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Solid Signal HD-BLADE Flat Amplified HDTV Indoor Antenna Clear (HDBLADE100CA)

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Solid Signal HD-BLADE Flat Amplified HDTV Indoor Antenna Clear (HDBLADE100CA)

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Solid Signal A high-powered alternative to the redundancy and on-going expense of cable TV, the HDBLADE100CA from Solid Signal allows you to receive dozens of over-the-air HDTV stations in stunning HD quality. With the HDBLADE, you will have a non-cumbersome TV antenna that discreetly resides in the background, while receiving 1080 HD content just like a 10-foot antenna on the roof. Finally, an indoor antenna that actually works, discarding the hassle of cable TV has never been easier.

The HDBLADE 100CA is very easy to use. To pull in FREE UHF and high-band VHF, simply place this antenna where you get the best signal, then run a channel-scan on your TV. The antenna receives HDTV signals from local towers within 30 miles, then delivers them in crystal-clear high definition broadcasts. At just 13 inches x 12 inches, and.017 inches thin, you can place this antenna upon a shelf, hang on a wall, or lay flat upon a table.

Key features
  • Works great up to 30 miles from broadcast towers
  • Clear design allows for placement in windows or areas that you don’t want to draw attention to
  • Includes: HD-BLADE TV antenna, amplifier, 39 Inch USB power cable, two 3M easy mounting patches and instruction manual
  • Multi-directional design allows for reception from all angles but can be directed for harder to reach stations
  • This antenna does not come with coax cable. We recommend our ultra-thin coax cable
  • Amp can be power using any universal USB power supply, NOT INCLUDED – We recommend this power supply



Meet the razor-thin antenna that mounts anywhere, blends into surroundings, and offers high-gain performance to pull in hard-to-reach stations.

What Makes the HD Blade So Powerful?


The HD Blade has real silver elements embedded between two thin sheets of industrial grade plastic.   The design of the elements mimic that of a long range outdoor antenna, but for the first time technology has allowed us to print metal elements on to a sheet.


The same stealth technology that put antennas in the mud flap of vehicles is being used to bring you a high performance TV antenna, in a razor thin design that you can hide away.

How will this work with my satellite /cable?
Combining FREE HD local channels with satellite and cable work out very well.  Especially if you that means you can stop paying for local channels, which should be free, from your cable or satellite provider.  TV Antennas often pick-up channels that paid providers dont carry.
Custom Cable Length for Perfect Fit
  Too short of cable and your antenna and you cant reach that sweet spot for signal.  Too much cable and you get interference.  At Solid Signal we understand the challenges of indoor reception, and thats why we offer custom cable length for your specific setups.
  Indoor Antenna with Outdoor Design
The advantage of the HD Blade over other indoor antennas is that we use the same design as outdoor bowtie-style outdoor antenna. But now with new technology you can now print metal elements onto a razor-thin sheet for indoor use.


Rabbit ears just dont cut it anymore
The classic rabbit ear was designed primarily for VHF, when most channels were on 2-13, with a tiny loop for UHF.  Now with digital channels, over 70% of the market is on UHF. Thats where the HD Blade excels, picking up Hi-VHF and UHF for maximum reception.


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Recent Review:
Informer - Dallas, TX - 3/16/2017
Great product. I purchased a flat clear HD Blade 1400 C. I found it easy to order, it arrived within a few days. 12 x 13 inch size picks up more channels than small ones. Good quality. Includes amplifier.

Customer Reviews:
Great product. I purchased a flat clear HD Blade 1400 C. I found it easy to order, it arrived within a few days. 12 x 13 inch size picks up more channels than small ones. Good quality. Includes amplifier.
- Dallas, TX -
I researched many web sites and read the reviews on flat antennas, roof top antennas, and other TV antennas. I found what works and what does not. Amplifiers seem to work if you are far from the signal towers but do not work well if you are close so they need to be removable. The antenna needs to be able to pick up both VHF and UHF since there are stations in both. VHF is the long bars (roof antennas) or poles on antennas like bunny ears and UHF are short rods (roof antennas) or the circular metal on antennas like bunny ears. Many flat antennas do not well for both due to their design. I originally was going to purchase a roof top antenna but due to long cables that can weaken the signal, deterioration (outside) and fear of falling through my ceiling (walking in the attic) I decided to try the best indoor antenna I could buy with all my research. I also read try it on several locations including a wall, window and flat on a table. High as you can get it and closest to a window is the best.

I purchased a flat clear HD Blade 1400 C. I found it easy to order, it arrived within a few days and excellent packaging (double boxed). I wanted something with a very short cable attached and an amplifier if I needed one that is detachable. This antenna has both short flat wires and longer flat wires so it seems to work well with both VHF and UHF. With a short cable on the antenna I was able to attach only the length of cable I needed (can purchase it separately). Remember a longer cable will reduce signal unless it is used to get closer to the window and as high as possible since both of these increase the signal. You do not want a 10 or 20 foot cable if you only need 3 feet or visa versa. Right out of the box I put it flat on part of the tv stand (2 feet off the ground) next to a window and received more channels than the bunny ears. I raised it 5 inches more to the bottom of the window and received many more stations, you have to rescan for channels each time. I can’t wait to try it on the top of the window and ceiling (purchasing a longer RG-6 cable). I am already getting as many channels as some outdoor antennas (web sites can tell you how many stations outdoor and indoor antennas get). I am about 22 miles away from several tv towers. I did not need the amplifier (if you are too close it may make the signal worse. I asked Solid Signal about the wire coming out of the antenna and was told it is RG-6, much better than RG-59 many of the highly recommended antennas are using. When you add a cable I suggest using the RG-6, quad shield solid copper. I found the antenna pricing very reasonable and quality appears very good. I like that it is see through. I am picky. The larger the size the better (this one is 13 x 12 inches) and many are the size of a postage card. The antenna is multi directional and this is normally best. I did NOT receive a free antenna for this review.

I hope all my research benefits others. I have not taken the time to do any reviews in the past but I was so impressed with this antenna that I felt it deserved one. On different web sites you can check the distance of your local towers and how many TV channels possible in your area and the miles your are away from the towers (search in Google). If you try the amplifier I suggest trying it right next to the antenna not at the end of the cable you attach since the signal is weaker there and causes distortion. Not receiving any channels, likely have a converter box to digital and it is not set up correctly. Check back of digital converter box check switch for ch 3 or ch 4 set TV to same channel.

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