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Antennas Direct Yagi Long Range UHF HDTV Antenna 70 Miles (91XG)
Antennas Direct Yagi Long Range UHF HDTV Antenna 70 Miles (91XG)

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Antennas Direct Yagi Long Range UHF HDTV Antenna 70 Miles (91XG)

Brand: Antennas Direct           P\N: 91XG           UPC: 853748001910

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Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Antennas Direct products.
Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Antennas Direct products.
Watch local sports, news, and network TV shows for free with this Antennas Direct TV antenna. An alternative to cable that pulls in your favorite network shows, local sports, news, and weather. Cutting cable TV is easier than ever with a high-powered HDTV antenna. Easily get over-the-air TV channels for free with this OTA TV antenna. This is the best television antenna in its price range.

If you need a highly-directional UHF antenna (UHF channels 14-69), this unit is a great option. This directional antenna provides exceptionally high gain. This TV antenna offers excellent reception from up to 70 miles from broadcast towers. It also features a back reflector that reduces or eliminates signal interference for maximum signal quality.

Key features
  • Includes installation hardware for mounting to a mast
  • Built-in 75ohm transformer for coax connection
  • High protection, anti-corrosion, anodized aluminum construction
  • Low-wind load design
  • Reflector grids manufactured from welded, hot dipped, zinc-plated steel with plastic coating
  • Does not include mast


  • This is a Large Directional antenna and yields a beam width of about 25 degrees.

  • Does not include mast

  • Cut the cord and still get all of the top rated shows for free

  • Perfect for homeowners

  • Includes hardware for mounting to a mast, and 75ohm transformer for coax connection

  • Range: up to 70+ Miles

  • High protection, anti-corrosion, anodized aluminum construction, low wind load design

  • Reflector grids manufactured from welded, hot dipped, zinc-plated steel with plastic coating

  • Inclinable mast clamp for horizontal or vertical installation, Snap-lock quick assembly

  • High performance, integral PCB balun for true signal matching

  • Front to back ratio: 28 dB

  • UHF band only (UHF channels 14-69)

  • Max Gain 16.7 dB

  • Dimensions 22" H x 20" W x 93" Deep, Weight: 6.5 lbs. (Lifetime Warranty)


This high performance UHF antenna has a higher gain and a smaller beam angle than conventional Yagi antennas. The reflector grids create an improved front to back ratio with shorter construction while the 91 elements truly make it one of the highest gain UHF antennas available.

Although the 91XG is one of the highest gain UHF antennas made, it is also very directional. If you live more than 60 miles from the transmitters, you must get as much elevation on the antenna as possible. Even with its great gain, it cannot pick up signals blocked by the curvature of the earth.

1. To assemble the antenna, join the three sections of the boom using the joining brackets bolts and wing nuts. Ensure that the holes that locate the directors are on the top of the boom.

2. Place the black balun box on the underside of the boom and fix with thumb screw bolt provided.

3. Attach "U" shaped tilt bracket assembly to the underside of the boom and tighten the wing nuts in the desired position. (Note this assembly can be fitted to enable either a vertical or horizontal installation, depending on your local area.)

4. To fit the directors to the boom, line up each piece with a corresponding hole in the boom and press firmly to snap together Ensure that each director is fitted with the arrow pointing towards the front. As each director assembly is identical, it does not matter in which order they are fitted.

5. After the directors have been fitted, attach the two large corner reflector screens to the boom by sliding the metal brackets under the head of the screw and the wing nut.

6. Fix antenna to mast and firmly tighten all screws.

Note: illustration shows an installation for a horizontally antenna. By changing the orientation of the tilt assembly, a Vertically mounted installation can be achieved.  


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Product Reviews for Antennas Direct Yagi Long Range UHF HDTV Antenna 70 Miles (91XG)

Product reviews help other customers decide which product to purchase, where the best deals are, and your get a sense of what to expect with the product. Write a Review!

Average Review (45 reviews):5 Star Reviews!

Five Stars:
 33 (73%)
Four Stars:
 10 (22%)
Three Stars:
 1 (2%)
Two Stars:
 1 (2%)
One Star:
 0 (0%)
Recent Review:
Wings - Dallas, TX - 5/31/2018
Great, fixed my issue

Customer Reviews:
Great, fixed my issue
- Dallas, TX -
Finally an antenna that solved my reflection problem. We live between downtown and the TV towers which caused a lot of interference with reflected signals.
9 years later
when I opened the box I thought this thing will not last... I was wrong. I'm in mountainous N E Ga. The antenna is 30 ft in the air, with a channel master preamp.. My location is 1000 ft above sea level, which also helps. I receive Atlanta stations up 75 miles away with seldom a problem... Very good and sturdy antenna..
Solid reasonably priced product.
- Madison, CT -
I purchased this to replace an older Log-periodic (very large) antenna. This product has the ability to tilt, which I needed because our house is located in a hollow with tall trees (85'; to 100';+). The reception is solid, but we still get some multi-path distortion, but better than previous antenna. This antenna is also smaller and lighter, so I was able to mount it about 5'; higher than previous antenna.

Our local ABC is on VHF, and is relatively close - this antenna gets this channel from about 15 to 20 degrees off axis (in sidelobe) most of the time without needing to rotate the antenna, however I bought this to (hopefully) get our CBS channel which is 45-50 miles away, but the signal will go from perfect to none during the morning and some afternoons (probably tropospheric affects). This channel is also highly sensitive to multi-path (channel drops when cars travel up road or planes fly overhead). Not sure if an 8 or 16-bay antenna would help in this situation.

All-in-all, yes I do recommend this antenna, and seems to work better than previous set-up.
Works well
- LaCenter, WA -
Receives channels 10 and 12 in the high VHF band which eliminates the need for a second antenna. We are about 27 miles from the broadcasting sites.
The only way to go XG91
Outstanding Reception!
- Commerce, TX -
77 miles from Dallas(Cedar Hill) antenna farm, mounted 10ft high, with RCA preamp, very happy.
I';m a believer - sold on this antenna!
- Hillsborough, NC -
Wow -- the 91xg has saved the day! Our main Raleigh stations are 40+ miles away, and we have to shoot an antenna straight through a dense area of tall trees at the rear of our property. (Have avoided a tower mounting -- keeping the antenna on the roof ~ 23 feet high.) Digital transition caused lots of signal problems, esp with wind moving tree leaves. A good deal of multipath. Since one station is on ch 11, we switched from a RadShack unit to an AntennaCraft HBU44 (didn';t help much), then added a rotator (PBS station is in a different direction), a distribution amp and a Winegard LNA-200 preamp. These helped somewhat but didn';t eliminate signal breakup from Raleigh on windy days. We avoided the 91xg for a long time because of the ch-11 station, but finally gave it a try. WOW -- I wish I hadn';t waited so long! This antenna eliminated all of the UHF signal breakups, and we can even pick up ch 11 pretty well if we aim slightly off-axis to avoid the trees. The 91xg is a HUGE improvement! Can';t say enough good things about it!
Great experience!
- Northeast, AL -
Great UHF antenna. Will be buying another one of these soon. I have been eyeballing one of these for a while now with all the rave and great reviews to go with it. Im now a believer too.
Have unit works very good. I am 110 Miles for origin and 60+ miles for repeater. Mountain in all directing.
- , AZ -
Have unit works very good. I am 110 Miles for origin and 60+ miles for repeater. Mountain in all directing.

They only problem I have is wind. This unit needs a Good solid mounting. The unit install easily and quickly.
I highly recommend this amazing antenna!
- parkersburg, WV -
I';ve had 5 so called long range antennas but this one is the best by far. It gets one station I never got before and another that I always had to use a second antenna to pull in.The transmitters are 75-90 miles away and I';m in a low area.The antenna is very direction sensitive so you may want a rotor. It is light and easy to assemble, no tools required. I bought "out of box" model and all parts were there and it works as new, ordered it on a Monday and it was on my porch Tuesday afternoon. I';m very happy with this antenna and Solid Signal!
I live in Tuscumbia, Al. and wanted a strong signal from Huntsville, Al. at 72 miles away. Mounted it on a 42 Ft. tower with pre-amp and rotor. Good strong signal on all channels. A couple are considered difficult to get. 95% signal strength on them. This is a great antenna. Can';t get better than this.
- Tuscumbia, AL -
My short summary is really how I feel. Some of the elements were a little stubborn to snap in place. That';s ok. I guess if they were too easy they would also be easy to come back off in bad weather. Thanks for all your help. I bought everything from you that you recommended and I get a Solid Signal.
Jason C
Pulls in distant stations as advertised.
- Apple Valley, Apple Valley -
Works good pulls in distant stations that use to only come in at night. You probably will need a rotator with this antenna. Instructions were not very clear.
Great digital tv antenna
- Wisconsin, Wisconsin -
This antenna is easy to assemble and put up. I am usingit with an UHF amp and picking up 60+ mile signals withno problems.
Best bang for the buck !
- S.W Ohio, S.W Ohio -
I got this antenna thinking I would have to get a VHF stand alone just to get my only VHF ch. 12Well.....guess what it receives ch 12 great.This ant. works great in S.W. Ohio pulls 60+ chs from 3 markets Cincinnati Dayton & Columbus
Good reception in a bad location
The reception here is affected by; being on the backside of a hill with a major airport flight path crossing the path three nearby broadcast towers (not TV) on or beside the path large trees and a sun tracking solar array across the street.Also we still have VHF HDTV channels and the antennas needed to go in the attic.After reading up on antennas I went with the Winegard YA-1713 High Ban
Good Reception in a bad area
The reception here is affected by; being on the backside of a hill with a major airport flight path crossing the path three nearby broadcast towers (not TV) on or beside the path large trees and a sun tracking solar array across the street.Also we still have VHF HDTV channels and the antennas needed to go in the attic.After reading up on antennas I went with the Winegard YA-1713 High Ban
XG91 is the bomb!
- Kansas City, sas City MO -
We live +85 miles from the signal tower.The XG91 although highly directional captures weak signals from this far away.Living on the fringe our signal strength is in the green 73% with 25 of cable.Use a hand held compass to point it right at the tower.I just happened to have a telephone pole directly in the path of the signal which impeded the signal drastically.Signals cant go through
Works well
- Suburban Clevel, Suburban Clevel -
I previously got most local stations fairly well most of the time with rabbit ears on my third floor with a distribution amplifier. Now with the 91XG I get perfect reception on all local stations and some stations from other cities. We have two fairly strong upper-VHF channels (actual channel not virtual) which come in perfectly even though the 91XG is a UHF-only antenna.I purchased an ROTR-10
Works Great!!!
- Culpeper, er VA -
I am more than 40 miles from Charlottesville sit in somewhat of a hole and have large trees closeby. The outdoor antenna this replaced worked well in bringing in the CBS NBC and PBS stations which are high-powered. However the ABC. MYTv and FOX stations are low-powered and really hard to receive on a consistent basis. Weather conditions really impacted reception of the marginal signals. Someti
Better than expected
- Jerome Pa, Jerome Pa -
With thia antenna my picture does not breakup in high winds like my old antenna.
Awesome antenna
- Stratford, ford CT -
I saw this antenna in Australia as Jaycar LT3182 my brother use it and he recommended for high endhigh gain. I was shocked when my 16oz beer can weight more than this antenna make the trip to the roof safer and fast. I did a lot of reseach in the forums and almost went to theW 7968 but I glad I chose the 91gx because she is great. I got a TVfool report of my area and testspots with clear
Excellent range
- Algonquin, quin IL -
Im a Green Bay Packer fan who lives in the Chicago area so not all games are on TV in this market.I decided to attempt to receive the Fox and CBS affiliates OTA from Milwaukee even though I live ~75 miles from the transmitters.The high directivity high gain characteristics of this antenna were perfect for my needs.I added a very low noise amplifier (0.4 dB NF) at the antenna output in th
Great Deal!
- LaurelvilleOhi, LaurelvilleOhi -
In an atept to watch TV without a cable bill I bought this antenna and I am happy I get 12 channels no bill. :-)
great antenna
- vergas mn, vergas mn -
Pulling in stations almost 100 miles away!It seems to be very directionalIf towers are more than 15 degrees apart youll most likely need a rotater.Its been through several wind and snow storms and has held up just fine.Great antenna.
Best Antenna Ive seen yet
- Crescent City, rescent City -
with previous old antenna I received 2 Channels that would sometimes fade out (37 Miles away).With this antenna I get over 30 channels from Orlando vacinity 70 Miles away.Best reception I have seen locally.
2 years in performs very well
- N E GA., N E GA. -
When I opened the box... it looked like something Mickey Mouse sent.... and as with most antennas instructions were not clear...But when I got it about 30 ft above ground... I was impressed.I receive uhf at 70+ miles... of course your location may get different results.My 3rd antenna and it is the best...Not sure how it would hold up in snow country.
Very good antenna
- LondonOhio, LondonOhio -
Went from 15 channels to 35. I am able to pull in stations up to 50 miles. This antenna will pull in stations 180 degrees without using the rotator.Listed as a directional antenna but I have found it is more than usable without using the rotator. Rotator will give highest signal but generally not needed in my area. Installed with a CM7777 and a rotator
Delivers as promised
- Gray, -
Easy to assemble great reception at 70 miles from the Atlanta transmitters.
Works Great: Got Rid of Reflections
- 50 Mi W of St L, 50 Mi W of St L -
Replaced lower gain and less directive model which had poor reception on the strongest stations (probably a multi-path reflection).This model increased all stations and got rid of the problems on the strongest ones.All are near perfect now.It even picked up a couple further out but not reliably they change with weather.
Pulling Power!
- Suffolk County, Suffolk County -
Im 49 air miles east of NYC according to TVFool.Mounted the 91XG on 15mast on top of my two story house. Without a preamp I pull in CBS NBC FOX MY9 and other secondary UHF stations. On my TiVO-HD CBS NBC and MY9 have a signal strength in the 60s which is sufficient to produce a reliably glitch free hi-def digital picture. FOX comes in at 95+ signal strength. Upon recommendations from TVFo
Excellent antenna
- wibut getting, wibut getting -
Have Channel Masterpre amp and distribution amp.Some signals would come in poorly before digital conversion. After digitalswitch same bad channels were gone. Decided to give this antenna a try after reading many reviews and also spoke to the manufacture. Put this antenna up now getting all stations that were gone plus many more. These stations are about 60-70 plus miles away. Great antenna
Great Reception
- Campbellsport, ampbellsport -
I installed this antenna a few months ago. The signal on some channels went from 75% to 100%. I even pick up RF8 for our PBS station. It does pick up signals on the back side also. It has a narrow sweet spot so you have to aim it accurately but really improved my reception. We had 50mph wind shortly after I installed it and the elements did not get bent up too bad maybe a little bit. I live in
best i could find
- amboy illinois, amboy illinois -
when assembling/opening elementscheck by looking down shotgun barrels and adjust spines to be exactly perpendicular to line of sight to assure alignment of antena.i also used a 8200 to receive the lower channels on best equipment i could find..also used cm7777 preamp and quad shield to round up best equipment sure to plug unused uhf on the 8200 with a crimped connector to ward of
Attic mounted antenna gets 21-33 channels on this antenna.
- Hubbard, OH -
I pick up all of the local Youngstown stations, 4 PBS stations in Akron-Canton, 2 & 2.2 in Pittsburgh almost every day on this antenna. On a clear days, I can get the other two major channels in Pittsburgh. 11-1, 11-2, 11-3. On those days I will also receive 53-1, 53-2, 53-2. This antenna is most likely over achieving for being mounted in my attic and considering the terrain. I also have a booster on it as was suggested by an employee of this company. My coords have to be on the money to get Pittsburgh because of type of antenna it is.
good gain in reception
- lexington kentu, lexington kentu -
easy to assembleeasy to mountlightweight
Great Signal Strength
- Americus, us GA -
Was easy to assemble and met the goal of getting more UHF local stations.We enjoy having the antenna.
Good antenna for deep fringe areas
- Angwin, CA -
I bought this 91XG antenna as a second one to connect in tandem with the first one.
What? Im pulling in VHF with this too!
- Longview, ew TX -
The instructions were a little difficult to follow. I wasnt able to tell which direction to turn the fins without looking it up online.Antenna is nice and small - Almost invisible up on the roof.Pulls in signals from 50 miles away on a good day. Signals 30 miles away pull in from the sides so no rotor is needed.My VHF channel pulls in from the back - Im not sure how but it is!
Excellent long range antenna
- New London, London WI -
I replaced a U-75R which had served me well.I was looking for some more deep fringe power.This unit was worth every penny.Its HUGE so a bit cumbersome for me to get on the roof (I climb through a 2nd story window and walk onto my roof). Where my old antenna had 50-100% signal strength with a 7777 preamp Im now nailing 100% on every channel in that same setup. Im betting on zero dropouts
Great Product
- Los Angeles, Los Angeles -
Easy set up. Replaced CM4228. Solved some multipath issues.
Great Antenna at a Great Price
- russell pa, russell pa -
I had to change out all my VHF antennas to UHF. I have over six of them in use and so far so good.
91xg better than cm4228
- Central New Yor, Central New Yor -
I installed the xg91 antenna to replace a cm4228 to improve weak summertime signals. The antenna was DOA so I called antennas direct and they sent out a new balun in 3 days. I see about a 15% improvement. I use a preamp and rotor to receive channels from Syracuse Utica and Elmira. I am pleased so far because the cliff effect issue is resolved. Tv fool says I should receive UHF Binghamton station
Very good reception
- Homosassa, Homosassa -
Location:- Junction Hwy 19 & 98 Chassahowitzka area. 65 miles North of Tampa Florida. CM7777 preamp. Antenna mounted on pole 10 ft above the ground. Reception very good. This is advertised as a UHF antenna were able to receive 8 10 & 13 VHF channels with very good picture. Total of 20 channels received at this time. Will be mounting this on a 30 ft mast as soon as I complete the building of th
Not as good as I had hoped
- Northeastern Pe, Northeastern Pe -
I live in a very remote area that is only serviced (without a moutnain range in the way) by a tower that has 8 TV station translator antennas to cover for a dead area for the TV broadcasters in WIlkes-Barre and Scranton PA.The signals are only .3kw and we do not live in the direction of the main power lobe. That being said its tough to get these signals without occasional cut-outs.I alread
Installed this Antenna( with an external AP8275 preamp) both at Attic and outdoor about30feet high.While reception was satisfactory in a few Ch, missed the mark on other nearby High VHF Ch. Winegard FL6550A outperformed this all respects. Even RCA ANT751A did better. 91XG is very unwieldy and difficult to install compared to the above two. Most TV transmitters are under 40 miles, expected better reception with this, but a great disappointment.
- Salem, NH -
Compact FL6550A with built in Amp and ANT751R( plus with PreAMP winegard LNA-200) at Attic installation outperformed in all respects 91XG( plus low noise preamp) that was installed outdoor at 30 feet high.
The total cost component cost was higher as well.
I recommend that users investigate other alternatives and study experts' reviews before using this product.
Solid state staff support was very good.

I am using other two antennas and mothballed 91XG as a museum piece.

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