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100 to 200-Mile TV Antenna Solutions

Can you get TV reception from 100 miles away?

Looking for 200-mile TV antennas? Or maybe something more modest, such as a 100- or a 150-mile antenna? The reality is that a 200-mile TV antenna, or even a 150-mile or 100-mile antenna, is basically a pipe dream.

TV signals start to become iffy after about 60 miles, generally speaking. In layman’s terms, a transmission gets weaker over distance. This process is known as “attenuation,” though you don’t have to be a scientist to understand it. Radio signals are no different than light – the more distance you put between you and it, the harder it is to perceive… and receive.

In addition to attenuation, there are three reasons why a 100+ mile TV signal is an impossibility:

  • The “shelf effect” deals with how digital signals just stop dead after a certain distance. Ever see your TV picture freeze or turn into pink or green blocks? That’s the Shelf Effect, which is so named because it’s like your signal fell off a shelf. It’s something you only see with digital signals.
  • Since the earth is round, it actually becomes an obstacle to signal transmission. The strongest signals tend to travel in a straight line, which means they eventually get blocked by the curvature of the earth at some point.
  • The “law of squares” states that if you double the distance, the amount of signal you’re able to receive is reduced to one-fourth. This means strong signals eventually fade into the background in as little as 60-80 miles.

How to Choose the Right TV Antenna…

We’ve busted the myth of the 100-mile TV antenna, but how will you find the right antenna? By turning to the experts at Solid Signal, of course! We’re a company created for cord cutters by a cord cutter, which means that we know TV antennas. We also know that every cord cutter’s experience is different, so an antenna that works for one might not be best for another. Matching you with the right TV antenna and equipment is our No. 1 goal.


Large Outdoor TV Antennas, 60 Miles+

What if you live a bit further away from the broadcast towers? What if your house is in a valley? Some of our larger, most powerful antennas probably will do the trick. An antenna from Televes or Winegard will reach out and grab those far-ranging signals and bring them to your TV set in beautiful, HD resolution. A large TV antenna can be a big investment, so it’s best to do it right. Let Solid Signal help make your cord cutting experience a successful one.


Small and Medium Outdoor TV Antennas, 0-40 Miles

If you live in the suburbs just outside the city, we might recommend small to medium-sized TV antennas from Televes and Xtreme Signal. You mount these devices to your roof to receive signals from your local market. You also might be able to pull in signals from secondary markets, depending upon where you live and other conditions. And of course, Solid Signal has all the mounting hardware you need to install and secure whatever antenna you choose.


Small, Indoor TV Antennas, 0-25 Miles

Small Indoor TV antennas

If you live smack dab in the middle of a major city, we might recommend one of our HDBlade antennas. Thin and flat, you can place these devices inside your window, on a shelf, or nearly anywhere else inside your apartment. You won’t even know these antennas are there… until you turn on your TV to enjoy your favorite shows in crystal-clear HD reception.


TV Signal in Adjacent Markets

If you live between two or more TV markets and want to enjoy them all, we have a solution for you! To get stations from other markets, many cord cutters use more than one antenna coupled with one of our innovative Televes multi-input amplifiers. Choose between a 2-Input and a 3-input model depending on your needs.  These Televes amplifier combiners could be the solution for you, although results might vary depending upon factors such as distance and possible signal obstruction. This is why it’s always best to call us first!


Your Custom TV Antenna Solution…

Have you found an ad or TV commercial selling a 100+ mile outdoor TV antenna? If so, run away as fast as you can. They might try to sell you some snake oil, too! TV antennas can be sold by anyone, but not everyone is an expert. Because Solid Signal wants your cord cutting experience to be a great one, we prefer to be honest with you. There’s no such thing as a 200-mile antenna or even a 100- or 150-mile outdoor antenna. Let Solid Signal’s one-of-a-kind concierge service match you with a real TV antenna that delivers real results.

If you want crystal clear TV reception without the hefty cable bills, just call us at 877-312-4547 or fill out our Antenna Request Form and an antenna expert will respond within one business day.

Long Range Antennas

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Indoor TV Antennas

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