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Antennas Direct DB8 UHF HDTV TV Bowtie Antenna (DB8)
Antennas Direct DB8 UHF HDTV TV Bowtie Antenna (DB8)

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Antennas Direct DB8 UHF HDTV TV Bowtie Antenna (DB8)

Brand: Antennas Direct           P\N: DB8           UPC: 853748001088

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Availability: Discontinued

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Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Antennas Direct products.
Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Antennas Direct products.
Free television starts with the Antennas Direct DB8. Ditching cable? This antenna lets you get all the popular shows. This antenna allows you to cut the cord and get the most popular TV shows for free. The top 10 most watched shows are available on OTA TV. Get crystal clear HDTV channels for free!

If you are in a rural area or you are trying to pull in signals from very far away, look no further than the Antennas Direct DB8. This is without a doubt one of the most powerful bowtie antennas you can get. You will not find another antenna with a 15.8db gain.


  • Free TV from 70 miles away? Its possible with this antenna

  • Bowtie design offers the strength and directionality of a Yagi antenna in small form factor

  • Optimized for digital television reception

  • Watch live TV and sports channels from other cities

  • Impedance 300/75 ohm

  • Includes hardware for mounting to a mast; antenna has a 75 ohm coax connection

  • The DB8 uses a special enclosed transformer

  • Small size is great for neighborhoods that prohibit large antennas

  • This antenna is a UHF only antenna

  • Up to 70 Miles

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Very flexible aiming characteristics

  • Weatherproof construction

  • High gain across entire UHF band (UHF channels 14-69)

  • Max Gain 15.8 dB

  • Dimensions 29" H x 42" W x 4" Deep

  • Weight: 10 pounds

  • Perfect for suburban cord-cutters


Intended for people at great distances from transmitters, the DB8 is our most powerful multi-directional HD TV antenna. In fact, its 15.8 dB gain makes it one of the most powerful multi-directional antennas available.

This antenna mounts nicely on the Channel Master CM-3009 J-Mount
The DB8TV Antenna comes with:
• 2 reflectors
• 2 sets of bow tie elements
• 4 sets of bolts with aluminum sleeves
• 2 cross braces
• combiner bars with 75 ohm transformer
• 2 mast clamps
1. Attach combining bars to the binding posts on the antenna (bow tie) elements. Tighten using supplied wing nuts. This electrical joins both halves of the antenna.
2. Left, both sets of elements joined with the combiner bars. The transformer is in the center.
4. Next, attach the cross braces to the rear of the reflector as shown using supplied bolts.
5. Note: adjustable U bolt mast clamps face the rear

6. Attach the reflectors to the elements using the supplied bolts and spacers. Slide the spacers over the bolts so the front and back halves are separated by 3.
7.Assembly Complete.
The DB8 assembled and mounted on optional J mount mast with pa-18 pre amp (not included)
Helpful Tips:
• If your cable run is greater than 75’, A UHF pre-amplifier is may be required.
• UHF signals are line of sight. Get as much elevation on the antenna as practically possible.
• Attic Installations will cut 40% -50% of your signal strength cal.


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Product Reviews for Antennas Direct DB8 UHF HDTV TV Bowtie Antenna (DB8)

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Average Review (32 reviews):5 Star Reviews!

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 22 (69%)
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 8 (25%)
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 1 (3%)
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Recent Review:
Bone Bag - Angola, IN - 6/14/2015
Best antenna I have used. Lightweight and easy to install.

Customer Reviews:
Best antenna I have used. Lightweight and easy to install.
- Angola, IN -
After comparing this antenna to two other antennas, this is the best choice. I have a CM4228 8 bay antenna (the old style made of all steel) and a AntennaCraft 16 bay SuperStack G 1483. The DB8 is lightweight and compact with excellent pickup and directivity. It blows the 16 bay out of the water which could barely pick up anything. It has been a while since using the 4228, but I put it up after that and notice some improvement. I am only 41 miles away from the broadcast sites. Highly recommended.
Excellent. Picking up UHF channels approx 55 miles away from inside attic.
- Putnam, NY -
Excellent. Picking up UHF channels approx 55 miles away from inside attic when aimed directly at them. There area some trees trees that are blocking path too. Picking up 2 closer stations that are around 25 miles away that are in opposite direction of aim. Assembly directions could be a bit more clear but if your antenna looks like the picture in the end then you';ve done it right.
Fast shipping, works great!
- Chazy, NY -
I live about 40 miles away from the broadcast towers, but thankfully have a clear line of sight. I mounted the DB8 in the attic over my garage with a Winegard AP8700 pre-amp. I get about 8 channels cyrstal of them is a VHF signal on Channel 13, I wasn';t expecting to pick it up but it comes in clear. Bye bye cable company, thank you Solid Signal.
Unreal Reception
- Richfield Wisco, Richfield Wisco -
All I can say is that this antenna does a great job in pulling in the signal
- Warren, Ohio -
Mounted on my triangular structure for antennas via a conduit pole 1-1/4dia 27ft total in air.Block of 80ft pin oaks baseball throw away.Zip 44485 warren ohio.DB8 pulled in all youngstown stations with no trouble 25miles away. put ap-48oo preamp on it because i run 75ft of cable and then split to 4 tvs.Am not disapointed with pictures.Was easy to put together and install on pole also.
Good coverage for rural use
- South central O, South central O -
pick up about 20 stations 70mi N(Okla. City) 5 stations 60mi NE(Norman) 1 station 40mi due W(Lawton) cities in Okla. All with antenna aimed to the N/NE also using pre-amp.
Significantly Increased my Reception
- McKinney, ey TX -
With rabbit ears I had good reception from one broadcaster and iffy reception from one other broadcaster.With this antenna in my attic I have good reception from over half a dozen broadcasters.
This is a great antenna!
- Fairbanks, anks Alas -
We are very happy with our TV antenna purchased from Solid Signal.We live in an area where current digital receptive is very difficult to get.Once we put up the antenna our reception was great!!!!
Excellent Reception
- Kansas City, sas City MO -
If you are like me and sceptical about Digital over the air reception please dont be.I live over 60 miles outside of Kansas City Mo and pick up every station available there without fade or picture loss.Now reception is still not perfect but I was not dissapointed.How many of us have forgot about free to air because of cable or satellite TV?And think how households more than 50 miles
- OxfordCT, OxfordCT -
First follow directions and Picture to put togetherI used this indoors in front of my window(built a stand out of pvc pipe ) Very happy with reception-strong signal Wish I could Mount on roof THAT would be the Best useGlad I went for the DB8 !
Signal from 60-65 miles away.
- Casey County, sey County K -
I purchased this antenna last week.It was received well packed and I thought it was easy to assemble.I had studied the assembly instructions prior to shipment on the internet and put it together in about 10 minutes and I am 72 years old. So I know that you can put it together too.Forget about the written instructions as they are very poor.I dont know why the manufacture does not replace t
I would recommend this product to others
- Keswick, Virgin -
Does excellent job with local HD channels when Dish Sat fails.Well engineered for easy assembly.
Excellent Antenna !
- S/W of Springfi, S/W of Springfi -
We live approx. 30 miles from our closest tower and the farthest is over 60 miles and our signal is GREAT! The HD shines. I recommend anyone to give this antenna a try!
purchased 3 of these
- Port Angeles, rt Angeles W -
Double stack dB8 antennas keeping spacing configuration the same distance apart for the grids as with a single antenna. Double amplified with high powered Antennacraft at the antenna signal amps (one on each antenna) and the power packs up in the attic (plug in power activated down in house from a light emitting diode wall switch). Equal lenths of Rg6 are used from antennas to power packs.Amplif
It works
- North Wales, th Wales PA -
Two year ago I got my first Winegard HD 9075P HD-Platinum UHF Antenna (HD9075P) it works OK.I got about 20 channels.Recently I lost few channels.I thought I should try this new DB8 based on review.It is on sale and cheaper than HD9075P.It is alos compact and use less space.Right after installed it I got about 40 channels.
Out standing !
- Johnson valley, Johnson valley -
The DB-8 works great mine is paired with the winegard antenna joiner and winegard 7694p this set up is a winning combo twenty five feet in the air on a rotator these antennas work good together thank you solid signal
DB8 did the trick
- Rock Hill, Hill SC -
I purchased an Antennas Direct DB8 along with a Winegard AP-8275. Had to install inside my home in a bedroom window due to neighborhood restrictions. Picks up 30+ channels from two markets. Towers for Charlotte NC market approximately 40 miles northwest of my location. Towers for Columbia SC market approximately 55 miles south of my location. Picks up all available channels excluding two low pow
DB8 = Clean Simple and Works Good
- Spokane, WA -
Attic mounted eliminates weather and bird concerns. Have tried the other top end UHF Winguard (total junk and very low signal strength) and Channel Master (too large and heavy with a little less signal strength) and settled on the DB8. Easily fits in attic. Surprised it receives a good signal from a station thats 180 degrees facing the rear. Must work by reflection(?). Purchased through SolidSi
Antennas Direct DB8 UHF HDTV TV Antenna
- South of Erie P, South of Erie P -
Antennas Direct DB8 UHF HDTV TV Antenna (DB8)I purchased this antenna to use about 20 miles south of Erie Pennsylvania. It is mounted on a previous mast with a Channel Master CM9521A Complete Antenna Rotator System with InfraRed Remote. Since this antenna is strictly a UHFand not a VHF antenna I was a little concerned about picking up channel 12 which I think is still broadcasting in VHF. I h
good antenna
- Shiocton Wis., Shiocton Wis. -
I had mine for a year and a half now I keep looking to see if there is better ones but havent really seen that yet. I put two up and combined them for more wide range.I get stations from 75 miles away or so.I also added a amplifier that also helps. Price is also down from then about $30. Very good product for the money.
Good UHF antenna
- MN, MN -
Was easy to setup and very lightweight. Receives UHF signals very well. Does not receive VHF signals well. Much more directional than I anticipated. Thought I could possibly receive some signal off the back as the chart indicates. It does not.
Excellent Antenna for my area
- Vail AZ, Vail AZ -
Put the antenna in the second floor attic and picked up 20 over the air channels with power meter levels of 75-100 percent.Nice performance and the wide beam width makes alignment a snap!
Fits in my attic!
- Detroit, Detroit -
Fit in my attic and worked! Love the design.
Beautiful HD picture!
- Siloam Springs, Siloam Springs -
Used for home HDTV reception at about 50 miles from towers.Took a few minutes to slip it all together without reading the directions just looking at the pictures.Nice product great picture.
DB8 The Good & The Bad
- Westbrook, rook ME -
Nice antenna and great design. It seems a little sensitive to signal direction. We use two of the DB8 antennas in order to pick up a channel that is 40 degrees off where the main antenna is directed. If you run a lot of wire get an adjustable antenna booster. Overall a good product.
Product performs well
- Ocala, -
Standard antenna was not working well in my location so I took a shot and purchased the DB8. It is not working as well as I had hoped but my reception is better and more stable. Only had 8 channels before and now have 14! (NBC CBS ABC PBS FOX Univision and other local channels) My main focus was on the db loss thru the antenna line. It made a big difference.
Excellent Antenna But Mighty Twitchy
- Utica, -
Installed this antenna in Utica NY in an attempt to receive WTVH CBS in Syracuse. (Theres no local CBS Affil.)Live about 100 feet above the general terrain and installed the DB8 30 feet up with an Eave Mount at the peak of the roof on the Western (Syracuse) side of the building.The DB8 sits about 7 feet above roof (and neighboring tree) level plus added a rotor.Reception is very spotty
Used over 2 years
- Triad area, d area Nor -
I installed this antenna in my attic due to neighborhood restrictions.The HD picture is better than my HD Sat Dish.Sometimes there is a little signal loss on windy days which I dont understand since it is in the attic.Otherwise its been a great product.I purchased from SolidSignal and installed over 2 years ago.
OK but not walk on water
- Wysox, -
Directions where terrible but got together in about 15 minutes. 35 to 50 miles from tv station antennas Pulls in no additional channels than old antenna. Antenna is OK not WOW! Does seem to pull in from a wider degree. Packaged price was excellent. Son lives close by and would recommend he keep looking for another style.
Finicky antenna to point
- North Fork, h Fork CA -
This is a very finicky antenna to point the clearstream 2 works better than this as far as bringing in all the channels at once so you dont have to have a antenna rotor.

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