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Solid Signal > Car and Truck Equipment > DVD Navigation Lockpicks > Coastal Electronic Technologies GMIP1005

Coastal E Tech CLASS 2 iPod Lockpick Radio Harness For Vehicles With XM (GMIP1005)
Coastal E Tech CLASS 2 iPod Lockpick Radio Harness For Vehicles With XM (GMIP1005)
Coastal E Tech CLASS 2 iPod Lockpick Radio Harness For Vehicles With XM (GMIP1005)

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Coastal E Tech CLASS 2 iPod Lockpick Radio Harness For Vehicles With XM (GMIP1005)

Brand: Coastal Electronic Technologies           P\N: GMIP1005          

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Availability: Discontinued

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Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Coastal Electronic Technologies products.
Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Coastal Electronic Technologies products.
Connecting Cable From Ipod To Lockpick For Vehicles Without An Xm Tuner Present. Take your iPod or iPhone in your car with the exciting MYGIG GM iPod LOCKPICK! This is full iPod function control with text! No limits on playlists, artist, album, or genre searching!


  • Works Great With GM-GEN 5 Lockpick and GMX-322 Lockpick

  • Does Not Include The GM iPod LOCKPICK

  • For Vehicles With An XM Tuner Present

  • Connecting Cable From iPod To Lockpick

  • Browse Your Playlists

  • Search For Artists, Albums, Genre, Or All Songs

  • Just Touch And Then Turn The Tuning Knob - No Limits

  • All Functions Work While In Motion

  • Touch Screen Control Of Audio Source

  • Switch Back To XM Radio

  • All The Information You Need Directly On Your Radio Screen



Vehicle Model Year XM Tuner Present iPod LockPick Harness
Enclave 2008 Yes GMIP1002
Enclave 2008 No GMIP1001
Lucerne 2006-2008 Yes GMIP1002
Lucerne 2006-2008 No GMIP1001
Allure 2005-2008 Yes GMIP1005
Allure 2005-2008 No GMIP1006
Century 2004-2005 Yes GMIP1005
Century 2004-2005 No GMIP1006
La Crosse 2005-2007 Yes GMIP1005
La Crosse 2005-2007 No GMIP1006
Lesabre 2004-2005 Yes GMIP1005
Lesabre 2004-2005 No GMIP1006
Lucerne 2003-2005 Yes GMIP1005
Lucerne 2003-2005 No GMIP1006
Park Avenue 2003-2005 Yes GMIP1005
Park Avenue 2003-2005 No GMIP1006
Rainier 2004-2007 Yes GMIP1005
Rainier 2004-2007 No GMIP1006
Terraza 2005-2007 Yes GMIP1005
Terraza 2005-2007 No GMIP1006
Rendezvous 2004-2007 Yes GMIP1005
Rendezvous 2004-2007 No GMIP1006
Escalade 2007-2008 Yes GMIP1002
Escalade 2007-2008 No GMIP1001
SRX 2007-2008 Yes GMIP1002
SRX 2007-2008 No GMIP1001
Escalade 2003-2006 Yes GMIP1005
Escalade 2003-2006 No GMIP1006
SRX 2004-2006 Yes GMIP1005
SRX 2004-2006 No GMIP1006
Avalanche 2007-2008 Yes GMIP1002
Avalanche 2007-2008 No GMIP1001
Equinox 2007-2008 Yes GMIP1002
Equinox 2007-2008 No GMIP1001
Impala 2006-2008 Yes GMIP1002
Impala 2006-2008 No GMIP1001
Monte Carlo 2006-2008 Yes GMIP1002
Monte Carlo 2006-2008 No GMIP1001
Tahoe 2007-2008 Yes GMIP1002
Tahoe 2007-2008 No GMIP1001
Silverado 2007-2008 Yes GMIP1002
Silverado 2007-2008 No GMIP1001
Suburban 2007-2008 Yes GMIP1002
Suburban 2007-2008 No GMIP1001
Avalanche 2003-2006 Yes GMIP1005
Avalanche 2003-2006 No GMIP1006
Trail Blazer 2004-2008 Yes GMIP1005
Trail Blazer 2004-2008 No GMIP1006
Canyon 2005-2007 Yes GMIP1005
Canyon 2005-2007 No GMIP1006
Cavalier 2004-2005 Yes GMIP1005
Cavalier 2004-2005 No GMIP1006
Colorado 2004-2008 Yes GMIP1005
Colorado 2004-2008 No GMIP1006
NAV 0NLY Corvette 2005-2008 Yes GMIP1005
NAV 0NLY Corvette 2005-2008 No GMIP1006
Equinox 2005-2006 Yes GMIP1005
Equinox 2005-2006 No GMIP1006
Impala 2004-2005 Yes GMIP1005
Impala 2004-2005 No GMIP1006
Monte Carlo 2003-2005 Yes GMIP1005
Monte Carlo 2003-2005 No GMIP1006
Tahoe 2003-2006 Yes GMIP1005
Tahoe 2003-2006 No GMIP1006
SSR 2003-2006 Yes GMIP1005
SSR 2003-2006 No GMIP1006
Silverado 2003-2006 Yes GMIP1005
Silverado 2003-2006 No GMIP1006
Suburban 2003-2006 Yes GMIP1005
Suburban 2003-2006 No GMIP1006
Venture 2003-2005 Yes GMIP1005
Venture 2003-2005 No GMIP1006
Uplander 2005-2008 Yes GMIP1005
Uplander 2005-2008 No GMIP1006
Malibu 2008 Yes GMIP1004
Malibu 2008 No GMIP1003
HHR 2006-2008 Yes GMIP1004
HHR 2006-2008 No GMIP1003
Cobalt 2007-2008 Yes GMIP1004
Cobalt 2007-2008 No GMIP1003
Cobalt 2005-2006 No GMIP1008
Malibu/Max 2004-2007 No GMIP1008
Acadia 2007-2008 Yes GMIP1002
Acadia 2007-2008 No GMIP1001
Savana 2008 Yes GMIP1002
Savana 2008 No GMIP1001
Sierra 2007-2008 Yes GMIP1002
Sierra 2007-2008 No GMIP1001
Yukon 2007-2008 Yes GMIP1002
Yukon 2007-2008 No GMIP1001
Canyon 2004-2008 Yes GMIP1005
Canyon 2004-2008 No GMIP1006
Envoy 2003-2008 Yes GMIP1005
Envoy 2003-2008 No GMIP1006
Sierra 2003-2008 Yes GMIP1005
Sierra 2003-2008 No GMIP1006
Yukon 2004-2005 Yes GMIP1005
Yukon 2004-2005 No GMIP1006
Sonoma 2003-2004 Yes GMIP1005
Sonoma 2003-2004 No GMIP1006
Yukon 2004-2006 Yes GMIP1005
Yukon 2004-2006 No GMIP1006
H2 2008 Yes GMIP1002
H2 2008 No GMIP1001
Ascender 2005-2007 Yes GMIP1005
Ascender 2005-2007 No GMIP1006
Aztec 2004-2005 Yes GMIP1005
Aztec 2004-2005 No GMIP1006
Grand Am 2003-2005 Yes GMIP1005
Grand Am 2003-2005 No GMIP1006
Grand Prix 2004-2008 Yes GMIP1005
Grand Prix 2004-2008 No GMIP1006
Montana 2004-2008 Yes GMIP1005
Montana 2004-2008 No GMIP1006
Sunfire 2004-2005 Yes GMIP1005
Sunfire 2004-2005 No GMIP1006
Vibe 2004-2007 Yes GMIP1005
Vibe 2004-2007 No GMIP1006
G5 2007-2008 Yes GMIP1004
G5 2007-2008 No GMIP1003
Torrent 2007-2008 Yes GMIP1004
Torrent 2007-2008 No GMIP1003
Solstice 2006-2008 Yes GMIP1004
Solstice 2006-2008 No GMIP1003
G6 2006-2008 No GMIP1008
Pursuit 2005-2006 No GMIP1008
9-7x 2006-2007 Yes GMIP1005
9-7x 2006-2007 No GMIP1006
Outlook 2007-2008 Yes GMIP1002
Outlook 2007-2008 No GMIP1001
Vue 2008 Yes GMIP1002
Vue 2008 No GMIP1001
Relay 2005-2007 Yes GMIP1005
Relay 2005-2007 No GMIP1006
Aura 2007 Yes GMIP1004
Aura 2007 No GMIP1003
Ion 2006-2007 Yes GMIP1004
Ion 2006-2007 No GMIP1003
Sky 2007-2008 Yes GMIP1004
Sky 2007-2008 No GMIP1003
Vue 2006-2008 Yes GMIP1004
Vue 2006-2008 No GMIP1003
Vue 2005 No GMIP1008
Ion 2004-2005 No GMIP1008
Solid Signal accepts no responsibility due to the improper installation or use of this product. Installation and/or use of this product implies and signifies user acceptance of this term of use. Please adhere to all driving laws in your state.


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