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ZeeVee ZV100-NA ZvBox PC to HDTV Streamer (ZV100-NA)

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ZeeVee ZV100-NA ZvBox PC to HDTV Streamer (ZV100-NA)

Brand: ZeeVee           P\N: ZV100-NA          

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ZeeVee ZvBox allows Internet TV watchers to move from the small-screen of their computers and the discomfort of the home office to the superior viewing experience of their HDTVs and the comfort of the couch. ZvBox is the first device that allows consumers to watch anything they can get online or on their computers on all the HDTVs in their homes.


  • Watch anything you can get online or on your computer from all your HDTVs

  • Avoid new subscription fees

  • Access ANY computer application from your HDTVs

  • Enjoy the same great resolution you get at your computer

  • Use existing cable wiring to reach all HDTVs in the house


By simply connecting to the monitor output of the computer, ZvBox turns the computer screen into a new high-definition TV channel called Zv, which it then "localcasts" across the existing coaxial cable wiring to all HDTVs in the home. Since it uses the video/monitor output of the computer, ZvBox has the most extensive compatibility with all forms of Internet content and local media, without adding any additional processing load on the computer. In addition to video content, ZvBox extends any computer application to the homes HDTVs, including email, web browsing, photos, and music. Because ZvBox is installed at the computer and uses the HDTVs embedded tuner, there is no set-top-box or wiring clutter in the living room.

With Zeevees breakthrough ZvBox, everything you can do with your computer is now available at every HDTV in your home.  In three simple steps:
         - Pick a computer as your source of entertainment.
         - Connect the monitor output to ZvBox.
         - Connect ZvBox to your homes existing cable TV wiring. 
ZvBox will then find and localcast Zv to an empty channel on your cable. Now everything you can do with your computer becomes a new HD channel that you can tune in from every HDTV in your home. No need for a receiving box at each TV. Its that easy!

The Zv-100 Bundle gives you everything you need to get started with the Zv experience, from setup to usage.  Includes ZvBox (Build your own HDTV channel), ZvBox power adapter, ZvRemote (Control your computer from anywhere in the home), ZvReceiver (Connects the ZvRemote to your computer), VGA cable (Video connection from your computer to the ZvBox), USB cable (Digital Audio from your computer to the ZvBox), Four 2 meter COAX cables (Helps you connect ZvBox and your TVs to your cable), Two cable splitters (Helps you tap into the cable wiring of your home.

* ZvBox: Everything on your computer at every HDTV.
ZvBox turns the output of your computer into a real HDTV channel called Zv, and then "localcasts" that channel over your existing cable TV wiring to every HDTV in your house. Tune in Zv, and everything you can do at your computer is now available at your HDTVs. ZvBox changes everything. Instead of flipping channels endlessly or huddling around a computer to watch your favorite shows, ZvBox lets you use your HDTVs to watch internet TV shows and movies, check your e-mail, view photos, listen to music, or browse your favorite web sites. ZvBox gives you all of this in the same great high resolution that your computer displays, along with crystal-clear Dolby digital sound. And since one ZvBox serves all your HDTVs, theres no need for a new device at each TV. With ZvBox, if its out there, you can watch it on your HDTVs from the comfort of your couch.

* ZvRemote: Control your computer from across your house
ZvRemote controls your video playback and has an integrated touchpad for driving your computers cursor from up to 150 feet away. That means once youve tuned in Zv on your HDTV, your favorite online or computer-based video content is just a few clicks away--even if your computer is located across the house. Now you have complete control of your computer, wherever your HDTV is located. Watch internet TV, your favorite movies, or your computers DVD player. Surf the web, check e-mail, view your photos and more-- the ZvRemote makes it easy.

* ZvKeyboard: Perfect Zv productivity tool for computer power users
Like ZvRemote, the optional wireless ZvKeyboard has a range of up to 150 feet and communicates with your existing ZvReceiver. No new connections or software are required at your computer. It combines high-quality laptop keys, multimedia control, an integrated trackball and a scroll wheel in a small package to make driving all aspects of a computer comfortable from the couch or the bedroom. With the HDTV acting as your computer screen, the ZvKeyboard makes it possible to compose e-mail, enter web site addresses, or do anything else your computer is capable of doing. Its like having your computer projected on a big screen in any room that has an HDTV.
* ZvReceiver: Connects to ZvRemotes and ZvKeyboards
The ZvReceiver is a small device that wirelessly communicates with both the ZvRemote and ZvKeyboard, and converts their inputs to commands sent to your computer via a USB connection. Most wireless keyboards or mice provide you with a small plastic receiver that plugs directly into your USB port. Unfortunately, that approach limits the radio range as placement of the receiver can significantly affect performance. ZvReceiver connects to the PC through a 1.5 meter cable allowing for optimal positioning, and an adjustable antenna which extends the range as well. Lights on the ZvReceiver and the ZvRemote help you position the ZvReceiver optimally. Each ZvReceiver can be paired with up to eight different ZvRemotes or ZvKeyboards for simultaneous control from different locations in your home.

               USB            : USB V2, full speed and high speed, Type B connector.
               VGA1          : High Density 15-pin male DSUB
               VGA2          : High Density 15-pin male DSUB
               Cable         : F-Type female cable TV
               Compatible TVs: HDTV with digital-cable ready tuner

               Audio         : PCM and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
                                 over USB.
               Video Input   : VGA (or DVI-A connectors with VGA adaptor)
               Video Output  : Up to full HD (1080i)
               Localcasting  : RF Modulation
               Encoding      : MPEG-2

INDICATORS: LED for Localcasting status

ENCLOSURE: Metal case

               Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2; Microsoft Windows Vista.
               2 Ghz CPU Processor
               2 GB DRAM
               50MB Disk space
               Two free USB 1.0 or 2.0, high-speed or full speed ports
               Broadband Internet Service with 6 Mbps download speed
                <12V DC 1.5A
                290mm W x 35mm H x 102mm D      WT.- 550 grams


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