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Winegard High Defintion VHF/UHF/FM TV Antenna (HD7084P)
Winegard High Defintion VHF/UHF/FM TV Antenna (HD7084P)
Winegard High Defintion VHF/UHF/FM TV Antenna (HD7084P)

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Winegard High Defintion VHF/UHF/FM TV Antenna (HD7084P)

Brand: Winegard           P\N: HD-7084P           UPC: 041114398850

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Availability: Discontinued

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Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Winegard products.
Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Winegard products.
The Winegard HD7084P makes watching TV free and easy. Ditching cable? This antenna lets you get all the popular shows. Cut the cord and keep your favorite shows with an easy to install HDTV antenna. One of the most popular over air antennas available to consumers. There’s a ton of HDTV channels not available through cable.

The Winegard HD7084P is a 28 element VHF, 40 element UHF off-air HD/digital tv antenna designed for suburban areas where the signal may be up to 80 miles away from the broadcast source. Includes weather proof cartridge house for download module with 75 Ohm coaxial connection.


  • Why pay for TV that you can get for free?

  • The proven solution for Free HDTV

  • 75 Ohm Output

  • VHF Elements: 28

  • UHF Elements: 40

  • 75 Ohm coupler included

  • 1 dB to 2 dB higher than PROSTAR antennas

  • VHF reception range is approximately 80 miles

  • UHF reception range is approximately 60 miles

  • Box size: 104¾ x 6½ x 6½

  • Steel hardware is zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance; flexible polyethylene boot covers protect connections from the weather, with High-impact ABS girder design and support insulators

  • Boom Length: 131 in.

  • Width: 110 in.

  • Height: 25.5 in.

  • Turning Radius: 81 in.

  • Includes hardware for mounting to a mast; antenna has a 75 ohm coax connection


Critical-point weather protection.  Compact weatherproof cartridge housing for downlead module with 75 ohm coaxial connection.  F-connector on PC board sealed with silicone.  No separate matching transformer required.  Cartidge housing module model CB-8269

Platinum HD antennas deliver powerful VHF performance and offer additional 1 dB to 2 dB higher gain on VHF and UHF, important for weak signal areas. Outstanding UHF reception achieved by precise director spacing and highly efficient corner reflectors

Designed with the professional installer in mind, the 75 ohm downlead coupler simply snaps into place for fast, easy assembly; eliminates the need for matching transformers when using coax cable.



dB gain over reference dipole

6.2 7.2 7.6 10.9 12 10.9 10.8 14.6 12.1 11.8 10.2

Beam width at half power points

69° 68° 68° 31° 33° 46° 34° 42° 41° 36° 22°

Front-to-back ratio

20dB >20dB >20dB 19dB 17dB 15dB 17dB 11dB 20dB 20dB 12dB


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Product Reviews for Winegard High Defintion VHF/UHF/FM TV Antenna (HD7084P)

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Average Review (11 reviews):5 Star Reviews!

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 9 (82%)
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 1 (9%)
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Recent Review:
mountain_man - LLano county, TX - 1/9/2015
Been using it about 5 months. I live about 60 miles North West of Austin, Tx. I get all the Austin Stations and Most of the San Antonio ones. Very pleased with the performance.

Customer Reviews:
Been using it about 5 months. I live about 60 miles North West of Austin, Tx. I get all the Austin Stations and Most of the San Antonio ones. Very pleased with the performance.
- LLano county, TX -
This is a large antenna and requires care in handling. Having been a TV repairman in former life, I have to say this is much thinner metal and easily bent compared to the Winegard's of Old. But in context it's much lower priced than back then. For long distance, You will probably need a $50 dollar or so Mast mounted Pre-Amp. (water proof) And use RG_6 cable Not the Older / Smaller RG_59, watch how you mix those connections,If your house is pre-wired with the older RG_59 Cable.
- grANBURY, TX -
Excellent TV reception from about 60 miles away from the tranmitters. Very competative price.
- McKinney, TX -
Fantastic product. The Winegard HD 7084P gives excellent reception at approximately 60 miles away from the transmitters. Prompt processing of the order, and speedy arrival via FedEX ground. Very competative internet price.
Outstanding results!!!!!
- Manchester, ME -
I';m about 60 miles northeast from where our five network towers are located. This is a big antenna in size, not weight, and I would recommend an installation utilizing a 10-foot mast, a tripod and wall mounts if you can do it. That mounting system works well on a garage attached to a two-story house.

I get 13-channels now and according to the meter on my television my single lowest HD network signal strength is 88-92 percent while all other networks are coming in at 94-98 percent at 1080p.

As a result, I';ve canceled my cable and replaced the cable and DVR box with TIVO and a subscription to streaming Netflix. My onetime antenna, antenna amplifier and TIVO investment came to about $500. My monthly costs for TIVO and Netflix are about $23. My net savings after recouping costs for the TIVO box and the antenna will be about $125 a month -- and a much better network picture than the 720p the cable was kicking out.

We';ll see how it holds up over the winter.

But all in all, not too shabby.
Excellent antenna. Great reception. Many Channels picked up.
- Dallas / Fort Worth, TX -
I live near Keller Texas. I bought this antenna, and am able to receive all channels in HD. strong signal, no pre-amp needed for three TV';s. Great Antenna.

All parts bought from Solid Signal. Very happy with this antenna.
I would recommend this antenna to a frie
- Des Moines, Moines IA -
I had been using rabbit ear antennaes and feeding the signal through a converter box to my analog tv sets.I had very poor reception with this set-up.The 2nd story roof mount Winegard antenna enabled me to pick-up all the stations in my viewing area.I did need to buy a distribution amplifier to boost the signal to long cable runs in our basement family room.
Bullet Proof !!
- Near Mays Landi, Near Mays Landi -
Just wanted to followup on my previous review of about a year ago. We recently had a freak storm called a derecho which is a combination of multiple thunder storms and resulting high winds over 100mph which toppled many strong oaks in the area of South Jersey. That 7084 Winegard with the double support boom never lost one element. What a great antenna ! Monty Estell ManorAtlantic County NJ. Not
highly recommend!
- HarrisonNY, HarrisonNY -
I installed this Winegard antenna to replace a clients old Channel Master antenna. It performs perfectly with Channel Master Preamp and Amp.Exceptional HD picture quality.
Great antenna
- Estell Manor, tell Manor N -
I am located in Southern NJ about 50 miles from Phila. Put this antenna on top of my 55 foot tower and am now receiving channels I never knew existed in the Phila area; total of 45! Picture quality is superb and antenna is sturdily constructed with a double supported boom. Winegard quality and electronic design is well worthy of their decades old legacy.
Did the job for me
- Michigan, Michigan -
This antenna does the job for me.We live out a ways on the fringe and in a wooded area. This antenna along with the winegard AP8700 pre-amp pulls in many stations that we were unable to view before.This is a BIG antenna however.It took two of us to get in on the roof and it needs to be mounted securely. I would highly recommend this product.
Nothing special
- WI, WI -
For this being one of Winegards top of the line antennas it feels flimsy to me.The tubing for the elements is pretty soft and the elements bend easily so be very careful when installing it. They dont build them like they used to.

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