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Lava UHF VHF HDTV Antenna with Remote-Controlled Rotator (HD-2605)

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Lava UHF VHF HDTV Antenna with Remote-Controlled Rotator (HD-2605)

Brand: Lava           P\N: HD-2605           UPC: 852161003174

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Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Lava products.
Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Lava products.
Watch TV for free with the easy to install Lava UHF, VHF, HDTV antenna and stop paying so much for cable. This HDTV antenna is the preferred alternative to cable. Installation and setup are a breeze. Cable costs too much, cut the cord today. The top 10 most watched shows are available on OTA TV. Get more digital HDTV channels with a powerful TV antenna.

The Lava UHF, VHF, HDTV antenna with remote controlled rotator features dual outputs, built-in high-gain booster, and built-in rotor for 360-degree rotation. Thanks to the built-in, remote-controlled rotator, you can easily tune into stations in multiple markets with the push of a button. Solid Signal helps make cord-cutting is easy with this antenna that receives free HDTV signals – the Lava UHF, VHF, HDTV antenna with remote controlled rotator.

Key features
  • Receives TV channels on VHF and UHF frequencies
  • Built-in super low noise amplifier allows for high-sensitivity reception
  • Built-in amplifier provides up to 32dB gain
  • Max. Rotation 360 Degrees
  • Working Voltage 110V/60Hz
  • Note: This product is not covered under the Signal Guarantee

  • Features

    • Please be advised this product is NOT covered under the Solid Signal return policy. Inquiries regarding this product after the purchase must be addressed with the manufacturer, LAVA Electronics, at 909-923-8743 or via their website,

    • This product is not covered under the Signal Guarantee. Purchase at own risk.

    • Dual TV outputs

    • Power: 3W

    • Cord-cutting is easy with an antenna that receives free HDTV signals

    • Max. Rotation 360 Degrees

    • Impedance 75 Ohm

    • Working Voltage 110V/60Hz

    • DC Input 15 v

    • Dimensions 22" x 30" x 4"

    • 360-degree rotation

    • High-sensitivity reception

    • Built in super low noise amplifier

    • Range: Up to 125 miles*

    • VHF Frequency: 40-260MHz

    • UHF Frequency: 470-860MHz

    • VHF Gain: 23 dB +-

    • UHF Gain: 32 dB +-

    • Mast dimension 3/4" - 1" diameter (not included)

    • *Due to Earth's curve, a TV Antenna is only capable of receiving signal up to 70 air miles, in optimum conditions. Any TV Antenna that claims up to 150 miles is most likely false advertisement.


    What is included in the box:  
    Antenna main unit
    Power Adapter
    Motor Rotor
    Control Box
    3 Foot RG6 Cable
    User Instruction

    Is this a digital antenna?

    Analog and digital signals are broadcast on VHF and UHF frequencies, so all antennas can pick up digital signals. Its more a matter of getting an antenna that covers the frequencies that your stations are broadcast on (VHF/UHF). This is a bit confusing when manufacturers list an antenna as "Digital Ready", or "HD Antenna", but whether they are labeled this way or not, all antennas have this ability.

    How much signal will I lose if I put this in my attic?
    You will lose 40-50% of your signal strength when placing an antenna in an attic that is covered by plywood and asphalt shingles. Even more signal is lost with foil covered insulation, metal roofs and concrete structures. Beyond a range of 30-35 miles an attic installation is generally not recommended. Because of the high signal loss of an attic installation, an antenna with twice the range is needed to receive the same amount of signal. Digital reception has a much higher threshold of signal strength than analog reception.

    Do I need a rotator?
    It depends on how wide a direction your antenna covers. This feature is called the beam width. The average antenna has a beam width of 35 degrees, out of 360. Go to a site like or and look at the compass orientation. If the difference in degrees between all your desired stations is great than your antennas beam width, then you will need a rotator. Keep in mind that larger antennas that have a boom length over 131 inches need a rotator that can withstand the windload and torque we suggest the CM9521.

    What is the difference between a directional, multidirectional and omnidirectional antenna?
    Directional antennas pick up from a narrow direction usually around 40 degrees wide out of 360 and is best for long range reception. Multidirectional antennas have a wide beam width usually 60-90 degrees, allowing them to receive stations that are coming from multiple directions. Omnidirectional antennas receive signal from all directions, and have the shortest range. 


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    Product Reviews for Lava UHF VHF HDTV Antenna with Remote-Controlled Rotator (HD-2605)

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    Average Review (6 reviews):3 Star Reviews!

    Five Stars:
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    Recent Review:
    Kevin D. - SAN JOSE, CA - 1/18/2014
    Great Antenna

    Customer Reviews:
    Great Antenna
    - SAN JOSE, CA -
    We get over 60 channels included all Vietnamese `s channel.All the channels are clear crisp HDTV national channels and a some local channels.Can not get all local channels. If I adjust to get channel NBC 11.1 it will lost CH KRON 4.1 or revert...Install let then 10 minutes after assembly.All we used was a Phillips screw driver. Once mounted with the directional motor we aimed it perfectly for best reception when mounting on the roof top.
    Saves us a bundle of money
    - Eufaula, OK -
    We get 22 channels and we are 80 miles from the nearest transmitters.All the channels are clear crisp HDTV national channels and a few local channels. Install took about 20 minutes after assembly.All we used was a Phillips screw driver. Once mounted with the directional motor we aimed it perfectly for best reception.The 30 feet of cable provides lots of options for mounting on your roof top.We
    was easy to install, works good, 25 to 45 channels depending on weather
    - Volcano, CA -
    Had this for about a year for the bedroom worked great, disconnected from direct, get main network channels and some great over channels you can't get on direct. added a few pay by the month options and so far so good. some channels do come and go. all n all a lot less expensive than direct.
    Recent purchase
    - Norfolk, VA -
    Recently installed this antenna....The previous one was getting 35+ channels but had annoying drop-outs even though most of the transmitters are just 12 miles away - and with unobstructed line-of-sight to boot.This antenna halved the number of stations.17 to be exact and some stations that came in perfectly before now have drop-outs in rainy weather.Its just 12 miles....The actual de
    i wold never buy another one
    - 282 harlonallen, 282 harlonallen -
    can only get one chanel junk awast of money
    Dont waste your money!!!!
    - Melbourne, urne Flor -
    This thing was falling apart out of the box Dont waste your money. If they were giving them away I would not waste my time to install it.

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