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weBoost Drive 4G-X Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster Multi-User (470510)
weBoost Drive 4G-X Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster Multi-User (470510)
weBoost Drive 4G-X Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster Multi-User (470510)
weBoost Drive 4G-X Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster Multi-User (470510)
weBoost Drive 4G-X Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster Multi-User (470510)

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weBoost Drive 4G-X Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster Multi-User (470510)

Brand: weBoost           P\N: 470510           UPC: 811815024866

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Availability: Discontinued

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The weBoost Drive 4G-X Cell Signal Booster is commonly used by first responders throughout the US to boost signals while out on the road. It ensures that you receive btter voice and data with fewer dropped calls, improved voice quality, faster uploads and downloads. The booster allows for up to 2 hours additional talk time in areas with weak signals. It can boost signals up to 32x and enhances 4G LTE and 3G signals for everyone in the vehicle whether it is a car, truck, van, or RV. the weBoost Drive 4G-X is compatible with all US wireless carriers. For easy installation, all components of the kit are included for easy installation.

The 4G-X supports up to 4 phones or cellular devices with whole coverage inside a typical semi-truck cab. This pro model features twice the uplink power for 3-60% more range to the nearest cell tower. The signal booster works by having the outside antenna reach out to the cell tower to access voice and data signals. Next, the booster receives the outside signal from the outside antenna. After that, the booster then amplifies the outside signal up to 32x and sends it to the inside antenna. The inside antenna then broadcasts the boosted signal inside the vehicle and delivers your device's boosted signals back to the cell tower. This process gives users more bars for better signals.

Works On Every Network, For Any Carrier.

Key Features:
  • Ideal signal booster solution for all first responders including Police, Fire, EMS, and larger commercial vehicles
  • Boosts signal for all U.S. cell carriers
  • FCC Certified
  • Extends cellular signal range
  • Reliable cell signal and more consistent data speeds
  • Faster data downloads
  • Up to 2 hours additional talk time in weak-signal areas

This complete kit includes:

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Connect 4G

Home 4G

Connect 4G-X

Part Number




Coverage Area

Up to 5,000 sq. ft.

Up to 1,500 sq. ft.

Up to 7,500 sq. ft.

Outside Antenna Type

Direction Antenna

Panel Antenna

Directional Antenna

Inside Antenna Type

Wall Panel Antenna

Desktop Antenna

Wall Panel Antenna

Boost Voice & Text

Boost 4G/LTE & 3G Data

Compatible with
all Cellular Devices
and all U.S Carriers

weBoost Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Boosters


Drive 4G-X RV

Drive Sleek

Drive 4G-M

Drive 4G-X

Drive 4G-X OTR

Part Number







Multiple Devices

Single-User Device

Multiple Devices

Multiple Devices

Multiple Devices

Allows Max Range
from Cell Tower


Max dB Range

+50 dB

+23 dB

+50 dB

+50 dB

+50 dB

Boost Voice & Text

Boost 4G/LTE & 3G Data

Compatible with
all Cellular Devices
and all U.S Carriers

Outside Antenna Type

Omni Directional Antenna

Drive Sleek Outside
Antenna Magnetic Mount

Mini Magnet Mount

Mini Magnet Mount

4G-OTR Mirror Mount

Inside Antenna Type

Desktop Antenna


Slim Low Profile

Slim Low Profile

Slim Low Profile

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • weBoost is formerly known as Wilson Electronics

  • Simple installation

  • Stronger cellular signal on the road

  • Fewer dropped calls and lost connections

  • Faster data downloads

  • Longer battery life – up to 2 hours longer talk time

  • Boosts voice & data signals

  • Works with all cellular carriers

  • Works with virtually all smartphones and mobile hotspots


Model Number470510
FrequencyBand 12700 MHz
Band 13700 MHz
Band 5850 MHz
Band 41700/2100 MHz
Band 21900 MHz
Max Gain50 dB
Power Req6V DC vehicle power supply
Dimensions4.375 x 6.375 x 1.375 in
Weight1.16 lbs

How It Works
Signal boosters increase cell signal by collecting signals with a powerful antenna, delivering those signals to the booster, amplifying the cell signals so your devices receive them, and delivering your device's boosted signals back to the cell tower.


Product Reviews for weBoost Drive 4G-X Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster Multi-User (470510)

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Average Review (95 reviews):5 Star Reviews!

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 69 (73%)
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 21 (22%)
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Recent Review:
Abert - Rochester, NY - 4/8/2017

Customer Reviews:
- Rochester, NY -
This unit is great , you donftt know itfts there until you realize that youftve had no dropped calls !!
Helps boost
- Toronto, ON -
I use my 4GX on my RV and love the boost I get with this unit
What a difference!
- Boerne, TX -
Easy to install and the cellular signal has been dramatically improved. Makes camping in the 5th Wheel safer and more enjoyable.
This is an excellent add to any and all RVs.
- Macomb, OK -
I did a lot of research on cell phone boosters/amplifier systems. I called weboost several times before I bought my Drive 4G-X. I spoke to several tech support people and got a bunch of info. I took my time during my install and the outcome is great. I bought a 12.5in magnet mount antenna from weboost and with an SMA to RG6 adapter I ran the antenna through a prewired sat system wire on my new RV roof. I then used another RG6 to SMA adapter connected to the amplifier and mounted the inside antenna on the cabinet above and behind the big TV. My wife did not like the idea of having an antenna showing. Great ! But this small candy bar antenna hides in the shadow of the TV just fine. Works like it was designed to be there. Iftm a retired builder and my motto has always been to make it look like it was designed that way from the beginning. Works for me.
Excellent Product
- San Diego, CA -
I have to admit I was a little worried about where I was trying to get a signal. It was in the Mojave Desert where we like to camp in our Motorhome. I could usually get one bar on my phone and no data and that worked for calls that sometimes dropped. I installed the Drive 4G-X with the 4G-OTR Antenna in my Motorhome and hard-wired it with the 6-vold DC Power Supply Kit. The results were amazing. Where the reception was spotty at best, I got 4G Data and 4 to 5 Bars. I used my Cell Phone as a Hotspot and was getting 12 to 24 MB per second down and 2 to 3 MB up. I am completely satisfied with these products. There is a big difference depending how close you were to the inside antenna so I just set my phone next to it when using it for a hotspot and could get regular cell calls from anywhere in the Motorhome.
Productivity Booster
- San Angelo, TX -
Iftm a heavy equipment salesman in West Texas -Pecos, Ft Stockton to San Angelo and the WeBoost 4GX changed my life!
Great coverage
- Lakehills, TX -
I travel a lot and I get cell service in places I never did
Great Product.
- Campo, CA -
I am in an area where we have no bars on our Verizon phones. The only available signal is AT&T so we were using a friendsWiFi signal to make call. I set up the 4G weBoost Dive and we got 2-3 bars instantly!
Review of Weboost Drive 4G-X in hilly region
- Vancouver, BC -
I recently bought the WeBoost Drive 4G-X and am very pleased with the technical support and performance for this device. The shipped 12.5ft external antenna was about 3 feet too short for my typical midsize car (2013 Subaru Outback) which then required a call to Tech Support. They very quickly shipped me a 6ft extension cable to solve the problem. As a typical cable length for external VHF antennas is around 17 feet, and cars have got significantly larger over the last decade or so, the standard 12.5ft shipped cable length should be increased to accommodate this apparently fairly common problem. Once the WeBoost Drive 4G-X was installed I took a drive up to my local ski hill, which is well known for its lack of cell coverage for most of the drive. Surprisingly I saw no increase in cellular performance, even when using my smartphonefts signal meter to monitor the signal strength. I still could not get any cellular connection for most of the drive up or down. I called WeBoost technical support the next morning and they walked me through testing my device. They quickly isolated the problem as being my cellphonefts default LTE Auto connection, which was weak in my hilly area. As soon as this default LTE Auto connection was turned off I immediately got high boosted signal strength from the 3G network and could make cellular calls from different locations along ski hill road. I am very pleased with the performance and the fast and effective technical support I received. I would definitely recommend the WeBoost Drive 4G-X.
Great product design. Excellent performance.
- Seattle, WA -
Right out of the box, with simple 30 min installation, this has been an impressive booster. 2 cell phones, used all day, have been at 5 bars, 4g LTE 99% of the time. Very happy!!
Great signal in remote areas.
- San Antonio, TX -
I use this at my hunting lease near Ozona Texas. I had no signal before using it and now have 3G minimum to sometimes LTE on my Verizon iphone.
Reaches from places you would not expect. A very p
- Tok, AK -
I love it. Should have bought it sooner. Here in the Alaskan wilderness it works great.
Best cell phone booster on the market
- Monahans, TX -
Out on the hunting lease and able to still have service
Works great! Boosts signal as advertised!
- Atlanta, GA -
Iftve had the Drive 4G-X for a few weeks, and it is working great. Iftm definitely happy with the purchase. My signal is much stronger and data speeds are much faster. My only criticism is that the gain doesnftt increase automatically after it decreases when you get close to a cell tower. You have to unplug the box then plug it back in to set it to full power again.
Great travel device!
- Aspen, CO -
We travel in rural areas where cell service is weak, often just 1 bar. This device would boost the service to 3-5 bars and phone calls were clear with no dropping out. We could even stream audio and video. Great product.
FANTASTIC OPTION to poor cell service.
- Frontenac, KS -
I bought this several months ago due to little to no service in my commute. I have not had a stitch of trouble since using it. No more dead strips of road that everyone thinks they are Mario Andretti but rather Frogger trying to miss the deer/animals and other vehicles.
Makes a difference!
- San Jose, CA -
I bought another product and it didnftt make much difference in the ability to get service. Weboost gives me a signal, where Verizon does not. A real difference. I love having data while camping and we like to camp outside of the city. That means cell signals can often be very weak. This product gives me a strong signal off the beaten path.
Great Product
- Worland, WY -
We are a Wildland Fire Crew and we go place most donftt, we go deep into no mans land were cell service doesnftt exist and this booster has help out tremendously. Places where we couldnftt get a text out we can now make calls.
It works!
- Little Rock, AR -
I drive a lot in the rural areas of Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. I always lose service on the trip. I decided to try the weboost Drive and wow, it works very well. And simple to install. Just hook up the two antennas, plug it in to the 12 volt plug in your car and turn it on. I was able to use my phone nearly the entire trip. Most impressive. I will tell others in my office about this product and recommend they get one. I am wondering how it will do in the hills of Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee, but after my experience so far, I bet it will be a good one.
Night and day difference when installed correctly!
- Samson, AL -
We run about 10 of these in our fleet and without them there are clear dead spots. With them a dropped call goes from the norm to extremely rare. We all have around 4 cellular devices in our vehicles at all times. I have had 4 devices running off of 3 different carriers and it didnftt miss a beat. Wven in decent coverage areas itfts still nice because it boosts speeds, particularly uploads. The key is installing them right! Weftve put so many in that weftve learned every install is a little different. Do what the instructions say make sure the indoor and outdoor antennas are spaced correctly. Also understand your vehicle may have factors that effect your necessary spacing... Something like a sunroof may cause a loop in your signal that causes it to turn power down or shut off. Donftt assume it doesnftt work, chances are you need to adjust your install. These absolutely work we are miserable if we run a vehicle without one trust me. Call their support if need be. They have always been extremely helpful and being a tech company we gave them some pretty serious questions and they always find an answer.
does not drop calls anymore
- Tacoma, WA -
My t mobile and Verizon service does are greatly increased with this product. I do not drop calls anymore in the spots that usually have no servixe
Easy Install - Excellant Support
- Lancaster, CA -
This is not my first Cell Phone Booster purchase - however, I have to save I was most impressed with this unit. I installed it on a 2016 Ford F-150 pickup which has mostly aluminum and plastic for itfts outer shell. This makes it very hard to mount the antenna for the booster because there is no metal for the magnet base to anchor on. I ended up mounting it on my front bumper - which is a less than ideal location. However, the unit has performed flawlessly and has come in handy with several cross country trips from Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. If youftve driven any of these areas you know that you frequently lose cell phone service for large distances. I very rarely lost service and then it was only for a brief period - where as on a previous trip, I would lose service for sometimes an hour or more in some of the more remote and rual locations. The ease of installing the unit was unbelievable - I did not mount it in a permament location since I was using a rental vehicle. It was easy to put the unit under the drivers seat - run the inside antenna up the seat and fasten it with a removable piece of velcro, run the outdoor antenna out the drivers door and down through the space on the engine compartment,and plug the power supply into the back 12 volt outlet (so that it was out of the way)... all in about 15 minutes or less from opening the package to actually turning on the power. I also contacted weboost tech support to ask them their advice on installing the unit on an aluminum body / plastic vehicle - they responded immediately with detailed questions to make sure I was getting the best possible performance out of the unit. Bottom line - I was impressed from start to finish with this product and it sure made the cross country trip more enjoyable being able to stream music and place/receive calls with out any major interruptions.
Great for remote 4G in RV
- Austin, TX -
We work from home and spend extended amounts of time in our RV. The main requirement for us to work is Internet access, but we also want to be as remote as possible. Having the Drive 4G-X definitely extended the range of how far out we can get. Weftve had quite a few instances where it has turned signals that were only good for texting (no calling, no data) into usable ones for our work. Itfts extremely simple to work - run the wires and plug it in. Now we just plug it in if we need it as we have it permanently mounted on the back wall along with some of our WiFi equipment and MiFi. Itfts definitely going to be a piece of our tech arsenal in the RV for a long time to come and we want to get another for the tow vehicle at some point.
Great Signal Capabilities
- Regina, SK -
I bought this unit a Drive 4GX a month ago. I previously had a lesser cell phone booster and when we would go to one of our favourite camping spots, our cell signal strength was sketchy at best. We then purchased a Drive 4GX unit. We tried this unit in the identical camping spot we had used in the past. With the Drive 4GX our cell phones went from No Service to three bars. We also had full data usage in this area with the Drive 4GX. This unit is a little pricey, but well worth it when get such good results.
Best unit ever!!
- Las Vegas, NV -
Worth the cost. On the job site on a zero cell signal mountain top, plugged the unit in and instantly got 4g at 3 bars!! Best unit ever!!
Good product
- Kalispell, MT -
Work better then expected. I camp in remote mountains area in Montana. iPhone 6 show no service. I was probably 20 miles outside of any service area. By surprise weboost drive x give me 3 bars in the car, I manage to make calls and check emails. Then decide to transfer booster in to travel trailer, was different story: phone show same 3 bars but calls and data fail. Looks like magnetic antenna not work so well with fiberglass camper(I attach antenna to metal part on camper). Order new RV antenna, hope that will help for camper.
Works Good
- Roanoke Rapids, NC -
Works as expected. Signal went from -110 to -94 on phone. In between small towns where I would get 3G service I now have 2 bars (-108) signal. A little disapointed that data speeds didftt get better but there is a improvement.
It really works
- Nophonezone, TX -
I can actually make and receive calls with out dropping them or having to search for a service area. The internet speed is great too when I need to use it
Great results
- Reno, NV -
The unit works great. The only thing the manufacturer might add as an option is a gain antenna.
No dead zones yet!
- Magnolia, AR -
Trying it out going from Arkansas to Orlando Fl. So far itfts great! The real test will be when we head out west in August!
Unbelievable improvement
- Cold Bay, AK -
To say I live in a remote area is an understatement. We have one antenna on a 30ft pole in town, and roads that extend up to 30 miles from town with numerous hills and cellular dead spots. In areas I used to have poor service I have had crystal clear calls. In areas I had no service I can now connect. I bought the trucker antenna to give me the best chance of getting a signal. My only complaint is I am still tied to my jeep. I will have to leave my phone on the dash and find a close hide on the lagoon to wait for geese to fly over.
Worth the Money
- Lewiston, ID -
I bought my Drive 4G-x on June 10, 2016. I live and work in north Idaho. Steep terrain, mountains, spotty service. If I have a signal, the booster will give me about 2 more more bars signal strength. so texting, calls and even emails work much better with less frustration from poor signal strength. I use Verizon and the booster interfaces with other carriers. At this time it appears to be the best reliable product on the market, until technology changes.
Works great! Highly recommend!!!
- Carlsbad, CA -
Bought a month ago w/trucker antenna for camping in areas w/bad reception (San Onofre San Mateo campground, mainly). Works excellent since we raised the trucker antenna 15ft above our RV, which was the key in this particular bad spot--raising it above RV. We get 4G LTE (Verizon) now, instead of inno servicein or 1x or 3G. Husband has Sprint cell for work and he also gets great reception now, instead if no service before these products. We can get internet w/no buffering here; no streaming issues AND fast internet. My husband MUST have phone/internet for his job and I must have it for school and phone. In addition, we tried a directional antenna instead of trucker antenna and didnftt notice a difference--both work. I highly recommend this cell signal booster and antenna (trucker or directional).
Donftt RV without it!
- O'Fallon, MO -
Weboost coupled with the RV antenna is amazing. Spots where we previously had no service now get 3 bars of LTE. We were the only RV in our group that could make calls and use the Internet on our last trip. Canftt believe we waited this long to install
Great Booster
- Mission, TX -
Im very happy with this purchase, easy to install and works very well
Better than expected!
- Olympia, WA -
We are going to RV full-time and knew I needed a booster. On a recent trip to a campground, we needed to check on-line for availability once we got there. The campground host saw me pull out my phone (Verizon) and promptly told me that Verizon doesnftt work there. I did indeed only see 1X. :( I went inside the coach and turned on the Drive 4X-G and within just a few moments, I had 4G! It was good enough to stream movies during our whole stay! My wife wasnftt sure we need to ftspendft the money. Now she says it was money well spent! Now I need to get one for our tow vehicle! Super easy to install and set up!
Excellent so far!!!
- Spalding, NE -
I bought this as i live on the edge of the Sandhills of Nebraska and it works great. Iftve actually not found a spot where i have to use the full power of the booster, itfts usally at 1/2 to 3/4 power which is great knowing that where ever i go, i can make a call or text.
Well worth the $
- Syracuse, NY -
I purchased this in preparation for a cross country RV trip. Being a professional landscape photographer, I need to use my cell phonefts data to upload my images to my site. After installing the weBoost, I went to an area locally that has a poor LTE signal to test the unit, it boosted a 1 bar signal to a full 5 bars.
Life is GOOD again
- Hancock, MI -
I had an earlier version of the Wilson car booster and used it for at least 8 years to cover all the cell coverage gaps when driving across the UP of Michigan. I found out how much I relied on the booster when I upgraded to the iPhone 6 and ran into troubles. CALLS KEPT GETTING DROPPED. Turns out the old booster would not work on the 4G settings. A call to Wilson revield I could keep reseting the iPhone to only use 3g if I wanted to use the old booster. The service rep kept apologizing for the iPhone change but did say that WeBoost has units that would work. Based on the remoteness of the UP, i decided to buy the 4G-X. (more POWER) AND IT WORKS PERFECT. Four of us were in the truck last weekend talking and texting away without any problems. Frustrations are now over. Thanks for the great service support and products.
Has been a great asset
- Indianapolis, IN -
I purchased this for our service truck because I go into remote areas where cell and 4GLTE service are next to none, and I am reliant on being able to get on-line for technical data and job clocking. My co-worker and I have noticed a significant boost in signal strength on both our phones and Jetpacks.
Great Boost in the Mountains
- Summers County, WV -
After the easy setup it has been great. I get enough signal now, in places I never had before, to make and/or maintain a call.
Great unit
- Big Run, WV -
Love it, working in the mountains of West Virginia and had very little signal now I have service where there was nothing.
Strong signal
- Maui County, HI -
I purchased my booster a month age and glad I did I have better signal in spotty area that I use to always drop calls and weak signal it works like a champ I am happy with my purchase.
Best booster money can buy!
- Boulder, CO -
Bought this booster to help with a cell phone game a I play, called Ingress. This booster is literally a ingame changerin for Ingress. I can get cell service in some super remote mountain locations of Colorado that enable me to capture portals for the Resistance. Originally thought this would only be useful for Ingress, but I have been able to use it for text messages and phone calls in remote areas where I donftt get any signal without the booster. There have been times recently where heavy snow took town power and phone lines and shut down roads and this booster enabled me to stay connected with the world using my AT&T hotspot with the booster. Best $$$ Iftve spent on technology in a long time.
Awesome booster!
- Red Deer, AB -
I purchased this booster a couple of months ago to replace a Wilson booster that was stolen just before Christmas. This booster was the only good thing to come out of the theft! It works much better than the previous booster I had. I work in very remote areas of the oilfields in Alberta, and I encounter many areas with poor or no cell reception. This booster has made all the areas I have traveled so far cell accessible. I would highly recommend this booster.
Excellent Booster!
- Medford, OR -
I recently purchased this booster for my semi-truck and can say that it absolutely lives up to its claims. My signal is boosted is significantly over cell phones on the same network as mine. If you are on the fence because of the price, I would say go for it and believe me you will not regret it. The difference of 50 decimals is the difference between a great signal and almost dropping calls.
This is one great booster
- Delbarton, WV -
I canftt ask for any better booster than this one. We have service in places with this one than I did my old. I would recommend this to anyone that needs a booster.
Always works!
- Albuquerque, NM -
This is the only brand that actually works! I buy them for my employees in the Indian Reservatio and they get cell signal no problem
Great features !!
- Aurora, CO -
I bought this three weeks ago , and I am so happy with it ! Excellent work , but cables little short to install in semi trucks . I am truck driver , I donftt have to use expensive service like Verizon , I stay with T-mobile and WeBoost , great cover !!!
Back in business...
- Atlanta, GA -
Works great...going to purchase one for my home. The signal improved in my truck greatly.
Great product
- Greencastle, IN -
Turns lost signal into 2-5 bars in rural areas with T-Mobile.
It Works
- Vancouver, WA -
My only complaint is that they need to have an RV specific package, that includes a larger cable with a choice of lengths, and a heavy duty outside antenna. The outside antenna must be mounted as far to the rear as possible, to limit electrical signal interference from the weBoost unit to the antenna because of the fiberglass roofs in RVfts. Due to the rear antenna location, they need to upsize the antenna connecting cable, to limit the signal loss of the long run of this cable. I made these changes with the help of the weBoost technical support team. It works great!
- Alpine, TX -
I work for a large DOT and we bought one of these models to test. We work in an extremely remote area of West Texas. Not only does this product more than double our coverage area for calls and text, it works even better with data. Even in areas where calls wonftt go through, you can still call 911. We are in the process of purchasing several more. You do have to be very mindful of the installation instructions as far as exactly where to place the external and internal antennas. I suspect that the few bad reviews of this product did not install the product to specifications and instructions. Great product!!!
Too good to be true!
- Breckenridge, CO -
Just drove from Little Rock, AR through Kansas to the mountains of Breckenridge, CO and have had LTE for the entire trip. Every spot that I had lost service in the past is now long in the past! Everyone that rides in my truck through the mountains is shocked when they are able to call and use data where they never thought possible.
Great Coverage
- Abilene, TX -
This is our second booster and it (they ) have made a tremendous impact in our productivity. Our appraisers are able to stay in the field longer and can update our system or retrieve information much faster. Before using the booster if they encountered a problem they would have to drive around until they found a strong enough signal to reload data or download new data. With the boosters weftve seen a huge increase in our efficiency and that translate into time / money saved.
Great Booster
- Irvine, CA -
I am really happy with this purchase! Really improved my signal!!!
It works!
- Cleveland, OH -
I bought this product a few months ago because I do a lot of traveling for work and it performs as described! I have Verizon as my cellular carrier and it boosts all three bands of LTE that Verizon is currently utilizing (13 - 700 MHz; 4 - 1700/2100 MHz; 2 - 1900 MHz). I typically see a boost of 15-25 dbm improvement and Iftve driven through known dead areas and been able to hold a VoLTE call as well as stream video (my son streaming on an iPad connected to my Jetpack). I use Advanced calling 1.0 (Verizonfts VoLTE) for all of my calls, and before purchasing my Drive 4G-X, I would have to turn this feature off before going on any road trips - and even then I would consistently drop coverage and calls all together in known dead zones. Now, not only do I maintain my call, I donftt need to constantly turn VoLTE on and off. The only issue I have with this device is that itfts actually too strong. I drive a standard sized sedan and I am unable to separate the inside and outside antennas far enough to avoid the band 13 light from flashing red. This means therefts oscillation between the inside and outside antennas and the device reduces the power in that band to avoid oscillation. After much trial and error, I was able to solve the problem by manually atenuating (weakening) the signal being sent from the inside antenna - I did this by using three small strips of aluminum tape (purchased at any hardware store for sealing ductwork - not duct tape) and configuring the strips in the shape of an upside down U (technically an upside down pi shape - Greek math symbol). The downside is that I now need to keep my device virtually right on top of the inside antenna to still realize the full dbm gain, but thatfts not a big issue for me because I now have my antenna attached to my dash with a vent mount for my phone directly next to the antenna. If I keep my phone in my hand (approximately 36in from the antenna, I still realize a dbm gain, but about 10 dbm less of a gain than when the phone is right next to the antenna. NOTE: the Flashing red light typically only happens with band 13 (and sometimes with band 5), which isnftt a huge concern, except that band 13 is the main Band used for LTE by Verizon and because I want to maintain VoLTE calls I went the extra step as described above. When I move the unit to our mini-van, I have no trouble separating the antennas and the unit functions exactly as designed.
Great Signal
- Corning, NY -
Iftm on the road a lot, out in the gas fields of PA, most areas before I bought my WeBoost I had no signal and no way to communicate with anyone. Now with my WeBoost I can keep in touch with everyone with a phone call with a great signal!
Great product
- Welsh, LA -
Using for a month now in my sheriff patrol Tahoe. Works throughout rural areas. Keeps my data cards up and running.
Performs well as ALWAYS when installed properly!
- Lafargeville, NY -
As this is the 8th that I have purchased and installed in various vehicles (personal and police cruisers), I knew the performance would be there. This one was a bit of a challenge as it is in our 34ft motorhome with a non metal roof. I used this instead of the 4G RV because I need to be able to up while in motion. I placed the small mag mount antenna on the rear air conditioner galvanized frame as the ground plane and cut a hole slightly smaller that the mag base in the plastic shroud so I could use sealant around it to keep water out of the ac unit. I routed the small rg-174 coax through the frame of the ac and up the duct to the bathroom where the booster sits on the wall. I used a panel antenna pointing down over the drivers seat to get better rejection from oscillation as the antenna that came with the kit was to good at picking up its own signal in THIS application (Non-metal roof), again using the ac duct to run the rg-58 coax.
Very good signal
- Del Rio, TX -
Awesome Booster in weak signal areas, never lost signal after installing my Booster..
Works Great!
- Sterling, AK -
I drive round trip between Alaska and Southern California every year. The WeBoost Drive 4G-X increases my range of connectivity extraordinarily. Previously there were many more areas where I had no connectivity at all. This booster is a much welcome addition to my vehicle. It provides me additional protection by increasing connectivity should I experience unexpected trouble on the road.
Never leave home without it!
- Phoenix, AZ -
We bought this to use in our RV while glamping...I mean camping. My wifefts job requires her to have constant connection in case of emergencies. We often camp in Greer, AZ. When we pull into the campground our phones immediately read inno servicein. With this device she is able to stay connected and send and receive email. It has allowed us to take off anytime we want worry free!
Much Improved Compared to Older Versions
- Virginia Beach, VA -
For about a month I have been using this in my travel trailer, which is permanently set up at my hunting club. I never had reliable signal until I bought this unit. Now I ALWAYS have reliable signal. My trailer area has become the communication hub for our 50 club members! I had tried two different but similar Wilson products before (last year) and they did not work. The gains constantly needed to be adjusted, and the required inside and outside antenna separation was too difficult to achieve. This new unit has auto adjust for the gain! And the antenna separation requirements are MUCH easier to accomplish. I really like this set up.
This thing works GREAT in rural Minnesota
- Cook, MN -
Iftve owned Wilson boosters in the past and they never seem to let me down.
Fantastic Product
- Fort Worth, TX -
Bought this about a month ago and it works great. Have some land in the boonies and rarely have cell service and forget about internet. Bought this bad boy and in about 5 minutes service went from 1 bar to 3 to 4. Even had data and internet. Wish i had got this a long time ago.
Great for when you are away from home!!!
- Salt Lake City, UT -
Bought this to help boost my cell while traveling. It is perfect for all those areas where one bar was normal without it, I am able to get and make phone calls. Love it and would recommend it. Really easy install. Thanks weBoost
LTEcompatible-M model is great,but X is better.
- Los Angeles, CA -
I bought this M model item because my cell service sucked. After registering the device with my personal phone company. I installed it but the cables were too smalI for panel weaving, im about 2 feet short if i wanted the device under my steering post. so i just had to put it on the floor under my car seat. I started getting reception in my garage immediatly after i turned it on. where I normally would have 0 reception. My cell service went from 0 service to 2 bars of 4g LTE. The antenna has like a 2 inch stub so I wanted a trucker antenna thats like cause bigger is better, but the frequency range and LTE speed compatibility isnt the same. Ive tested this in all area of Los angeles. From downtown LA Inside the parking structure of the Los Angeles covention center, to hard rock san Diego under ground VIP parking, to the mountains of 405/bel air to mullhulland drive to laurel canyon. The only problem with this M model is that I have found after my research is that i still dont have constant service where it goes in and out of service. Places where I barely have service are around the mountians, such as malibu wine, highway 126 from six flags to oxnard I loose reception there in the middle of the highway. Possible loose connection in the mountains next to PCH from Santa monica to oxnard I recommend that you get the best model the X because you well get better service. I waited on amazon for an open box deal and get M model for 300 bucks but amazon sent me a new one. Iftm satisfied that I got this cell booster but when I found out there was a better model called X.
WeBoost. Especially when lives depend on it.
- Siloam Springs, AR -
Iftve been chasing since 1999 and have tested MANY devices and companies. Have always loved the sleek devices but finally got to test the Drive 4G-X. Unbelievable difference. And I thought it couldnftt get any better. Itfts hard for me to find a spot where therefts a true dead spot with Verizon (What I use for data), so I tested mostly with a prepaid At&t phone so I could see what kind of DB boost I could really get out of it. I average around a -35db gain in somewhat weak areas. It went to edge once with one bar, so I flipped on the amp. It went to full bars. I wasnftt able to see the DB while on edge. I started driving back to town to see of It would pick up lte quicker, but discovered my phone had froze. Had nothing to do with the amp. Keep in mind that prepaid doesnftt share all the same towers as a contract customer. By my apartments it gets -118 to -110db. With the amp on it jumps from -64 to -76db. Unreal. This new amp is absolutely critical being a media chaser as I need to be crystal clear while on the air and provide a high quality stream for our viewers. I live in a area that most chasers wonftt chase and refer to it as the jungle, and they canftt get a decent signal to get data. This is my backyard. So getting radar data consistently, especially with the hills, trees, or at night, is essential. THANKS so much for making this beast. Iftll be demonstrating this product constantly. It deserves the praise. Keep in mind that these images Iftm sharing is in the middle of nowhere, and streaming through a WEBCAM. These amps are a absolute necessity, being at the top of my arsenal as the most importance in items to have while chasing.
Seems to work well.
- South Bend, IN -
Have been on a one month trip in our small motor home. Most of the time I seem to get a 5% to 10% signal gain. Sometimes there seems to be no gain, but this might a result of antenna position. Generally, I am satisfied with the setup.
Good boat of signal
- Grand Junction, CO -
Big help in the mountains where I work not so great in the valleys
Better than my older model
- Elmira, NY -
I can definitely tell a difference from my older blue Wilson model. Some areas I still get zero reception, so donftt expect it to be a cure-all, but I can definitely tell a big difference
It does what they say
- Wolcott, CT -
So far places I had no coverage I now have good coverage. have two complaints 1. the single LED is Red/Green and I canftt tell the difference. 2. There is no documentation on what the LED means when it blinks.
Very helpful
- Milwaukee, WI -
It has helped me to get a signal when away from the device there was no signal. We have AT&T Unlimited service with Directv, and it really helped in Canada.
Works like it says
- Midland, TX -
I was a little disappointed after I installed it, expecting my signal to go from 2 bars to 4. I donftt think it is designed to do that. I was relieved after making a trip thru some known dead areas for cellular service that I never lost service which I why I purchased it.
Good so far
- Gordonville, TX -
Just tried a real world test of our new wireless cell signal booster WeBoost Drive 4G-X. Temp setup, mini magnetic inoutdoorin antenna on the dash on a metal ground plane, not on the roof as it will be in the future. Location Thousand Trails Gordonville TX. No booster, Verizon signal is -97 dBm, with booster signal is* -64 dBm. This is with the cell phone and MiFi used to measure signal 2in away from internal antenna. The power levels picked up by a cellular antenna are fractions of a milliwatts, so the dBm readout will be a negative number. -50dBm would be considered an awesome signal. -60dBm is 10x weaker, but still great. -70dBm is 100x weaker. -80dBm is 1,000x weaker. -90dBm is 10,000x weaker. -100dBm is 100,000x weaker - and is when you are likely to start seeing a serious impact. -110dBm is a million times weaker than -50dBm and is usually barely usable. And by the time you see -120dBm, the phone has probably already given up and switched to inNo
It will boost weak signals
- Fort Worth, TX -
I travel a great deal. Spots that had no signal now allow for me and others talk where we couldnftt. The high range antenna also helps.
Decent for what I have seen so far
- Tampa Bay, FL -
I have only tested this out with a temporary installation on the ladder of our Class A motorhome until I figure out how to permanently install this somewhere in the coach. It did boost the signal by between 20-30 dB, which is good. Like I said, I bought this to install in an RV and I am disappointed that there is virtually no guidance on how to install this on my coach. I understand that weBoost cannot know about installing in every RV, but I feel left on my own to figure this out. I have watch numerous YouTube videos on various installations, but there are not any that cover the type of installation I need. You better be pretty handy if you are not installing this in a car, since running wires, drilling holes, etc. can get pretty complicated.
It just works!
- Chicago, IL -
We bought this to use in our RV, especially when parked in areas of lower strength cell service, like National Parks and such. We initially couldnftt set it up because it is a 12V plug and when we are sitting still we need it to work with traditional house power (110V). So we ordered a converter and plugged it in via the converter and it immediately started boosting the signal. We just have the antenna plugged in and mounted temporarily on the roof since it is a rubber roof and all fiberglass/aluminum coach with the coax run in through a window. We went from 2 bars of LTE to 4-5 bars with this booster. Just what we needed.
Works well
- Tollhouse, CA -
Iftve purchased this for an upcoming Idaho elk hunt. I got the unit installed and have done preliminary testing, in a section of the Sierra Nevada. I have better service where service was spotty, and extended my service range further. Good unit, will buy more for the work truck, and the wifefts ride.
Radio Frequency Issues
- Greenville, NC -
The WeBoost drive 4G-X works amazing. The signal enhancement has given me exactly what I needed. The only negative is my radio frequency is horrible when it is on. Any suggestions?!?!
Now have cell service!
- Hamptons, NY -
I debated spending the $ for this booster, but it was worth it. I spend a lot of time in my work van driving around the Hamptonfts (LI, NY) and the cell service there is very spotty. Now I am able to make, receive and not have dropped calls in almost all the places I had problems before. Itfts worth the investment!
Works great in most places.
- Haines City, FL -
When I first got my we boost. I wasnftt sure if it was worth the $$. But after my second and third location I love it. I have went from 3G service to 4G with it and full bars. It really helps pull in the signal for my wifi midi.
Great product
- Dallas, TX -
I bought this booster about 3 weeks ago. I was taking a trip between southern Colorado and Texas. There are lots of miles of no service with the phone alone. I had bars the entire trip. I did have to turn off LTE, thatfts my only complaint. Not sure why the phone didnftt switch on its own because it would go to 3G when 4G wasnftt available. The only reason I donftt give it 5 stars is the price.
Good for Rural Areas, outskirts of town
- Houston, TX -
I bought this model last week, and I like travel, go on road trips, etc. I travel through some rural areas, and this booster has helped a lot. Please be advised that if you go through some deadzone areas, the booster will not help. Other than that, it works as expected.
Works like the website states!
- Madison, WI -
I bought this a few months ago and after some tweaking with the antenna distrance it now works really well. It was a little frustrating at first but after you watch the video on the website about distance between the antenna and the unit I understood what I needed to do and then after that it has been working very well. One con is if you are expecting this to boost a very weak signal it most likely will not to the point you think it should. If you have an average signal it will increase it. Now when I drive around in most areas my signal strength is almost full to near full which is great. Be patient and you will notice it is working!
Sanity Saver
- Boulder, CO -
I often need to work from remote places where there was limited cell service. Before buying the WeBoost 4G-X I often felt like the stress from being completely disconnected from demanding work requirements offset the pleasure from being in special remote places. Now I can stay on the fringes of connectivity and enjoy the solitude of places like Canyonlands and Yosemite.
Competitive Edge Device
- Reno, NV -
I bought the Drive 4G-X to help me get signal at inIngressin Portals located in marginal signal areas, and it does the job well. (Ingress is an augmented reality, GPS Smartphone based game played by millions world wide, which combines features of GeoCaching, Capture the Flag, and the old board game inRiskin) The Drive 4G-X boosts the signal to and from my cellular hot spot device in the car, (An AT&T Unite Express.) and the hot spot provides a boosted wifi internet signal to my phone outside the car. (A playerfts phone has to be within 24 meters of an Ingress portal to interact with it, so it is often necessary to get out of the car to reach a portalfts location.) This has allowed me to work with portals via wifi in areas where my iPhone 6 Plus indicated inNo Servicein at all. The Ingress game is hard on phone batteries because it makes constant use of the GPS and cellular data, so most players carry around extra phone charging batteries. Iftve noticed that the the Drive 4G-X makes a very substantial difference in my cellular enabled phone, tablet and hotspot devicefts battery life, particularly when Iftm in the country out of town. Their radios are not working nearly as hard to maintain a data connection, as the Drive 4G-X is doing all the heavy lifting. The unit was easy to install on my Honda Fit, but as expected, itfts bit touchy about internal and external antenna locations. I would rate it five stars, but I held one back, as the unit doesnftt seem to actively control its gain settings in changing conditions as well as I would like. Once any indicators start flashing red, they stay that way, even after driving someplace with different signal conditions. The only way Iftve found to get the unit to take a new look at local signal conditions and change its indications (and internal channel gain settings), is to power the unit off and back on. This was an issue during installation as well, since once any indicators started flashing red, no amount of moving antennas around would stop it. I had to first move the antenna(s) to a different location, and then power the unit off and back on to see the effects of my changes. Overall, Iftm very satisfied with the performance of this system, and turning it off and back on now and then has not been a show stopper for my purposes. If it were better able to dynamically monitor its feedback conditions and adjust its gain settings appropriately in real time, it would get that fifth star from me, with blessings.
Every Little Bit Helps
- Long Island, NY -
It doesnftt perform miracles but will help boost your signal. I have it installed in an RV and there are a lot locations around the US without 4G so it canftt upgrade a signal that doesnftt exist. I have turned it off and on in different locations and then check signal strength on my phone so I know it does work. Best part was when I called customer service about an issue with my trucker antenna and they took care of it beyond what I expected so A+ to customer service.
Works great!
- Las Vegas, NV -
I havenftt had the unit too long, perhaps a week, but at this point, I can say that both my phone and ipad have experienced increased speed. I have found very few areas that the signal strength drops below 3 bars.
Work on well on interstate
- Gilbert, AZ -
I recently bought for a boondocking/dispersed camping trip in the coconino national forest. Just between Sedona, AZ and cottonwood, AZ off state road 89. Going to start off by saying we had cell phone service on the interstate in places we never did. So, that is great. My kids can keep watching YouTube and playing games. For a much quiter and easer drive. While camping my wife needs to keep up with what is going on at work. She doesnftt actually work but needs to know whatfts going on. So, she doesnftt have thousands of emails to check at the end of our trip. The WeBoost fell short there. We lost service in the back roads. Thatfts why Iftm giving it 3 stars just donftt see the value in something that just works on interstates
Works for my Airstream
- Phoenix, AZ -
Mounted to my airstream travel trailer. Had to put a steel plate under the external antenna since the airstream is aluminum. Works but the internal antenna is finicky with the Verizon MiFi, I get an extra bar of boost if I hold the antenna/MiFi combo with my hand - ridiculous. The single led gives you no idea what the unit is doing, stays green even when the external antenna is unplugged so the only way to get a true measure of whatfts happening is to put your phone in field test mode. The phone support guys are very nice but not knowledgeable - I called them to ask how I could test that the antenna on the roof was good using a multi-meter and the tech asked ftWhatfts a multi-meter?ft
Not as great as I had hoped!
- Ashland, OR -
I bought this device for our motorhome to boost our cellular signal while traveling around the western United States. We have AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile cellular service on both smartphones and tablets. I purchased the spring-loaded OTR Trucker antenna in addition to the included mini-mag mount antenna. I installed the OTR antenna on a secure, mobile antenna mount located forward of the cab and found that it rarely provided me with a better signal. I also had difficulty with interior antenna placement and oscillation feedback. (impossible in the cab area) Even though the exterior antenna was placed forward and higher than the cab, and the interior antenna was placed to the rear of the coach, I still encountered oscillation and a loss of boosted signal. I found the best combination was the stock mag mount antenna, (bypassing the OTR antenna altogether) stuck to a baking pan and placed on top of the air conditioning unit on the roof and the interior antenna placed low, near the floor. This situation provided the best bang for the buck! With these stationary (as in the motorhome) locations, I was able to achieve the advertised gains in cellular signal strength. This is, however, impractical while traveling as I faced dangling coax cables and open windows to accomplish this. All in all - it will work as advertised while parked and when you are able to play with exterior and interior antenna locations. Iftve now spent well over $500 and countless hours of antenna mount installs & trials and have yet to find a great location that works while moving.... Not going to return it but not as thrilled as I hoped to be...
Great but pricey
- Jacksonville, TX -
Iftve had it a week and so far I have service in rural areas where I never had service before. My only complaint is the high price thus the 3 stars
not quite enough
- Duck Creek, UT -
we bought this weboost knowing we were going to need a signal booster heading into Utah. we were disappointed to learn it just was not enough we had to buy a weboost manual directional antennae to get signal

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