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Xtreme Signal Long Range HD VHF UHF FM Outdoor TV Antenna (HD8200XL)
Xtreme Signal Long Range HD VHF UHF FM Outdoor TV Antenna (HD8200XL)

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Xtreme Signal Long Range HD VHF UHF FM Outdoor TV Antenna (HD8200XL)

Brand: Xtreme Signal           P\N: HD8200XL           UPC: 700112818356

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Xtreme Signal This Xtreme Signal long range HDTV antenna picks up HD VHF, UHF, and FM and HD FM signals from up to 70+ miles. It’s great for cord-cutters who live in deep fringe and low-signal areas like valleys or behind hills and mountains. It’s built to attach to masts with a 1.25” outer diameter for easy mounting. The antenna comes with a mounting clamp for attaching the antenna to a mast, a weather boot to protect its 75OHM coax connector, and instructions. Solid Signal is the online electronics retailer with the best outdoor TV antenna solutions!

Key features:
  • Outdoor antenna that receives HD VHF/UHF/FM/HD FM signals up to 70+ miles
  • Wide elements and long boom provide increased reception
  • Attaches to 1.25" O.D. mast
  • Six-month limited warranty
  • Cable is NOT included – We recommend RG6 cable, sold by the foot

Ready to cut the cord on cable TV? Solid Signal is the online electronics retailer for you. We carry a huge selection of indoor and outdoor TV antennas. We also have everything else cord-cutters need to watch free over-the-air TV. Contact us for a free antenna recommendation from one of our experts. For answers about the products we carry, you’re welcome to call us at 877-312-4547. If you’re cutting the cord, Solid Signal is your No. 1 source for the best TV antennas and more!


  • Receives local digital and analog TV broadcasts of VHF-Low, VHF-High, and UHF signals as well as FM and HD FM Radio

  • Traditional Cross-phase multi-element design for strong long range reception

  • Withstands tough outdoor conditions with superior construction and materials

  • This antenna is often recommended as someone's best chance who needs signals from inside an attic, or beyond a valley, etc.

  • When Fully Assembled 110" Wide and 150" In length for the strongest reception of signals

  • Effective range of 70 miles for VHF and UHF, and in some cases up to 100

  • Heavy-duty locking mast clamp fits masts up to 1.25" O.D. that is compatible with the majority of antenna mounting solutions

  • 6-Month Limited Warranty

  • High gain of up to 14dB on some frequencies for increased reception even at a long range

  • Weather resistant boot goes over 75OHM connection for a coax cable

  • Pre-assembled design and easy-lock fold-out UHF reflector with snap-on elements

  • Beam width is 30 degrees


Technical Specs

Maximum Gain:             


Front to Back Ratio:


Coax Connection Impedance:

75 Ohm


70+ Miles


Attaches to 1.25in O.D. Mast


VHF-High, VHF-Low, UHF, FM/HD Radio





Wind Load:

5.5 Square Feet (Roughly)



dB gain over reference dipole

5 6.7 6 10.4 12.6 11 12 14.2 13.7 12.2 13

Beam width at half power points

63° 66° 67° 30° 34° 44° 38° 47° 48° 30° 28°

Front-to-back ratio

14dB >20dB >20dB 17dB >20dB >20dB 18dB 20dB 17dB 20dB 20dB


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Product Reviews for Xtreme Signal Long Range HD VHF UHF FM Outdoor TV Antenna (HD8200XL)

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Average Review (28 reviews):4 Star Reviews!

Five Stars:
 19 (68%)
Four Stars:
 6 (21%)
Three Stars:
 1 (4%)
Two Stars:
 1 (4%)
One Star:
 1 (4%)
Recent Review:
Don - Fountain Inn, SC - 7/18/2020
A great value.

Customer Reviews:
A great value.
- Fountain Inn, SC -
Bought this unit to replace my Radio Shack deep fringe yagi, that I installed about 14 years ago, after tree limbs damaged it. This new Xtreme unit increased me to about 60 channels, all crystal-clear, with good signal strength. The build quality seems excellent, quite solid. I like that it is US built also. Assembly took about an hour -- not bad. The printed instructions were relatively simple. I chimney mount, about 20 from the ground, and live in a hilly region on the edge of the Smokey Mountains. I also use an old R.S. amplifier. It receives an arc of stations at least 50-degrees wide, despite being significantly directional. I'm getting an assortment of stations in the Asheville area, at least 50 miles out, and one from the Charlotte area, a good 80 miles or more out. As I said, there is a substantial directional spread on these, better than I expected. It is LARGE -- a little over 12 feet in length, but that's a plus.
I Just Got My HD8200XL From A Good Friend Of Mine. One Of Our Savannah TV Viewers Lives In Varnville ,SC. And I Told Them About The HD8200XL To Replace The One Which They Use To Have And From Varnville To Savannah Which Is About 73 Miles Which My Friend In Varnville Said And About 73 Mile From Varnville To Augusta They Keep Savannah And Augusta Without Loosing It Any Time Of The Day Or Night And Their HD8200XL Is About 20 Feet Above Their Roof And That Is Without A Amp Or Booster Connected To It.
- savannah, HI -
I Have A CM-7777 Connected To My HD8200XL And When I Get Mine That Height I Will Let Every One Know How Well Mine Does. From Mark In Savannah, Georgia.
image won't pixelate if properly installed
- albuquerque, NM -
I ordered this antenna to feed 5 tvs. it does work very good even when it's too windy outside (30-40 mph). image won't pixelate. I don't have a pre amp on this antenna. i live in the city 87031 so i'm not that far from tv towers. because its a 12ft long antenna, could be too heavy I found it better to put it on the ground 20ft tall, some guy wire and let the antenna do the work. This is a directional antenna so I had to do research on channels available then aim it very good.
Receives all channels
- tacoma, WA -
It recieves all channels. My other attempts using smaller antennas all failed. This antenna receives all channels from seattle to tacoma except 6.1 (?), 9.1(pbs), and 14.1(tbn channels) on first try without adjusting antenna. I had to use the tv to rescan for channels and 50+ popped up crystal clear quality and reception. I faced the antenna north towards antenna point hill in seattle and am missing the other channels that are broadcast from the antennas south by chehalis. I get channel 28.1 (pbs affilitate kbcts) but I do not know why I still do not get channel 6 and 9. There most be something wrong with there broadcast system.

I am so happy this works without needing much adjustment. Once I find out how to get the other duplicate 5 channels I will be happier.
Ilive 6 miles north of Washington nc I live 79 miles from Raliegh nc by way crow flys
this Antenna gets all stations there I had radio shack best Antenna but this is the best one I have every had great get this Antenna bully!!

- Washington, NC -
Get this Antenna it very power full cut cable off.BULLY
Working so much better than other antennas I have tried. This is the 8th antenna I have tried at my house, in heavy vegitation, surrounded by steep hills.
- Lucasville, OH -
So I have tried numerous 70 mile range antennas at my house and although they pull in channels from 70 plus miles away, pixilation has been an issue. I thought why not give this bigger one a shot.
I have been using an LTE filter on previous antenna so cell towers aren't the pixilation issue. I put this up mid November 2018 and our pixilation issue have disappeared and we are now picking up a distant PBS channel I have been trying to get all along. I had it assembled in about 30 minutes and mounted in no time. I paired it with a Channel Master 7777 pre-amp I was already using. I am using a 115ft cable run. All in all a great investment to eliminate the pixilation issues. Definitely is a good purchase for fringe and terrain areas.
Works very well
- Dawsonville, GA -
After a storm hit our house and destroyed my other antenna setup I purchased a year ago I decided to try this antenna. I live in the mountains about 50-60 miles from Atlanta. This thing works great, much better than the setup I bought from direct. It’s large, but if you live in the boondocks like me, this one work better than the 4 panel screen looking antennas. I purchased the rotator with this antenna because I needed it to fine tune the old one so I figured I needed it for this one. I didn’t need it. Adjust once and leave it be. I get around 48 channels
Great Signal and easy to install
Took about 1 1/2hrs to put together and install on mast then put Channel Master Model CM-7777 Preamplifier on mast. Than put mast on chimney hooked up antenna wires up. Turn tv on ran the channels. First try got 75 channels didn't have to reset.
You will get your money's worth.
I bought the antenna when on sale last spring. It is BIG antenna. It was a little difficult to build. Use gloves. It is light weight construction, so don't mount it among dropping limbs, branches and well fed ravens. I have used it for FMBC DXing this summer and it performed very well. Very directional and easily nulls out semi-local stations. If you are replacing an outdoor antenna, be sure to replace the feedline too. Very glad I bought it and look forward to years of service.
awesome improvement!!!
- Sturgeon Bay, WI -
Live in an area where many local stations fade throughout the year. We installed this antenna, and instantly received all available local channels, plus a few from Michigan. Best we've ever owned, thanks so much!! Went from 9 solid channels to 24.
Great HDTV antenna - gets stations 81 miles away!
- Purcellville, VA -
I've tried a variety of UHF antennas, and finally found one that works best. We live almost due east of Baltimore (81 mi) and Washington DC (65 mi), and with smaller antennas, I was able to get about 20 stations. With this one, now we receive 77 stations from both major markets!

It is a BIG MAMBO JAMBO! The entire antenna is about 12 feet long and 12 feet wide. Be careful constructing it not to break off the tabs on the matching transformer (I did this by overtightening the screws). I had to strip the wires and solder on new leads, but this was my fault, not the device.

The antenna is mounted on my house at the peak of my roof using a 5' mast, properly grounded, and wired with RG-6. I use an amplifier without it, we can't get hardly any signals.

Very happy with this product!
With amplifier - this antenna works great!
- Rome, GA -
I connected this antenna and found a slight increase in channels (8 to 12) that I was able to receive. These channels however tended to pixilate and fade in and out. However, I wasn't really happy with only a very slight improvement for the money spent. However, I then added a mast amplifier to this antenna and the improvement was drastic! I now have access to 35 channels which are extremely reliable during the evening. I don't know why most of these stations go away during the day (towers are in Atlanta) - but that doesn't really matter to me since we work during the day. Either way, we are at a minimum of 62 miles away from almost all of the towers - but yet receiving 35 channels now. Very pleased....
great antenna for the price.
- lafayette, IN -
Actually a Winegard 8200 antenna. very strong construction. a deal at twice the price
Solid Antenna
- Adirondacks, NY -
Very well built antenna closest tower about 70 miles away. We live in Adirondack Mountains we picked 30 channels cutting the cord
Absoloutely the best
- Elizabethtown, KY -
I was having some trouble sifting through all the misinformation on the web, these folks set me up with great gear and info, I live 50 miles from stations, I get 54 channels, that is just in one direction, I have not explored others yet, good going Solid Signal
Great Investment!!!
- Golden, MS -
I bought this antenna on the recommendation of SS. Because we lost our local news channel on our satellite provider. The antenna picks it up GREAT. Even though the channel's tower is 68.2 miles from me. I'm receiving a signal strength of 75 during the day and high 80's at night. So i would highly recommend this antenna. By the way I've only go it mounted 15ft. It will be going to my shop once the local channel returns.

Be ready because this thing is huge!
Short for the money
- Whites burg morristown, TN -
One heck of a good antenna! Get lots of channels in east tn. Better than my ward. Will buy again.
Very directional
- Brockway Twp, MI -
Picky to aim but long range. I would buy it again for my location.
A little bit of work assembling but, well worth it. I have up about 30 ft is all and it picks up stations from over 300 miles away if pointed right!
- Brockway Twp, MI -
Very good antenna!
really helps in the woods big antenna better than the HD Stacker!
- Kentwood, LA -
more channels is the bottom line! if it would keep the weak signal in the hot humid air would have given a 5 star!
Good antenna for long distance VHF is good, UHF could be better.
- Newton, NJ -
I live in a hilly, rural area with very tall (50+ft) trees, but VHF signals reach here well with a directional antenna and preamp, and NYC and Philly are full of VHF signals. I replaced an older LPDA Yagi at about 30 feet above ground (I'm located at 800+ ft above sea level which helps a lot). The VHF is very good, picking up stations over 75 miles away with a preamp. However, the Yagi (UHF) isn't calibrated for the post-repack channel spectrum (centered on channel 36, 605 MHz). I may dismantle the directors and driven element and re-assemble them for better gain. Adding more aluminum boom and directors to the front-end would help both from a weight-distribution as well as UHF-gain perspective the antenna isn't centered on the mount point and leans back because of the weight of the rear VHF elements. Adding more weight to the front (yagi) side may help counteract this, but it's already a pretty big antenna. I'm in a challenging location and I purchased the antenna at a very good price, but Solid Signal could re-design a better UHF yagi at the front, or at least reposition the mounting point.
Great antenna - great on VHF, pretty good on UHF
- Rome, GA -
This antenna allowed me to pick up 23 channels in an area that all expert technical support staff told me that I wouldn't be able to pick up anything (except one tower 32 miles away). I did install another antenna (bowtie) that picks up MORE UHF channels (increasing my channels to 39 channels) - however I lose some VHF channels with the bowtie antenna. My next step is to install both and join them with a combiner - hopeful that I will be able to receive at least 45 channels. Keep in mind I am more than 65 miles away from all broadcast towers (except the one) and in a heavily wooded area - so I am very well pleased with this antenna. It performs as advertised! (and I've now tried five (5) antennas that didn'
Great gain. Poor mounting system.
- Westfield, MA -
I was looking primarily for an FM with long range + local TV. This antenna did the trick. My only complaint is the mounting point. More specifically, the center of gravity point of the mounting brackets. They are not at the center balance point of the antenna. The back of the antenna pulls the front up. The mount points should be further back on the boom so the antenna is better balanced so it sits more horizontal without wrestling it straight while tightening the mounting bolts. If you can, attache the mast to the boom on the ground where it might be easier to get it lined up. I will try to re-drill the bracket holes closer to the center of balance to make it an easier installation.
Antenna simple to install.
- Howell, NJ -
After downloading the instructions from Solid Signal (no instructions included) it was straight forward to assemble. Signal is a little better then my old antenna. I live on the fringe of Philadelphia and New York but can receive many channels from both when a rotate the antenna in the correct direction.
purchased the hd8200xl for fm recption
- Talladega, AL -
this antenna is extremeley it must be used with a rotator.but i can pick up stations over 120 miles away very clearly.
Some Issues With The Manual/Specification Sheet, Antenna was Alright, Included Transformer Poor
- Millstone , NJ -
The specification sheet for this antenna isn’t really a specification sheet with the different gain measurements/charts and front to back ratio charts. It is an installation manual. Whatever it is really called, it is misleading because it has a diagram of a different antenna on the first page and at the top of the second pages and this is what I had looked at when I purchased the antenna. The correct diagram, if you pay attention to the fine details, is on the bottom of the second page and I realized the discrepancy once I had my guys put the antenna together. The incorrect diagram featured a combination antenna that was longer, it had the VHF elements placed differently, and the UHF part of the antenna had wing reflectors. My experience is that these factors make for better signal and it if it was a deep fringe situation; I think these things would have made a difference.
Nevertheless, this antenna was placed at a house 42 miles from Philadelphia and 45 miles from New York City. The customer wanted it pointed towards Philadelphia. Without a pre-amplifier, this antenna received all but two channels (UHF 35 and VHF 2) out of Philadelphia without interruption and at 50%-70% signal strength. UHF 35 and VHF 2 suffer from pixilation. While a pre-amplifier would probably clear this problem up, the antenna should have had no issues bringing in these two channels in given that it is rated for 100 miles VHF and 60 miles UHF. Perhaps it didn’t bring in VHF 2 without a pre-amplifier because it is at the lowest frequency in the band, but still it is advertised for bringing it in. Anyhow, CBS 3, 6 ABC, NBC 10, and FOX 29 all came in from Philadelphia with no interruptions and so my customer was satisfied. In addition, the main New York City channels were picked up from the back of the antenna. The ends of the provided transformer fell apart when we placed it on the antenna terminals.
Purchased this item 6 yrs ago,it worked great. I got a good 4 yrs out of it until the black plastic connectors that hold each element started to crack from the sun,rain and cold and eventually failed and broke off.Manufacturing should look at a more ROBUST hard plastic to withstand the outside element.
- St. Joseph, MO -
Good antenna if you will keep it in the attic, it will last longer. Outdoors, if your lucky will get 4-6 yrs. For me that is not very long, I seen antennas that are still on homes that are 50 yrs old and still standing strong. i give this unit a 4.5 for functional and a 2 star rating for construction and integrity.
Cannot receive San Antonio, 71 miles distant.
- Kerrville, TX -
Even though the antenna specs say Great for those in deep fringe and low signal areas, such as valleys or behind hills or mountains, this is not true for me in Kerrville, Texas. No ability to receive ABC, etc. from San Antonio from a hilltop only 71 miles distant to the broadcast towers. Used a CM777 preamp, roof mount with a clear view of the horizon. Beware of the 'fringe' and 100-mile claims for this antenna.

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