PYLE 7" TFT Mirror Monitor Backup Night-Vision Camera Kit (PYLPLCM7200)

  • Brand: Pyle
  • P\N: PYLPLCM7200
  • UPC: 68888717830

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Works pretty well for the price.


It helps to be handy with electronic devices, and familiar with accessing your headliner and rear trunk cover panels, since the installation is about 80 of the value of a product like this. Instructions are NOT detailed, and the wiring diagram leaves a lot to be desired. But, once installed, it works well. I was not able to change the color or intensity of the image, so trees look purple. Beware that this uses a very dark surface as your rear view mirror, and it produces a fairly dark image, unlike a normal mirror. In fact, it actually produces two images, slightly shifted most noticeable when seeing headlights behind you. On the other hand, the camera image shows up nicely, and is very useful, night or day.

It's the ticket. Well worth having!


Bought this for my 2013 Elantra as I can't judge the distance out the back window when going in reverse. Wiring info is incorrect. I had to talk with the tech dept to get additional help. When you install this camera, run the RCA video cable, (supplied), & 3 wires from the front of the car to the back (I used speaker wires). The camera requires +12v & -12v which are not shown in the instructions. A wire also has to connect to the reverse light from the wiring harness, (green or blue). I purchased self-stripping tap connectors from Canadian Tire, (02-6928-0). Connect to the line side of the reverse light. The camera displays on the mirror within 2 seconds when you put the car in reverse. The camera has width & distance lines to help guide you when going in reverse. The clip on mirror is over sized & also gives you a dark view during the day. The picture on the camera is clear. Well worth having.

Awesome product! I highly recommend it.


There are only two negatives that I can find. The installation instructions are a little light. It would help to have a description of the function of the reverse wire, but with a little common sense it was easy to figure out that it was designed to turn the display on and off automatically when I put my truck in reverse. The second issue is that the glare from the surface makes it difficult to see the image from the camera. I think that this is unavoidable in order to use it as a mirror. I saw some reviews that indicated that the LED's didn't work. Day/Night cameras typically use infrared light that is outside of the normal range of human vision so this isn't an issue for me. I installed the system on my F150 pickup. Between the height of the tailgate and my in-bed toolbox there was a huge blind spot behind my truck. This system eliminates that problem; which brings me great peace of mind. It is also very handy for connecting my trailer. I like the fact that the camera tilts downward. I swiveled it down so that I could see my trailer ball in the display and was able to back directly under the trailer hitch on the first attempt. Overall I am VERY pleased with the product. If you have a van or pickup then you need one of these.

fast shipping very seller thank you


fast shipping very seller thank you

Great product, lacks installation instructions


This product gets great reviews and has a lovely large screen The installation instructions, however are severely lacking in that there is no information on connecting the reverse detector wire