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Winegard 2-Bay Bowtie UHF and High Band VHF TV Antenna (HD-1080)
Winegard 2-Bay Bowtie UHF and High Band VHF TV Antenna (HD-1080)

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Winegard 2-Bay Bowtie UHF and High Band VHF TV Antenna (HD-1080)

Brand: Winegard           P\N: HD-1080           UPC: 615798398767

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Availability: Discontinued

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Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Winegard products.
Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Winegard products.
Watch TV for free with the easy to install Winegard HD-1080 and stop paying so much for cable. An alternative to cable that pulls in your favorite network shows, as well as all your local sports, news and weather. This antenna allows you to cut the cord and get the most popular TV shows for free. Your favorite local news, sports and weather are all available on OTA TV. There’s a ton of HDTV channels not available through cable.

An evolutionary antenna featuring outstanding performance in a small package. Specifically designed for the digital transition. Two to three times more gain on highband VHF (7-13) than competing bow tie antennas, providing better performance and more range on current and upcoming DTV channels.


  • Compact Design

  • Arrow shaped reflectors and transformer MUST face the broadcast towers

  • DTV 2009 Ready

  • Outstanding Performance

  • Range 0 - 30 miles

  • VHF/UHF Antenna (channels 7 - 69)

  • Unit dimensions 34.5”W x 18.25H”

  • Shipping weight and dimensions 4.4 lbs. 42.75” x 6.50” x 6.50”

  • Includes hardware for mounting to a mast, and 75ohm transformer for coax connection

  • This antenna has a 60 degree average Degree Beam Width





CH 7

CH 9

CH 11

CH 13

CH 14

CH 22

CH 30

CH 38

CH 46

db over reference dipole










beamwidth at half power points (°)










front-to-back ratio












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Product Reviews for Winegard 2-Bay Bowtie UHF and High Band VHF TV Antenna (HD-1080)

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Average Review (27 reviews):4 Star Reviews!

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Recent Review:
JR - MT Olive, NC - 2/18/2015
Worth the price!!

Customer Reviews:
Worth the price!!
- MT Olive, NC -
Before installation I pressed out all rivets & replaced them with #8 screws hex nuts & lock washers. This gives the antenna better structural integrity & longevity Rivets are meant for fast assembly & installation. I prefer the longevity & performance myself. I added a 10g212 antennacraft pre-amp with built in gain adjust & FM filter built in it has approx. 30 on the gain side. I used silicone sealer at all connection points. I receive VHF approx. 80 miles off the back side & UHF approx. 70 miles on the front. this design falls under a FLIP PATTERN
Legitimate Multi Directional
- Henrico County, Henrico County -
Seven (7) local stations discounting sub-channels range from 8.5 to 20 miles. Five are on the same path others off axis 33 and 118 degrees. Have tried four antennas in the attic of a two story with roof line elevation about at the base of surrounding houses encircling this one. Pitted a contest between an AD DB4 RCA ANT751 WG HD7694P and WG HD1080 feeding an LG HDTV with low sensitivity tune
- Punta Gorda, ta Gorda FL -
Its hard to believe that such a small antenna can deliver such a great picture.We have 3 analog sets (with set top canverter boxes) and get excellent picture even with all 3 sets running at the same time.The TV towers are around 20 miles from our house.At night time we can pick up channels in the opposite direction that are nearly 90 miles away (same basic networks so no great advantage). V
Great improvement
- Manzanita Orego, Manzanita Orego -
Works great receiving uhf and digital signalsfrom a rural repeater about 2 miles distant thrulots of trees .The repeater is in the process of going digital from UHF analog.The digitalreception is like cable quality.
awesome product
- Warren, OH -
We put the antenna in the attic and were able to get channels up to 53 miles away.Awesome picture even in foul weather!More channels than we expected from such a small antenna.Previously we had an outside antenna mounted on a tower.
Great little antenna.
- Nassau County N, Nassau County N -
I live about 12 miles east of New York city and I have this little gem in my living room hooked up to my 35 TV. I get 40+ channels including Public TV (my favorite). I got rid of my rip-off cable and love this antenna. It would probably be even better if it were outside and had an amplifier.
Very Good picture Quality and works grea
- TylerTX, TylerTX -
This antennea pulls in exactly the channels I need in my area. I liked it so much I bought a second one. I plan to buy a amplifier next. Very good picture quality. Clarity is veryvery good.
Great Product
- Torrance, ce CA -
[...] setup was easy. I have been getting a great signal ever since. We experienced fairly high gusts of wind and the antenna held up perfectly fine.
Wide Band Superstar
- Roswell, NM -
Strong well built product...includes all digtal channels...provides me with adequate FN signal to boot.
Mounted outside wall HOA made me remove
- Boulder, CO. -
We own a town-home in Boulder CO the back side faces Lookout Mountain where all the Denver area broadcast facilities are located.Reception was excellent except for a little rain fade at times.The HOA saw the antenna and forced me to remove it!!Even though it was not as ugly as some of the AC units on that same face.I moved it to the attic there is no noticeable loss I am still receiving
Better than I ever imagined
- Chicago, IL -
I live in Chicago about 15 miles from our TV towers. Outdoor install about 50 feet high with clear view to the towers. My goal was to ditch the dish and receive channel 2. With this antenna I went from 0%-93% on channel 2 with full 1080p HD. Channel 2-26 are all over 90% with channel 32 Fox the lowest at 87%. Im very satisfied with this antenna.
Great Reception in Flowery Branch Ga
- Flowery Branch, Flowery Branch -
I just got a new Samsung 46 Smart TV and this antenna indoors gets all the Atlanta stations 45 miles away including ion in Rome Ga. TV signal is better than Dish or Charter
Great deal!
- Montgomery, gomery IL -
I just installed this antenna this afternoon to get local broadcasts and most importantly NFL games. I am about 36 miles from broadcast and was a bit worried that I needed a bigger antenna but this picks up 49 channels and the picture is perfect. Its better than the picture I got with the dish in the past. Im glad I went with it.
Good product - good result - fait price
- Phoenix, AZ -
I am happy
Excellent but possible room for improvement
- Baltimore, MD -
I was looking for something directional, with an emphasis on UHF and no more obtrusive than the dish itself and this fits the bill. It's been up over 5 years and pulls in stations 50 miles away. However, it does reject anything behind it. That's just the price you pay for directional performance. Still, strong locals 135 degrees off axis come in with reduced but watchable strength. I don't know a whole lot about antennas, but I would imagine a larger antenna could provide even better performance. If you want the antenna to sort of blend in with the appearance of the dish, this is it. Plus, the small size means it is less affected by heavy winds.
Very good value.
- Cincinnati, innati OH -
I put this up this past week and am quite happy with it. Reception is very strong without a preamp. I currently pick up 32 stations in the Cincinnati area utilizing a chimney mount and a ten foot mast. The only con is the included 300 to 75 ohm transformer which is painfully cheap. Yes I broke it while installing.Picked one up at a local electronics store and away I went. The antenna was recomm
The mighty HD-1080
- Salem, -
This little antenna does a great job picking up the digital channels and it does high band VHF!!
what you see is what you get
- ypsilanti, anti mi -
Assembly instructions could be clearer. Was missing some screws.
Just what the doctor ordered!!!
- Benson NC, Benson NC -
This Little antenna will satisfy most wanting local + all within 60 mile range. A MUST TO USE AP8675 Pre-amp You will receive stronger VHF from the backside of the antenna & UHF from the front side. A rotator is recommended. Dont try to get any channels beyond 60 mile range. Easily to configure if you can follow the directions.
Great on UHF end
- Benson NC, Benson NC -
This economy performer does what it says. The fold out bowtie couyld use a better lock in place. could use a stronger matching transformer Vhf suffered between channels 12&13 in my case I hooked it up with an AP8675 Winegard preamp & a rotor. UHF had greater distance. I would put it up against other 2 bay bowties. price wise & durability falls about 70% range If you need better VHF you may want to
I would recomend this to my frends
- The Dalles, Dalles Or. -
get t.v.signal from a translater and get all chanals very good.
Great reception
- Cleveland, land OH -
This antenna fits in the roof truss of my attic. Not only do I get all of the Cleveland stations that are 11-13 miles away but I also get two Akron stations that are 30 miles away and 35 degrees in a different direction. Reception is nearly perfect although every now and then I get brief pixellation that lasts for a second or less. The picture difference between cable and antenna is huge. It is
Works at 42 miles
- Baltimore Md, Baltimore Md -
We use this antenna to receive all the channels in Baltimore as well as most channels from Washington DC. [42 miles]
The little antenna that can
- Salem, io -
If this had built in 75ohm connector it would be great.I use this antenna with equipment to collect TV advertising at several locations in the US.The only issue I see is where the balun connects to the antenna.
Not a Typical Winegard
- Long Beach, Beach CA -
I installed a Winegard HD1080 for a friend that wanted something small and could be mounted on the side of a home instead of the roof and not be too obvious. The side of the home in Orange County CA faces the towers on Mt. Wilson at a distance of 30 miles with no obstructions. I was going to paint the HD1080 white to blend with the house color. My main criticism of the HD1080 is the method for
Adequeate Antenna for Good Signal Areas
- Anaheim, CA - R -
I installed a Winegard HD1080 for a friend that wanted something small and could be mounted on the side of a home instead of the roof and not be too obvious. The side of the home in Orange County CA faces the towers on Mt. Wilson at a distance of 30 miles with no obstructions. I painted the HD1080 white to blend with the house color. My main criticism of the HD1080 is the method for attaching th

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