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Solid Signal HD-BLADE Indoor Digital Flat Indoor TV Antenna And AM21N Dual Tuner Combo (HDBLADE1002110)

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Solid Signal HD-BLADE Indoor Digital Flat Indoor TV Antenna And AM21N Dual Tuner Combo (HDBLADE1002110)

Brand: Solid Signal           P\N: HDBLADE100-2110          

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Solid Signal Get free television channels now with the Solid Signal HD-BLADE100. An HDTV antenna is the best alternative to cable TV. This antenna allows you to cut the cord and get the most popular TV shows for free. Watch OTA TV, otherwise known as over the air TV, for free! The most popular HDTV channels are all available with an HDTV antenna.

Finally an indoor antenna that actually works! With the HDBLADE, you will have a a discreet tv antenna that hides in the background, while getting 1080 HD content just like a 10 foot on the roof antenna would! Now available with the AM21N from DIRECTV. With this combo get all your local channels fed into your DIRECTV guide. To keep things simple we have also included a 10 foot section of cable with compression connectors.


  • Mounts on the wall, in a window, or layed flat.

  • Latest technology allows silver elements to be printed onto a thin plastic sheet, giving you the strength of a bow-tie antenna squished in a flat easy to mount package

  • Hides nicely behind TV, A/V Equipment, or pictures

  • HD BLADE pulls in HD locals so you dont have to pay for them from your service provider

  • Outperforms many of the traditional style indoor antennas like rabbit ears

  • To make the HD BLADE Fit your custom installation, there is a 75 OHM Coax connection for you to connect your own RG6 cable to.

  • The Thinnest Indoor Hi-VHF / UHF Antenna That Actually Works!

  • Comes With 10ft section of razor mini coax with compression connectors.

  • Connect the HD Blade to the AM21 Dual Tuner to get local channels inaccessable without an antenna.

  • All components are easy to install. No tools required

  • The chameleon of indoor antennas - Reversible design allows this antenna to blend into dark decors, or flip it to the white side for bright interior

  • Amped Version Available HDBLADE-100A

  • Mini Version Available HDBLADE100-MINI

  • Simply place the antenna where you get the best signal and run a channel-scan on your TV and start pulling in FREE HD channels

  • Includes 2 easy-mount patches for wall mount

  • HD BLADE measures 13 inches x 12 inches and is .017 inches thin

  • Built for high performance on High-VHF and UHF frequencies

  • Best suited for reception up to 25 miles from the television broadcast tower. Based on terrain and obstructions, antenna performance may vary. Proudly designed and made in the U.S.A.


Meet the razor-thin antenna that mounts anywhere, blends into surroundings, and offers high-gain performance to pull in hard-to-reach stations.

What Makes the HD Blade So Powerful?


The HD Blade has real silver elements embedded between two thin sheets of industrial grade plastic.   The design of the elements mimic that of a long range outdoor antenna, but for the first time technology has allowed us to print metal elements on to a sheet.


The same stealth technology that put antennas in the mud flap of vehicles is being used to bring you a high performance TV antenna, in a razor thin design that you can hide away.

How will this work with my satellite /cable?
Combining FREE HD local channels with satellite and cable work out very well.  Especially if you that means you can stop paying for local channels, which should be free, from your cable or satellite provider.  TV Antennas often pick-up channels that paid providers dont carry.
Custom Cable Length for Perfect Fit
  Too short of cable and your antenna and you cant reach that sweet spot for signal.  Too much cable and you get interference.  At Solid Signal we understand the challenges of indoor reception, and thats why we offer custom cable length for your specific setups.
  Indoor Antenna with Outdoor Design
The advantage of the HD Blade over other indoor antennas is that we use the same design as outdoor bowtie-style outdoor antenna. But now with new technology you can now print metal elements onto a razor-thin sheet for indoor use.


Rabbit ears just dont cut it anymore
The classic rabbit ear was designed primarily for VHF, when most channels were on 2-13, with a tiny loop for UHF.  Now with digital channels, over 70% of the market is on UHF. Thats where the HD Blade excels, picking up Hi-VHF and UHF for maximum reception.
All These Great Features, Plus...

AM21 Off Air Dual Tuner
The DIRECTV Off-Air Tuner is the perfect solution for adding outstanding DVR functionality to terrestrial broadcast transmissions. Designed to work seamlessly with the DIRECTV Plus HD DVR, this specialized tuner will integrate ATSC broadcast high-definition channels directly into the DIRECTV on-screen Advanced Program Guide.


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Bear - Vail, AZ - 8/27/2015
Here goes. Great!

Customer Reviews:
Here goes. Great!
- Vail, AZ -
Dear Friends, I received my antenna as told. Myself being a 100 Disabled Veteran had my Son waiting. It took less than 10min. To Assemble and Great day in the morning. It worked better than our outdoor antenna. Unreal buy for the dollar.
This antenna is amazing. HD quality is outstanding. I wish I had dumped Cable two years ago..
- Oro Valley, AZ -
The only down side is the loss of a couple of the cable stations like A & E and the Hallmark channel, but given the savings it was worth it. My cable company has been a pain in the rear since I got it. I';m so glad I finally dumped it.
Local channels are more crisp and detailed than TW Cable. The other channels pulled in by the HD are too far away to be usable. That';s OK...we have what we needed.
- Beaumont, TX -
It would be nice to pull in the Houston-area channels but they are 75+ miles away and 90 degrees from the direction of the local channels.
Great product! Simple to install and works like a charm. Definitely worth the money.
- ATL, GA -
Great product.
Very Happy ! Fantastic
- Downers Grove, IL -
Ordered this HDBlade for my tv in the family room . To my surprise I get every channel . Works fine !
Super Results at a very reasonable price
- San Antonio, TX -
I ordered the HD-Blade last week when it was on sale. Thought I would see how it would work before I ordered some more elaborate. I put it in the attic and it picks up all my local channels perfectly. The rooftop yaggi that I was using before would only get some of the channels. My scan yielded over 35 usable channels on both TVs. Picture is better than on my cable boxes. Don';t need anything more. Great product, and low cost.
Better-than-average indoor antenna, good performance on high VHF
- Renton, WA -
Just moved into a house. I';m not quite ready to install an outdoor antenna, but decided not to go back to Comcast. The HD-Blade provides GOOD indoor performance on local channels, with fewer breakups and pixillation than most indoor antennas I';ve used. I own and have used the Mohu Leaf, Silver Sensor and RCA ANT111, plus a couple of other indoor antennas which are less impressive. UHF gain and stability is almost (but not quite) as good as the highly-directional Silver Sensor, and High-VHF is much better. Three transmitters in my market are High-VHF so the HD Blade is the winner here until I get an antenna on the roof or in the attic. Fairly priced for the quality of performance. If I had known about the HD Blade earlier, I would have bought it instead of the Mohu Leaf.
Compliments on this design choice.
- Excelsior, MN -
I don';t own one of these, but I have to compliment Solid Signal on this one design choice -- letting you use your own coaxial cable. I';ve tried two other brands of flat antennas (that were more expensive than this, incidentally,) and their cables were so thin with such little shielding that even turning on adjacent consumer electronics devices would cause severe pixelation on my HDTV reception.
Every single LA channel. What else can you ask for.
- Orange, CA -
This antenna picks up every single channel that comes out of Mt. Wilson. I mean every one. There are channels I never heard of. Even the hard-to-get Channel 2 is easy with this antenna. I put it flat on top of my DVR and it works great. I advise pointing the cable end toward the towers, it works best for me that way.

I am planning to give these as gifts to all my friends because it pretty much doubles your channel selection compared to cable and there is no fee for keeping it going month after month.

I like that you can choose the length of cable. I know the Leaf doesn';t let you do that. I wish that there were a choice of a white or black cable coming from the antenna. I mean you can order the long cable in whatever color but the little cable coming from the antenna is always black.
Not a miracle worker but close!
- Carmel, IN -
I live just outside Indianapolis and did not want to deal with an outdoor or even attic installation.I had zero reception in the basement with the TV in the northwest corner below grade; pretty much the worst possible location for reception.The Solid Signal rep recommended the HD Blade.I first tried using a 1 meter coax cable which worked far better than I expected but I still could not
Great for indoor
- Spokane, WA -
Flat panel antennas work much better than rabbit ears for indoor use. They do not work as well as outdoor antennas as the information states. 'just like a 10 foot on the roof antenna would' No indoor antenna works as well as an outdoor antenna unless your very close to the transmit site.
Works great on the second floor, but first floor is a daily free-for-all of where the signal can be found this day, this hour this minute. I need something better for this dilemma.
- Duluth, MN -
blah blah blah
Getting UHS TV stations
- Palm City, FL -
I was not receiving 2 UHS stations. Attached a ChannelMaster preamp to the BLADE, now I get the UHS stations . get all the stations for my area now.
HD-BLADE Indoor Digital Flat TV Antenna
- East Stroudsburg, PA -
It';s not bad. It';s really a UHF antenna. It does work. It doesn';t pick up all the channels, but it';s not bad. I put it right by the window. It doesn';t seem to work anywhere else. I got this to maybe take along to get over-the-air TV someplace else. I still think DB4e and Clearstream 5 are really the best antennas. I have mine hanging near the window in my 2nd floor room in my condo, clamped onto Manfrotto tention rods so I wouldn';t have to drill holes in the walls.
Did not receive what I was hoping for.
- Chesapeake, VA -
I would not have ordered this without first reading the good reviews. I’m not as happy as the other buyers. I already had an antenna (with rabbit ears) that received all the local channels- but you had to adjust or move the antenna occasionally to receive a couple of the channels. I wanted one without rabbit ears that I didn’t have to adjust for certain channels. I thought with this longer cord I would have better luck. Didn’t happen. The picture did come in bright and clear, but I didn’t get what I was hoping for. I also paid more for this one than the one with rabbit ears. If I didn’t have to pay shipping charges, I would send it back. It’s a good antenna, just not an improvement over the cheaper one I already had.
Very directional - not much range
- Rockville, MD -
This was recently touted as the best of indoor antennas (or something like that). I was disappointed. Seems to work OK if facing the tower and transmitter not too far away. But, in general, a home-made DB-4 antenna worked much better in my location.

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