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Xtreme Signal HDB91x VHF/UHF Outdoor TV Antenna with a Tripod and a Mast - Includes 50 Feet of RG6 Cable  (HDB91X)
Xtreme Signal HDB91x VHF/UHF Outdoor TV Antenna with a Tripod and a Mast - Includes 50 Feet of RG6 Cable  (HDB91X)

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Xtreme Signal HDB91x VHF/UHF Outdoor TV Antenna with a Tripod and a Mast - Includes 50 Feet of RG6 Cable (HDB91X)

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Xtreme Signal Dozens of free TV channels are available with the Xtreme Signal HDB91X HDTV antenna kit. If you’re getting rid of cable TV, you won’t lose out on the best-rated shows. An HDTV antenna is all you need to cut the cord from cable. Access all your local over the air TV channels for free. Watch local channels with the best television antenna on the market.

Everything you need for a full blown HD setup! This package includes the antenna, tripod, mast and 50 feet of cable to get you up and watching live HDTV! The HDB91X is the Xtreme Signal yagi that locks-on to weak stations to provide you with a solid signal. The ultimate choice for long distance, or low signal areas.


  • The tripod is a 3 ft rooftop tripod w/supporting cup, has heavy-duty 1-1/4 inch tubing with legs that fasten to the roof. The mast comes pre-assembled but does not include lag bolts or a pitch pad

  • Built-in transformer for direct 75 ohm (coax) connection, that is more weather proof than the old style, pigtail transformer

  • Mast is 5 feet in total length, has an outer diameter of 1.25 inches, and is designed to survive xtreme wind and weather!

  • Includes mounting hardware - Mounts on masts up to 2" outer diamter mast. We recommend this one

  • Receives UHF digital broadcasts at 70+ miles and 25 Miles High Band VHF

  • Includes 50 Feet of Solid Signal RG6 Coax Cable with Digicon Ends

  • Even better: This product now includes a Bonus additional 28" mast

  • Mounting hardware allows you to adjust antenna angle

  • Beam width approximately 60° wide (out of 360°)

  • Dimensions: W=20" x L=87.5" x H=20.5"

  • 6 Month limited warranty

  • Front to back ratio: 26 dB

  • Maximum Gain: 16dB


HDB91X Xtreme Long Range Yagi Antenna

The best choice for distant signals … the HDB91X’s unique design will pick up signals that other antennas can’t!

If you are trying top pull in long distance stations or simply want the strongest antenna you can buy, you will appreciate the sheer power of the Xtreme Signal HDB91X. This super deep fringe antenna is designed to focus in on those distant signals like no other. It’s the hobbyist’s choice for clean, clear signals no matter what the distance.

Xtreme Gain
With a maximum gain of 16dB, it doesnt get much stronger than this. If you have weak channels, a high gain antenna like this is your best bet.

Xtreme Mileage
70 Miles! The Yagi design is known for its long distance reception. The HDB91X can
pick up stations as far as 70 miles away. High mileage antennas are your
best chance at getting weak signals.

Xtreme Direction
 If there’s one quality you want in a long range HD Antenna, it’s Directional! Small, plastic, 360° Antennas don’t cut it when it comes to locking in long distance HD Channels

Technical Specifications  
  • Highly directional to help bring in weak long distance stations
  • Mounting brace with a two-point secure attachment
  • Maximum Gain: 16dB
  • Built-in transformer for direct 75 ohm (coax) connection, that is more weather proof than the old style, pigtail transformer
  • Beam width approximately 60° wide (out of 360°)
  • Includes mounting hardware - compatible with masts up to 2" outer diameter
  • Heavy Duty Reflector for blocking unwanted signal and interference
  • Front to back ratio: 26 dB
  • Adjustable angle mounting clamp
  • Receives UHF digital broadcasts at 70+ miles
  • Mounting hardware allows you to adjust antenna angle

The HDB91X from Xtreme Signal is your choice because its durable construction offers you years of viewing with no maintenance. Unlike other deep fringe antennas, its built-in transformer needs no “balun” to work with today’s 75-ohm antenna cable. Other companies use inexpensive baluns and weather shields that won’t work over the long run. Why worry about replacing a part like that when you don’t have to?

90% of TV watching is from the four major broadcast networks, and nothing can compete with the clarity of an over-the-air signal. Cable and satellite companies re-process their signals, robbing them of their original quality in order to fit more channels in the same space. There’s only one place to get a pristine broadcast signal – your antenna.

Unlike indoor antennas, a deep fringe antenna is designed to be pointed in one direction and left there. The strong adjustable-angle mount of the HDB91X makes it easy to aim your antenna perfectly the first time and leave it in position permanently. Choose an antenna whose power and reliability make it the choice now and for the future… the HDB91X.


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Product Reviews for Xtreme Signal HDB91x VHF/UHF Outdoor TV Antenna with a Tripod and a Mast - Includes 50 Feet of RG6 Cable (HDB91X)

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Recent Review:
Brad T - Rockdale, TX, AL - 9/8/2019
Great antenna! Pulls in distant stations, both UHF and high VHF.

Customer Reviews:
Great antenna! Pulls in distant stations, both UHF and high VHF.
- Rockdale, TX, AL -
I decided to get a new antenna to replace my aging AntennaCraft C480 that had some bent elements from stray footballs and started dropping channels. I was a little worried about VHF reception after reading some of the reviews. I'm located 52+ miles from the closest stations. The antenna assembly and installation was super easy. Some of the elements and part of the dipole were bent during shipping, but they straightened out by hand easily. When I hooked it up, I was getting more stations than the old C480 including a VHF station 52 miles away all without any pre-amp and 50+ feet of RG-6 cabling. I've spent this weekend watching football without any drops in signal!

If you're in a deep fringe area, give this antenna a try!
Better than expected
- Holyoke, MA -
I had the 8 bay antenna come down in high winds but had previously purchased and received this Yagi. It went together easily (the video was a big help) and is up about 35 feet. I receive the same 33 channels as had come in with the 8 bay, but the signal strength on all the channels is noticeably more solid with this Yagi. Very impressed!
GREAT Antenna, GREAT Buy- Highly recommended!
- Milwaukee, WI -
More then worth $40 for this antenna, it is Amazing. I am running high quality CE- RG6 cable to it and live a block from Lake Michigan in Milwaukee and can easily pick up (in both clear and rainy weather) the majority of Chicago stations at 80, face it NE and pick up GB channels, turn it East to the lake and pick up Grand Rapids, Muskegon and Kalamazoo, face it West and pick up some Madison stations, including all my channels here in MKE. This is a GREAT Buy and GREAT Antenna! Highly recommend it!! Can easily pick up well over 100 channels with this antenna.
At 50 feet I am receiving over 40 channels mostly from Dallas about 90 miles awayh
- waco, TX -
Works wonderfully. Stations 90 miles away on the front and 20 miles away on the back for a total of 48 clear stable station reception.
Pleased with this product
- Verbena, AL -
I am located along the Coosa River about 58 miles from Birmingham (south) and 58 miles from Montgomery (north). I put this unit about 20ft on my cabin and I pick up 40+- channels from both directions most of the time. No amp needed with this high gain. Recommend for sure!
This is the one you need !
- Selmer, TN -
I was previously using a Winegard 7698 with amp and only occasionally picked up signals over 35 miles away. I purchased this installed it without an amp and receive WJKT 54 miles away crystal clear. This antenna has amazing gain but remember it's very directional so the slightest movement can change your results. If you don't know your station's coordinates be sure to research them before attempting to focus this unit.
If you live in a fringe area this antenna will get the job done. One final note is to remember it's UHF so if you're also wanting to pick up stations on the VHF band you'll need to pair this with a good quality VHF antenna. Height is also a huge factor in most applications, I have mine mounted on a mast at 43', @ 30' results were diminished considerably.
So to sum up, if you're looking for a strong antenna with longer range this one is a strong performer.
Thank you Solid Signal !

very satisfied with HDB91X i live in area where i am 60+ miles from nearest TV Station and i am getting anywhere from 12-20+ stations as far away as 108+ miles my antenna is mounted on a 40' tower very pleased with reception
- Crump, TN -
easy to assemble
Under the right conditions, this product works, and works very well!
- Columbia, MO -
First off, let me be the first to say, my results are probably quite atypical.

We moved into this house 5 year ago. The previous owners only had DirectTV, so I bought a pair of amplified rabbit ears, until I could get around to mounting a proper antenna. One night I did a scan and picked up Kansas City stations, 100+ mile away! I suspected I just got lucky with some well placed ionic skip, but my wife was fascinated with possibility of expanding from getting 5 local stations to 12.
My wife didn't want another giant antenna, like we had at our last house. I purchased a Winegard Metrostar (from Solid Signal) and it has served us very well.

Another recent scan and Kansas City stations showed up again. My interested was peaked, wondering if I really could pull KC stations in reliably, with a proper antenna? Taking a look at, all the KC station are UHF. The HDB91X was on sale, and it is much smaller than a comparable VHF/UHF antenna, so I decided to take a chance.

I swapped out my Metrostar with the HDB91X. The unit is easy enough to put together, but I recommend getting and looking at the online installation guild. The dipole positioning is hard to see on the included instruction sheet. After zooming in, on the PDF, the 'bow tie' faces the back. The mounting U bracket is a little different than in manual, but that was easy to work out.

I hooked it up, did a scan and I now have 55 channels (including sub channels)!

I had ordered the Blonder Tongue (ABLE U2 III) UHF pre-amplifier but it is a 300 ohm unit, and this antenna has a 75 ohm coax connector. My success is without preamp, but I intend to have a preamp to mitigate line loss.

Unless there are severe storms between here and KC, the channels are coming in fairly consistently day and night.

I was concerned about the two VHF local channels, but they are strong enough to buffalo it through the antenna, without having to have a second VHF antenna and combining the two.

What really surprised me, was picking up a Springfield channel, on a side lobe. Not yet sure how reliable the signal will be, but it was fun seeing it.

When the weather gets better - it has been raining since I installed it - I want to point it to Springfield, St Louis, and Quincy IL to see how may more channels I can pick up.

Being 200 feet higher, than the surround terrain, plus 35 feet up on the house, really helps. However my success wouldn't be possible, to pull in such distant channels, so reliably, without the HDB91X.
Awesome Antenna
- Raceland, KY -
Have now had this antenna for little over a year now and it has not missed a beat.One note I wanted to make about Vhf reception. I have 1 vhf station in my area and I noticed that I pick it up stronger on the back side of this antenna. Why I don't know. So I added a rotor and an Lna-200 wingard boost preamp and with this combination I get every station that I was expecting to receive from all directions.And when the conditions are right you will pickup stations from 100-150 miles away. I think this antenna is about as good as it gets..
Excellent antenna. Strong reception even on distant UHF stations. I highly recommend it.
- Kinnelon, NJ -
I purchased and installed the Xtreme Signal HDTV Yagi Outdoor TV Antenna 70 Mile VHF/UHF (HDB91X) on my roof last summer. I live in a heavily wooded area and, in spring and summer, distant UHF stations were impossible to receive. Now reception is clear and strong year round even on a UHF station about 50 miles away on Long Island. I am very pleased with this product.
- San Diego, CA -
I ordered the HBD91x antenna and coupled it with the Aspen Eagle 25GX Distribution Amplifier. Although I live in San Diego, I am able to receive many Los Angeles, California stations over 100 miles away. 3 signal even goes to 3 TV's via splitters. I can't say enough great things about Solid Signal's customer service and prompt attention to my order. Why go anywhere else?
Best UHF antenna I have tried yet! High VHF will come in, if it is strong. Get your metric tools ready!
- Danville, VA -
This antenna works extremely well. I actually like it more than the 91XG. If you are in a weak signal area, combine this antenna with a pre amp, placed right at the antenna, and you will have the best setup for UHF only.

Some UHF antennas reject all VHF frequencies, however this one does not. So it will function as a low-grade high, 7-13, VHF antenna as well.

My only complaint is that , on the bracket, there are metric hex nuts, but only on the part that allows you to adjust it, in case your mast is a little uneven.

Stacked them up with my STACKED VHF with a Johansson preamplifier
- southbrige, MA -
Well I BOUGHT one in 2014 with a cm-7777amp know I have Bought a Johansson preamplifier kits VHF/30:DB and UHF/40:DB and I can not believe the pick and signal HDB 91XG stacked O,S,M AND THE VHF STACKED 12element from M,C,M#30-2474 and no 3:DB loss from a UHF/VHF combined what an O,S,M set-up channels day or night time in NEW YORK CITY THAT IS 112MILES A WAY AND NO DROPOUTS SIGNAL STRENGTH IS 70+eitheR ONE OR STACKED HDB91xg is an O,S,M, SO YOU SHOULD BUY ONE TO THANKS AGAIN SOLID SIGNAL KEN
Better than expected performance at an unbeatable price
- Murphy, TX -
I'm 35 miles from the broadcast towers and all but one station are UHF. I had a cheap QFM-Ant-105 amplified antenna in my attic that worked fairly well, but had some dropouts mainly on one channel. Tried the HD Stacker in the same location with the Wingard LNA200 but it was marginally worse. Got the HDB91X, installed in the same location in my attic with the LNA200 amplifier and I'm seeing solid signals on all UHF stations with 20-30 or more improvement in strength. My one VHF station is about the same, but it works. BTW, was really impressed with the professional packaging on this antenna.
great antenna other than it needs 2nd clamp
- alma, IL -
antenna works great and does what it says I am 80 miles away and it picks up st louis on a 30 ft. tower with no issues
Now 36 channels!
- Warrensburg, MO -
The antenna suggestion site says I should get zero stations at my address----but I get 36+ from 48-55 miles out. New stations added every so often. At 2 years, I still like it----got rid of Dish 6 months ago...don't miss it. Got a dvr and a Roku 3, so I have it all covered. cool.
- Milwaukee, WI -
I installed the HDB91x antenna. I live just south of Milwaukee a block west of the Lake Michigan shore and not only can I receive all Milwaukee channels at 100 but I am able to pull in the majority of Chicago channels at 75 during the day and at 90 in the late over night and early morning. I can also pick up Michigan across the lake and Green Bay to the north with the HDB91X. Great Price and does a Great job picking up channels from long distances. Just do not split the signal and run to another TV, greatly decreases your reception chances.
this is a great ant. I am 60 miles from Greenville and get all they have.
- toccoa, GA -
turn it around and get 4 out of Atlanta.i did put a buster on it that did give me 50 more .this ant. is big but if you are out in the country .u know u need a big mass for this big ant I now get50 pluss channels.i have also cut my sat. down to 32.00 a month.i kept the dvr.this is a great deal
Did exactly what I hoped it would do..
- Raceland, KY -
This antenna is the real deal. I live in a hilly river valley and this antenna pulls in every station that is available to me, even a LP station 25 miles away that is highly directional going a different direction. Also picks up my only vhf channel 13 which is 30 miles away. If this antenna works for me I'd think it would work for just about anybody based on the terrain I have to deal with. I would not hesitate to give it a try..
What a performer HDB91X I GET STATION 80MILES OUT IN NY CITY AND CT ION STATIONS THAT ARE 65MILES OUT THE ANTENNA IS 80FT HI WITH a cm 7777amp UHF all the way BEST antenna system for the money Ken
Great antenna , I have had it for 5+ years.
- Efland, NC -
Great antenna , I have had it for 5 + years. I receive stations as far as 90 miles away. The only VHF. Channel is channel 11 which comes in in strong and clear and the broadcast antenna is at least 60 miles away. There are no Vhf channels with the exception of one left . Channel 11.
pulls in 12 channels from over 40 miles with no trouble
- Rockport, TX -
easily assembled and not cumbersome. I used a channel master preamp on the mast and the combo works just great.
Very Satisfied.
- Longmont, CO -
I just built and installed this yesterday. VERY easy to put together!!! Very light in weight. One suggestion: It did not come with lock washers, I purchased my own and put them on. I live in a high wind area and did not want the wing nuts wiggling/coming loose. Reception is pretty good/great, only one major station still breaking up on me a little. (Probably just needs a little tweeking on the alignment.) But a MAJOR improvement to the small indoor flat antenna I did have. Overall VERY satisfied! Hint: You can probably build and install by yourself, but having 2 people is definatly a help.
Light weight, easy to assemble. Best antenna for the price/performance.
- Bethlehem, GA -
I have been installing antennas for five years for my business. This by far is my favorite antenna. 80 to 100 percent signal strength on every channel available. Even the two high VHF channels. It works great.
Great uhf/vhf-hi
- Shelby, NC -
antenna is better than the 2805 lava with built in amp...the HD91x with no amp works better than the lava I had, it picks up signal 25% more than my lava. The vhf also picks up 75 mile away uhf so far over 150+ miles (Shelby, NC to Charleston, SC) (WTAT 24 Fox) good antenna, worth the price thanks solid signal.....MIKE
this is an excellent antenna. I get rock solid reception and have already made believers to my friends. 65 miles is not a problem at all. I have already sent 3 friends your way.
- frederic, WI -
easy setup
Best performing HD ant ever!
- Bethlehem, GA -
I put one these antennas in an attic about 50 miles out from Atlanta and it gave signal strength of 75 to 100 on every channel. This is awesome to be in an attic. This ant is a game changer. I have used over 12 different antennas in various areas outside of Atlanta. This one is the best ever!
Best of the BEST
I GET STATION 80MILES OUT IN NY CITY from lndian orchard ma so it is the antenna to buy well done solidsignal Ken
Probably one of the best UHF directional antennas you can buy for the money
- Marietta, GA -
Excellent UHF reception...better than the 8 bay array style antenna for more gain if every station you want is generally in one bearing (I';ve also used the Solid Signal HDB8X 8 Bay antenna, which is a better choice if you need to point in two different directions for UHF reception).

If you are looking to make a choice between antennas, I';d offer the following info:
All your stations as indicated by are along a rough single bearing and are UHF, and you have the space for an antenna this long and no longer, get the HDB91X. This makes a good attic mount antenna with a J pipe, which you can also get from solid signal. It says it will pick up VHF, but you had better be pretty close to the VHF station without things in the way...say under 18 miles.

You have LOTS of room in the attic lengthwise and pointing in the direction of your stations along a single bearing, buy the HBU55 antenna, which will also cover you for high VHF and UHF

If you need to point in two different directions for UHF signals, get the Solid Signal Xtreme HDB8X 8 Bay UHF.

For high VHF Ch 7-13, if you don';t have the room for an HBU55, it pays to get a dedicated VHF antenna. I';d recommend the Antennacraft Y10-7-13 Highband-Broadband VHF TV Antenna, or its shorter version, the Antennacraft Y5-7-13 Highband-Broadband VHF Yagi TV Antenna for Channels 7-13 (Y5-7-13). NOTE, this is for HIGH VHF only, ch 7-13. For digital TV in the US, all the rest are UHF.

To combine VHF and UHF separate antennas, use a UVSJ UHF VHF Band Separator/Combiner, OR an amplifier with separate VHF and UHF inputs, like the RCA preamp code TVPRAMP1R.

UHF can be up to 68 miles on a normal atmospheric day, 100 miles on an exceptional night.
- Vincentown, NJ -
My setup is a stacked VHF 7 to 13 yagi with 10 elements and this antenna. They are hooked up to a CM 7777 dual input pre-amp.

Results from ground level with the setup facing brings in WNBC and WWOR 9 which are about 68 miles from me with weak to moderate signal levels and just an occasional dropout depending on the atmospheric conditions. Occasionally at ground level, I will get stations as far away as the Central part of Long Island (55 WLNY).

All Philly stations come in strong with no drop outs with the unit at ground level facing NE. With the dual input setup, I am not sure what this would do by itself on the VHF band.
Very simple assembly, powerful reception
- Peachtree City, GA -
Setting it up is a no brainer. Light enough to put in a mast with a rotator. Wonderful connection to drop line, I believe bird drops will not affect it. Impressed with its performance.
Good stuff, not too bad to put together, really light weight, but long!
- Osseo, WI -
Great antenna, got 2 of these and pointed them in 2 different directions to get my channels from LaCrosse/Eau Claire. I also get in ch 10 out of Rochester, MN over 70 miles away! The Twin Cities MSP is too far, and can';t get in...Used a amp/pre-amp from Weingard and a splitter. Thanks Solid Signal! You Michiganders are great!
Just installed the new HDBX91---sweet!
- Warrensburg, MO -
I had 30 year old antenna equipment that finally gave out---bought the HDBX91 on the first day it was available. Arrived quickly. Assembly took about 15 minutes. Installed it on a 15'; mast with chimney mount and guy wires. Used an RCA preamp. I am down a hill and behind large University 3-4 story buildings and about 50 miles from the Kansas City tv stations. The antenna was light enough to handle easily on the roof, though it is over 7ft long. Results-----28 super clear HD digital channels. I am happy. Am thinking about installing these for people for a weekend job! Way to go Solid Signal! Thanks!
Best UHF reception yet
- Greene Co, VA -
I had tried several good antennas including the HBU-33, HBU-55, and a vintage Channel Master UHF yagi. The HDB91X outperforms them all on UHF bringing in stations from 75 miles away with 100 reliability, stations 90 miles away with some regularity, and stations over 150 miles away during rare conditions.
Perhaps most significantly, a station that's just 30 miles away but on the other side of the Blue Ridge Mountains would not come in at all with my old 7' Channel Master the HBU-33 brought it in with signal strength of 45 and the HBU-55 captured it with strength of about 65, both with frequent drop outs. The HDB91X consistently brings it in with signal strength of 85-90 and absolutely no drop outs. (Same mount, preamp and cables used with all antennas I've tried.)
Downrating this antenna because it doesn't get VHF is like buying a rooster and complaining because it only lays one or two eggs a week. In fact this antenna does pick up the only VHF channel within 25 miles for me, but I use a separate VHF Hi-Band antenna with a UVSJ combiner from Solid Signal to get the best possible results from both bands. If you don't need the best possible results, the HBU 33 or 55 may be good enough for your situation in a single antenna.
My only cons with this antenna are that construction seems a bit flimsy and clunky at the same time, but it has survived a year's worth of ice, snow and high winds here in central VA. Also note that for the weaker more distant stations you do need to be pretty spot on when aiming this antenna. This is to be expected from any high gain antenna and you will need a good quality dependable rotor unless all your stations are in exactly the same direction.
Very simple assembly, really light weight
- Sanders, KY -
It does get the signal but it is not as good as my old Channel Master 8-bay UHF antenna but then again it was half the cost. I am 42 to 53 miles away from the the TX towers so need long range antenna.
this antenna not for vhf and uhf only 55.miles out
- spfld, MA -
not a bad antenna but if u want channels 2/14 vhf this antenna is not what u want i only get one vhf channel 11.miles away and as uhf i only get about 55.miles out with a cm.7778 pre amp my antenna is 55.ft high for the price not bad will be buying an antennacraft/radioshack in the spring
Built-In Transformer Is Weak Point
- Hot Springs Village, AR -
This antenna is good on UHF. Overstated for VHF. The built-in transformer (on the dipole assembly) is made of plastic, and the female F-connector snapped loose as soon as I attached a cable. Sometimes it works with the intermittent connection with an amplifier. Been waiting for a replacement dipole assembly part for over 2 weeks but it hasn't been sent out yet. Hope that will cure the problem, or I'll have to use hose clamps to affix a 75-300 ohm transformer to the dipole assembly & hope it works.

If I had it to do over, I would have bought the Winegard HD7698P which is a long-range antenna that actually does High-VHF as well as UHF.
Just didn't work for me for receiving stations 70 miles away.
- Waseca, MN -
Returned to my DB-8 for better performance.
- Lower Burrell, PA -
The antenna gets UHF really, really well, however I think it';s VHF capability is overstated. In the documents tab, there is a Technical Document. The second document is the Antenna Gain Chart. The chart shows a rapid drop off in the 450 MHZ range. The highest VHF is in the 300MHZ range. Meaning this antenna can';t pick up VHF at all.

A search for reviews on the internet indicate that other people were having problems picking up VHF too.

I haven';t found any other specs on the antenna saying that it can pick up VHF, either.

Check to see if there are any real channels in the 1-13 range that you want to receive before buying this antenna.

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