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weBoost Connect 4G Cell Signal Booster Up to 5000 Sq Ft (470103)
weBoost Connect 4G Cell Signal Booster Up to 5000 Sq Ft (470103)
weBoost Connect 4G Cell Signal Booster Up to 5000 Sq Ft (470103)
weBoost Connect 4G Cell Signal Booster Up to 5000 Sq Ft (470103)
weBoost Connect 4G Cell Signal Booster Up to 5000 Sq Ft (470103)
weBoost Connect 4G Cell Signal Booster Up to 5000 Sq Ft (470103)
weBoost Connect 4G Cell Signal Booster Up to 5000 Sq Ft (470103)
weBoost Connect 4G Cell Signal Booster Up to 5000 Sq Ft (470103)
weBoost Connect 4G Cell Signal Booster Up to 5000 Sq Ft (470103)

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weBoost Connect 4G Cell Signal Booster Up to 5000 Sq Ft (470103)

Brand: weBoost           P\N: 470103           UPC: 811815024521

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Improve your cell phone reception for multiple users in areas up to 5,000 square feet with the Connect 4G from weBoost. The Connect 4G cell signal booster allows users to get better voice and data signals with fewer dropped calls, improved voice quality, and faster uploads and downloads. It increases cell signals up to 32x and enhances 4G LTE and 3G signals for buildings up to 5000 sq. ft. All parts needed for installation are included in the kit. For the best indoor cell phone reception and increased call quality, this booster is for you.

Works On Every Network, For Any Carrier.

Signal boosters increase cell signal by collecting signals with a powerful antenna and then deliver those signals to the booster to amplify the singals so your devices receive them and then deliver the signals back to the cell tower. The outside antenna reaches out to the cell tower to access the voice and data signals. The booster receives the outside signal from the outside antenna. The booster amplifies the outside signal by 32x and then sends it to the inside antenna. The inside antenna then broadcasts the boosted signal to the devices inside the building and then back to the cell tower. The Connect 4G is great for homes, condos, apartments, basements, cabins, farmhouses, small offices, and other residential and SMB properties.

Key Features:
  • Boosts 3G and 4G LTE signals up to 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Amplifies existing in-building cellular service up to 32x for better talk, text, and faster internet
  • Ideal for homes, condos, apartments, basements, cabins, farmhouses, small offices, and other residential properties
  • Works for all phones and cellular devices on all major US carriers
  • Complete kit with all parts included for easy installation
  • Up to +65 dB gain of power
This complete kit includes:

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Outside Antenna Type

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Inside Antenna Type

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Max dB Range

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Boost 4G/LTE & 3G Data

Compatible with
all Cellular Devices
and all U.S Carriers

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Inside Antenna Type

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Slim Low Profile

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Works with virtually all smartphones and mobile hotspots

  • Stronger cellular signal in your home or workspace

  • weBoost is formerly known as Wilson Electronics

  • Longer battery life – up to 2 hours longer talk time

  • Fewer dropped calls and lost connections

  • All needed components included in kit

  • Works with all cellular carriers

  • Boosts voice & data signals

  • Faster data downloads

  • For up to 5,000 sq ft

  • Simple installation


  • Band 12/17: 700 MHz
  • Band 13: 700 MHz
  • Band 5: 850 MHz
  • Band 4: 1700-2100 MHz
  • Band 25/2: 1900 MHz
Max Gain
  • 65 dB
Power Requirements
  • 110-240 V AC
  • 50-60 Hz
  • 8W
  • F-Female
  • 6.5in x 4.25in x 1.75in
  • 16.5cm x 10.7cm x 4.4cm
  • 1.28 lbs./0.580 kg (Signal Booster only)


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Recent Review:
Amy - Lucasville, OH - 6/16/2017
Love this product! Went from one bar to four!!

Customer Reviews:
Love this product! Went from one bar to four!!
- Lucasville, OH -
Absolutely grateful for this product!
Awesome features
- Watersmeet, MI -
Bought this 2 weeks ago and we r so happy we did..
Really Works
- Salina, KS -
Could not get a good enough signal in my shop to answer a call before, would always have to step outside. Now can make and answer calls even under a car.
This definitely works
- Hondo, TX -
I finally got fed up and having to walk outside to talk on the phone. And after doing extensive research I decided on the weboost cell phone booster. It has transformed my house or from a dead zone in to where I get to talk in the air-conditioning zone and in South Texas thatfts a big deal
Increases reception
- Westport, NY -
We bought the units and our bars went from one to three or four
Great product, great customer service!
- Mineola, TX -
I live in a metal barn in the country. Four the last several years, we stand in the window or outside to get cell service. I followed the instructions, placed the antenna toward my strongest signal and as high as I could (the cupola of the barn). Now get up to 4 bars inside. Great product! And customer service was great before and after my purchase. Highly recommend Weboost!
From No Service to 4 bars!!
- Winter Springs, FL -
Installed on my all steel enclosed 1200 sq ft workshop. Never had any cell phone service until I installed the weBoost! Now I have 4 to 5 bars! WONDERFUL!!!!!!!
Works as advertised!
- South Salem, OH -
Had 4g service outside my house. Nothing inside. Installed weBoost and now I have 4g inside my house at very edge of cell coverage.
The cellular signal booster actually works
- Park County, CO -
I bought the Connect 4G to use in my RV temporarily until our house is finished. I will be relocating the booster to the house at that time. In the RV we had little cellular signal it was -110 dBm to -120 dBm. The best signal we got was when it was snowing. After we installed the Connect 4G booster we are getting -73 dBm signal readings?. We live at 9000 in the mountains far from everything. For us this product definitely works.
- Henderson, WV -
Went from spotted service to super fast two bars of LTE and better most of the time
- Charles City, VA -
Living in a rural area, this has been a great buy. My signal has increased and I still need to do some adjustments.
It works!
- Blountsville, AL -
I dropped calls all the time in our house, now thanks to We Boost, it simply works.
easy to install
- Mt Horeb, WI -
finally got reliable cell coverage have only droped one call in about a month it was snowing at the time so it could have been the weather we are happy with it so far
worked great.
- Memphis, IN -
Installed today, worked perfect. Have 4 bars inside, were before we had no service.
Fantastic booster
- Oakwood, TX -
We have been hit and miss for years at the ranch and we can finally use our phones at home.
Works as advertised.
- Gillette, WY -
I went from having no service in my shop to full service, works awesome. A little tricky to install but if you follow the manual you canftt go wrong.
- Smokey Mountains, TN -
I ordered a Weboost and didnftt really expect it to work but I was desperate. My husband installed the booster and came into the house and asked if I had any signal. No, I said, again saddened that I would have to leave the mountains, catch up with my work for a week or two before I could return to the Smokey Mountains. My hubby said, hold on, let me turn the antenna. My iPhone sprang to live, 5 bars! I then went on the internet and wow, lighting fast! Now I can get rid of a satellite that has internet like the old dial up at a cost of $71.77 a month. Also now I can get rid of my landline (local calls only) at over $60.00 a month, I donftt know anybody local but because of my husbands health wanted 911. I canftt even begin to tell you how thrilled I am that this works so well. I am seriously considering buying another booster just for a backup. Thank you so much Weboost, you have made my life so much easier! God Bless!
I Believe
- Baldwin, MI -
I was a big skeptic and suffered through painfullly slow and unreliable data service for two years before I bought the Wilson. One week in I, have seen the light.
Itfts fantastic.
- La Veta, CO -
Itfts a great product. If you were debating because of the price, donftt delay. It is so worth it. Going from 1 bar to LTE is simply amazing. Sending a photo to a family member goes super fast instead of churning and churning!!
Great booster
- Los Angeles, CA -
I bought this for my office and all my co-workers love it. It works will all 4 cell phone carriers.
Great Investment
- North Jackson, OH -
I live in an older farmhouse that was built in the early 1900fts. There is siding on the house that is made of wood composite, but under that is a foil material...around the whole house. Needless to say we had basically no coverage for our cell phones indoors. Had to go outside to make a phone call, no matter what the weather is like. After installing the booster it made a tremendous difference. Not only could I make and receive calls indoors, the connection for data was great at 4G LTE. Something I had never had in the house. Customer.service is great, I spoke with them twice before I purchased my booster. They listen and recommend the appropriate booster for your situation.
Worth the Price.
- Richfield, PA -
I bought the weBoost about 2 weeks ago. Install was easy and so was the setup. Checked for a signal outside and had a usable signal outside but nothing in the house. I now have a great signal in the entire house and basement and can use both the phone and data.
No more grumbling about cell reception
- Westfield, WI -
I have Verizon, my husband has ATT. My Verizon was 2 bars, it is now 4-5. Very sketchy ATT is now 2-3 bars and gets LTE data. We are very happy with the increase in reception. We live in the woods, pretty much in no manfts land. We attached the weboost to our TVfts antenna tower. We chose the 5000ft coverage model because we have a detached garage and office building. The signal reaches both out buildings and down into our basement. Installation was not too complicated, however, it helps a great deal to have tech savvy kids.
Worked so good at my sonfts house, I bought one too
- Pigeon Forge, TN -
We got one of these for my sonfts house, when he first moved in, because his cell phone would barely send and receive a text if he left it in the window of the living room. So we decided to get the weboost cell phone booster instead of a land line because we could pay for it with the money we would spend on a land line for the just the first year. And it worked even better than we thought it would, not only can he send and receive texts and make cell phone calls from any room in the house, he can also watch youtube videos and use all of his apps as well. And since it worked so well for our son, we bought one for our house, and can now stop having to pay for a land line, which will pay for the cell phone booster in just a little over a year, plus we can now use all of our apps too. Where before we had to put our cell phones in the window just to send and receive texts.
Signal everywhere
- Brandon, MS -
Before I got we boost the I had to sit in one spot not turn my head. Now I can sit anywhere in house and get 3 to 4 bars. Very much worth the money. Thanks
Great feature
- Ocala, FL -
I bought weboost a month ago is working very good now l can make phone calls inside the house also have very fast data 4GLTE
Whatfts a 3 and 4 bar signal worth
- Mounds, OK -
Your best signal outside is what you will have in your home or building. Best thing I could have done. Say goodbye to dropped calls.
Its a must for Rural Cellular users
- Central, MI -
This isnftt my first amp, this one boost the 4g also and really boost the cellular signal. spend the money you wont be sorry.
Works as advertised
- Grayling, MI -
Set up per instructions and it worked perfectly immediately. Both on our phones at the same time with no problems. Anywhere in the house.
very easy to install
- Mc Leod, TX -
we live in the ftftwoodsftft and had next to nothing for a cell signal and after installing weboost 470103 we now have 3 to 4 bars of 4g signal.
House needed boost
- Winter Haven, FL -
Been using the web post products for 3 years now. This one was for my house normally the ones I get are for work where job sites are over 10miles from a tower. This one I used at the house due to installation in the house creating dead spots. Took signal from -116 to between -92 to -78. This a huge improvement I do have flashing orange lights because the towers are close. Understand you do not need solid green lights for a great signal.
WoW! does this ever make a difference
- Franklin, TN -
On my property, outside I commonly have a -105db signal. Inside my metal building with metal roof (faraday cage, LOL), my signal is -119db. After installing the Connect 4G, my interior signal is -89db. I went from 2 bars outside to 5 bars inside... I can talk, text, and get mobile data with ease... Great product, perfect application for this location. Relatively easy to install.
Huge improvement!
- Wellsville, NY -
Got this for Christmas and it took our 1 bar of LTE outside our home (on a good day) and is now pulling in 3 sometimes up to 4 bars of LTE inside our home! As of right now extremely satisfied with the product!
Made My Cell Phone Reliable
- Mountain Ranch, CA -
I live in a rural area with poor cell reception and unreliable connections. Poor audio and dropped calls were common. The WeBoost helped me locate my closest cell site (11 miles away) and what band Verizon was using (800MHz). I swapped out the supplied outdoor antenna for yagis (see photo). There hasnftt been even one dropped syllable let alone a dropped call in the 2 weeks Iftve had it working. I couldnftt be more pleased!
Works great, a real life saver in the country!
- Farmersville, TX -
I am very happy with my weboost and how it allows clear cell phone calls in our metal roof home in the country.
2nd time purchaser and would do it all over again
- Speedwell, TN -
A few years ago I purchased a DBPro 3G booster and I was able to go from 1 bar and dropped calls to 4 bars and rock solid connections. The only thing I was missing was 4G service at our floating house in the mountains of eastern Tennessee. Over Thanksgiving I was having a discussion with my brother and sister in-law about how to improve their cellular connections at their northern Wisconsin cabin. Since they do a ton to help out my elderly in-laws, we decided to give them our DBPro and purchase a new Connect 4G. Installation was even easier this time around, since I was able to re-use my outdoor directional antenna and indoor panel antenna along with the cabling that was already installed. Literally 5 minutes from opening the box to powering it on. The Connect 4G works perfectly. I had no 4G coverage previously and once I powered it up I got 4 bars of LTE. Exactly what I was hoping for. Excellent, excellent product. A few of our floating house neighbors have followed our lead and installed weBoost amplifiers to get cell service in this difficult terrain. I will not hesitate to continue recommending them to anyone in poor coverage areas.
Great deal
- Tioga, PA -
Bought this 3 weeks ago and should have not waited as long as I did to get it. Made the difference as soon as we had it setup. Went from able to talk in one area of the house once in a while to anywhere all the time.
Great signal improvement.
- Ironton, WI -
Was given as a gift from daughters and their husbands. We had no signal in house due to new steel roof.Now have four to five bars. Itfts amazing.
Worth every penny !
- Youngsville, NC -
We live in rural NC, sever miles from nearest cell tower. Lots of trees and once we put a steel roof on the house, zero signal inside. Outside we would get maybe 2 lines of 3G. Well, after i installed the Booster, 4 bars of 4G inside. No more running out to get the call.
- Lafayette, LA -
Installed at deer camp which is located in rural area with limited cell coverage. Wow!! We have great reception and can download movies etc. great product
Best purchase Iftve made
- Waucedah, MI -
Went from 1-2 bars to 2 bars and LTE.. can make calls anywhere in the house and data is much faster.
Solid signal
- Centerville, TX -
This has given me a strong reliable signal where I had spotty to little or no signal on my ranch, with the outside antenna mounted approximately 35 feet high I get between -68 and -116 db on my phone depending on my location in and around the house
Improved reception
- Carlsbad, CA -
Before I installed the weBoost I had dropped calls in several areas of my home. Although the number of inbarsin has not changed, there have been no dropped calls and reception is much clearer
Good so far
- Auburn, IN -
Been using 2 weeks. Easy set up, good info, quality parts. Boosts signal to weakest parts of house. So far so good. Cheaper type from another manufacturer failed after 2 months. Pricey but works. Hope it lasts a long time.
Functions as advertised
- Cleburne, TX -
Went from no service/one bar to four bars and LTE. Awesome!
Great coverage
- Tucson, AZ -
No phone reception in over half my house. Installed weboost and have coverage all through the house. Sent back my 4g Lte booster I bought from Verizon which only worked it you were near it.
Great booster
- Osteen, FL -
WEBOOST did all it claimed, I live in an area with poor to no signal also in a mobile home, with this we boost we can now use the computer cell phone in all the rooms throughout the house. Very easy to install,wish we would have done this yearfts ago thank you
Online in line and connected
- Hayesville, NC -
I now can sit in my mountain home in the Smokies and have3 - 4 bars of signal strength Before it was a trip outside to top floor patio, with arm extended 1 was able to receive 1 and 2 bars on a good day..... We are blessed to have a view, and now thankful to weBoost for my new cell strength
Good in remote location
- Deming, NM -
I bought a different model which I could never get to work at my location on a New Mexico cattle ranch. weBoost sent me this model and we got it working in an hour or so. Kudos to Customer Service at weBoost.
Works Great!
- Santa Cruz, CA -
Easy to install and works great. The only challenge is to obtain 50 feet of separation between the receiving and broadcasting antennas while minimizing cable length. My targeted space went from zero bars (-110 db) to five bars (-41 db).
- Byron, GA -
We recently put a metal roof on our home. To our dismay, our i phones started dropping almost every call. We only had one bar sometimes two anyway.We decided to try We Boost. Our phones now have two bars sometimes three. What a differance. Thank you
Excellent 150% improvement
- Orange Grove, TX -
I usually donftt give reviews and if I do it is only after several months of usage. In times past I had lousy cell phone reception and often had to either go outside or locate a hill to make and receive calls. Also I had terrible landline service for wireless internet and had to make numerous calls to the service techs in order maintain an internet connection. With the weBoost I no longer have a problem with cell reception inside my home and no longer have to look for a high spot to make a call. I was able to do away with the landline. I am now fully wireless and have a vastly improved internet connection... speed.
Amazing Device for Rural Areas
- Bucks County, PA -
I just purchased and installed the weBoost 4G and I couldnftt be happier. We live in a rural area with a very limited cell signal. At best, just one bar, and only outside. The only way to make and receive calls meant going 100 feet out into our yard. Not such a good thing in inclement weather! And especially since I work from home. Though somewhat pricey, this device has now improved the signal to between 2-4 bars inside the house, depending upon what floor and what room you are in. It is just such a relief to be able to make and receive calls anywhere inside the house and to be able to walk around with no dropped calls! As a DIY type guy, my only complaints would be: The installation instructions Online could be better coordinated with the items that you actually receive inside the box. More clarity should be offered relative to installing the optional lightning surge protector. And other mounting masts and attachment plates should be offered and suggested. The one that was suggested and that I purchased had to be modified quite a bit to work. Nevertheless, it was easy to contact customer service, and they were very prompt and helpful.
Relatively easy set up with great results!
- Twin Lakes, CO -
I have gone from 2 bars to 4 or 5 with no more dropped calls and complaints that I am cutting in and out. We are in the mountains and with winter on the way, knowing I can complete calls inside without going outside for better reception is greatly appreciated. Internet speed has also improved. Now, if we could only get unlimited broadband in the area....
Four bars throughout my tri-level home!
- Littleton, CO -
I installed my 4g 470107 weboost today. We must have done it right because we had 4 green lights as soon as we plugged it in. I installed it in the basement, and it is working great to the top floor.
Works great!
- Boston, MA -
This boosted my cell signal significantly. Just as advertised the Weboost works great.
Perfect Solution for spotty reception
- Fairbanks, AK -
This device worked wonders. We moved and bought a home in rural Alaska outside of a larger interior city. The home had 22in thick walls with metal siding and zero reception inside. The weboost worked wonders instantly and was a simple install. I would buy it again and now recommend it to others.
Great booster
- Perkinston, MS -
I bought this booster a few weeks ago and am enjoying the outcome already, installed it and no more dropped calls and I now have 4g again
Terrific Device!
- Gladewater, TX -
Our church building is in a small valley and cell signal was horrible inside due to the metal skin on the building. This device took our signal strength from ingoodin out on the porch area to inexcellentin inside the entire building! Love it!!
Works great, easy installation
- Union Bridge, MD -
the booster worked great. just foll the instructions and do a soft install before permanently securing. The location of the closest service provider antenna in the referenced web sites was not correct for my location..
- Austin, TX -
Best thing since sliced bread! Signal in the house is same strength as the best signal outside. Now I also get those nice Robo calls inside also.
Awesome signal boost
- Medford, ME -
I am totally off grid. I had very weak signal. Dropped calls, hard to hear, potentially lost clients. I am in real estate and my calls are my business. Weboost has made off grid living so possible. No dropped calls so clients are happy and allows me to live the lifestyle I want to live. Thank you Weboost:)
Works like a charmin
- Monroe, WI -
This is the second booster I bought, but my first Weboost and it works like a charm. I could not get enough signal anyplace in the house but have signal on my deck. Put the outside antenna on the deck and the inside antenna in family room in the lower level and now we can use our phones anyplace in the house. Very easy installation.
Solved my low signal problems!
- Midland, TX -
Iftve been using my Connect 4G for about 3 weeks and itfts working great! I only had one bar on my phone in our family room and now have four. I would occasionally miss calls. I had to add some coax to what was supplied. Iftm using about 78ft of RG6 from the outside antenna to the booster and about 40ft from the inside antenna. No more missed calls. Very pleased.
Works as claimed.
- Lagrange, ME -
Got this unit for our metal siding metal roofed business. Our phones would not ring inside, now we get calls that we would of missed. Missed calls equal loss of business as our quick and prompt customers service is critical for our pet cremation business.
Great performance easy to install.
- Los Angeles, CA -
I had search long and hard for something that would do the work that this wonderful unit can do, only to find out that Weboost RV 4G makes this unit. Now Iftm glad, and this seems like a dream come true. Iftm a happy customer and I no longer have to wait for images to appear on my Smart TV. Your troubleshooting website is easy to understand. I will definitely recommend this product to all my friends. Vic Vasquez Data Network Engineer
Works Great!!!
- San Diego, CA -
Purchased and installed the WeBoost 4G, works exactly as advertised. We had minimal reception throughout the whole house. Installed the unit and havenftt even fine tuned it yet. We have great reception on two Verizon accounts and four T-Mobile accounts. Our house is 5,700 square feet and the unit delivers a strong signal through the entire house. Reception went from 105-112 1X coverage to 75-85 LTE coverage.
Priceless Performance
- North Branch, MN -
This device has dramatically impacted our Cellular Internet Service as well as our Cell Phone signal for no dropped calls. Before we added this device we could rarely make a call from our home, or they dropped all the time. Our 4gLTE is now worth the price we pay, thanks to this product!
Should have bought it a while ago!
- Winter Haven, FL -
Install was easy, and the results are awesome. With 2 carriers in my family we are now able to actually use our cell phones in the house! Product delivers what it says in my opinion!
Great booster!
- Maplesville, AL -
This booster gives me full service in my house. Before installing, I had 1 bar and 1x inside my house. Now I have 4 bars and LTE.
Works very well. !!!
- Bernardston, MA -
I would recommend this booster . I had a week signel to no signel in my home .now I have service in my entire home and in cellor. I have att cell service for phone and Verizon on a hot spot for Internet and it work on both!
Very Easy Install!!
- Aberdeen, MD -
I purchased this for a remote construction site, easy install and works GREAT!
Why did we wait !
- Decatur, TX -
We lived in Colorado with problem of one bar to no bars. Moved to Texas and exactly same problem. Recently we installed WeBoost, and now enjoy three to four bars. No more dropped calls! Why did we wait so long, Iftll never know.
Great instructions and easy installation.
- Chicago, IL -
The instructions in the box were backed by online tutorials that went into great depth. The installation was dirt simple and covered the important things in a simple manner. Like the direction of the internal vs external antenna. The in the box instruction said face them opposite directions with a picture. Best experience ever.
Works as advertised!
- Hempstead, TX -
I bought this about a week ago after moving to a rural area. My indoor cell signal was marginal and bounced from 1X and 3G with 1 bar. I mounted the Yagi antenna on the roof and installed the indoor antenna on a wall that directs the coverage across the house. The 3 bars of 4G I receive on the roof are transmitted to all areas of my new home and is very stable. I no longer drop calls and data downloads work without any issues. I purchased a roof antenna mount for and additional $20 for the install as well as a coax wall plate. Installation was simple and I used an app from the Google Play Store to show the the location of the nearest cell tower. I simply pointed the antenna in that direction and moved it left to right until I received the most bars.
A Life Saver!
- Raymond, CA -
My wife and I live up in the mountains and there are few places where we get Verizon service. When we bought this Weboost device we were a bit skeptical that it would actually work; but once I set it up, which was super simple, we now can make phone calls, text and use data. Our network speed through our phones is so fast that I use my phone more now than my home computer. This device has truly been a life saver.
- Cheraw, SC -
I bought this a month ago and I am very impressed with it. It took our Internet speed from -120 to -87. Great product.
- Mount Olivet, KY -
Bout a few months ago. Only had signal in one area of the house next to a window. After hooking this up I have full service in the same room, 4 bars in the two joining rooms and never under 3 bars in the further rooms. Great product for the money
Great service in a house with aluminum siding
- Madison, VA -
I have had this booster for 2 months & I am completely satisfied it more than doubled signal strength
Affordable & Reliable!
- Bergen, NY -
I received my system a few weeks ago and have been very satisfied with the signal boost the Connect 4G is providing. The setup is very simple and the system is also very user friendly. I would definitely recommend this system to anyone that has signal outside of their building/structure, but has poor signal inside.
We wouldnftt have any signal without weboost!
- Lewis County, NY -
We originally had a zboost and it stopped working, but was under warranty. The company upgraded us to a weBoost and itfts awesome!! Weftre able to tether internet via our cell phones, call out and receive calls in a remote, mountainous location in the Adirondacks. We needed it, it works great, we recommend the product and yes, we approve this message!
So far works great
- Hemphill, TX -
Purchased about a month ago no dropped called since installed
A must have
- Wirt county, WV -
I got this for my cabin which has no electric. And the cell signal i had was -128 dmb with 1x and no bars. I use a 140 watt cigarette lighter converter 12 v to 110 to run it with an extension cord to my trailblazer. (And i run it constantly all weekend with no battery drain). I now have 4g 3-4 bars with a reading of -92 to -98 and can call and surf the Web with no issues at all. Wish i would have thought of it 3 years ago. If you fet some sort of reading i would definitely get it.
better than expected
- Chipley, FL -
easy installation, covers whole house, had no signal inside before, now signal better inside than out
5-Stars and 5 Bars!
- Niceville, FL -
We went from a 1-2 bars signal and many dropped calls. No, always at 5-bars and no dropped calls.
Does cell phone plus data
- Camden, DE -
Could only get 1bar now i get 4 to 5 can talk in any room in my house data now is 10 mps up and 20 mps down if your having trouble on your install donftt be afraid to call tech support they will do everything they can to help you take time to find the best spot for the antennas
Great performance.
- Jerome, ID -
Replaced a less powerful booster and we are really enjoying performance increase. Over our data speeds
Works Great!
- Wilmington, OH -
Easy installation and it boost the signal in multiple rooms. My son also has one and even outside his signal is really bad, but as soon as you go inside of the house you get full stable signal! They really do work very well! I highly recommend this product. Be sure to use lightning protection power strip to protect this valuable asset.
Saved my work life
- Crockett, TX -
Have had the unit about a month now. It was installed as described, no issues. Customer service was great and when I fired it up it blew me away. Not only did the phone signal improve but my internet (phone) became smoking hot. I have unlimited and terrible home internet in this country setting. This unit really saved me with my work. Highly recommended
Great product
- Athens, TX -
It is so nice to get a good signal and Internet now! Easy to install.
Works great.. Take the time to set it up right
- Green Bay, WI -
As long as you spend a lot of time and getting it tuned it works awesome. I scoped out my entire neighborhood to find all the cell towers. Then I knew where to point the antenna. Using with Google Project Fi cellular provider.
3+ bars signal and no dropped calls or failed ring
- Houston, TX -
Great clarity both ways. No garbled voices. Could not be happier. House is all stucco exterior with metal mesh lath and aluminum foil on the inside of the roofing plywood for heat rejection. House is signal blocked except for glass areas. Extreme site for this product to perform flawlessly. Buy one. You will love it. F Belote Houston, Tx
Does what it promises!
- Catskills, NY -
I live in a rural part of NY where there are a few cell towers. The overall signal in the area is fair except where my house sits. I use my Verizon cell phone as my hotspot. My internet has felt like dial-up and has proven useless except for emails and an occasional search. I rarely ever sustained 2 bars of 3G for any length of time and interruptions were common. This booster is AMAZING!! I now boast 4 to 5 bars of LTE in my house and i streamed a full Netflix movie without a problem. My internet is as fast as it is at work and my cell phone calls are exceptionally dependable and clear. Installation was straightfoward. I did find the nearest tower and marked it on my hand held GPS, this made aiming my rooftop outdoor antenna accurately a simple task. The rest was simply running coax to the booster and indoor antenna. From reading, I do suggest the surge protector before the booster to protect the investment. Overall, this product gets an A+ from me. Customer service earned an A+ as well. They answered all my questions and emails and shipped my booster promptly once I decided on the appropriate model.
Worked perfectly!
- Huntsville, ON -
I bought this unit to use at my cottage Iftm currently building. I figured it was a good time because I could run the cable outside before the walls were all closed in. It worked as soon as I plugged it in. I have always had pretty low reception, around 115db, with this I have constant reception at about 80db and the LTE internet always works now, before the weboost, the internet rarely if ever worked on my phone. It is simple to install, the hardest part is routing the wires but any other unit would be the same. There are a few minor cons, it does not actually come with the outdoor mounting kit. I stumbled across other people combining the infixed outdoor mounting kitin from wilson electronics while buying the weboost on amazon. It costs an extra $26. It does come with a 90 degree bracket but unless you are able to point the outdoor antenna directly away from your house at a 90 degree angle, youftll need this bracket and pole to pivot the unit. One of the indoor units has a nice bracket to mount it to the wall while the actual weboost indoor unit just has two slotted holes in the back to push onto 2 screws you screw into the wall, very minor but for $729 they could make a bracket for both. All of the cables are included but I found they were either missing a few coax cable fittings or they werenftt very well thought out. It came with a one foot piece of coax to connect between the two indoor units but they both had male ends on them and guess what, both indoor units had male ends poking out of them as well. Why they didnftt just supply a female to female one foot coax is beyond me. I ended up just making a new piece of cable with females on both ends. I suppose you could buy adapters instead. The plastic on the outdoor unit seems a little flimsy so hopefully it stays in one piece and keeps the water out but only time will tell. Overall it works great and I get coverage in every corner of my 1700 sq ft cottage. Iftd highly recommend this unit, why bother getting the inhomein version for a couple hundred dollars less when the inconnectin version will cover our entire house, better reception everywhere is kind of the point to going though the hassle of installing the unit in the first place.
Works Great / Install very easy
- Orlando, FL -
The WeBoost is a great product. I had very bad coverage inside my house so to the type of insulation that I have in my house. Outside I had good to better signal. With the addition of this weboost I now have better to great coverage throughout my entire house. The install was very easy and it was just about plug and play.
What a Difference
- Weems, VA -
I have been a subscriber of my voice/data provider for over 15 years. The service was really good until about two years ago. Made several calls to technical support and there was never anything they could find why my service was deteriorating. I even made an appeal to the region VP, where they said if I put in a range extender that would improve my service. You need a land line to do that and I donftt have one. It finally got to the point I was dropping voice calls and data connections. Got online and started my research and called technical support at weBoost. After a very pleasant conversation we determined with the size of my home the 4G/470103 would provide the best service. The great thing is it amplifies both voice and data of all the major carriers. Walked around the house to find the best signal from the tower and mounted the outside antenna about 16 feet in the air. The signal level inside the house before installing the weBoost was -113 dBm (that is considered poor). With the weBoost it is -87dBm (that is considered excellent). Like I said, WHAT DIFFERENCE!!!!.
From 1G to LTE
- Cuchara, CO -
Installed in a cabin in Colorado mountains, had very marginal signal Strength. Located the best possible spot for the exterior antenna, ran coaxial thru wall to power unit. The hardness part was getting enough separation between the exterior & interior antennas & not having cable running across floor.
A real life saver!
- Erie, KS -
I moved to a small Kansas town, far away from the rat-race... but my cell service was weak and spotty. Inside the house, the cell reception dropped to zero. This booster was easy to install, easy to set up, and had me receiving calls and LTE at full strength in just under an hour of labor. Would highly recommend!
Itfts great to FINALLY have cell coverage
- Atlanta, GA -
My father in law lives in the middle of Amish country in Kentucky. We had satellite Internet service but itfts so costly. We really wanted to get him using our cellular plan but the cell coverage in Amish country is, predictably, terrible. I built a makeshift cell tower with a 25ft flag pole and this device and now we get between 8-13 Mbps down. I owned the zBoost previously and it just wasnftt reliable. This? This works like a champ! Now when we visit all our Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T phones work with 3-5 bars of LTE. I wish the coverage area was larger but thatfts just physics :-) Now my father in law can listen to music, peruse Facebook, and listen to podcasts again ... this is really good stuff.
Boom! It works
- Salt Lake City, UT -
I bought a new house with my office in the basement. Basement is below grade with concrete foundation walls. Really poor reception. Installed the outside antenna on the same pole as my satellite dish. Ran the cable across the attic and down two stories thru a insmurf tubein to the basement. Now the signal in the basement is stronger than the main floor. Works perfectly.
Fantastic Unit, Great Accessory!!!
- Johannesburg, MI -
I have a vacation home in Johannesburg, MI and my Verizon cellular reception was about 1 to 1.5 bars at best. Incoming calls would inbreak-upin, etc. Installed this unit and my reception went from 1 bar to 4 bars and calls are clear as a bell. I use my cell phone for work and also use it as a hot spot and the Internet connection is outstanding. I can even play my game on-line and get great results. A must buy for those in a rural area with limited reception.
The best product Iftve ever bought
- Henderson, TN -
I live in what they call a totally dead zone, LTE would be impossible for us to get, according to my wireless carrier. I bought a We Boost three months ago, coverage was great, but then it got iffy. Called Wilson We Boost, they sent me a totally new co-axle cable and antenna. We have better coverage than people that live in our small town.
Second time around
- Alma, CO -
This is our second booster. The first one was great but was outdated (many years ago) and when we updated our phones to 4G technology, our signal was weak. We now have great reception and donftt need to go outside to make a call!
Love it
- Paoli, IN -
We could not get a call in our house now we have 5 bars is so clear we had our landline took out
It works
- Hawaii, HI -
I was worried about it working but it seems to have improved my Verizon service.
Works great!
- Weston, IL -
Great product! Does exactly what it claims! All my friends and family can call me from anywhere in my five bedroom country home!
Workfts Great
- Mohawk, NY -
Have a remote cabin, went from spotty service to streaming 4G , so glad I bought this unit , super easy setup .....
I am very with the results of th weBoost.
- Eaton Rapids, MI -
I purchase this unit two weeks ago as my last try at having cell phone service at my home. I now have great cell phone service with no dropped calls.
Great product!
- Dermott, AR -
Bought our Weboost after losing all signal when we installed siding & metal roof on our house in a rural area. Now we have a strong signal through out the entire structure! Thanks Weboost!
Remote install in Canada
- Muskoka, ON -
I installed this unit in a very remote part of Canada. On a clear night I could see a strobe light on a cell tower that turned out to be 14 miles away. Initial signal strength was always -110 db, or worse, with lots of dropped calls. I installed the unit and could not get the 20ft vertical or the 50ft horizontal antenna separation requirement. I had about 15 ft Vertical and 35ft Horizontal. The unit came on with one blinking light and that was turned green by moving the indoor antenna very slightly. The signal strength is now consistently better than - 85 db. I use this for internet data and the speed has improved dramatically. This unit can be installed by anyone (who reads the directions) in less than an hour.
Mountain reception
- Glenville, NC -
I bought and installed this device to boost cell coverage at my mountain cabin at 4000 feet in western North Carolina. It was pretty easy to install and once working, gave me excellent cell reception indoors where there was no reception before.
Excellent product!
- Arlington, WA -
Like many other people, I added this system to my home. I had one question and received a valid answer. I am very satisfied with the whole experience.
It works
- Baton Rouge, LA -
I have a two story house. I had to hire an electrician , but after everything was done. I went from terrible service to 2,3,4 and sometimes 5 bars throughout the home.
Works very well
- Phippsburg, ME -
We installed this booster on a remote house in coastal Maine. We had been receiving weak (1, occasionally 2 bar) reception prior to the booster. We now get 3-5 bars and the signal is strong enough to use our smart phones as Hotspots. Five people were watching the Olympics without any break in the signal. Thatfts pretty great if you like sports. So it has served our needs very well and we plan to install additional boosters on other houses. The installation is straightforward but not surprisingly it takes some experimental time pointing the external antenna in the right direction to get the strongest signal. We also raised the external antenna about 10 feet on a pole that we affixed to the peak of the house. So far it works like a charm and certainly satisfies our needs.
Huge difference in reception!
- Royal Oak, MD -
We have very weak signal outside. Weboost takes us from -120 db to -90. No dropped calls since I installed!
great product!
- hayeville, NC -
Was getting NO reception before instillation. Now can make calls all over the house and even in the basement. A bit of work installing but am so glad I got it.
Refurbished unit
- Parishville, NY -
I bought a refurbished Weboost. It saved me $100 . The package came looking as new. I have had no trouble with the unit. I went from having no signal inside my camp, to having a solid 3 bars. Sometimes 4!. While I was only hoping for phone service, I can also surf the WEB.
Works Great at a temparary location.
- OK City, OK -
I bought the weboost about a month ago. I have it on a job site, where I only had two bars on cell phone. With the weboost, I have 4G, full bars. I will be moving it to my home in the country when this job is over. That will be the real test.
Works perfectly!
- Columbia, KY -
Simple installation. Suped up my signal tremendously. Literally would have lost my job without it. Took minimal signal to full bars when cell technicians said give up because too far from tower.
Works good in the backwoods of Kentucky
- South Shore, KY -
I purchased this system to see if I could get a better signal for a single cell site about 7 air miles away. My home is tucked against a mountain. I have 1 and sometimes 2 bars out in the yard and porch. Inside the signal drops off. I have set the system up in a temporary location (outside antenna is on front porch rail) to see if it will function. I am pleased with the results so far. I plan on making it more permanent on a rooftop. With some elevation it should perform as advertised. If asked, I will be recommending this system to other folks.
It works and it works well
- Galena, IL -
My wife and I recently purchased a new house, and we never thought about our cell phones getting poor, almost non-existent service. My wife and I have different cellular carriers, and we were lucky to get one bar of 3G service, so I started researching cellphone boosters. I read about the Weboost booster, and I thought, if it does half of what it claims, it would be worth getting. When we opened up the package. It looked fairly simple it install. The hardest part was finding a place on the roof to put the external receiver. Once that was done, it was hooked up and working in less than 2 hours. The best part is my wife and I went from one bar of 3G to full bars of 4G. We are no longer dropping calls. It is like having a cell tower in our house. We love this product and I would recommend Weboost to anyone.
Makes the difference we needed!
- Stephenson, MI -
We used to have dropped internet connections all the time. Since installing our weBoost Connect 4G we have steady connection and 3-5 bars all the time throughout our ranch style home. We used to have 1-2 bars without it.
Great product
- Cottondale, AL -
I got this product about a 3 months ago and had a few problems and talked to teck support and was able to work it all out. Great job we-boost
Exceeded expectations
- Chelan, WA -
Our house only got a marginal signal and could only watch streamed programming in SD mode when it worked. After the installation of this booster was complete, I set my phone as a mobile Hotspot and linked my Roku player. We watched whatever we wanted (Hulu or Netflix) in HD. Every hour program we received a message from Verizon to let us know we exceeded our 10 gb, then 11, then 12 gb of data. Note that we had used 9 gb prior to setting up the booster during a vacation the week before. I have since found the setting on this particular Roku device that I only need the SD quality. Very happy with results.
Almost non existent signal to 2-3 bars
- Indiana, PA -
Been using it for a month now and love it ,we couldnftt even make a call without it dropping and now 2-3 bars all the time...also great support with a reaL USA human
Great Signal through out my house
- Montague, TX -
I have had my WeBoost for about a month and it works great. Before we could only talk next to a window due to metal roof and if we moved we would drop the call. Now we have full bars throughout the house and my jet pack doesnftt have to set in the window.
Works greater then expected.
- Rapid River, MI -
AT&T signal was 0to 1 bar outside our home to 3to 5 bars inside the home. Had no Verizon signal in area and now have 3 bars in home. Fantastic product! easy to install. 1 of the 35 foot cables could be longer. Have inside antenna hidden in a closet.
Best Purchase!
- Parker, CO -
bought a new home last year where cell signal is sparse at best, maybe 2 bars. we didnftt have any luck with the microcell at all. i followed the instructions carefully; several tests were done to find where i can point the outside antenna to get the absolute best signal. of course, online resources to know where the cell towers are located helped to reduce that time. I didnt use the flat panel indoor antenna, didnftt do much at all; i would have given the system 1 star if thats all I had to use. I got the dome antenna with my purchase and what a difference the dome antenna made! the dome antenna is installed in the ceiling, centrally located in the home. the key to remember with this system, you MUST have some signal outside your home in order for this system to work. itfts like extending your cell phone antenna outdoors from inside with a kick in the rear to help get through the obstacles thats blocking the signal. also, dont use more cable than the kit comes with. i did a temp install and went through my homefts whole-home wiring and killed much of the signal; i did this to get the system working until my installer was able to come (2 weeks out) and get it installed the way I wanted it. if you have a bar or two outside, patience, READ and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS, research where your providers cell towers are located and do some testing, iftm confident you will find this product to a worth while purchase! I can finally send photos in my text messages! I gave 4 stars for ease of setup because you HAVE to do your homework with this system.
Works perfect!
- Kirksville, MO -
We have a small office and the weBoost has helped ever so much as we are located in a metal hangar. We had to mount the weBoost on top of the building to get the best signal but since putting it up we have had no phone issues as before.
It works great!
- Portland, OR -
I purchased this a couple of months ago and just got around to installing it. Iftm so glad I did!. We have a really bad cell signal in one section of the house, so I took a couple of hours and installed the device. Wow, what a difference! I had my wife stand in the worst area and watch her signal strength as I plugged it in. She went from 1 measly bar to 4 bars immediately! Bam! Just like that, problem solved. Thanks WeBoost, you rock!
Great connection
- Spicewook, TX -
I purchased the unit some time ago and just finally decided the best place to locate it was on the chimney. I followed the directions and everything worked perfectly. Went from 1 and sometimes 2 bars inside to 4 and 5 bars inside the house. I wish I had installed it much sooner.
- Owen County, KY -
We had very little cell reception at our lakehouse. About 2 bars from the roof. This product has saved us from having to buy an expensive landline and or Internet plan and have all those monthly charges. It took us from 0 to 1 bars in the house to 3 bars consitently. This is easy to install and can save you a lot of money in the long run. It is also an important safety tool should we need help. Customer service was outstanding when I had questions about the surge protection. Several friends have asked why they get reception at my lakehouse and little to none at theirs! I tell them Weboost. PS. Works on GSM (ATandT) and CDMA (Verizon)
Finally have 4G cell service in my home!
- Nevada City, CA -
Purchased in May 2016. My home is on the fringe of 2 AT&T towers in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in CA. For years, have not had reliable service at my home, even for text messaging. Although my home is less than 5,000 sq ft, I purchased the stronger signal model 4G/470103. Installed the outdoor antenna pointing towards one of the towers with the strongest signal, had to buy an extra outdoor cable, and set up the indoor antenna in the entry hallway. Went from 1-2 bars to 3-4 bars. 2% of the time, I still have no signal, but can actually call and receive cell phone calls, and text messaging and sending photos via text is fast and works 98% of the time. Am now considering canceling my landline service. Great setup, no problems.
well worth the price!
- Yelm, WA -
We purchased this unit for our 8000sq ft metal building that our business is in. Outside we have 4 bars/ inside there was 0 cell service. As my husband was hooking the outside antenna to the inside one my phone immediately jumped to 4 full bars! We didnftt have to do ANY of the testing or positioning at all for this to work fully and BETTER than we expected. We get full service throughout the whole building even though we only expected it to work for about half! I have asked different customers who have various carriers how their service is and they all have had no problems with calls, text, data service! A+ on this unit!
Great item
- Weippe, ID -
This is a great item and does help with the cell phones.
Great Unit
- Calumet, MI -
I purchased this unit based on product reviews and from Amazon with the option to return it for a full refund if it did not perform. This unit works great. My advise would be during installation and testing of the best signal would be patient. Install and test the unit signal as instructed by the You Tube videos that Weboost has posted. Concerning using the Signal Finder App, I tested manually pointing the direction of the antenna for the best signal. Follow the specifics concerning cable lengths and antenna placements inside and out.
Booster Works Well
- Rapid City, SD -
Iftve had this booster installed in my home for about 3 weeks, and it is working well. Taking care to follow the instructions as closely as possible, I was able to go from no service in the house and 2 bars outside the house to now having 4-5 bars throughout the inside of the house.
Great product
- Lander, WY -
Put in the Connect 4G about a month ago, works great! Installation went as advertised except had to keep moving the inside antenna due to red lights/feedback even though I installed the outside antenna on a 20 Ft pole. We now have 3 to 5 bars throughout our house, including great 4G data via our Verizon MiFi.
Good Product
- Lott, TX -
My first unit was destroyed by lightning, weboost replaced it. Thanks The unit works great gives me a usable signal from a marginal one
WeBoost 4G
- Blue Ridge, GA -
Purchased the WeBoost for a mountain home in Blue Ridge GA. Before the install we had 0 to 1 bar on our cell phones. We now have 2-4 bars and LTE depending on where we are in the cabin. GREAT product!
Love this cell booster
- Buda, TX -
Before I purchased the WeBoost Connect cell booster, I purchased a cheaper cellphone booster to save money. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! A total waist of $150.00. Being doubtful that any booster would help, I bought a refurbished WeBoost 470103, that was refurbished by WeConnect. All I can say is WOW!!!!! New or refurbed, its well worth the money. Once I had very bad cell phone connection and dropped calls. I now have 3 to 4 bars throughout my home. OUTSTANDING!!!
- Yuma, AZ -
I didnftt think anything would give us a good signal but how wrong we were. Iftve never ever (even in the best area ever) had in5in dots of service. People immediately say where are you, I can hear you great!
- Waxahachie, TX -
I had no service except to receive and send text. This has saved me.
Yaaaah, We can use our phones!
- McMillan, MI -
We had sporadic service in our house but after installing our weBoost we now have great signal phones work throughout house and even in basement. Well worth the money.
Better than expected
- Thomaston, AL -
I bought numerous we boost for work and for home the one for my home is unbelievably good I had no signal leave it outside but now that Iftve got the Wii boost I have three bars inside the house so Iftm very happy
it works
- Elberton, GA -
Set this up and my property where I could barley get service, and even more rare to get 3G service. Spent about an hour aiming the antenna and now I have constant 4G.
- Bakersfield, CA -
I bought this unit for my shop office about a month ago and it is working awesome. I had horrible service with expected drop calls literally every phone conversation. Now I have a full five bars!!!! I canftt get five bars anywhere in town. I highly recommend this booster.
Piece of cake!
- Lacon, IL -
Absolutely easy to install. I use it inside of a metal building and now have 4G and 5 bars vs no service previously. I had an OK signal outside but could not receive a call inside the building. I would highly recommend this product.
Awesome device
- Colfax, WI -
Bought the Weboost because I had no LTE or data signal in the house. I live in a very rural area with hills all around me. After mounting the antenna on the peak of the roof, I am connected to a tower 11 miles away. I now have 4g with 2 bars inside! I can get a consistent data download of 6 meg. This item is well worth the investment. Thanks to a company that is dedicated to quality and a product that actually preforms as advertised!
Works great!!
- Brookhaven, MS -
Bought this to use at our camp. Service there no bars at all. Put up on a pole about 20ft and it works great!
Brings the cell signal indoors!
- Birmingham, AL -
Boosts the existing indoor signal from 0-2 bars to a consistent 3-4 bars and saves the battery on my cell phone. Use this booster with a yagi antenna in the attic to receive and two flat panel antennas to transmit at each end of the house. Good solution for someone who lives on the fringe of good cell service.
Awesome product.
- Davie, FL -
We are physicians and on call several times a week. Before we didnftt have any signal and calls drop all the time. After installation, no dropped calls. Cel service is as expected again.
Totally Stunned!
- North Olmsted, OH -
I was very skeptical of the claims of the Weboost 4G Home, but I thought I would give it a try..... I purchased it because the signal in my basement was very poor - 1 bar of 3G at best, dropped calls, fading calls, etc. I installed the outdoor antenna in my attic, just for ease of installation, ran the cable to the basement, mounted the booster on the wall, and I opted to mount the desktop antenna with some double sided tape to the ceiling. I turned on the unit, and I immediately saw that I had 4 bars of 4G service! I am totally stunned by the increase, and Iftm no longer a skeptic! Great product, Weboost!!!!
Awesome signal
- Deadwood, SD -
I bought this booster about 2 months ago. Before my booster I could barely find a signal around the camp I stay at. Now I have 4 bars and 4g service to get on the Internet. Best booster ever
- Trenton, FL -
I live in rural Florida and the area is considered a Cell Dead Zone...I use ATT, and my brother next door uses Verizon. Itfts one of those instand under the Pecan Tree, left foot up, right thumb in ear and place your call. After a quick insoftin setup the ATT signal IN MY HOUSE went to 4 bars and I could access the internet via my ATT Hotspot... Great investment, reduces stress and aggravation and makes your web life much more satisfying!!
Works perfectly
- Warren, OH -
I upgraded to the 4G booster from their 3G booster. Both work exactly as described. I have a 40 year old home with all sorts for walls and metal and remodeling. The booster gives me great signal everywhere. And their customer support is as good as Applefts tech support. They recently replaced my 4G booster under warranty. Very professional and responsive tech professionals.
Best Signal Booster Ever
- Baton Rouge, LA -
This signal booster is the best ever. It boosts the signal for all major carriers and has fixed our signal issues in our classroom building
Working Great
- Ontonagon County, MI -
We have been using this for 6 weeks now. Works great with cell phones and also increased our Verizon home internet signal with less usage of plan.
Solid signal boost!
- Millican, OR -
I work from home and all of my work is phone or internet based. I live off-grid in Central Oregon with little opportunity for internet connection aside from satellite. I decided to use a Verizon JetPack for internet. Before I installed the WeBoost I had 2-3 shakey bars from a tower 10 miles away and behind a ridge. I would drop calls and my internet was spotty. Now I have a solid 4 bars and un-interrupted signal! My calls never drop and my internet is fast! Installation was easy.
Finally a good signal is the house
- humbird, WI -
I live in the western Wisconsin boonies. Signal strength if I stand on the back porch facing an open window standing on my left foot holding an umbrella will get me 3G -108dBm, 1asu. Today I installed the Connect 4G and now at that same spot I get -119dBm 21asu but at 4G! When I stand right next to the antenna I get -91dBm 49asu 4G. Very happy with the product so far.
Great Connections
- Austin, MN -
We bought this a month ago, we are very pleased with our reception within our steel building.
- Simsboro, LA -
- Adams, WI -
We have a second home in Wisconsin with a metal roof. Signal strength was very sparse inside the house. Most of the time we had to walk out on the poach to get a good signal. Installing was fairly straight forward plenty of coaxial cable to work with. It did boost our signal from poor 3g/1x to 3bars of 4g. I think with a little more fine tuning we can get another bar. Overall very satisfied. Seems to be well built and all the components are durable. I am going to order the lighting coaxial protector sure had to have all of that get zapped. Jack Q
Worked as advertised
- Wills Point, TX -
I bought this over 30 days ago and we went from zero signal in our metal house to having 3 and 4 bars and LTE. Great product !!
Works Great!
- Leslie, MI -
I bought this back in September and it has worked wonders in our home. Call Wilson electronics (WeBoost) or email them and find out how to see what your cell signal is inside and outside. They will direct you about how to proceed. I found their advice very useful. Also consider buying directly from them, free shipping and they will ship the same day if ordered before 2pm CST. I ordered the unit with the directional antenna because I am using an iPhone 6, Consumer Cellular (AT&T) service. I am 4.2 miles from the nearest cell tower. I had no signal inside the house and -97db signal on the roof facing the tower. After installation I now get a solid 3 Bar signal (-102db) and 4G LTE inside the house with my inside antenna upstairs in my office. By using the directional antenna I discovered that antenna separation between outside and inside doesnftt need to be the stated 50-75ft. I found that 35ft works just fine. This unit is expensive but if you live in a rural area like me you will find it worth the money. If your are wondering about installation, I am 73 years old and found it to be a piece of cake. Also Wilson includes in the package a number that you can call to arrange for free installation, hard to beat that. ?Previous 1 2 3 4 ... 10 Next? Questions? Get fast answers from reviewers Ask See all 37 answered questions Customers also viewed these items weBoost Home 4G Cell Phone Booster Kit byweBoost $358.47 3.8 out of 5 stars75 weBoost Connect 4G-X Cellular Signal Booster for Home and Office byweBoost $899.99 4.2 out of 5 stars28 Wilson Electronics 460103 Db Pro 4g Directional Kit byWilson Electronics 4.1 out of 5 stars190 Send us feedback How can we make Amazon Customer Reviews better for you? Let us know here.
I am now connected with the outside world!
- Cornell, MI -
Prior to installation of this booster, I had one bar in my house - I could not talk on my cell phone and even texting was limited. There was no internet service. Since installing the booster, I now have 3-4 bars/3G/4G and LTE, I can talk from my phone anywhere in the house, can text everywhere and can also use the internet. I have cancelled my landline service because I no longer need it and am saving $65/month which will pay for the cost of the booster in a hurry! I only have one regret and that is that I did not get this booster earlier!
No dropped calls!
- Bedford, IA -
We would drop calls in our house frequently, unless we were in a certain room. I have not dropped a call since we got this!
Great Performance
- Las Vegas, NV -
Installation was very easy. I noticed an immediate performance increase. To this date, I have not found an area in which I donftt have a signal.
Screaming fast in my basement@
- Amsterdam, OH -
Most of our evenings are spent in our rec room which is located in our basement. We were lucky to even get text prior to We Boost. I installed 470103 booster and we now enjoy 4glte with 3 bars. Ran cable down an unused chimney! Thank you We Boost! Regards, Bob
increased signal strength
- Keeling, VA -
Very happy with product increased signal strength in house 75%.
Very Satisfied
- Goldendale, WA -
We purchased a metal building in a rural area. Many dropped calls and minimal 4G data from inside the building. After installing the unit we stopped having dropped calls and the 4G is reliable. We have a VERY weak signal so the weBoost hasnftt much to work with. But it gets the job done.
works very well!!
- York, PA -
My mother in law has poor reception in her house. She lives pretty far in the sticks. This booster provides great reception all through her house!
Works well
- Ukiah, CA -
Had very very spotty service in my home due to living in a canyon. Installed the booster and now have anywhere from 3-4 bars of service. Highly recommended
Works like a charm
- South Fork, CO -
This booster works perfectly for our home in southern Colorado. We had one bar at most, now we have full signal throughout the house as well as outside for a pretty good distance. Great purchase for us!
We have LTE!
- Anson County, NC -
We have never been able to get a cell signal inside our home in rural North Carolina. We chose the Connect 4G and get -71dB!!! Installation instructions were very good!
Great signal enhancement.
- Bono, AR -
We have had the weboost installed for about two months. We could not be happier with its performance. We went from very marginal signal and constant dropped calls and failed text to 3 to 5 bars of 4g lte and zero dropped calls. Our actual cell signal is stronger in our home than outside. I would recommend this product to anyone having cell signal issues in their home. We have very good signal throughout our multilevel home, even the basement.
Great signal
- Florence, KY -
I purchased this model about 3 months ago and it has worked flawlessly. I previously had a zboost from solid and it didnftt last all that long. I sincerely believe you get what you pay for. This Wilson WeBoost is the best I have worked with thus far.
1X to 2LTE
- Winter, WI -
I installed the Connect 4G at my cabin in northern Wisconsin which had no to very marginal service from the closest tower. I now have a minimum of 2 bars at 4G for the cabin and porch. Both the unit and antenna installation were well documented in the installation guide, and we had it running in less than two hours. Thank you for a great product that works as described.
Great product that works very well!
- Athens, TN -
We live well outside of town and got this to hopefully boost our signal inside. Before we would be lucky to get 1 bar of 3G and usually had calls dropped quite frequently, but now we have 2 bar of LTE and no trouble anywhere in the house even in our basement.
WeBoost for my Lake Cabin
- Daphne, AL -
I have a lake cabin in Kentucky that had very bad cell phone reception. My cell phone is Verizon. The cabin also had very poor internet service. My internet provider was Winstream and I could only get .256 service. I had purchased a Verizon hot spot T1114 for a phone and internet at home in Alabama. I wanted to be able to use it in Ky when I went to the lake. It did not work well by itself in Kentucky. The T1114fts data RSRP was -116 dbm in Ky and RSQR was -12. The internet on my computer in Ky was download data of 1 mg and upload of .01 meg. The cell phone 4G data in the cabin did not register on the phone in the house. If I wanted to make a call I had to go outside. The cabin has a metal roof and is down in a valley of Rough River Lake. I read about the weBoost-connect 4G and decided to try it. I put the antenna up on the roof and used the instructions to discover the direction for best antenna reception. The T1114fts data with the weBoost went to a RSRP of -85 dbm and the RSQR to a -9 dbm. The cell phone 4G RSRP went to -98 from a n/a reading. My computer internet download went to 10 mg and upload to .3 gm. We can know get phone and internet service from my cabin in Ky. I cancelled my Winstream service and use the T1114 Verzion at the cabin and at home for internet. My kids came to the cabin this Thanskgiving and were able to talk on the phone and receive data on there phones. They have T-moble and AT&T as providers.
Great product
- Hennessey, OK -
I bought this booster a little over a month ago and only wish I would have done so sooner. Great product that works like it should.
- Erie, PA -
I have a hunting camp in the Allegheny Mountains of NW Pa. I, in the past had to walk a 1/4 to a 1/2 mile to get a signal to call or text. I have been very worried in a emergency since a land line phone is a mile or 2 away and I wanted my kids to come and enjoy camp. On a chance I bought the weBoost after I researched this problem on the internet. I registered it with Verizon.I soft installed it with the directions I printed from their website and as soon as I connected the final cables a few text came through. I am now able to get 4-5 and LTE. I can use my phone as a Hot Spot and use my laptop to send and receive e-mails. I was also able to stream video! This booster is unbelievable. It is not cheap, but a land line would cost me around 50.00$ a month. It is just amazing. I have already told another camp owner and he has purchased it and also had the same results.
Works Great, easy install.
- Yulee, FL -
Installed in 5000 sq foot metal building with several fire walls. Had 0 bars inside. two outside. Boosted signal on different carriers to 4-5 bars throughout building. With multiple users on simultaneously, call quality is perfect. Installation went flawlessly and instructions were thorough and very easy to understand. Very happy we chose this system for out new Moose Lodge.
works great
- Chesterhill, OH -
had no bars at all before Weboost now have 3and 4 great product
Problem Solved!
- Prosper, TX -
Our house was a cellular dead-zone. Constant dropping of calls and at times no-service. We were desperate and installed the WeBoost Connect 4G and now we have a three to four bar consistency. Best of all no more dropped calls! My reason for four stars instead of five is because the installation instructions requires fifty feet of separation between antennae components for optimum performance. This is almost impossible when only sixty feet of cable is supplied with the system. Sixty feet going from ceiling, through attic and walls will not allow fifty feet of separation. At most I was limited to locations that equals thirty feet of separation, hence I did not achieve optimum performance. But, the WeBoost Connect works and we are very pleased.
Works as Advertised
- Fishing Creek, MD -
It works great for the room that the indoor antenna is mounted. I really donftt see any improvement for the rest of the house. Cell service is spotty rhyme or reason when it will work or not. I have only had the booster for a week......will try to make some tweaks with the installation placements (antenna direction, inside antenna location, etc.)
easy installation
- Wingdale, NY -
I live in a area where there is all most no cell service. I tryed different boosters that did not work. I bought the weboost and now have reception. At last i can use my cell phone at home.
It worked!
- Gobles, MI -
Iftve had this for a couple weeks now. It boosted us from basically no signal, to a reliable signal. The signal is now good enough that we have cancelled the land line. I made sure we had a signal where we were going to mount the antenna first and followed the instructions. No complaints. Well worth it.
Good features, fairly simple instalation.
- Beechwood, WI -
Bought this product about 3 months ago. Before that we would receive 3G 3bar signal dropping down to 1X. Resulting in slow downloads, as far as videos forget it. After install, we have consistent 4G signal never dropping below 4G and 3 bars. Fast downloads and enjoying videos.
Works good.
- Fremont, CA -
I purchased this booster (470103) about a month ago. Iftm now ready to give my review of this product. First a little background on my situation. I live in a hilly urban area with many nearby towers. Unfortunately I live in a little valley so my cellular reception is not the greatest, especially on the first floor of a two story house. Previously my carrier was AT&T. I had no problem with cellular connections then because I had a Microcell (femtocell). I had five bars all the time in a 50ft radius. I just switched to Cricket and unfortunately the Microcell will not work with this carrier even though they are owned by AT&T, hence the purchase of the weBoost amplifier. It took me two days to install and aim the system. I found following the installation instructions was critical for maximum performance. It is very important to aim the outside antenna toward your carrierfts tower and fine tuning it with you phonefts signal meter! Donftt get fixated on obtaining all green lights. Mine actually works better with 3-4 flashing orange light than all green. I have 3 to 40 decibel gain in signal now depending on the weather, cellular traffic and the location in my house. After installation, I did encountered three problems. (#1) There was a brief moment when my phone said inno signal availablein, (#2) The audio on an incoming call was breaking up (the caller did not have any problem hearing me) and (#3) There was an echo on one of my calls. Donftt know if these problems were even related to the weBoost or just anomalies. Iftve been monitoring the booster signal daily for the first month. For the first week, the system seems to be working better each day. Donftt know if the system needed to acclimatize or stabilize to the location. Summary/bottom line: Only one drop call in the last 30 days. I believe it was because of the callerfts location and not mine. Giving four stars instead of five because of high cost of system. Performance meet my expectations and I would purchase again.
Works great in the Country
- Pecan Gap, TX -
I bought the unit to boost the cell signal in our metal home which is about 20 minutes from a city. It took some effort, I am not that technical, but it works great!
Finally have decent signal in the house!
- Alvarado, TX -
After pleading to AT&T for 15+ years for any kind of fiber optic or internet service kept falling on deaf ears. (We live in a rural area without any access to wifi or internet - we also have metal roof on house that limits cell phone use due to poor signal reception). We decided to purchase a signal booster. After installig the booster the dBe went from -120 +/- down to -80 to -90. Phone calls are clearer and do not get ftdroppedft. Also we now able to use data up to LTE and able to view videos and update apps on IOS, which we have never be able to do.
- Pryor, OK -
Improved Cell Service Signal Strength around 25 to 30 dBm
- Renton, WA -
Installed on Saturday and not as good as I had hoped.
- Winchester, VA -
I have had the WeBoost attached a little over a week. The signal was improved significantly so I am pleased with the system. However I have relocated the outside antenna twice and shuffled the inside antenna 3-4 times to obtain optimum signal dispersal and strength. I am still getting oscillation on 2 of the four bands. The instructions say to not worry about oscillation if the signal is good. I noticed the signal was the best when there was no oscillation at all so I am going to keep working on it to eliminate the oscillation.
Stronger cell signal inside but no 4G
- Orange County, CA -
After a couple of years of occasional but irritating dropped calls I purchased a weBoost home 4G booster. I was hoping to acquire 4G capability. Our outside signal fluctuated +/- 4db and on average was in the -114db range. Initially I installed the whole assembly in the attic of our two story home resulting in four green and orange flashing lights and a 3 to 4db improvement inside. I was not happy with that and wanted more, so I followed the installation instructions more closely and mounted the outside antenna on a pole attached to the peak of the garage fascia. The booster remained in the attic with the antenna lead going through the ceiling and the antenna attached horizontally to a wall at the top of the stairs. The outside antenna is about 5 feet below the booster and roughly 22 ft. away with a concrete roof between them. This change resulted in three green lights and a flashing green and orange #2 light. The indoor cell signal improved to a reliable -108 to -100db. It isnftt 4G but so far we have not had any dropped calls.
it works for m
- Corsicana, TX -
Iftve only had mine installed for about a week now but so far it has cured all of the issues that I have been dealing with for over 9 years I now have 4to5 bars of g4 anywhere in my home witch is awesome compared to before because I often had to stand next to my front door or even go outside. The only reason that I didnftt give it 5 stars is because itfts only been a week and Iftm still waiting to see how reliable it will be over time.
Helps a lot
- Brewton, AL -
Iftve had the booster for about two weeks it has helped a lot but the signal does float from 1 bar to 3bars stitting in the same spot in my house.
As advertised
- Lynchburg, OH -
I had very poor reception in my home with many dropped calls. My employer sent the Connect 4G for me to try. I had only -114 to -110db inside and it was only -104db on the roof. After the installation I now have -90 in my office where the inside antenna is and decent service in adjoining rooms where there was none prior. While I would like for it to be even stronger, I realize thatfts impossible. It performs as advertised. I can now use my phone with few , if any, dropped calls.
It definitely did as advertised
- Wachapreague, VA -
We are out Virginiafts Eastern Shore, ocean side. The signal out the there is pretty bad. Literally there is just one spot at the right front corner of the home where you can get a signal... but donftt more than 6 feet from that spot you will lose the signal. I was able to do a soft test and BAM! Out signal went from -120 to -80ish. And we were able to make a phone call and watch YouTube just about everywhere. So nice job.
It works for me.
- White Hall, AL -
I am in a remote location on the edge of Verizonfts service. I couldnftt rely on service for making or receiving calls. Even texting was dicey. Since the installation I can not only talk and text but Iftm expecting to replace my satellite internet with my mobile hotspot. Giving it another month to prove itself. So far, so good.
Very good product
- Bertram, TX -
The we boost has really improved reception for both cell phone and data. We were not able to talk or use internet inside of our home before. Both had to be done in a particular location in our yard. Even when we did have reception, we dropped connection repeatedly. Now our cell phone work great and we are able to use the hot spot feature for Internet. Sometimes it takes a little time to connect but our alternative is more expensive and the speed is a lot slower.
Very pleased with performance
- Steuben, ME -
We recently built a vacation home (3 bedroom, 2 story) in Downeast Maine. We were encouraged by the recent installation of new cell towers along route 1 clear out to the Canadian border. Unfortunately we were far enough away so that at best we got a single bar and no data throughout most of our house. We do have a small observation tower/room which makes up a "third story". I found that if I opened the window and held my cell phone outside, I could get consistent 3bars and LTE data (Verizon service with, on average, about 10Mbps download, 2Mbps upload). I installed the outdoor antenna, booster, and indoor antenna from the weBoost Connect 4G kit. I can now get the same reception throughout the house. The exception being in the first floor dining room where the performance is actually better. This is the room where the indoor antenna is located. Clearly the outdoor directional antenna does better than my cell phone antenna. I did have a problem with the repeater/amplifier unit. The wait was bit longer then I thought it should have been to get through to technical support (about 15min), but once I did, the discussions with the technician concluded that the problem was in the unit. We arranged the return of my unit and the warrantee replacement with a new one so that, in about a week, I was back up and running. So, if you have a situation where you can get decent reception from somewhere around your house, I would definitely recommend the weBoost Connect 4G to extend that performance into a much larger area of the house.
- Lovington, NM -
We had not been able to make or receive calls from our home for years, so decided to try the weBoost Connect 4G. We got it installed and at this time, we are showing a good signal and able to make and receive calls.
We boost
- Traskwood, AR -
I bought this about a month ago and am well pleased with it I get good signal all over my 2350ft home and all around in my yard.
Works great
- McDaniels, KY -
Works great in my garage. Iftm in a fringe area for cell phones and I now have phone and Internet
It works, I guess
- Reedsburg, WI -
I have been working with it off and on for a couple of weeks now and I guess it is working. I have a tower 1.3 miles from me but have many trees between me and the tower. I took a GPS reading at the tower and used the reading to aim the outside antenna precisely at it. Well my reading inside goas up and down like a yoyo. At 3 feet from the inside antenna I get a reading of between -63 & -65 dbm; at 6 feet I get between 78 & 80; At 25 feet I get 80 to 85. My signal strength outside is sometimes -110 dbm. I have no idea if this is good or bad since nothing in the directions on line or paperwork says anything about what is good and what is not. As speaking about the directions; they evidently are not up to date. I in the directions it states to mount the lighting arrester close to the amplifier; well I got a 8in peace that had two male ends to it that looked nothing like anything in the directions but I presumed it was the lighting arrester. Since it looked like it was water proof and there was no way to mount it next to the amplifier, I mounted it outside where I had to connect two lengths of coax cable. I probably could have called to find out but when I had time to work on it I did not have time to make any telephone calls. The mounting of the inside antenna was fun also I ended mounting it halfway between our living room and family room in order to get a signal in both rooms. For the cost of the setup I would have thought it would cover the whole house.
Better than before
- Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ -
I have had setup the Weboost with help of a company to mount the antenna on the highest point on my roof which is about 30 feet up in the air. I had them reposition the antenna multiple times. The best I can get is 2 green bars, 1 flashing yellow and 1 green bar on the bottom on the weBoost connect. I was hoping to get 4 green bars but no matter how he aim it. Thatfts all we could get. I did get a boost from 2 bars up to 4 bars consistently on my phone. The speed did go up quite a bit so I can watch netflix without buffering. Best I can give is 4 stars, but sometime it still drop back down to 2 bars. donftt know why.
- Kenedy, TX -
Went from 0-1 bars to 2-5 depending on area of house. No problems now with texting or phone calls.
This helped us
- Galesburg, IL -
We switched cell phone carriers and found almost no signal inside our home from our new carrier. We installed the weBoost Connect 4G on our roof and now we have a useable signal all the time. The unit was fairly easy to install but I had to do some routing of a coax cable through the attic and into our home.
Easy to install but needs a signal to amplify
- Martin County, FL -
The firm I contacted to install the device didnftt show up, so I did it myself. Hard going in a 105 F Florida attic. However, installation was straightforward. Didnftt have much signal to start with but get 2-3 bars now.
Does what it is advertised to do.
- Bern, KS -
Had no cell service in our building. Was a challenging setup for our installer. First booster quit working within 2 weeks while we were gone. Installer was able to get a replacement quickly and it has been working. Has been in service for just over a month, so I can not give a longevity rating.
Solid Unit
- Lottsburg, VA -
Installed this several weeks ago at my rural cottage. Great improvement on my original coverage( 118dbm to 103dbm ) near indoor antenna. Even with 5000 sq ft unit it still has limited strength outside of the main room (12x 18)
Dropped Calls
- Mesa, AZ -
We had 0-1 bars in most of the house, otherwise 1-2 and had to go outside to 3-5. This has increased reception to 3-5 bars throughout the entire house. No more dropped calls.
Huge difference
- Happy, TX -
Only had 2-3 bars outside my metal roof home. Spotty in side, any where from no bars to just 1. Now 4 bars all over! Made my wife very happy.
It works!!!!
- Bowling Green, KY -
I bought this to help get cell service inside my dads house and it works great.
we Boost connect 4G 470103
- Lake Hughes, CA -
The kit works very well, outside antenna location is critical to proper operation. I used my IPhone to locate the best signal outside my home (one bar at best) and mounted the antenna. I then mocked up the system in the house, powered up the booster, played with inside antenna location using my iPhone again. Now I have 3-5 bars in the house over two floors. I can now send and receive text and pictures and actually use the phone as it was designed without it losing the signal in the middle of a call. Final install took a little time but in the end was well worth it.
Great Prouduct
- Priest River, ID -
Have not had time to permantly install this as of yet however with the soft install we are able to use our phones in most of our 3000 sq ft home. I wish that the more powerful unit wasnftt so expensive. Also I think that RG11 should be standard inlieu of the RG6 that is supplied. Great unit easy to install.
Great Product
- Mabank, TX -
Worked better then I thought. My wife said it was one of the best thing I have bought. Outside on the farm I was getting one to two bars on my iPhone 6 plus and when we were inside the trailer house I was getting NO BARS. I put the weBoost up and now in the trailer house I get 3 to 4 bars, better then been outside. This has been one of the better products I have bought. The only reason I did not give it a 5 Star is because of the price. I wish it cost less. I might have bought two. Thank you weBoost
Great Item! Saw an improvement instantly.
- Yuma, AZ -
Its been about a month now since I first installed it and its still working pretty good. There has been a few times where the signal in certain rooms arenftt are strong as they might have been in prior days. Other than that its pretty consistent.
Great personal service!
- Cuba, NY -
Overall, this is a good product. Iftd give it an excellent rating, but it doesnftt quite have the home coverage Iftd like. Walls are a problem. Itfts advertised as 1500 sq. ft. coverage, but Iftm guessing thatfts in an open area (no walls or obstructions). Therefore, it only works well in the immediate room(s) of the inside antenna. Also to be noted is the outside antenna must be pointed correctly towards the source, or the unit will not provide any improved signal. I downloaded a simple app for my phone that points out the location of the transmitter signal so you can correctly aim the outside antenna. Finally, the service at Weboost (whatfts up with that name? What was wrong with inWilsonin? Weboost sounds like some make-you-feel-good elementary school program.) is exemplary. Their phone support is great. They even sent me a complimentary lightning arrester when mine wouldnftt work with the unit. Bottom line, since we installed this unit, weftve ditched the land line. Iftd buy a second one if the price were a little bit better.
Works great!
- Allamakee County, IA -
No service in house before installing,could only text at times,Now have no problem making calls
Wilson Electronics Quality Products
- Wharncliffe, WV -
I bought this Home 4G because there was no signal at this area (I mean -115 no service without a booster). I now have useable signal. Always have had great service out of Wilson products. Have used them for years. Their support is outstanding for their products.
Double to Quadruple Signal Strength
- San Marcos, TX -
It has significantly boosted my signal, but it would be better if I didnftt have Sprint. Radio transmission is a black art, not a science. The weBoost receivers donftt differentiate mobile phone carriers. If you receive a powerful signal from another carrier (almost anyone other than Sprint in fringe areas) there will be a conflict which requires adjusting the outdoor receiver to make it receive a weaker signal to counteract the signal conflict from other carriers. I could get a better inside signal if it werenftt for at&t, verizon, etc.
Superior product!
- Beloit, WI -
Works awesome. We went from 1 bar of 1X service to 3-4 bars of 4G LTE. I can talk clearly on my cell phone now so we dropped our copper carrier and went to a cellular home phone system. And, now we have redundant internet services.
No more dropped calls and quick data access
- Northwoods, WI -
I purchased my connect 4G 5 months ago for my North Woods Cabin retreat, without the unit I would have to drive a mile down the road to place and receive calls on my cell phone. Since the install of my connect 4G call can be made and received from inside my cabin along with access to all my internet and email sites will great speed.
Good. Needs model number on front.
- Stigler, OK -
Had 6 weeks and is working great. Hard to tell how green the lights are. I still am not sure if I have full service or not.
green lights very pale.
- Yellowpine, TX -
This is the second one that we bought. the first one died. but this one doesnftt seem to boost reception as well as the old one had. The green lights are pale, not bright green.
Works good
- Lodi, WI -
The big secret when installing is to have the outside antenna and inside antenna as far apart as possible.
We Now Have Service!
- Parker, AZ -
We purchased this kit about one month ago for a vacation home at Lake Havasu / Parker, AZ. We had sporatic cell service when standing on our roof. We installed the kit and aimed the antenna toward the area that Verizon had said was the closest tower. Mounted the indoor antena in the living room and we now get 4G service when standing in that area. Service in the other rooms is not as good, but we are very happy to get the 4G in the house. Had a problem with a loose connection on the indoor antenna. Had to wait on hold for 15 minutes for the inadvancedin technical assistance, however, when it was our turn, they could not have been more helpfull and accomodating. Very happy with the equipment and the support.
Works as described
- Dayton, OH -
Iftve had this in operation for a month and have had no dropped or missed calls as I did before installing it. Signal strength inside my house improved from two bars to now three and four bars
Almost great
- Murphys, CA -
Works good but nowhere near the square footage advertised. I am covering an area about 20% of advertised with no obstructions at all. Still worth having.
Not what was expected.
- Glendive, MT -
A lot of money for such a small gain. will be returning.
Excellent- until it got hot
- Kilmarnock, VA -
I own a vacation home that is far from the nearest cell tower. I can occasionally get one bar, but rarely enough to make a call- I mounted this unit on the side of the house, near the peak of the roof and facing the nearest cell tower- Excellent results!! 3-4 bars now all the time, depending on weather. The whole house is now covered with great signal! But... after being on for 6-7 hrs, the unit gets hot and shuts down. If I unplug it, and let it cool, it is back to full function again. Weboost is replacing it, and i am waiting for the new unit to arrive-
4G signal
- Columbia, LA -
Purchase in November for my vacation home. I now get a 4G signal but not sure if range covers 500 sq feet. Will use again in April.
Not as dramatic improvement as I expected
- Caldwell, TX -
Iftm about 6 miles from the tower, put my antennae on a tower above roof and over trees. Still most of time is in 3G which doesnftt allow you to open or send pictures etc. or very slow. sometimes it bumps up to 4g but is not the norm . Still sometimes is in extended and you canftt do much with that. Still,have to sometimes get up and walk around to keep cell signal from breaking up inside. Not sure it was worth the nearly 800 I spent.
Did not work!
- Montrose, PA -
If you have one or no bars on your phone donftt waste the time or money because it wonftt work, you need a phone that has wifi calling and hi speed Internet period, nothing else works!
Definitely works
- Henryville, IN -
Definitely works before my phone was a paperweight at my home location now it works like Iftm right next to a cell phone tower, the bad you have to stay with in 10feet of the device about 70sq feet not 5000 like it says
Canftt possibly cover the whole house
- Reno, NV -
It works great only in the room it is installed. I still have signal in adjacent rooms, i.e. it can go through one wall only. If you have two or more walls - forget it. no signal at all.
It works
- Dandridge, TN -
We boost did boost my signal greatly. The only thing that concerns me is the heat the ends generate.
- Bayfield, WI -
I tried my best to get this unit to work but finally decided that therefts just too much in the path for it to overcome.
Great for cell phones.
- Murfreesboro, TN -
It works great if you are in the same room as the booster. Once I leave the room the number of bars goes from 4-5 bars to 1-2 bars in the rest of the house. It doesnftt seem to increase the speed of my internet access.
Helps somewhat
- Atlantic, PA -
It does help the signal but not consistently through the day. The system does seem to affect different model phones differently. Still is a benefit in the long run.
generally works, but not for me
- Santa Barbara, CA -
The unit generally works to boost signals and the support is good, but in my area both Verizon and AT&T operate LTE in the 700Mhz band right next to each other and the connt 4G evidently canftt handle this well. In particular, the signal of the carrier I need was coming in weaker with the result that it was not boosted sufficiently. I ended up returning the unit and purchased a competitorfts which handles this situation much better.
- Julian, PA -
I am barely able to get any signal boost at all with this product. Without it I didnftt get any service but I do get 1x just enough to make a call now

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