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Dish Network Tailgater Auto Portable Satellite Receiver(TAILGATER)
Dish Network Tailgater Auto Portable Satellite Receiver(TAILGATER)
Dish Network Tailgater Auto Portable Satellite Receiver(TAILGATER)

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Dish Network Tailgater Auto Portable Satellite Receiver(TAILGATER)

Brand: DISH-Network           P\N: TAILGATER          

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Availability: Discontinued

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Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of DISH-Network products.
Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of DISH-Network products.
The Tailgater Portable HDTV System! is perfect to have as a backup in situations where your roof mounted RV antenna won’t work because of line of sight blockages such as trees.


  • See Video On How To Setup the Dish Network Tailgater

  • Tailgater is compatible with the 211k receiver

  • This system is for stationary use. Enjoy DISH Network in any temporary location outside of the home, like in an RV, cabin, campground, or when tailgating at a sporting event!

  • The Tailgater includes a user’s guide, quick reference guide, and a one‐year warranty

  • Only the ViP 211z receiver and the ViP211k are compatible with the Tailgater system

  • Existing customers with an active 211k in their home may order the Tailgater and use it with their existing 211k receiver The receiver must be active with current production software to operate with the Tailgater

  • The VIP211K receiver requires software Version L499 or above to activate with the Tailgater as the dish. Please be advised that the VIP211K receivers are shipped to us directly from Dish Network and may not have the current production software to operate with the Tailgater. Upon delivery if your receiver is not updated to Version L499 software or above, you will need an existing Dish Network subscription in your home or need to find a local Dish Network customer to be able to hook the receiver up to an active satellite dish so it can download the proper updates.

  • Anyone can install the Tailgater, no technician needed!


Can I run my Tailgater antenna, DISH receiver, and TV from my vehicle?
Yes, you can use an inverter to power your system from your vehicle’s DC power supply (12 V power outlet). If you plan to watch TV for more than a few hours, be sure to start and run your vehicle for a few minutes every hour. A portable power generator or alternative accessory battery may also be a better option for operating your system.

Will my Tailgater work during inclement weather?
Though rare, heavy rain, snow, or dense cloud cover can reduce the satellite signal, which may interrupt your programming. Your programming will return as conditions improve

Can I add DVR functionality (record and pause live TV) to my receiver?
Your receiver has a port on the back where you can attach a USB external hard drive, adding DVR functionality for a one-time service fee of $40.

How do I keep my Tailgater from being stolen?
To prevent theft, your Tailgater has a security bracket located at the bottom of the carry handle. Secure your Tailgater to a fixed object using a padlock and security cable (not included).

Convert Receiver To DVR
An external hard drive can be used to turn your model 211, 211k, and 411 receiver into a DVR.

Supported External Hard Drive Capacity
 - Minimum 50GB Maximum 1TB External

Hard Drive Requirements
    * Dedicated power supply
    * USB 2.0 support
    * Single-platter drive, no flash memory

Converting Your Receiver Into A DVR

   1. Plug your external hard drives power supply into the electrical outlet nearest to your DISH Network receiver.
   2. Connect your USB cable from your external hard drive to your receiver’s USB port. Make sure the external hard    drive power supply is plugged in  
   3. If you are already a Dish Network subscriber call Dish Network and follow the prompts to activate the external hard drive functionality. A one-time setup fee of $40 will be added to your account.
   4. Once activated, a message will appear on the TV screen asking to format the drive. This will permanently delete all content that is currently saved on the hard drive. Select Yes if you want to delete all of the content on the drive. Hard drives formatted for use with a DISH Network receiver should only be used with a compatible DISH Network receiver. If you connect your external hard drive to a non-DISH Network device and then reconnect it to your DISH Network receiver you will lose any programs saved to your external hard drive.
   5. Once the drive has been formatted, your DISH Network receiver will reset. The receiver will download your guide information and become a  DVR.


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Recent Review:
Mike in Black H - Black Hawk, k Hawk Co - 3/28/2013
As advertised

Customer Reviews:
As advertised
- Black Hawk, k Hawk Co -
My wife and I have a class B van that we take on road trips.In the past I prefered staying at camp grounds that had cable but it wasnt always available so I took a chance on the Tailgater.It took about 10 minutes to set up and get working in my van but I did have to first connect it to my stationary DISH antenna to download the new receiver software which took about 45 minutes. As a DISH cus
Do not buy this product.
- Southwest, AL -
I will never buy another Tailgator or any product made by King Controls. We bought our Tailgator for camping mostly in the spring and fall. We have had 2 in the last year and a half and both were defective. We had trouble with the first one from the beginning but kept making excuses thinking there must be a tree branch or other obstruction in the way until it completely quit about a month before the warranty expired. They did replace it but the replacement was a refurbished one and included a coax cable that already had a split in it as it also was used and not inspected before being sent out. By the time I got the replacement, the warranty was almost out. Since it was obviously a refurbished Tailgator, I called King Controls and asked if the warranty could be extended. They refused.
Since it was now fall, I was only able to use the Tailgator once as we do not camp during the winter months. I stored the Tailgator in an unused bedroom over the winter months to protect it. We took our first camping trip this spring and immediately had problems with it. It keeps losing the signal especially overnight. We get messages saying “complete signal loss” and “no satellites found”. I have to reboot the thing 4 or 5 times to regain the signal and of course each time takes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. Sometimes we just give up after 4-5 unsuccessful attempts.
I have talked with King Controls that makes the product. They were totally useless and implied that I was lying when I said it was only used on one camping trip between the time I received the replacement and this spring. They acted as though they thought I had used it every day all winter which bothered me as much as the implied lying. It was as though they expected it to fail if used on a regular basis and I shouldn’t be surprised if it did. There is something inherently wrong when a company puts out a product that it expects to fail if used.
The only “help” they offered was that I could return the Tailgator at my expense, pay them $89 a hour for labor plus the cost of any parts that need to be replaced and then then I still would have no guarantee that it would work. I could easily wind up spending more than it would cost to buy a new one. Never will I buy another product from this company.

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