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Refurbished weBoost Drive 4G-M In-Vehicle Signal Booster Multi-User (470108R)
Refurbished weBoost Drive 4G-M In-Vehicle Signal Booster Multi-User (470108R)
Refurbished weBoost Drive 4G-M In-Vehicle Signal Booster Multi-User (470108R)
Refurbished weBoost Drive 4G-M In-Vehicle Signal Booster Multi-User (470108R)

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Refurbished weBoost Drive 4G-M In-Vehicle Signal Booster Multi-User (470108R)

Brand: weBoost           P\N: 470108R           UPC: 811815025771

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Condition: Refurbished

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List Price: $328.99


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This cell phone signal booster will provide service for everyone in the car, truck, or RV. A signal amplifier for your cell phone may be all you need for better reception. A cellular network extender not only reduces your cell problems, it reduces your stress too. Enjoy the best cell phone reception with a cell phone repeater. This is how to increase your cell phone signal with little hassle. For the best cell phone reception and increased call quality, this booster is for you.

weBoost brings seamless, uninterrupted cellular connectivity for everyone in your vehicle. Cell phones are an essential part of our lives – especially when we’re on the go. Whether around town or on a long road trip, the weBoost Drive 4G-M™ cellular signal booster is a simple, effective solution to maintain continuous communication for all cellular-enabled devices – smartphones, tablets, etc - in your car, truck, van or RV.

Works On Every Network, For Any Carrier.

Key Features:
  • Boosts 3G & 4G LTE for any vehicle
  • Works for all phones & cellular devices, all major US carriers
  • Complete kit with all parts included for easy installation
  • Better talk, text and internet guaranteed
  • +50 dB gain of power
  • Ideal for commuters, individuals/families that travel by car to remote areas, urban dwellers who have difficulty receiving a connection among high-rise buildings, and anyone who needs improved cell signals on the road
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
  • Get the NEW version HERE

This complete kit includes:

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weBoost Home and Office Cell Phone Signal Boosters


Connect 4G

Home 4G

Connect 4G-X

Part Number




Coverage Area

Up to 5,000 sq. ft.

Up to 1,500 sq. ft.

Up to 7,500 sq. ft.

Outside Antenna Type

Direction Antenna

Panel Antenna

Directional Antenna

Inside Antenna Type

Wall Panel Antenna

Desktop Antenna

Wall Panel Antenna

Boost Voice & Text

Boost 4G/LTE & 3G Data

Compatible with
all Cellular Devices
and all U.S Carriers

weBoost Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Boosters


Drive 4G-X RV

Drive Sleek

Drive 4G-M

Drive 4G-X

Drive 4G-X OTR

Part Number







Multiple Devices

Single-User Device

Multiple Devices

Multiple Devices

Multiple Devices

Allows Max Range
from Cell Tower


Max dB Range

+50 dB

+23 dB

+50 dB

+50 dB

+50 dB

Boost Voice & Text

Boost 4G/LTE & 3G Data

Compatible with
all Cellular Devices
and all U.S Carriers

Outside Antenna Type

Omni Directional Antenna

Drive Sleek Outside
Antenna Magnetic Mount

Mini Magnet Mount

Mini Magnet Mount

4G-OTR Mirror Mount

Inside Antenna Type

Desktop Antenna


Slim Low Profile

Slim Low Profile

Slim Low Profile

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • weBoost is formerly known as Wilson Electronics

  • Simple installation

  • Stronger cellular signal on the road

  • Fewer dropped calls and lost connections

  • Faster data downloads

  • Longer battery life - up to 2 hours longer talk time

  • Boosts voice & data signals

  • Works with all cellular carriers

  • All needed components included in kit

  • Works with virtually all smartphones and mobile hotspots


Installation is easy - no tools needed. A step-by-step video guides you through the process. No special tuning or alignment is required.

weBoost amplifies signals to improve coverage—including 4G data—no matter your cellular carrier in the United States. The Drive 4G-M comfortably handles multiple simultaneous connections across multiple carriers, providing effortless voice and data communications for all users.

Model Number470108
FrequencyBand 17/12700 MHz
Band 13700 MHz
Band 5850 MHz
Band 41700/2100 MHz
Band 21900 MHz
Max Gain50 dB
Power Req6V/2A
ConnectorsSMA Female
Dimensions4.375 x 6.375 x 1.375 in
Weight1.16 lbs


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Product Reviews for Refurbished weBoost Drive 4G-M In-Vehicle Signal Booster Multi-User (470108R)

Product reviews help other customers decide which product to purchase, where the best deals are, and your get a sense of what to expect with the product. Write a Review!

Average Review (56 reviews):5 Star Reviews!

Five Stars:
 41 (73%)
Four Stars:
 12 (21%)
Three Stars:
 3 (5%)
Two Stars:
 0 (0%)
One Star:
 0 (0%)
Recent Review:
Jesse B - Richfield, UT - 4/6/2017
It helps a lot.

Customer Reviews:
It helps a lot.
- Richfield, UT -
Iftm a truck driver and it does work. Antenna placement is tough on a semi with all the fiberglass, put outside ant on passenger mirror and inside ant on driver doorpost with phone on window mount at driver wing, works well but should have waited and bought the trucker model
Good product
- Sonora, CA -
I bought this to keep from dropping phone calls while driving through the mountains. It has worked well in preventing the drops we were initially experiencing without it.
Awesome Boost
- Mesa, AZ -
I have not been in a low signal strength area, but in my driveway it took my signal from -97 to -54. From what I have read that is a huge signal boost. Recommended!!
Defacto Standard for our Fleet!
- Miles City, MT -
I am the RF Transmission Systems technician for Bureau of Land Management Wildland Firefighting. This product goes into every one of our Fire Incident Command and Chase trucks. It provides excellent back up for the radios.
does the job
- Waddell, AZ -
I get a great signal to work my phone and laptop with a hotspot.
Works Great!
- Quitman, MS -
My daughter gave this to me. Iftm a rural mail carrier and I had very little service, we could never talk without loosing service. The weBoost works Great, I have service everywhere...
Work great
- Tallahassee, FL -
I installed it 3 weeks ago and it is doing a great job
Minimal Dropped Calls
- Columbia, MO -
Since installing in our car we wet from 4 - 12 dropped calls over the same weekly 200 mile route (one-way), to 1 - 3 dropped calls (sometimes zero) each way.
Works as promised
- Vernonia, OR -
Very spotty service where we live. One bar maybe, two bars if standing in certain spots with legs crossed. Now have three bars in same location with 4g. Up and down the nehalem river valley I have usable service non-stop!
- Tilden, TX -
I work is the oilfield in south texas and without my booster my Internet connection would be about 200 kbps however with my booster it would go up to about 6.5 kbps
Great Product
- Gillam, MB -
This is a great product. I would definitely recommend this to others.
Works very well
- Fort Wayne, IN -
Purchased this for my motorhome when Iftm in weak cell coverage areas, but also decided to use it at home when Iftm not traveling. I can only get 1 bar occassionally in my basement, where my workshop is, but with a 9 dBi gain antenna outside ubout 9 feet high on the side of my house, and the amp and inside antenna in my workshop, I now get 3-4 bars of 4G service. Iftm installing it in my motorhome this weekend, and hofe it works as well there. The only downside is the high cost of the amplifier itself, although it is very rugged in contruction, a definate plus.
Great improvement!
- Norwich, NY -
Installed this in my stationary RV(hunting camp) in a very weak signal area. I now have crystal clear calls, and my mobile hotspot data is very fast and reliable. I highly recommend this to anyone needing a signal boost!
Solved our problem!
- Catawba, VA -
We are building in the country and have NO cellular signal except for a rare stray moment to send a text. Hooked up weBoost in car and can sit in car and make phone calls, text, check email! Now we and the builder can communicate. Will be getting the permanent system for our house!
Just plain works
- Lowden, IA -
This booster does just what itfts supposed to. It boosts 4G LTE down to 2G signals in poor reception areas. Iftve had it increase my download/upload speeds by 5 times and I have yet to drop a call in areas where I couldnftt get reception before. Iftm very pleased!
Good quality.
- Middletown, OH -
Works when and where you need it to, I have used several of there products, Best in the Business.
Great Product
- Cleveland, OH -
Awsome customer service. I have the mobile unit and it lowers my dbm 10-20 points. Inside the with roof mounted antenna 30-40.In other words 2 bars for mobile. 4 full bars inside.
Near N Far !!!
- Terre Haute, IN -
I have not been disappointed in the items performance. Just install it correctly, and talk !
Easy install in rv!
- Bangor, ME -
This does just what We hoped it would. We boondock for two weeks at a wack in the woods outside Bangor Me. This allows us to stay in touch without packing and moving the rv. Great product.
Works great.
- Trinity, TX -
I couldnftt do my job without it. Itfts a game changer.
saved my bacon
- Calgary, AB -
I bought this to use at my RV. I was in an area that actually go no resolution and on supper rare occasion got one bar. After this was installed can get the bars all the time. You can get more than 6 inched to one foot away but i still get reception. Excellent job guys.
- Nashville, TN -
I just reviewed this from Nashville TN - I wanted to give it 5 stars but realized it had reset to 1. Please correct this.
As advertised
- Lufkin, TX -
A lot of rural driving for business, a lot of no service in those areas until this purchase. No longer an issue even in the worst areas a minimum of 2 bars.
Very very good
- Guymon, OK -
Got it about a month ago, and drove from OKC to Canada to yellow stone and very very good. Only thing is I some times have to use airplane mode for my phone to connect to it but when I do I go from 2 bars to 4-5 easily
- Port Isabel, TX -
this is by far the best money i have ever spent on an item, as a truck driver for the past 20+ yrs i have driven in some far out areas with spotty coverage, but this booster has proven itself to be worth every penny. thank you for such an outstanding product.
Really Works
- Merritt Island, FL -
Went camping in heavy wooded area in central Florida with 1 bar on smart phone. After hooking up weBoost the phone showed 4 to 5 bars and I was able to stream several sporting events. Product works great
Fixed My Problem!
- Puyallup, WA -
My carrier Verizon was unable or unwilling to help get me a better data signal. I live well within their towers coverage area and get few bars, dropped off data, and degraded to 3G often both inside and outside my home. WeBoost solved the problem and now I have adequate speed and do not get dropped. Now to finish my Verizon contract and kick them to the curb.
Great unit..
- Weslaco, TX -
So far i happy with the service that this unit is doing for my cell signal. worth the money i paid so far.. ask me again in 6 months or a year, and lets see if iftm still happy
Itfts Great
- Union, MO -
Itfts easy to set up and it boost the signal and the cellphone not dropping call
Great product
- Cascade, ID -
Bought this a month ago. Live in mountain community where Cell Phone towers are 30+ miles apart. We have a canyon to drive going to the urban area. Cell towers are 45+ miles apart. After installing the weBoost I had cell coverage all the way down the canyon. This is great.
Works perfectly!
- West Linn, OR -
We bought the weBoost after a short 10 day getaway to find some warmer weather than the PNW and had no or very little cell coverage. Very frustrating to say the least because our maps app would not work. We have since gotten away again to a remote area that had at the most one bar. With the weBoost we had three bars. So, are we happy with this product? Definitely!
Working perfectly!!!
- Cashiers, NC -
I bought this a week ago and it is working great! I am in the mountains of Western North Carolina and signal strength is weak here. This device has improved the signal tremendously. Getting ready to buy another one for my mother.
Great with T-Mobile
- Greencastle, IN -
We live in the country and would lose signal drive from home to the high school. Now we have 3-5 bars at all times.
- Lubbock, TX -
Gave me 4G where I barely had 1G! Perfect for West Texas!
A must have!
- San Antonio, TX -
I work out in rural areas and I couldnftt operate without my booster. Always have signal.
Works as advertised!
- Pittsburgh, PA -
We bought two units for the foreman trucks working in very rural areas. If there was any signal available, the unit would boost it to allow you to make the call. Many people assume that it will magically give you a signal anywhere, but that is not the case. If there is no signal available, the unit will not help. But as I stated before, with even a minimal signal, and the supplied antenna, these units will make you very pleased! Another very important thing to note is to make sure that you follow all directions! The installation directions are VERY clear and easy to follow, but you must follow the installation directions in order. The field supervisor that recommended these to me had bought one of these units personally. He was very excited to show me how well it worked by driving me around areas that I knew that I could not call from. Well, I could now call in these same areas while sitting in his truck with the unit on. He turned it off, and I dropped the calls. The beauty of these devices is how it allows several people with phones, tablets, mobile data cards and hot-spot devices, basically any device using the mobile phone network, to all work at the same time within the vehicle. I had three phones (myself, and two workers) and a 4g data card ( a foreman) working all at once and did not have one issue. I will definitely get more units for our vehicles as more of us travel further (read as rural) for work. And lastly, if you have questions or problems with the unit, their customer service is first class and they are very knowledgeable with their products.
Cell phone booster
- Bloomington, IN -
I own a small business and depend on my cell phone. I had a Wilson amp before and never had good service out of it. Tried everything for 2 years. I bought this Drive 4G-M and it has helped my bad spots tremendously. Love it and recommend to everyone I hear that has signal problems.
Works great
- Bedford, IN -
We bought this to use when camping where we had trouble getting service .After getting this able to use our phones
Very impressed
- Encino, TX -
I researched this product for ranch use based on working 13 miles off the highway. I went from no service to standing on my toolbox to get 1 bar 4g. I installed the 4g-m and replaced the outside antenna with nmo mount Wilson antenna... Worked wonders, 3-4 bars LTE...I can make calls driving in and out of ranch. Important for safety purposes and a peace of mind. I only went with the nmo mount based on animals chewing on outside antenna wire or somebody cutting the wire to prevent me from making a call.
This thing works miracles
- St Germain, WI -
I bought about 6 months ago and I couldnt live without it. Im going from 1 bar 3g to 3 bars LTE. Seriously a must have. I canftt give this enough praise
What a great way to stay in touch on the go
- Creston, CA -
I installed one of these units in each of my vehicles. I live in a fairly small city and commute several miles in the desert where the hills block the signal and I used to drop calls all of the time. I now get great signal no matter where I am. My friends love it because it is a very flexible system that allows them to also take advantage of the booster while we are on the road and they are able to stay connected and updated. The Voice signal is extremely strong now, and the Data 3&4G signals are almost always available.
Adds signal power
- Wisner, NE -
Bought this product 2 weeks ago and have been able to conduct phone use where I could not before.
Awesome Product
- Bryceville, FL -
I received this item as a gift last month and have had excellent signal where I normally would have weak or none. Cons-Unit is really warm.
Worth the cost for the improved service coverage
- Medford, OR -
Iftve used Wilson/weBoost Amplifiers for almost 5 years. Aside from 1 power cord failure. The equipment holds up well. The failed power cable was replaced no questions asked and at no cost (not even shipping). Over the summer of 2016 I purchased 2 470108s for my 2 daily driver vehicles. I highly recommend these amplifiers if youftre considering them.
Works great in middle of no where!
- Midland, TX -
Does exactly as advertised I gain at least 2 bars everywhere I go. I did upgrade the mini external antenna to Wilsonfts larger one which helped too.
Fair reception.
- Upsala, ON -
Brought a cheap IPhone plastic case & attached inside antennae to it, so as phone is adjacent to antennae to improve & provide excellent reception now
Enhances what you have
- Stockton, CA -
I travel a lot so it is great for the internet in weak areas and the phone too. Overall it is good is it worth the $400.00? that is still up in the air
Does what it says it will do
- Joliet, IL -
I bought this cause signal where I am located was poor maybe a 1 -2 bars and for the technical people signal as at -102 to -108. Plugged in booster signal went to all full bars or a signal strength of -70 to -80 which is fantastic. I use this to boost my hotspot signal so I can work.
Improves cell strength inside vehicle
- Houston, TX -
I have the Wilson Sleek 4g cradle which works only for one phone at a time. The Drive M enables others in the car benefit from the signal booster. Definitely kicks the number of inbarsin up. But I wish I had purchased the Drive X for those times when driving between major cities with sparsely located cell towers.
easy to install
- Phoenix, AZ -
Unit seems to take a long time to power up. There is a loud humming sound especially in the radio on A.M. Lasts for a minute or so then goes away. Not all lights are green. I have seen all green but usually 3 green.
Very Useful
- Davis, CA -
I use in my Roadtrek camper van. Usually increases my reception by 2-3 bars. I upgraded to the larger outside antenna. Inside antenna works fine and do not have to have this antenna too close. I can usually be several feet away.
It improved the signal reasonably, not amazingly
- Minneapolis, MN -
We did find that the signal was improved to a reasonable amount. We can go from a 3G to a low LTE.
Turns One Bar into Three
- Tucson, AZ -
Iftve owned my WeBoost 4G-M for about a year now. Installed it along with the WeBoost external RV antenna in my coach and am able to connect practically anywhere. This cell amplifier will take a one bar signal and boost it up to three bars within the confines of the RVfts living space providing dependable cell and internet connectivity.
- Victoria, TX -
Boost is not what I expected. I expected more signal boost.
- Vinegarone, TX -
I have two, one for each truck. Works great with 4G but ATT decided to switch to LTE in many areas. This particular unit wonftt boost LTE.
Helps a little
- Grand Junction, CO -
I bought this for my RV. I travel a lot inin the booniesin so wanted some way to keep touch with the world. It boosted my existing service a little, but not enough to do internet (mail/FB). I got home and called the company. They have excellent customer service! I got a longer antenna which should help. I have not been able to test it since I got the new antenna, but am hoping it works better than the short one.

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