities, this is the unit to purchase!
Flash drives work fine...
- Canton, MI -
I see that another customer above has said not to use flash drives, but he/she doesn';t say if they have tried to use them or not, what brand they used, and what if any problems they had. As I stated in my first review, other than having to reformat my 32GB SanDisk Cruzer Glide Flash Drive from FAT32 to NTSF file format, I have not had a single problem since, and that applies to both of the iVIEW 3500STBII boxes I purchased, but again, your results may vary as I have not tried using others brands of flash drives. I have always used SanDisk drives with my equipment, whether they are flash drives or the SDHC cards I use in my cameras. I have used this brand exclusively for over 9 years and have not had one problem with any of them. Again, these reviews only reflect my experience with the iVIEW 3500STBII and associated equipment, and I am simply sharing my experience with this product and related products as it might help other customers avoid possible problems, and to give them some idea about what may or may not work while using this product. AVS forum does contain a lot of useful information, I use them regularly for video equipment reviews and customer feedback, I am also a member.
An update on a real buy...
- Canton, MI -
Hi, this is an update to my previous comments/impressions above. I am still very impressed with this units performance with hi-def recordings that this very inexpensive converter box offers, and all my previous comments apply with some revisions and additional information from my weeks worth of use. In my comments above I said that the performance is amazing considering the cheap parts used, that was a bit harsh I feel, the fact that they can offer so much performance for so little money, and for so few/inexpensive parts still amazes me, and by parts I mean the inexpensive capacitors used, which is totally consistent and expected with the cost of this units mark-up/resale etc., hopefully the reliability is good, obviously, too soon to tell for me, but so far so good. As I mentioned in my previous message, I bought two of these ';boxes and I will purchase a few more, although I will also need to buy an HDMI switcher with more than my 3 to 1 switcher offers. I have noticed that the program and the station you are recording in hi-def has a big effect on the storage capacity of your flash drive or hard disk drive. Most OTA stations in the Detroit, Michigan area for example, broadcast one or more standard definition stations, those being the __.2, __.3 or more sub channels along with the hi-def channel which is always __.1 For example, Detroit PBS has their hi-def channel which 56.1, they also have two standard def channels which are, 56.2 and 56.3, the recording bit-rate/quality this converter box records in, will depend on what station/channel you are recording, standard stations will use far less capacity that the hi-def channels, and a station like CBS, which in this area only has one channel available, a hi-def channel, this single channel will use all of the available bit-rate/bandwidth allotted to each station, and from what I';ve seen of my recordings, CBS uses a lot more space than the other hi-def stations/channels because they don';t strip bit-rate/bandwidth to make standard definition channels, this is great when it comes to recording quality, but if you intend on recording and/or keeping many programs in hi-def, you will need to use a large capacity hard disk drive, as the flash drives that I like to use, because they don';t have any moving parts, these flash drives are limited to 128 GB capacity, which from what I';ve seen would give you maybe 10 hours? of recording at the highest bit-rate. The iVIEW 3500 automatically adjusts its bit-rate/quality of the recordings according to whats available from the station and channel. iVIEW is now saying that their 3500STBII can be used with HDD';s as large as 3 Terra Bytes, up from the previously stated 500 GB. This converter box uses military time, 24 hour time to set your recordings, in other words, if you set it to record a program at 3 am, you will need to enter 03:00, if you record at 3 pm, you would need to enter 15:00, it would have been nice if they simply used the common AM/PM time that all the other recorders I have, use, not a huge problem, just a readjustment on my part. The display is bright enough to see from the moon, but according to a message from iVIEW posted on AVSforum, they say that they cannot adjust the brightness downward due to the display panel they are using, then again, the display doesn';t give you any useful information anyways. For example, the channels displayed on the ';box are simply numbers corresponding to the order in which the channels were added during channel scanning, although when you do change channels, it does show you the proper local stations number and letters on your TV, starting from the lowest to the highest station/channel. The users manual says that this ';box has a 7 day EPG (electronic program guide), from what I';ve seen, this only gives you about 10-12 hours look ahead of the current time, but I have seen a few stations that went out to 24 hours, the thing is, the EPG is very dependent on the information that the station is sending it, but it would be very helpful in setting recordings if it did go out a full 7 days. And for those that are wondering, well, I couldn';t wait for the warrantee to expire before I changed parts in my first ';box, but for the moment, this will be limited to this ';box and its single-sided power supply board which contains only a few "lytics, ceramic disc caps, and standard diodes, top grade Black Gates, Nichicon ';lytics and film caps along with HEXFRED diodes should make a nice improvement, and yes iVIEW and Solid Signal, I do realize my warrantee is null and void, but at $40 to $50 dollars, I can afford it. I will post additional comments/observations when I feel it would be useful for Solid Signals customers, hopefully my comments/impressions help, by for now.
Don';t use a Flash Drive that might have been the other reviewer';s problem
- Altamonte Springs, FL -
Here is an extremely detailed review of anything, and I mean anything, you want to know about this product.
It does do everything advertised, but stand by for a steep learning curve. The manual is close but seems to be for a slightly different model. It seems to have a slow processor for remote control commands. a lot of lags sometimes. But it does work. do not expect to see the cable channels numbers you are used to. For instance is 28.2 on the cable, it 76-144 on the display. I am still working on the 7 day schedule, The recording works, but you have to know the channel this shows. The cable company remaps the channels with their boxes. this one does not seem to. But i am still trying a few more things. construction seems good. Set aside some time to learn it. Make sure you use HDMI cable to setup, It won't on the RF setting.
Works Great!
- Harrisville, NY -
We ordered this to record shows that we might otherwise miss now that we have a newer t.v. and our VCR no longer can record with it. This was a great deal and by adding an inexpensive hard drive we have the capacity to record several shows and program it to work when we're unable to be home. And we didn't have to buy a dvr that charges for a monthly service to accomplish that. I have only a couple minor complaints. One is that you can't set the time it's automatic and you have to have the right settings for it to work, we had a few problems with that around daylight savings time, but as long as you're aware of that you shouldn't have a problem. Another is we have had a couple instances where it dropped programs from the schedule, I have no idea why. Whether weekly or daily, they'd be recording as scheduled and then suddenly they just weren't in the recording schedule list and we had to add them back in. So now that we know that can happen, we just make a check every so often to make sure the schedule is up to date. One more little thing is that it occasionally starts to record things 5 minutes before schedule, so I just set it to go 5 min. longer on record so it doesn't miss the end of a show, just as a precaution. Once we figured out the few little problems with this I am so happy I made the choice to buy it.
If watching a dvd or Netflix, or using the Wii, the iView will still turn itself on at the correct time and record the program without any problems. Even if you can't watch other t.v. shows while it's working I think it's good to know you can still do other things with your t.v. at the same time.
For people like us who want to continue to have free over the air broadcasting and are happy with the networks we have, the iView receiver was a wonderful choice.
Great Off Air DVR
- Pasadena, TX -
The iView HD DRV Receiver/Converter Box for TV Antenna QAM performed better than expected. I wish it could record more than one channel in the same time frame, but I am Happy with the results I get. My portable USB Harddrive is working fine with the DVR. It found more TV Channels than my TV did. No reason now to miss the soap opera. I think I'll get another for the other TV so I can record two shows in the same time frame.
Very good DVR for the money. Does exactly was it is supposed to do.
- Katy, TX -
Overall the product is very good. Samsung tuner does an excellent job, electronic programming menu and record feature are easy and does a good job. Recording format is proprietary and there is no option to change it to MP4. MOV, WMV, or AVI. The recorder can read and play these formats. VLC player can read and play this format on your computer. I also would have preferred an HDMI digital output instead of an analog coax pass through to the TV. However, for the price you cannot go wrong.
single function dvr
- houston, TX -
I like it, family hates it. I got the STBII.
I knew it was a single tuner, but you can not watch a recorded show while recording a new show. this device will only do one thing at a time.
for that reason I can't recommend it as your primary dvr, but a good choice as a third tuner recording option
Addition to earlier review
- Haslett, MI -
Still one of the most versatile boxes out there, has it's limitations as previously stated, but here is another use for the box: hooked up via HDMI to a 21-27 Flat Screen HDMI monitor(not a TV)makes a cheap HD TV for a Kitchen, Small room, etc. Audio is limited but I think with the RCA audio jacks you could hook up amped speakers to increase volume. Great Deal on a extremely versatile box and the DVR works great as well.
Products works great but has a challenging manual. Picture is much better than my older (and much more expensive) converter.
- New Orleans, LA -
I particularly was looking for a converter with a good Electronic Program Guide and this one is better and faster than my old converter. I don't know why I can't get the clock to give me 12 hour time and not the 24 military time but that is a small inconvenience.
I love it!
- Taylorsville, UT -
It was very easy to setup and to use. I have a few MPEG-4 broadcasts in my area, and it sees those as well as all of the other DTV channels around. I do wish it showed the resolution of the channel I am tuned to, but other than that, I have no complaints.
Very good value, feature rich, flexible, lacking slightly on signal reception and Remote comms with converter.
- Haslett, MI -
As the person from Canton, MI has stated pretty good box, not a Channel Master CM 7000 in terms of tuner quality (although both my CM 7000 burned out their internal power supplies in under 2 years same problem both tuners- think it's the 400v 2200 uf input EL caps on the rectifier circuit)I rank it's tuner quality on par with the Zinwell converters (fair to good as opposed CM 7000 being excellent). I have many tuners with which I run comparisons, the above mentioned as well as SiliconDust HDHomerun network tuner, ATI/ Diamond usb stick tuner, Sanyo TV (non flat sreen) with ATSC and NTSC tuners the tuner is and seemingly will be sub par as far as I can tell. But that being said this device is very useful and flexible, I run a Logitech passive (non-powered) 4 port usb 2.0 hub with a usb 3.0 card reader attached (box reads media files on both the USB stick drives and SDHC class 10 cards all are SanDIsk so as previous poster from Canton, MI stated Sandisk work and are ultra reliable) and an External 1 TB Samsung Spinmaster (Highly Reliable and Cheap drive and Roswell enclosure about $80)Sata2 enclosure , no recording issues other than the software/ programming idiosyncrasies leading to slightly hard to identify recordings etc. Overall cheap and effective DVR, recently watched the NCAA tournament on one tuner and recorder the Red Wings on this box (and surfed back and forth ), worked well and had excellent quality. I have a dual antenna setup with a 39 j-mount on chimney, 1 HDX 8 (?)100 mile UHF only pointed ENE (Towards Flint/ Saginaw, Mich appx 50-60 miles to TX's and a RCA 50 mile small yedi pointed SSW, towards Lansing, Jackson Battle Creek and I get nearly 50 channels (many are junk- they give a license to anybody trying to make money)and even a PBS Station with 4 Channels (19.1-19.4)with a transmitter in Bad Axe, MI, (intermittent reception admittedly)135 miles by road (per Google maps)so moral of my long winded story with this box, also use high quality antennas properly aimed (Wikepedia lists all tv stations in State and their transmitter locations which are often not right in the immediate City you are aiming for sometimes 10- 20 miles out from media market City), high quality cable and preamp and a little research/ homework(very important)and you will like the results and price to performance ratio, very flexible, very useful and anyone finds a box with as many features as this any where near this price range please let me know, not perfect but very workable in most environments
Excellent item.
- Monticello, IA -
I mainly use it as a DVR for OTA and it works great. Setup is a little crazy and the remote is non standard but overall it is a great device.
Long overdue update...
- Canton, MI -
This is an update to my previous 3 reviews shown above, and a few warnings. First off, these units can record/display excellent high-def programming, and yes, high quality replacement parts do make a difference if you';re so inclined, these upgrades are limited to conductive polymer capacitors and Fairchild "Stealth" hi-speed diodes and a few metal-foil resistors. Unfortunately, these units tend to suffer from internal programming/firmware issues that have nothing to do with the replacement parts, these issues have caused more than a few problems. I now have 4 of these converter boxes, the last ';box I bought has a different chip/board layout than the previous 3 ';boxes, this ';box has the channel 3/4 switch on the back side which the previous 3 do not. The first 3 (older) boxes take a different firmware update than the last (newest) box with the 3/4 switch on the back side, but only the last ';box would accept iVIEWS firmware update, unfortunately, the update did NOT fix the freezing issue or the "time zone" issues, and the 3 previous ';boxes will no longer function correctly since I tried to update the firmware, they are now going back to iVIEW for repair/replacement. I have read that the latest firmware update is suppose to increase the sensitivity of the tuner section by twice as much, as the tuner does need a strong signal for reliable channel lock, more to add later...
A surprising value for the performance but...
- Canton, MI -
A quick initial impression of a surprisingly excellent value/performance product, but a few details first before I begin. My TV is Sony';s excellent 34" XBR960 widescreen HD (1080i) tube TV. This TV has one HDMI input so I use an active 3-1 switch box for the IVIEW 3500stb2 converter box along with my three Blu-ray players, one via component video. I bought two of these IVIEW HD converter boxes for recording local over-the-air broadcasts as I don';t have and refuse to pay for cable/sat. This converter offers just what I was looking for, a way to record HD ota broadcasts without being too expensive, but I certainly didn';t expect this low of a price. I spent a good 6-7 hours yesterday getting familiar with operating the ';box, its fairly simple to operate, but I did run into an issue with the IVIEW which is the reason for my comment/review, basically this is a heads-up for potential buyers out there as there seems to be no useful info as to what USB devices work well with this ';box, and IVIEW USA doesn';t offer any suggestions due to liability issues... I purchased a SanDisk Cruzer Glide 32GB USB flash drive as a medium to record on, I simply like the fact that these devices have no moving parts. After set-up I was very interested to see what the quality of the HD recordings would be, surprisingly, it is very close to what I see from the Sonys built-in HD tuner, especially considering how little there is inside the IVIEW and the seriously cheap parts, but remember that even though I am using WireWorlds top/expensive HDMI cables, that I am also going through two one meter long cables and a 3-1 switch box, I know that when I go direct HDMI-to-Sony TV from my Denon BDP 3800 Blu-Ray player that the picture quality is even better, so I would expect the IVIEW HD picture to be equal to the Sony';s when run direct to the TV, amazing considering all those cheap parts, hopefully the reliability is good, and I can always replace those parts when the warranty ends... Now to the issue I had between the IVIEW 3500STBII and the SanDisk Cruzer Glide 32GB USB flash drive. When I first plugged the SanDisk into my IVIEW ';box it showed it to be formatted for FAT32, but when I went to record a program in HD, it would stop every 30 seconds or so and pixelate/macroblock for about a second, then it would be fine again until another 30 seconds or so. I checked to make sure my WineGuard HD 7695P antenna mounted on a Channel Master rotor was aligned for best signal, and I also watched the same program through the Sony TV';s tuner that I was recording with the IVIEW to make sure that it wasn';t the program itself, it wasn';t the program/signal. I then remember reading a review on Google about the IVIEW 3500 from a customer who said he had a problem with his HDD not recording for more than 15 miutes at a time, he found that when he went into the IVIEW 3500STBII menu and reformatted his hard disk drive for NTFS file instead of the FAT32 file format, his problems ended, I found that my pixelating/macroblocking was gone as well, and yes I did go back and try FAT 32 again, the problem returned. I don';t know what cased this problem and neither does IVIEW, as they called me this morning to answer another question I had about this converter. I';ve recorded about 3 hours worth of programs with the ';box set for NTFS format and have seen no further problems, and its very easy to reformat, just select between FAT32 and NTFS files in the menu, I will up-date if anything changes, I hope not, so far so good. I will purchase more ';boxes if they prove to be reliable, I hope this helps others out there, but of course due to many unforeseen variables, I nor SolidSignal can make any guaranties that your results will be the same, IVIEW told me that they would check out this issue and make whatever updates needed, again, a great bang-for-the-buck product for so little money, recommended! PS> I will up-date this review should I learn any useful information, and FYI, a 32GB flash drive is good for about 6 hours of HD recording from what I';ve seen.
Works OK but will never make you forget a Channel master
- Schaumburg, IL -
Remote has limited range and peripheral range. Difficult to program. Very slow to accept remote commands, but it works.
Recording quality is very good however the instructions for use are almost non-existent and the on-screen selections are often incomplete or don';t actually seem to work.
- Atlanta, GA -
For the price I paid it is OK, however it is very difficult to use, there doesn';t seem to be a clock to actually see what time the unit thinks it is, doesn';t seem to adjust for DST. I cannot tell if there is a way to edit what I have recorded to remove extra beginning material or tail end material. A one hour recording uses over 6Gb so a USB stick gets used up fast. At times it appears that the remote is not connecting to the base unit but sometimes that appears to be due to the selection choices shown are not actually valid at that specific time. Recording quality is very good and the digital receiver works fairly well with my weak OTA broadcast signal.
works as over the air converter not cable converter!
- Chicago, IL -
I perched this terrestrial and cable converter box some time ago but it didn’t work in the QAM mode yet my TVs internal QAM decoding does! The TV decodes all none encrypted TV broadcast on Comcast.
The iView HD DVR Receiver/Converter Box for in the QAM mode does not!
Great idea, an over the air DVR that records HD to USB memory device but it is Highly Unreliable and the Software is Crudely Written!
Pros: Inexpensive, HD, can purchase as much memory as you want, has a program guide.
The program guide allows you to find a program by name & record it. The Con: the program name, will not appear on the recording only the date & channel. Which means you have to manually search through each recording, & type in titles for everything. The program guide only shows up to around 24 hours so it's useless recording beyond a day. According to IVEW, this device has no clock but instead gets timing from the Network which would explain why sometimes it doesn't come on at the set time and stops recording before it's supposed to. From time to time the USB hard drive just disappears like it was disconnected along with your timer settings. Usually without touching the unit you can power it down & when it comes back up the hard drive is visible again. The software appears to be unfinished as if they hope a programmer will do the extra work needed to make this device into a TIVO. This Device is Highly Unreliable and the Software is Crudely Written!
Poor Tuner
- Central, CA -
Make sure your Desired stations are Very Strong. Used with a Mast Mounted Amplifier to a 4-way Splitter to 3 TV';s plus this Tuner. All TV';s (even with 50'; of Cable) receive All Channels. This Tuner would not receive half of them. Changed from 10'; Coax to different 6'; Cable - No real Improvement. Those Strong Channels which it does receive, are Received and Displayed (HDMI) very well. Those of Medium Strength break up substantially. Weaker Channels are not Detected at all. Guide looks pretty good for a Single Tuner. Could not receive my Desired Channels, so it sits in its Shipping Box in the Closet.

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