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Xtreme Signal HDB4X Outdoor 4 Bay VHF/UHF Antenna with Tripod and Mast
Xtreme Signal HDB4X Outdoor 4 Bay VHF/UHF Antenna with Tripod and Mast

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Xtreme Signal HDB4X Outdoor 4 Bay VHF/UHF Antenna with Tripod and Mast

Brand: Xtreme Signal           P\N: HDB4X-LITE-KIT          

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Xtreme Signal Watch TV for free with the easy to install Xtreme Signal HDB4X Lite Kit and stop paying so much for cable. An alternative to cable TV that allows you to watch network and local TV for free. Cut the cord and watch TV for free. Access all your local over the air TV channels for free. Never miss out on your local channels. Antenna TV is totally free!

Everything you need for a full blown HD setup! This package includes the antenna, tripod, mast and 50 feet of cable to get you up and watching live HDTV! The HDB4X is the low profile antenna that pulls digital broadcast at 50+ miles away. Great for neighborhoods that prohibit large outdoor antennas.


  • The tripod is a 3 ft rooftop tripod w/supporting cup, has heavy-duty 1-1/4 inch tubing with legs that fasten to the roof. The mast comes pre-assembled but does not include lag bolts or a pitch pad

  • Built-in transformer for direct 75 ohm (coax) connection, that is more weather proof than the old style, pigtail transformer

  • High-gain blade style elements pull in maximum signal, and hold up better in weather than traditional bow-tie elements

  • Mast is 5 feet in total length, has an outer diameter of 1.25 inches, and is designed to survive xtreme wind and weather!

  • Front to back ratio greater than 23dB - to isolate digital channels and reject interference

  • Receives UHF digital broadcasts at 45+ miles and 15 Miles High Band VHF

  • Includes 50 Feet of Solid Signal RG6 Coax Cable with Digicon Ends

  • Includes mounting hardware - Mounts on masts up to 2" outer diameter

  • Even better: This product now includes a Bonus additional 28" mast

  • Great for neighbor hoods with HOA (Home Owner Associations)

  • Beam width approximately 60° wide (out of 360°)

  • Dimensions: W=32" x L=3.5" x H=20.5"

  • 6 Month limited warranty

  • Maximum gain: 14.2dB


The best choice for distant signals … the HDB4X’s unique design will pick up signals that other antennas can’t!

If you are more than 45 miles from your closest broadcast towers you will appreciate the sheer power of the Xtreme Signal HDB4X. This super deep fringe antenna is designed to focus in on those distant signals like no other. It’s the hobbyist’s choice for clean, clear signals no matter what the distance.

Xtreme Gain
Expect Xtreme gain when you combine two 4 bay bowties to get this monster. Each panel is pulling in

Xtreme Mileage
With a bowtie you get maximum mileage for minimum size. Great for low profile setups, the 8 bay bowtie is effective at pulling in weak long distance TV Stations.

If you want long range directional ability aim both panels in the same direction for a 60° beam.   If you want to receive two cities at the same time, you can direct each panel individually!

Technical Specifications     
  • High-gain blade style elements pull in maximum signal, and hold up better in weather than traditional bow-tie elements
  • Mounting brace with a two-point secure attachment
  • Built-in transformer for direct 75 ohm (coax) connection, that is more weather proof than the old style, pigtail transformer
  • Reflector for blocking unwanted signal and interference
  • Maximum gain: 14.2dB
  • Beam width approximately 60° wide (out of 360°)
  • Includes mounting hardware - compatible with masts up to 2" outer diameter
  • Highly directional to help bring in weak long distance stations
  • Great for neighbor hoods with HOA (Home Owner Associations)
  • Front to back ratio greater than 23dB - to isolate digital channels and reject interference
  • 6 Month limited warranty

If you live in the suburbs you probably see gigantic, bent antenna masts on every home. The world has changed since the 1950s and you don’t need a big metal eyesore to get great reception! Check out the HDB4X Xtreme Series HD Antenna for power and style!

Free television is an option most of us have forgotten about. We’ve all been paying the cable company so long that it’s hard to remember why we stopped getting all our channels over the air. After all, even though cable’s been around for 30 years, 9 of the top 10 shows are still found on 100% free TV! It’s time to take back your TV and get the Free TV you deserve!

The HDB4X from Xtreme Signal is the best choice for you because it combines the power of an “old-school” antenna with 21st century style. Choose the HDB4X to pull in every UHF channel in stunning high definition. This durable, high-tech antenna is just as powerful as those antennas of days gone by!

Choosing an outdoor antenna like the HDB4X gives you the option to permanently mount and aim your antenna to get the best possible signal. The sturdy yet light construction of the HDB4X gives you many mounting options so whether you want to strap it to an existing vertical surface or put up a mast just for this antenna, you’ll find installation is easy and your Xtreme Signal team is here to help with any questions!


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Product Reviews for Xtreme Signal HDB4X Outdoor 4 Bay VHF/UHF Antenna with Tripod and Mast

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Average Review (24 reviews):5 Star Reviews!

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 22 (92%)
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 2 (8%)
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Recent Review:
TV Tech - cameron, WV - 3/6/2019

Customer Reviews:
- cameron, WV -
This antenna is well built and produces a 60 degree wide long range pattern.
It is the perfect choice for most areas
Reception greatly improved.
- Seattle, WA -
I primarily receive signals from five channels: ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and FOX. Although I live within 10 miles of most of these, difficulties arise due to trees and hilly terrain. Since a large house, considerably taller than mine, was built next door I added a five-foot section to my 10-foot antenna mast to overcome the height difference, but this provided only marginal help. I was fortunate to speak with a Technology Manager at the local NBC affiliate who was able to see my previous antenna via Googlemaps Street View. He advised that I had the wrong type of antenna and recommended this one, which I immediately purchased. During the installation the antenna mast was laying flat along the ridgeline of the roof, but, surprisingly, the channels still came in quite well. This led me to remove the upper five feet of the mast. The reception is now greatly improved. In windy conditions there is still a slight amount of pixellation on the weakest channel, but not much. I am very pleased with this antenna.
Very well built
- Beaver Falls, AL -
I put this antenna on a Christmas tree stand in my attic. I was getting about 25 channels with rabbit ears but some channels would pixelate. I installed the Xtreme Signal HDTV 4 Bay Bowtie Outdoor TV Antenna and now I get 50+ channels. If I were to add a rotor, I believe I could get even more. I won't have to worry about the weather but believe you me, this antenna is lightweight but still very well constructed. I think it would do very well in a wind storm.
Well constructed and lightweight product I went from a dozen indoor channels to over 60. Excellent advice from sales and super fast delivery.
- Villa Park, IL -
Well constructed and lightweight product I went from a dozen indoor channels to over 60. Excellent advice from sales and super fast delivery.
Superior Performing Antenna, Small Profile.
- Birmingham, AL -
This little power house really surprised me! I added a cardboard/foil reflector behind this antenna, and a distribution amplifier in my attic install. Channel scan yielded 50 digital channels. I am partial to large directional antennas, but this small profile antenna can compete with the best of them so long as all your channels are in the same direction. Make sure you VHF Hi channels are relatively close. Very pleased.
Great Antenna
- El Paso, TX -
Great Antenna for any price. I used to get about 20 channels. Now after installing the HDB4X I get over 60 channels.Great Antenna!!!!
The best I mean the best antenna i have ever used!!!!
- El Paso, TX -
TRhis is the best antenna i have ever used. I got 22 stations before installing this antenna. after installation I get over 60 stations. i will tell everbody i know aboyut this antenna.
It was normal shipping 5 day's I got it..good and very easy to set up and use it get channels 80 miles inside of truck..
- Middleburg, FL -
But I'm sure it would be lots better outside.. but inside u don't have to ground it..I got it for my semi truck.I'm sure it will be well over 100 miles outside and above the roof and aim it around some. But it decent for the $ and small but does really good. .for under 50$ you can't get better.I want to try the 8 bay. But it's 70$ but too big in a truck but want 1 for my house.. I think inside is best in Florida too much lighting..grounding and pole and holes in house. .so I keep it inside..
Picked up 39 Stations
- Allen Park, MI -
I live in the downriver metro Detroit area. I waned a antenna to put in my attic and this fit the bill. I'm sure I could pick up a few more stations if I put it on a mast on my chimney. My goal was to pick up the major networks in the area and this antenna exceeded my expectations.
Small and looks great on your roof
- Ann Arbor, MI -
I bought this for my brother in law, who cut the cord with Dish Network. Installaton was SO easy...we just took his dish down, clamped this baby on the existing pole, hooked up to the existing cable (that Dish had run), and BINGO you have 40 channels! Cost per month...wait for it...$0.00
easy to install
- kewaskum, WI -
one of the best I put up in my 62 years
putting up tv antennas
Incredible range
- Ocala, FL, AL -
I bought this for my place in Ocala, I check on Antenna web and they showed in would get 4 main channels plus subs. When I installed it I got 2 additional mains including one that is over 50 miles away! Mind you it is installed on a small J mount that puts it at barely 15 feet of the ground ( my HOA does not allow for any mast higher than this ). I was to say the least very impressed with the performance of this antenna and for the price you can't beat it. Solid Signal does it again!
Get over thirty channels using this antenna
indoors. Fantastic!

- Detroit Metro Area, MI -
I Live about 15 to 20 miles (some further) away from most tv channels. This antenna does a great job of pulling in stations and holding the signal. Well worth the money paid for it because simply it gives Great Reception. The people at Solid Signal are pleasant to talk to and go out of their way to make sure your needs are taken care of.
Way to go Solid Signal!
A Good Antenna For Heavy Foliage
- Cumming, GA, AL -
I recently moved into an aluminum trailer, so indoor antennas would not work. I did my research on and, and found that most available channels were UHF and from the same axis, 214 degrees from magnetic north. They are about 35 miles away.

I ordered the HDB4X thinking that maybe a 4-bay array would have a better chance of reception through the thick hardwood forest between me and Atlanta. I put it on a 10-foot mast above the trailer.

On my first channel scan it found 71 subchannels, some of them considerably off-axis! I have since tweaked the aiming for about 80 video and audio channels.

That is stellar performance for a small and good-looking antenna.
Better than I thought it would be.
- Michigan City, IN -
In Michigan City we get most of our TV from Chicago stations. I put up this antenna with the Winegard Gable mount (SW-0012) and Winegard Boost Antenna (LNA-100) and picked up all the Chicago stations first try. I used a couple of 5ft mast's I sourced locally and I could not be more trilled as my house is surrounded by old growth trees in 360 degrees. I am paying dish TV $55 a month for worse coverage than I get by antenna. As soon as I know this will continue to work well, By By Dish TV who's rates go up and the coverage is half what I had for the same price a year ago.
Works great for San Jose, CA (45 miles from tower) Picked up all local stations except for NBC, which is on High Band VHF. I solved the NBC problem by pairing this antenna with an Antenna Direct VHF retrofit kit. Now i am able to receive all local broadcast stations (ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, CW, PBS).
- san jose, CA -
Great Antenna, light weight, easy to install.
Get great reception from all major networks in San Jose CA.
- San Jose, CA -
I get every station listed on tv fool from San Jose (45mi + from transmitters) using this antenna minus NBC which is broadcasted on VHF ch 11.
Highly recommend if you live in the Bay Area.
Guys and Ladies, I just want to say, you guys are A+ in my book. First of all, I contacted you several weeks ago and ask a few general questions regarding the HDB4 antenna I had purchased. I was uncertain if I needed a pre-amp. based upon my local. After this very nice lady got my location based upon my address, she quickly advised me You better not. What I was most impressed with the fact she could have coaxed me into buying additional equipment but she didn't. She was more concerned with the fact a p
- Charlotte, NC -
Totally Satisfied!!!
Well built, great for pulling in short and long range!
- Bridgeport, WV -
I was looking at many different antennas for pulling in my local PBS(40+ miles). I decided on the hdb4x. It arrived in 2 days and easy to install(took about 10 minutes). Later that night pointing south just seeing what all I can pull in I found WSWP which is about 110 miles away from my location. I can get 7 channels with my old antenna I now get 16! I love this antenna!
Great antenna, no amplifier needed, 23 miles from Green Bay stations, 13 HD channels!
- Appleton, WI -
Even when severely off axis, still picks up all the stations. No amplifier required, with 1 splitter and about 250 total feet of coaxial cable installed (50 ft - splitter - 75 ft to TV1, 125ft to TV2).
Easy to put together and install. Excellent results!
- Jacksonville, FL -
I purchased this antenna to replace a 4-year old multidirectional that was constantly losing the signal on some stations. All of the stations I want to receive are between 7 and 46 miles away, so I mounted the antenna on a 10'; mast on the roof and aimed at the center of the transmission tower locations (about a 40 degree area). Because I';m sending the signal to 6 TVs and 2 DVRs, I connected the 15'; antenna cable to a Antennas Direct CDA8 Distribution Amplifier and ran from 15'; to 50'; to each TV/VCR from there. Wow...what a difference! I';m now getting every stations I wanted perfectly clear and in the 85 to 95 power range. I couldn';t have asked for better results and highly recommend this antenna.
Solid performer - well designed product. Perfect for a clean suburban installation.
- Fresno, CA -
The HDB4X is an excellent value for a 4 bay UHF collinear array. It is well thought out, intelligently designed and at the current price point, a great option for those who need a quality, medium sized multi-directional antenna.

- Comes 90% assembled. The elements are attached to the reflector and using two wingnuts slide into place at the right distance above the reflector.
- Coax management clips are integrated into the phasing line insulators - makes for easy coax routing.
- Thoughtful two-piece clips leverage the square-tube frame design and make attached the mounting bracket to the reflector simple.
- Balun is pre-attached in an integrated cover.

- Balun is pre-attached in an integrated cover. This is a pro and a con. To be fair, I did not pop the cover to see if the balun can be replaced with a standard unit.
- Die-cut elements. They';re pre-attached, which is good. However, they';re easily bent, which could impact performance. I would suggest adding a stamping operation to add a "spine" down the length of each element to stiffen them.

- Great antenna for the price.
- Clean, good looking design.
- Excellent replacement for the discontinued Winegard HD4400.
- Great addition to the Solid Signal line!
Good, but not great. Machining was a little off on support bar.
- Pinson, AL -
While I am only about 15 miles from broadcasts over high VHF & regular UHF on a bearing of 205 degrees the high band VHF was not picked up. Tried two different TV's to eliminate receiver variation, but still no reception on high band VHF. dB was still positive when subtracting the antenna gain. Sometimes these digital broadcasts are sub-par to the old analog days. Installation is outdoor and 12 feet agl. All address resources say this antenna should be in the green. You would know that out of the 33 channels received, the 3 (sub-channels of a PBS station) I wanted are in the high band VHF.
Easy setup, great reception, great price
- Ypsilanti, MI -
Attic installation used with existing amplifier and splitter (2 TVs). We have improved reception over previous antenna for stations 25-40 miles away from Detroit and Toledo.

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