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Winegard 300 OHM UHF Prostar 1000 TV Antenna (HD9032)
Winegard 300 OHM UHF Prostar 1000 TV Antenna (HD9032)

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Winegard 300 OHM UHF Prostar 1000 TV Antenna (HD9032)

Brand: Winegard           P\N: HD-9032           UPC: 615798398163

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Availability: Discontinued

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Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Winegard products.
Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Winegard products.
Start receiving free TV channels with the Winegard HD9032. An HDTV antenna is the best alternative to cable TV. Cut the cord on cable and keep your local sports, news, weather and network programming. It’s easier than ever to get OTA TV with an HDTV antenna. There’s a ton of HDTV channels not available through cable.

Outstanding UHF reception from precise director spacing with efficient corner reflector system. Weak UHF signals captured and reflected with minimal loss to driven element for more uniform gain on UHF frequencies on Channels 14-69.


  • Covers UHF channels 14-69

  • Netflix doesnt give you any of the top 10 rated shows

  • Why pay more for cable?

  • Turning Radius: 79.75 in.

  • Winegards HD9032 comes with u-bolt clamp to attach to a mast

  • 60 mile + range and directionality make the HD9032 a great choice for grabbing hard to get UHF HD Stations

  • 35 Active elements

  • Box size: 77¾ x 6½ x 6½

  • (Formerly model PR-9032)

  • High front to back ration makes this antenna great for HD

  • Boom Length: 114.5 in.

  • Width: 15 in.

  • Height: 31.5 in.


For Powerful Performance. Great UHF reception is accomplished by precise director spacing with efficient corner reflector system. Weak UHF signals are captured and reflected with minimal loss to the driven element for increased uniform gain on all UHF frequencies on Channels 14-69.



dB gain over reference dipole

14.9 16.3 15.7 11.5

Beam width at half power points

53° 37° 28° 26°

Front-to-back ratio

14dB 20dB 20dB 7.5dB


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Product Reviews for Winegard 300 OHM UHF Prostar 1000 TV Antenna (HD9032)

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Tvengineer - Columbus, OH - 11/12/2015
Best bang for the buck!

Customer Reviews:
Best bang for the buck!
- Columbus, OH -
I've been installing antenna systems for motels and hospitals for 35 years and winegard is simply the best

The 9032 is built far better and has the highest REAL gain available

Mileage ratings of antennas is a worthless figure since it all depends on terrain and height above ground

The fly by night antenna companies give no reference when claiming their bogus gain figures

I have winegards that are still in use after 30 years so I will always use winegard exclusively for all my commercial intallations
Best UHF only antenna I've used.
- Quaker Hill, CT -
I've used this antenna for over a year from my home in SE CT. My home is 140ft above sea level and 600 feet from the Thames River and the antenna is at the top of a 22 ft self supporting tower with the antenna located at about 29 ft above ground. I am able to receive every UHF station in CT and RI and at night I can often get stations in Boston and NY. I'm also able to pick up, on occasion, analog stations from Canada. I had a VHF antenna below this one, but have decided to remove it and stack another HD-9032 below the one I have. I'm hoping this will give me more reliable coverage of MA stations and compensate for the splitters in my home. The antenna is very rugged and made it through one of the snowiest winters in many years with no damage. I use a CM rotor and am able to get (including sub channels) over 60 channels. I refuse to buy cable and pay those crazy prices. For less than a month's cable charge, you can get this antenna, amp and rotor. I've also been very pleased with the great service form Solid Signal.
Two antennas facing different directions in attic
- Sheboygan, WI -
My project was to setup two antennas in my attic that would then be connected to four TV’s. According to I am located approximately 50 miles from all the Green Bay and Milwaukee stations. Since the antennas are in the attic and the building materials could decrease the signal strength by up to 30%, it was decided to purchase two antennas with a 60+ mile range (Winegard HD-9032 UHF Prostar 1000 TV Antennas). The antennas are sitting two feet apart at the same height, the west antenna is targeted 342 degrees and the east antenna is targeted 192 degrees. The cables (RCA RG6 Quad Shield Coax Cable, 3GHz) from the baluns are the same length 2 feet each which are connected to a combiner (RCA DH24SPF, 3GHz Bi-directional Splitter/Combiner), the RG6 cable from the combiner is 1 foot long that is connected to a preamplifier (Channel Master CM-7778 Titan 2) which is mounted in the attic. From there we ran a 25 foot RG6 cable to the basement which is connected to a 4-port distribution amplifier (Channel Master CM3414). With this setup we receive all the channels listed by and then some. So we are very pleased with all the products listed about. Total cost of project was less than $240.00, total savings from discounting cable will be approximately $1050.00 per year.

Great Antenna
- Princeton, eton WV -
This one of the better antennas with a very high gain factor....I now have two of these in use....Light weight easy to assemble and picks up signals with preamp at 95 air miles from my home...Digital tv is funny. (That is streching it)You can only run one or two convertor boxes per antenna setup.But you can hook up several tvs on the outside rf connectors....I have weak signal levels from 9
Straight like an arrow
- Cottonwood, onwood Ari -
I have this antenna mounted on top of the house roof about 20 feet above ground level. Its very directional and took compass aiming at a distant mountain top 50 miles away to properly orient. It has consistently given an 85% signal strength on UHF 22 through the limbs of a thick pine tree located 25 feet off the house. Been in use for 3 years. I do not remember if this antenna was purchased from
Great Reception in the Mountains
- Fairview, ew NC -
I have two of these antennas stacked in an array on the roof of my home in the mountains of Western NC and can pick up a station 250 miles away in Charlotte because of their ability to pinpoint and keep a steady focus on the stations signal as it bounces off the mountain behind me. A direct line-of-sight signal is impossible!
Excellent value in a long dist. antenna
- Toronto, Toronto -
This antenna is very directional and you will need a rotor if you are targeting multiple stations.Higher gain/performance than more common 4-bay.In good weather I can receive stations in excess of 120 mi. away.Light weight and easy to install.Very satisfied.
will not get stations 60 miles away
- jacksontn, jacksontn -
picks up all stations within 30 miles near 100%. advertised as having a 60 mile range but i cannot get stations 60 miles away.
Lackluster Product
- Toledo, OH -
I installed this antenna and was not happy with the results. There is a significant difference between the Antennas Direct 91XG and this model.

The 91XG is superior for deep fringe collection of distant stations, where the 9032 was inferior. I would suggest purchasing the 91XG over this product is you are seeking deep penetration of fringe signals.
easy to assemble. I had high expectations based on the length of the boom VERY DISAPPOINTED
- southbury , CT -
Not for deep fringe 30 - 40 miles max and very directional - This antenna needs clear line of sight to transmitter, no trees and no hillsides. Attic installation not recommended

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