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Antennacraft by RadioShack Y10-7-13 Highband-Broadband VHF TV Antenna  (Y10-7-13)
Antennacraft by RadioShack Y10-7-13 Highband-Broadband VHF TV Antenna  (Y10-7-13)

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Antennacraft by RadioShack Y10-7-13 Highband-Broadband VHF TV Antenna (Y10-7-13)

Brand: AntennaCraft           P\N: Y10-7-13           UPC: 716079000994

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Availability: Discontinued

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Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of AntennaCraft products.
Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of AntennaCraft products.
Antennacraft Y10-7-13 Highband-Broadband VHF Antenna (Y10-7-13)


  • Designed for channels 7 thru 13

  • 120" boom length

  • 10 electronic elements

  • Pre-assembled for easy set-up

  • This antenna has a 300 Ohm output (twin lead) output, and requires a 75 Ohm transformer if coax cable is to be used.


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Product Reviews for Antennacraft by RadioShack Y10-7-13 Highband-Broadband VHF TV Antenna (Y10-7-13)

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Average Review (6 reviews):4 Star Reviews!

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Recent Review:
matth - sterling, NE - 3/22/2015
Great gain, light weight

Customer Reviews:
Great gain, light weight
- sterling, NE -
The rated gain of this antenna is underrated. Pointed at 2 towers about 60 miles away the meter registers full signal. No amplifier. Is even picking up another vhf channel about 30degrees off and about 45 miles away at about 60. And a uhf channel about 90 off at about the same. Since the 10 ft long boom is two pieced, i modified the joint. Comes with a couple small screws with tiny wingnuts. I used a total of 6 heavier bolts to fasten the two halves together. Feels much more sturdy this way. Supports the wieght of a pidgeon anyway.
Well made and very light
- Ontario, ON -
I live in Richmond Hill, Ontario and I had two XG91 antennas with a Winegard combiner and a CM7777 amplifier. On good days I received channel 67 (virtual) which is actually channel 7. After a while it disappeared. Then I ordered the Y10-7-13 antenna and I installed it a couple of feet bellow the two XG91-s. According to my TV Fool list this station (67) is 97 miles away. I needed an amplifier as well. On the VHF channels the KT-200 amplifier works better so I paired the antenna with this. I have steady reception since then. I found the antenna well made, easy to put together and very light.
Excellent Reception, esp. if you stack them
- Vincentown, NJ -
Make two aluminum stacking bars and stack 2 of the Yagis together. They don';t usually make them so you will have to get 3/4" aluminum tubing. Flatten the ends, drill a hole on each flattened end in the middle and then bend the ends to fit where the transformer normally would go. You will also have to flatten the middle, drill two holes in the center of the flat area, and then get flat washers and wing nuts. Put the transformer in the middle. Also, the bottom antenna will go upside down when you do this. Anyhow, this stacked setup will bring in high VHF channels 68 miles and all UHF channels 35 miles away at ground level with an amplifier. I also have taken the same stacked Yagi setup and added a HDB91x and that improved the signal for UHF substantially to about 68 miles at ground level. However, if you plan to use an UHF antenna in addition to the VHF antenna, you will need a dual input pre-amplifier. You can use a reverse splitter etc., but there is a loss and it is not the same. Low-VHF by the way is variable. KJWP, channel 2, a new station, 30 miles away is a hit or miss (although I have my antenna pointing NE). Channel 4, WACP, 15 miles away, is strong.

I live in-between Philadelphia (30-35 miles) and New York City (65-70 miles).

Samples notes with this setup of a VHF and UHF combined with a dual input pre-amp at ground level aiming NE:

KJWP:(VHF 2): Variable. (0-4 bars)
WCBS (UHF 33): Rare that it comes in. (0-1 bar)
WNBC (UHF 28): Comes in with about 2-4 bars of 7.
WNYW (Fox NY) (UHF 44): There is another 44 in Southern NJ that is too strong and overcomes the weak signal. You won';t get it. However, you will get channel 9 WWOR that has 5.3 attached to it which is a SD FOX 5.
WPVI (Philly ABC) (VHF 6): Strong. 5-7 bars.
WABC (ABC NYC: 2-4 bars with some nights approaching 7 bars. Some rare days when there is a calm or southerly wind or an ice storm in NYC, the signal can be 0.
WWOR 9 (My) (UHF 38): 1 to 3 bars.
WHYY 12: (PBS Philly) (VHF 12) 3-5 bars.
WNET 13: (PBC NYC): 2-4 bars.
An excellent Antenna for Experimentation
- Vancouver, uver Brit -
These antennas have excellent front gain with goodrejection to the sides and rear.I live with alot of treesto the sides and back of my antennasystem.It is a four bay system comprised offour y10713 antennas with stacking optimized forChannel 13.I receive several US stations located115 miles from where I live and I can receive themabout 50% of the time ( HDTV ) . I use four equal len
Had to use a pre amp but brings in 2 vhf channels 7 and 13. These channels are 50+ miles.
- Burnsville, NC -
Big but not heavy, easy to assemble and install.
- Raleigh, NC -
This unit is Ok but for longevity it lacks any kind of boom bracing @ 10'; long I feel it wouldn';t survive any straight-line winds. for a little more effort they can do better

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