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2-Pack - USB Inspection Camera Borescope Endoscope for Android PC 6.5ft
2-Pack - USB Inspection Camera Borescope Endoscope for Android PC 6.5ft
2-Pack - USB Inspection Camera Borescope Endoscope for Android PC 6.5ft
2-Pack - USB Inspection Camera Borescope Endoscope for Android PC 6.5ft
2-Pack - USB Inspection Camera Borescope Endoscope for Android PC 6.5ft
2-Pack - USB Inspection Camera Borescope Endoscope for Android PC 6.5ft
2-Pack - USB Inspection Camera Borescope Endoscope for Android PC 6.5ft

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2-Pack - USB Inspection Camera Borescope Endoscope for Android PC 6.5ft

Brand: Tech Choice           P\N: USBENDOSCOPE          

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Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Tech Choice products.
Solid Signal is an Authorized Reseller of Tech Choice products.
This USB inspection camera allows you to see in places you ordinary can't. Watch live on your computer or phone (not included), and capture photos and video. The flexible water-proof camera can snake around tight spaces and reveals high quality images even in the dark with it's adjustable 6 LED lights. Other inspection cameras cost from $200-900. Save money by using the screen of your phone or PC instead with this multi-function endoscope.

Key Features
  • Great for plumbing, electrical, automotive, HVAC and more
  • Waterproof to the IP67 standard
  • 6 LED lights with adjustable brightness for seeing in dark areas
  • Includes 3 attachments: Magnet, Hook & Mirror
  • Not compatible with Mac or Apple hardware
  • For Android users we recommend CameraFi app, available in the Google Play store

  • Features

    • Includes inspection camera, 3 attachments: Hook, magnet and mirror, and software

    • Record video and capture images at up to 1600x1200

    • Focal distance 4-6cm

    • Waterproof for inspecting areas under water

    • Compatible with all android phones that support OTG as well as Windows operating systems

    • For Android users we recommend CameraFi app for the best experience

    • 6 LED's with adjustable brightness for great picture quality even in the dark



    Product Reviews for 2-Pack - USB Inspection Camera Borescope Endoscope for Android PC 6.5ft

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    Average Review (8 reviews):4 Star Reviews!

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    Recent Review:
    DS - Farmington, MI - 6/2/2017
    Very easy to use. Good quality picture. Irreplaceable for certain tasks.

    Customer Reviews:
    Very easy to use. Good quality picture. Irreplaceable for certain tasks.
    - Farmington, MI -
    I used it to run the internal cabling for my new bicycle frame. I was having issues getting one cable through the chain stay to the rear derailleur. Put the camera to use. Inserted it under the bottom bracket and could see that some of the epoxy used to assemble the frame was partially blocking the path. Used a coat hanger to move the blockage. Next attempt cable went right through. Save hours of guessing what the problem was. Great product!!!
    Great tool for the lowest price I have ever seen an endoscope. Images have sufficient resolution to see problems in places you could never see otherwise.
    - Ann Arbor, MI -
    I wasn't expecting much for this price, but I am very pleased with this scope. Lighting is good, focus acceptable but remember with any imaging device your base image quality depends on how clean the front of the lens is.

    One thing is this - the diameter quoted in the details is measured as the outside of the optical cable - it does not include the light/lens module or the accessories, which come closer to 8mm than 5.5mm. This makes a difference if you are planning on using this to inspect the bore of a gun barrel less than .30 caliber (7.62mm). This will not go into a 1/4 inch hole, and that is the only real application limit I find fault with. But for a little over $21.00 you are getting a very useful device. I think you would be hard pressed spend such a small amount of money and get this much functionality.
    A steal for the price. Works just like an inspection camera, but using your phone instead of paying for a screen you already own.
    - Omaha, NE -
    I am big into labor saving products. I jumped on a deal for this USB endoscope not knowing what to expect. Incredible quality for the price. Image/video is standard definition. But its more than enough for me to see wiring in walls, and into vents and air ducts. Saved me from having to buy a new inspection cam. One side note. Using the CameraFi app is better then the app thats included. Although it does take away the ability to take pictures by hitting the button on the side of the USB Connector.
    Not quite what the description says
    - Dover, OH -
    Camera works fine, sort of. I can't get it to work with my LG G6 phone (which is actually why I bought it) which supposedly has On The Go support (Android 8.0). The camera does work on my laptop but the software is about 5 years old. The biggest disappointment is that so far I haven't been able to get anything besides 640X480 video even though the Features tab says it will run up to 1600X1200. My laptop camera software does detect the camera but doesn't give me any of the pixel options stated on the box. Had hoped to use it to help install some RG6 cables in the house I recently bought. Having to connect it to my laptop makes it much less useful.
    Good, with certain limitations
    - Western, MA -
    In general, a good product--very handy for automotive and shop projects. You need to get used to the focal length of the camera to use it most effectively. HOWEVER, be aware that it does not work correctly with all devices. My tablet is considered an off-brand and although it works well for other things, it apparently does not have built into it all that is needed to operate this endoscope. I tried all the recommended fixes, including the ideas suggested by Solid Signal's tech rep (who really tried hard to help) but nothing I tried fixed the problem. My tablet runs Android 4.4, so it's not completely odd. I've ended up using my old laptop (Windows XP!) and it works really well with that -- not so convenient, but a much larger screen, so it's not all bad, and if I remember correctly I didn't need anything additional for software.
    Good value. You get what you pay for.
    - Roanoke, TX -
    The resolution (640x480) in itself isn't so bad, but the real limitation is the actual camera whose color, focus, and low-lux capabilities leave much to be desired. That said, I just took a peek inside an engine head via intake port, which was cool, and have done other interesting things with it. I just wish the quality was better. I had no problems getting it to work with Win10, RHEL 7.3, and Android (currently 6.01). Overall, this generally serves its purpose, but will require some major patience and expectation adjustment.
    Clear stills or video, good lighting, convenient, convertible USB connector
    - Earlysville, VA -
    This device is advertised to work with an Android smart phone (or Windows PC), but was not able to get the Android software from the manufacturer to work on Android 6.0.1 (didn't try on PC as not my intended end use). Comes with a mini-CD for the software and a poorly translated (Chinese) manual that appears to indicate the s/w can be loaded from the CD directly to the phone or from the manufacturer's web site by scanning a QR code in the manual. Tried it both ways, neither worked. In a direct transfer, the phone did not recognize the file. Strangely enough the 2 supplied executable files (not clear in the manual the difference) had a double .APK extension, which is a std. Android extension. When downloading from the web site (, got to 100, but never completed after 1hr had to reboot phone to terminate.
    A call to Solid Signal tech revealed that they suggest another app to use this product (see Features tab on their product page).
    Loaded the other app, and it connected to the endoscope camera and seems to function correctly, but have to endure ads in a freeware app from the Goggle Play Store to get this product to function.
    Attempting to contact manufacturer about s/w issue, but no response yet.
    it works as long as you have adequate light, led's have never worked
    i bought this to look into areas where i didn't have visual access. downloaded suggested phone app that wouldn't install. downloaded other app's that work if lighting is not required. A BUST

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